Chubby babe gets big cock sex

Chubby babe gets big cock sex
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I thought for a couple of days about Nadia's fantasies trying to decide which one to make happen for her. I wanted to keep it as much of a surprise for her as I could.

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I was enjoying the thoughts of watching my fiancé live out her nympho dirty fantasies. Then I decided when I looked at the calendar. I decided that I would wait until the next morning to give Nadia her surprise. The next morning I got up but I did not go into work.

Nadia asked me if I was going into work. "No honey, I am taking the day off." "Oh, is there any reason why or did you just want a day off with me?" "No reason, honey, although isn't today the day that the meter readers comes around?" Nadia started to stay yes but stopped part way getting a huge smile on her face. "Are you serious? I can have some fun with the meter reader?" "Yes honey, I will sit quietly in our closet peeping on you and your fun.

I won't disturb you." Nadia ran up to me, throwing her arms around me she kissed me long and hard. As she pulled away I could see her excitement as her nipples were rock had pushing out the fabric of sleeping nighty. She told me he would be around close to noon. I asked her how she would do it. "Well, I think I will leave him a note on the meter close our bedroom window.

Since it is nice out I think I will have the window open so he can hear I am in the shower." We have a ranch style home, one floor and a basement. As it got close to noon we saw the meter reader truck and him going around checking meters. Nadia was so excited and happy. She rushed me into our closet seating me on a chair. She pulled off my pants and kissed me. Whispering in my ear she said; "Just in case you really enjoy watching me and need to cum." She then rushed outside to place her note on the meter.

She waited until she saw him next door and then she opened the window, stripped off her clothes, throwing her bra and panties on the bed and then got into the shower. She left the bathroom door open. I knew he could look in there but not get a good look of her in the shower. It would be enough to push him to his sexual limits. I could only imagine what he thought when he read her note. Her note read: The neighbors have told me that they have seen you looking in threw my window several times.

One neighbor said it looked like you were masturbating. They had mentioned calling the police. I do not mind if you enjoy what you see but I think you should find a safer way…out of sight. Nadia ;)   Nadia left our sliding back door open just an inch but did not put that in the note. It was now the point of wait and see what he would do.

I watched my fiancé turn on the shower and step in. She closed the shower door but left the door to the bathroom wide open. Time seemed to creep by as I sat in the closet looking out through a small opening but then I thought I heard the back door slide open and then shut. My heart began to race and I became quite aroused.

Then he entered our bedroom. Judging by his look and age he was collage and this was a summer job for him. I didn't think Nadia was expecting this as she never really got a good look at him that she told me. He seemed a bit hesitant at first as he walked in. He looked towards the bathroom hearing the shower running.

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Then he noticed Nadia's panties and bra on the bed. He moved over and grabbed them. He looked at her bra and I could see the smile on face as he looked at the size. He fondled it for a moment and then sniffed the cups. He tossed it to the floor and grabbed her panties next.

He brought them up to his nose with one hand as he undid his pants with the other.


His hard cock jumped straight out. I smiled as now Nadia was going have another strangers cock to play with. He took her panties and began to slowly stroke his cock with them facing the bathroom door. I did wonder how long Nadia would stay in the shower.

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I was a bit surprised he did not just walk in there but he was probably playing it a bit safe. He was a younger man, probably early 20's, I figured this was possibly a summer job for him. I think the anticipation of Nadia making her way out of the shower was driving us both wild. I think it finally got to him as he stepped to the bathroom door, "Nadia…It's the meter reader…here to check your meter.' It was corny but I knew it would get her attention.

She turned off the water, "Oh you are here!

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I will be out in a moment." He stepped back into the bedroom, pulling his pants off, he sat on the edge of his bed very slowly stroking his cock. Nadia stepping out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her.

She jumped a bit when she saw him sitting there at the foot of our bed stroking his cock. "Mmmm…is that how you have been checking my meter naughty boy? You should be careful peeping on women at home and jerking off to them…you could have been arrested!" He grinned a bit, "How could I not help but peep on you.

Your next door neighbors teenage boys said there was a hot, spank bank woman next door they try to peep on. I had to take a look for myself." That caught us both off guard, neither Nadia nor I had any idea that teenage boys next door had been trying to peep on Nadia. I did not know how she would react. "Oh really? Naughty teenage boys always thinking with their hard cocks. Did you tell them what you saw?" He stood up, his hard cock bobbed up and down.

