Nude girls in team sports

Nude girls in team sports
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It was a normal day in Hollywood arts.

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Tori vega, a singer thats a part of the "victorious" gang, walked in her normal school. She catched a glare of jade west, her enemy. Jade west is the mean girl. She would make others cry, maybe if there was a legit reason. The rest of the gang was near the steps of the school just talking, like Andre Harris, beck Oliver, and cat valentine. Tori just had the second to hear what there was talking about.

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"Hey, tori!" Greeted Andre. "Hey.uhm, what are you guys talking about!?" She asked, sitting beside Andre, i guess who she was the closest too in the group, they usually love to make beautiful music together. "Oh, tori, you wouldn't believe this!" Said jade. "I lost my virginity last night" she said. Tori, was shocked. Everyone glared at her with a slight giggles. "What? W-With who?!" She was bouncing to hear it.

"Beck! He is awesome." Jade went on. "Ok, ok. Thats enough," beck interupted. "This is our sex life, lets keep it us" he whispered in jades ear.

Jade rolled eyes. With a whatever look on her face.

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Tori wanted to have sex, but with Andre. But she was sure he didn't want her, he wants a better girl. Someone with a meaty pussy, not a tight one like hers. She wondered his cock size and everything. But, tori wanted to as the question. "Hey Andre, have you had sex before?" She asked. "No" he answered. "We are all Virgins except jade and beck" he mumbled.


"Yay?" Asked tori and cat at the same time. But what tori really wanted to say was "Not yet, not yet baby". The bell rang for class.

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The gang got up and went to there lockers. Tori ran up to Andre. "So.uhm, Andre! I heard theres a big test tomorrow. Lets study for it, at my house.

I sure im gonna need help." Tori said.

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"Yeah, sure, why study with me?" He asked. "Because, your smart." Tori mumbled. "K, thanks. No Chiz" he said giving tori a nice, kind and warmth expression on his face. Tori smiled back. Tori arrived from school to her home with Andre. "Where's your parents, and Trina?" He asked. "Out, at my aunts baby shower" tori said.

"Ok, lets study" she said, grabbing her notebooks, pens and pencils. "I hate this fucking test" tori said, smirking. "Hmph. Tori, i never heard you say a curse." Andre muttered. "Now you do" she said.

Putting down her notebooks, pens and pencils. "I can be very naughty" she muttered.


She threw Andre to the couch. "Tori." He said. Tori got ontop of him, and started kissing him. "Tori!" He yelled again. "What?" She said. Why did you kiss me?" He asked. "I like you" tori admitted.

She smiled. "I like you.too? Ofcourse i like you, your awesome! We're like friends" he implied. Tori rolled her eyes. "No. I like-like you. Sexually" she looked down, embarrassed. "So, your were trying too." "Yes" tori said. A long silence came, not a word came out tori or andres mouth. They had to admit this was ackward. "I like-like you too tori" he uttered the best words tori ever heard in her life. She smiled. She gave him a long nice kiss on the mouth that felt better then before.

Tori tried to unzip Andres pants.

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Andre started unzipping her skinny jeans, and pulling off her shirt, easily. Revealing her bright pink thongs, and big breasts. Andre never new she has big boobs.

Tori stopped kissing Andre. Tori went right back to business. She pulled down his unzipped pants, and pulled down his underwear. She was ready. Im ready tori said.

Im ready his cock, pulled right out. And started rubbing it. Feeling his smooth skin. She started glancing at the cock again. It was about 12 inches. She smiled. "You cock, so big" tori muttered. "Try to get it all in your mouth, baby" he said to tori. Tori felt encouraged with the word. baby she thought. Im his baby.

Tori then put it in her mouth. Sucking it nice and lightly. Andre moaned with Tori's pleasuring wet mouth. She stuffed all she can in her mouth. Trying to do her best. Andre felt it, so good. He grabbed Tori's hair, pulling it. Tori took his cock out of her mouth. And hand jobbed him. Up and down her hands went. " gonna make me cum." Andre muttered. "Let me in you" he said.

Tori got up and on top on him. Felt his warm naked skin.


He pushed tori on the side. Tori opened her legs revealing her wet pussy. Andre took his finger, and rubbed it. Rubbing it so hard tori uttered a big moan. After that, Andre put his finger in her Pussy. "AHH!" She panted moaned. He took his finger out me fucked her with his cock. "Oh, oh Andre please!" Tori panted. His cock was big, and it hurt inside her. After nice big, painful, fucks, Andre finally came. And cummed inside her. A nice hot juicy cum. "Oh, Andre. I love you. You were amazing" said tori.

"You were amazing" he said. Both in there same positions. "Wait" tori said. "What?" He asked, "you cummed inside me! I-i might get pregnant!" Tori yelled. Tori and Andre was in deep fear. "Oh shit" Andre muttered. "Lets not worry about that," said tori, grabbing andres hair, caressing it. "Lets continue" she said.

And they went on. To be continued.