Pussy licking amateur lesbians in sorority group

Pussy licking amateur lesbians in sorority group
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This is the last chapter.

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Sorry if it is too short for ya. Chapter 6: Time together The filming lasted about eight weeks finally a day dawned when Bobby awoke spooned against Jessie. He smiled realising that today was their own, the filming was finished and they could relax. He lay behind Jessie his morning erection pressed between the cheeks of her arse his left arm was wrapped around her, his hand resting on her left breast, held there by Jessie's arm.

Gently he nuzzled his face into her hair, smelling the fresh fragrance of her hair he kissed her neck before lifting his head to kiss and suck her earlobe. He felt her stir and she pressed back against him, rubbing his erection with her arse, before turning over.

Sitting up Bobby pushed the bedding down, uncovering Jessie's naked body she looked up at him and smiled. "Good morning" "Good morning to you," said Bobby as he lent forward to kiss her. The kissed started gently, lips lightly brushing together, then it intensified, mouths opening and tongues entwining in a kiss filled with love, desire and passion.

Bobby slid his hand up over Jessie's stomach, reaching her breasts he gently cupped each in turn, rubbing the nipple with his thumb. Jessie moaned into his mouth and her kiss intensified even more, her arms wrapping around his head, pulling his mouth tight against hers.

He lay down across her, one leg between her parted thighs, one of her legs between his, his erection pressed against her thigh, smearing it with precum. At gentle pressure from Jessie he rolled onto his side, moving his hand from her breasts to her pack, they continued to roll until lay on top of him.

As they continued to kiss Bobby felt Jessie's aroused pussy press against his thigh, he pushed back as she ground her dripping cunt against him, smearing his leg with her juices. Jessie broke the kiss, pushing herself up so she sat straddling his thigh, her hair hung loose around her head, looking like a halo as it caught the morning sunlight that streamed through the window. Looking her, marvelling at her beauty, he watched as she moved to straddle his hips and reaching down guided his erection to the opening of her love-tunnel.

The room filled with their moans of pleasure as Jessie slowly lowered herself onto his throbbing erection.

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Bobby savoured the feel of his sister's hot, tight pussy as she filled herself with his manhood. Lodged deep inside her womb they stayed still for a moment, each lost in the joy of their joining. Jessie lent forward and they kissed deeply, tongues entwining as they savoured the feelings that filled their bodies, the ultimate sharing of their love for each other.

Jessie sat back up and looked at her brother, lying beneath her, "I wasn't sure you'd feel the same about me after the film" Bobby smiled at her, "I think if it's possible, that I love you even more.

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I don't want to ever loose you, you make me feel whole" "God I thought that was just me, don't ever leave me Bobby, please promise me you won't" "I'm yours and yours alone, for ever and for eternity," Bobby smiled up at her "I do love you Jessie, with all my heart and soul" "O god Bobby I love you" Bobby was surprised when Jessie lent forward to kiss him to feel tears fall onto his face.

He returned her kiss, trying to put all his love into it. As Jessie sat back up he reached up to brush his fingers across her cheeks, wiping the tears away. "There's no need to cry" "I can't help it, I'm just so happy.

I don't think I was ever this happy before you came" Bobby smiled, "Speaking of coming" He placed his hands on her hips as she smiled and lent forward to press her hands on his chest. Jessie lifted herself up until only his cock head lay enclosed in the hot embrace of her pussy, before dropping down, burying his entire length in her womb. Bobby moved one of his hands to the juncture of their joined bodies he slowly rubbed the knuckle of a finger over her engorged clitoris.


As Jessie once more raised herself off his cock he left his hand where it was, so that when she once more lowered herself, her clit pressed against his finger. As the pace of Jessie's movements increased, Bobby lifted his hips to drive his cock hard and deep into Jessie's plunging cunt.

The room filled with their moans and words of passion as they made love, their bodies glistened with sweat as the pushed each other towards their orgasmic release. "O god baby that's it, fuck me Jessie, drive my cock deep into your cunt, take me, I'm gonna fill your womb with my seed" "O fuck yes Bobby, you feel so good inside me, cum in me, fill me with your hot cum, o god yes Bobby give me your cum" Bobby was holding Jessie's hips in both hands as their bodies plunged together, thrust after thrust, burying his erection deep into his sister's womb.

Jessie threw back her head screaming in passion as her body tensed and then shook to her orgasm, moments later she peaked again as Bobby thrust deep into her, his cock jerking as it pumped his sperm deep into her womb.

They fell together, holding each other close as they regained their breath and their bodies recovered from their lovemaking.

Pulling apart Jessie lay down beside Bobby as their breathing returned to normal. Turning over Bobby kissed Jessie on the lips, before kissing her forehead, eyes, nose and ears. Slowly he kissed his way down her neck to her breasts suckling at her aroused nipples he could taste the salt of her sweat.