"I did not get to see much…maybe I will get to see more. Do you want me to tell them? He was stroking his cock again. "Mmmm…I do love cum…any age cum. But I think you need to get a better look to decide for yourself." She slowly began to undo her towel, I could only imagine how excited he was becoming.

I heard him ask, 'So you love cum…you swallow?" Nadia let the towel drop to the floor, he let out a very loud, 'oh fuck! Look at your fucking hot tits!' Then Nadia said, "every drop I can get.' His hands shot out grabbing both of her huge tits, her nipples were already fully erect.

He fondled her tits for a few moments, pulling on her nipples, she reached down and grabbed his hard shaft and began to stroke it. He bend down and assaulted her tits with is mouth and hands. Nadia let out a very loud, 'oh my god!!!' He must have really been sucking hard on her tits to make her moan that out.

She began to moan, stroking his shaft as he kept licking, squeezing and sucking on her tits. All I could hear was his slurping on her tits as my fiancé moaned. He kept attacking her tits for a few minutes. He pulled his head back, holding her tits up. "God your fucking big tits are perfect!" "Perfect for what?" She coly asked. "Perfect for suck, for fucking…and your big, large areola are like bullseyes for cumming all over." Then he looked at her face, "So is your beautiful…your face needs cum all over it." Then he ran his thumb across her lips, as he did she stuck out her tongue, licked it and sucked on it a bit like it was a hard cock.

"Anywhere else?" "Your tongue…and your mouth need loads of cum too." He glanced down at his watch.

"Fuck…if I had known this was going to happen I would have changed my route to check your meter on my lunch break." He pushed her down onto her knees. Looking down at my fiancé he said, 'Time to check the meter readers meter…suck me dry Nadia!" I watched my fiancé grab his cock, snaking her tongue all over it.

I could see her eyes look over to the closet where I was hiding, watching her with my own cock rock hard aching for her sweet lips. Then she slid his shaft between her lips looking up at him she began her incredible sucking.

One of her hands was holding his shaft at the base and her other hand was playing with his balls. I leaned his head back, groaning, 'oh fuck…you are amazing!' My fiancé knows how to use her tongue and lips on a hard cock. I watched her head bobbing up and down on his hard. I could hear the loud slurping and sucking coming from her sweet mouth.

The guy stood there just moaning, 'suck it Nadia…oh fuck yes…suck my cock…take it all.' He reached down grabbing a hand full of her long wet blonde hair.


He held like the reigns of horse. Then he began to fuck her mouth as she sucked away on his cock. "God damn you do love cock! You are a fucking cock slut!" She looked up at him slowly running her tongue along the underside of his throbbing shaft, "Yes and I am a cum whore too." I watched her running her lips up and down the sides of his shaft as he still held her hair in his hand. He glanced over at the bureau and saw the photo of her and I.

"Is that your man?" She gave his cock a few sucks, moaning 'Hmm, mmm." "Does he know how much of a cock slut you are?" "Hmm, mmm." She let his cock pop out of her mouth. She circled his swollen prick head, "He feeds me his cum as much as he can but I need more…especially when he is away." He looked down at her grinning ear to ear, He placed his hands on her head and began to fuck her mouth, thrusting his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Nadia has no gag reflex which I knew he loved. His balls were slapping against my fiancé's chin. "I have plenty of cum to feed you. If I had time I would fuck your brains out, fuck your tits…fucking shower you in cum!" Nadia loves dirty slut talk.

I could tell by how erect her nipples were now she was loving it. If I was free I would have rushed out of the closets and blown a huge cum load all over my fiancé's face. However I could only watch her sucking off this young stud. He let go of her head and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Come here Nadia…fuck my cock with your big tits. Milk my cum load out with your tits and lips…you hot cum slut." She crawled over to him, as he leaned back on his hands. She placed his cock between her big tits tilting her down.

She pushed her head down as she began to ride up and down on his cock, working his wet, hard shaft between her tits. His cock head kept pressing her sweet lips apart as the rest of his shaft cock stimulated by her gorgeous tits. "Mmmm, you are such a good fuck toy. I can see why the boys next door want to spy on you and jerk off to you. I bet they would love to cum all over your hot, sexy body." She did not respond aside from her working his cock faster and faster between her tits and licking his head of prick.

Then he began to moan more, louder, 'oh fuck…yeah that's it Nadia…oh shit I can feel my cum load building…fuck you are so good.' Then he pushed her back as he jumped back up onto his feet.

