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Japanege littil school girl porn
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Sally Newton and her husband Clive were from the same stock as the Thorpe's. Financially comfortable, childless and outwardly happy to be so, they only took pleasure in their own happiness. Sally, tall, wide shouldered and with a confident brashness seemingly exclusive to those with more money than they needed (or sense), came from more humble roots.

Her parents ran a sweetshop and the family lived above it. She had shared a room for many years with her elder sister until she met Clive. At the time, just after Sally's eighteenth birthday, Clive was moderately successful in the launderette business he had inherited from his dead father.

He was thirty three and what with his reasonable good looks, and more importantly, his rather well-packed gold money clip and the fancy accoutrements that afforded to him, he was easily able to hypnotise Sally and she fell in love with him quickly and deeply.

Up to that point in her life, Sally's experiences of the opposite sex were limited to quick French kisses in the cinema or in shop doorways on the way home. Some boys had slid their hands up inside her top and Sally, far from coy, had encouraged such action, pushing her tongue deeper into the boys' mouth, pushing her chest out and reaching her hand down to squeeze the hardening pricks inside their jeans.

Only the relative publicity of the places d'amour prevented further advantages being sought. With Clive, her desire to go further, to do more, was satisfied. She fondly remembered his hands all over her in his tiny MG sports car.

He made her cry out in that tiny space but the MG was certainly not built for fucking, merely for attracting those that one might wish to fuck. Of course, Clive had his own place, an apartment in the centre of town. On the third floor with one of those lifts with metal grill doors.

It was in the lift that she lost her virginity; passionate, knuckle-grazing, button-popping sex against the wall with the 'Stop' button pressed. The next few years were a whirlwind of sex, love, holidays, fast cars, apartments, houses, money, more sex, more money, fantasies dreamed up and fulfilled, jewellery, Prada. And here they were now.

In their five-bedroom house with a swimming pool in the back garden. Their children were Faust and Luca. Two Weimeraners, brothers bought as pups and now four years old. They were spoiled terribly, adorned with shiny grey coats kept beautifully groomed, and had the run of the house. They also had a large run in the back garden with a kennel each, various toys and other dog-related paraphernalia. Clive loved his dogs and his wife immeasurably and Sally loved all her boys.

******************************** Sally stared through the large patio doors into the back garden while sitting in one of the pair of Ruyken designed bar stools. Her elbows rested on the black-flecked granite work-surface as she sipped her Assam tea from her 'Crazy Girl' mug.

She may have acquired a taste for some of the finer things in life, but a mug holds more and with Sally's rather large fingers, a tea cup was a touch delicate. Of course, when they had guests, everyone had cups and saucers. She watched as Faust and Luca both padded in through the open back door and ran her hand down the front of her skirt as the doorbell rang. The dogs' ears pricked up and they trotted to the door. Sally slid down from her seat and followed them, checking her appearance in the mirror in the hall before opening the door.

"Marsha! Darling! Thank you so much for coming round!" The greeting was met with an air kiss to both cheeks. "I can't believe you are going to Mauritius! It's so beautiful at this time of year. Not too hot and the rains have all but gone." Exclaimed Marsha . "I know. Clive is such a darling!" replied Sally, shaking her head and pulling her long wavy chestnut hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear.

"I knew he was up to something. He can be such a sly devil." Sally winked at Marsha bringing a slight blush to her cheeks. "A whole month though.

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You'll be as dark as the locals by the time you've finished. All over tan I take it?" "Well, we do have a private villa. It would be a shame to keep my babies trapped inside with all that gorgeous sunshine." Sally held her large breasts and gave them a slight jiggle, grinning wickedly.

Marsha giggled as she enviously considered her own breasts. Not as big as Sally's, no, but she was happy with her slim athletic figure and her nipples suddenly tingled as she thought of Sally naked lounging by the pool. "But I can't tell you how sad I am to be leaving my two boys behind. Thank you so much for agreeing to look after them.

It shouldn't be too difficult darling, they are good as gold and no trouble." The Thorpes and the Newtons lived three doors apart and Marsha agreed that she would be happy to help out and that she had always been fond of the dogs and would enjoy getting to know them better. "It gives me an excuse to get away from him indoors too!" Marsha frowned, recalling Shoegate less than an hour previously. "You and Alex having troubles darling?" asked Sally.