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He slipped from one breast to the other as Jessie's fingers slid through his hair. Leaving a trail of kisses he moved down her body, stopping to kiss and tongue her navel before moving lower.

Jessie's fingers were wrapped in his hair, her hands pushing him lower, until he gazed upon her pussy. The folds of her pussy were red and swollen with arousal, they were coated in a mixture of girl-cum and sperm, that slowly ran down towards her anus. Bobby moved his head closure to his sister's mons, he breathed in the fragrance of her arousal and their spent passion. Reaching out with his tongue he licked at the cum that leaked from her cuntal opening, licking from the rosebud opening of her bottom to her swollen clit.

He closed his mouth over Jessie's pussy, sucking and licking at their combined cum, before lowering his mouth back down to her bottom hole. He bathed it with his tongue, hearing Jessie moan in pleasure, as he pressed his tongue against the opening, pushing it into her bowels like a small cock. Jessie's hands pressed Bobby's head tight against her as her passion built, she cried aloud as Bobby's tongue delved into her bowels and his fingers plunged into her pussy.

She suddenly found herself burning with a new desire and without thinking about it she pushed Bobby away from her, feeling his tongue leave her arse. "I need you to fuck me Bobby, I want you, no need you to fuck me in the arse" Bobby looked up in surprise, "What?" "Please Bobby please" As he sat up Jessie turned onto her hands and knees, her rear pushed towards him. "Are you sure about this Jessie, I've never." "Yes Bobby, please, I've never done this before either, but suddenly I want it, need it.

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Need to feel you take me completely, to fill me" Bobby was surprised at the intensity that filled Jessie's words he kissed each of her arse cheeks before moving closer to her. He coated his fingers in her pussy juices and smeared them around her anus until it glistened with moisture.

Coating a finger in her girl-cream he pushed it against her anus and watched it slide slowly in. He eased a second finger inside her, working them in and out, stretching the tight opening, before withdrawing them. He pushed his cock into her pussy, coating it thoroughly in cunt cream before withdrawing it. Still unsure about what he was doing he pressed his swollen cock-head against the puckered opening of his sister's arse.

Lining it up he slowly pressed forward, he watched the flesh press inwards before slowly his cockhead penetrated Jessie's arse. When Jessie cried out in pain he stopped, he was ready to withdraw if Jessie should ask.

"Are you OK Jessie" "O fuck it hurts that's all" "I'll pull out" "No, no Bobby don't please, just hold still for a second while I get used to the feel of you" After a few moments Jessie started to push back against him, resting his hands lightly on her hips he eased deeper into her bottom.

His cockhead was now fully lodged in his sister's arse, he was surprised when she suddenly lunged back towards him, driving his full eight inches fully into her bowels. As he disappeared into her, Jessie screamed in pain her face buried in the pillow.

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"O fuck shit, Jessie are you OK, O god speak to me" Jessica moaned, Bobby wasn't sure whether it was a moan of pain or pleasure, or maybe even both. He felt relief when she raised her face and looked back at him, a weak smile on her face. "I'm fine baby, I just didn't realise how much it would hurt" "Do you want to stop?" "No honey no" Bobby held still as Jessie slowly recovered from the penetration of his cock into her arse.


He marvelled at the tight embrace that enclosed him, reaching round he pushed a finger into Jessie's pussy, rubbing her clitoris with his thumb. The double stimulation of his fingers and cock seemed to help Jessie recover, she pushed herself up and slowly started to move her body, thrusting and withdrawing Bobby's cock in and out of her bowels. As her body adapted to the unusual intrusion in her anus, her arousal started to build and her movements became more frenzied, soon she was driving back, meeting Bobby's forward thrusts burying his cock deep in her body.

Sweat glistened on their bodies, the room filled to the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and moans of pleasure. Suddenly Jessica threw her head back and screamed in orgasmic pleasure, Bobby felt as though his cock was gripped by a vice as Jessie's sphincter clenched around his deeply embedded cock.

The sensation was too much for Bobby and he screamed in pleasure. "O fuck I'm cumming Jessie O fuck yes yes yeeessssssss" He moaned in pleasure thrusting his cock deep into Jessie's bowels as he pumped his sperm into her.

As Bobby's cock softened he withdrew it from Jessie's arse before enfolding her in his arms and lay down. "God that was amazing," said Jessica as they kissed.

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"You're telling me" They lay together in each other's arms as the sun rose filling the room with its warm light. Neither knew what tomorrow would bring, but they knew that whatever it was they would face it together.

The End [if anyone wants to make another movie or send the movie to their parents and involve them go ahead ;) ] As alwayz keep cummenting :)