She turned a bit so I could get a good view of him unloading into her mouth. He stood over her, stroking his cock as fast as he could. "NADIA! Open your mouth! Stick out your tongue! Here it comes! I'M GONNA CUM!" She opened wide, her tongue out ready to receive a nice big load of hot, sticky tasty cum.

I saw his hips thrust out a bit as he yelled, "Nadia…I'm cumming!" I could see the jet stream of cum shoot of his cock right into her mouth. Then another and another.

Several good cum strings shot of his cock into my fiancé's waiting mouth and all over her tongue. "Fuck…oh fuck…yes…swallow it! Swallow it Nadia!" Nadia pulled her tongue into her mouth, I watched her throat to see her gulping down his impressive cum load. She smiled and opened her mouth again. "Any more?" She licked her lips looking up at him. "Suck my cock…suck it dry." Nadia grabbed his shaft, swallowing his cock I knew she was sucking every drop of his salty cream out of him.

She ran her tongue all over his cock head and then around his fingers, cleaning up every bit of cum she could find. He just looked down at her with this look of bliss and amazement. "Oh shit Nadia…you are cum loving slut!

Fuck, your man is so lucky." She smiled, looking up at him. "You are lucky too for getting to be my meter reader." She stood up in front of him. He grinned, grabbing her tits he gave each one a long, hard suck. "Man…fuck…I wish I could stay longer. I want to fuck you and see those tits bounce around." She grabbed his cock, "Then stay…I won't tell.

My pussy needs a good hard fuck." "I need this job…the money for college. I wish I could come by again to check your meter." Nadia smiled, "well you could leave your number so if I need my meter read again you can come on by to check it…check it really good." He quickly wrote down his number and handed it to her.

"This is a meter readers fantasy…getting a hot woman to suck him off. Fuck, nobody would believe me if I told them." "Well you can believe it happened and I am sure it will happen again. I love how your cum tasted and you fed me so much." He put his pants back on, glancing at his watch.

"Shit I am behind but it was worth it." Just as he got to the bedroom door way she called out to him, "Oh wait, one more thing. I am curious, are you going to tell the boy next door about me?

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Are you going to tell them how hot I am…or that I swallow?" He gave her an odd look then smiled, "I don't know Nadia…do you want me to? Do you want them to spy on you, jerk off to you or do you want more?" "Oh I was just wondering.

I know how boys like to talk." He did not say another word. He left nearly as quickly as he had arrived. Then Nadia made her way to the closet, she opened the door smiling at me. "Thank you for letting me have that." "I see you enjoyed it and you would want more." She was staring at my drooling cock.

"Mmmm, you know I always want more." She untied me and I lead her back out to the bedroom. I sat on the bed, my back to the window. I leaned back and Nadia knew what I wanted, her lips wrapped around my cock. She went to work. My fiancé dropped down onto her knees and began sucking on my cock like she was in a frenzy. I could not help but imagine meter reader there at the same time fucking her as she sucked me off.

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Nadia was sucking away like crazy! Something about having had her fantasy with the meter reader made her cock sucking skills even better. As her head bobbed up and down on my cock I glanced at the mirror. I thought I saw a head or two ducking down outside the window. I wondered if it was the meter reader, maybe the boys next door, maybe just my imagination.

I looked back down focused on the wonderful feeling and site of my fiancé swallowing my rock hard shaft. It did not take her long to get my load out of my shaft. Within a few minutes of the start over blow job my cock was ready to unload my cum load.

I had her lean back, mouth open, tongue out with her hands holding up her tits. I jerked off until my cock erupted sending my thick cum ropes splattering all over her tits, face and tongue. I gave my fiancé a very nice pasting of my man cream. She swallowed my cum load, then still holding her tits she sucked my cock dry.

After that is when she very slowly lick her massive tits clean of all my cream. Finally she used her fingers to wipe off the cum from her beautiful face and swallowed it. As she cleaned up the cum from her face she said, 'Now for my desert." I watched her licking her fingers clean, with each swipe of her tongue she said, 'god I love the taste of cum.' I thought to myself 'and I love my hot nympho, cum loving fiancé.' To be continued (Note to readers.

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I am currently attempting to transition from adult erotica and incest to regular erotica and non-erotica. I am publishing on Amazon under NKL for Kindle only currently.

My latest publishing is titled Forever, it is science fiction-love story. Please check it out if you have Kindle. In order to make it available for print I would need to add more content to it. It is a story based on one of my very unique, vivid dreams). Thank you for your patronage.