"Tea? Coffee?" "I could murder a G and T but a tea will be fine." Sally pulled a saucer out of the cupboard and plonked it on the island in the middle of the large kitchen. "He just doesn't seem interested in me. I wear gorgeous clothes, put on sexy gorgeous underwear that he never even sees. It's like someone has chopped his dick off." "But honey!" said Sally.

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"You are gorgeous! You've got beautiful hair, the prettiest face I know, a gorgeous svelte figure.

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Much more attractive than this big old bird." "Hmm," considered Marsha. "I wish he thought so." "Have you considered trying to spice things up in the bedroom department? You know, toys, games, food…?" The question hung in the air between them.

Marsha blushed, started to speak, then stopped.

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Then she spoke. "It's difficult to talk about when he shows no interest in me at all." She took a sip of her tea and looked at Sally.

"So you and Clive have…experimented?" Sally had that glint in her eye that Marsha was well used to. "Come with me!" she ordered and took Marsha by the hand.

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She pulled her down the hallway and up the stairs. Marsha noticed Sally's wide bottom, covered in tight fitting pale jeans as she walked up the stairs in front of her and wondered briefly how it would feel to stroke it. They walked into Sally's bedroom and Faust and Luca sat up immediately, ears flicking. "You two! OUT!" The dogs lowered their heads, seemingly upset and walked slowly out of the room.

Sally shook her head in mock despair. "Honestly, they are no trouble," she laughed. She looked at Marsha again, took a deep breath then got on her knees on the floor and started to reach under the bed. She pulled out a big metal box with a large clasp at the front, the kind you would find camera equipment in.

"Ready?" She grinned. Marsha stared at the box with her hands clasped together in front of her. Sally opened the box slowly until the lid was perpendicular to the floor.


Marsha could see the contents instantly and she gasped. A wealth of 'toys' lay in the box. Sally started to pull some out and put them on the smoothed down duvet. A large pink dildo with a suction cup at the end, two separate leather cuffs with metal rings attached, a small bullet shaped vibrator, a chain with two clamps at the end, a string of beads.

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There were still a number of delights in the box when Sally sat on the bed next to her trove. Marsha saw two books in the bottom of the box, unhidden by the items that been removed.

"We have lots of fun with these," smiled Sally, teasingly. She picked up the large pink dildo and put the tip to her tongue. They both giggled as Sally handed the toy to Marsha.


She held it close to her face and inhaled tentatively. "It smells a bit like Playdough," said Marsha, wrinkling her nose. She laughed again. "You actually use all this stuff?!" "No Marsha, we leave it in the box and think about how hot and sexy it all is while I'm filing my nails and Clive eats me out!" she paused for effect and then, "Of course we use it!

It's good to have a bit of variety.

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Maybe you and Alex could do with some. Anyway, now you know it's here. And I am away for a whole month!" Sally put her hand over mouth in mock incredulity at what she was suggesting and then laughed at her own joke as she took the pink dildo from her friend and put the goodies back in the box.

Marsha felt a nervous excited knot in her stomach as she watched Sally put the box back in its place under the bed.


"And I don't mind at all." They headed back downstairs finding the dogs in the kitchen, laying on the floor, seemingly bored. Sally poured another drink as they discussed the minutiae of Marsha's dog-sitting duties - feeding times, times to run in the garden, sleeping arrangements and so on. No more was said about the bedroom discussion but Marsha could scarcely concentrate on what Sally was explaining to her regarding Faust and Luca.

She wrote everything down and put the detailed instructions in her handbag. The Newtons were leaving the next day and Marsha agreed to come back round later so she could feed the dogs while Sally and Clive were there in case she ran into any difficulties. ******************************** The rest of Marsha's afternoon passed by uneventfully. As she tried to read some trashy romance novel, her mind was restless.

She thought of the petty arguments with her husband, she thought of Sally's collection of toys, she thought of Clive and Sally using them. She'd always had a soft spot for Clive. The rumours about him being unfairly blessed in the trouser department intrigued her but it wasn't something she had ever dwelled upon.

Now though, thoughts of the two of them fucking, of Clive sliding the dildo in and out of Sally's pussy filled her mind unbidden. She rubbed her thighs together as she put the book aside and shook her head to try and remove the thoughts. Looking at her watch she wished that it was time to go back over to the Newtons. She thought of Faust and Luca and smiled.

Cute dogs. And so lovely-natured.