Red riding hood kharlie stone gets screwed in many poses

Red riding hood kharlie stone gets screwed in many poses
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Jan and James I was so proud in my first job, working at a local drug store as a waitress in the soda fountain. I was 16 and earning my own money. I already had my eye on that peach sweater in the window at Marshall's.

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I still was '' Janet from another planet" as the kids at school called me; the job didn't change that, or my being the overweight geek with glasses that lived with her grandparents. It did help me ignore the fact that I didn't get a lot of attention from the guys. Serving sodas and sandwiches and planning my back to school wardrobe filled up the dating nights, so all in all I was happy. James delivered prescriptions, and usually took the company jeep home, and since we lived in the same part of town he would give me a ride if we got off work at the same time.

We became friends very quickly. Talking with him was easy and interesting. He made me feel good about myself. We talked about sex almost from the start. I told him about my earlier experiences with a couple of boys from school. He told me he and his wife had good sex, but that she was having a difficult pregnancy, and was not able to engage in sex, so she was totally turned off to it, He enjoyed spending time with me, having female company, and the sex talk.

It progressed quickly from talking to touching, there was a park on the way home with a tall hedge that secluded one of the parking areas, and we felt reasonably safe.

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The first few times I only took my top off, and he spent long minutes licking my breasts and sucking and teasing my nipples sending tingles all up and down my body.

My panties would be soaked when I got home and I would lie in my bed and rub my fingers along the puffy lips of my wet and excited pussy, and rub my swollen clit till I had a shattering orgasm, often calling out for James as I rode out my contractions. I was embarrassed that I did it, but when James asked me if I ever rubbed my pussy, I readily admitted it .He said he jacked off in the shower thinking about me. I blushed, but beamed with pride that he found me even a little desirable.

That led to us masturbating together, and finally masturbating each other. I actually learned some from him about how to rub my clitto lift my hood exposing the tiny sensitive bud and dip my fingers down in to my pussy, and we took turns sucking my soaked fingers ,tasting my juices.

He showed me how to stroke his cock.


I squealed with delight the first time I made him cum by stroking him. I was totally in lust with James, and started begging him to fuck me, I would sit on the tiny bucket seats and spread my legs wide, and open my pussy lips, but he said it was tongue and fingers only for now. He was reluctant because I was under age and white, and a married man of 25 could get in major trouble, especially a black man those days.

I was disappointed, but understood. He did agree to let me suck him, so we spent a few days at that stage. He gave me my first oral, licking my little clit, flicking his tongue across it, making his tongue flat and lifting my hood, he would let his stiff tongue trace the outline of my hole, trying to penetrate me, alternating with licking up and down between the puffy lips of my pussy, then lick from my ass back to my clit and start all over again.

I would grab his head and grind my pussy against his face and cum with strong contractions till I was almost exhausted. I didn't ignore his needs, he taught me to be gentle with his cock and balls, and he had me suck his balls while I stroked my hand up and down his long cock.

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He taught me how to wet my hand with saliva and stroke him as I took all I could into my mouth. Between my hand and mouth I had most of his cock covered. Tonguing the ridge seemed to just come naturally to me, and it soon had him shooting his sweet juice down my throat. He was surprised when I swallowed it, and said I didn't have to do that, but I wanted to, and did every time I gave him head.

I was actually had mixed feelings about having him inside me after I had seen his cock and sucked it, compared to the boys I had let fuck me he was huge and I was worried it would hurt, or wouldn't fit in me. We continued masturbating and doing oral for a few more times, but even with the great orgasms we both had, I still wanted more.

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We had been involved for 5 weeks, and one night I was sucking him, he was moaning and thrusting in to my hand and mouth, and I stopped, he was so close to cumming that he actually got pissed at me and tried to push my head back down on his cock so he could cum. I lifted my skirt and got on his lap and tried to sit on his cock.

I whispered in his ear, "please fuck me James" my pussy was soaking, my panties on the floor where he dropped them when he licked me, I wanted him in me so badly I ached. I took his cock in my hand and started rubbing it along my wet slit, spending more time at my tiny opening each stroke, trying to lodge the head between my lips.

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James was staring in to my eyes, and asked "are you sure"? I nodded yes, and tried again to impale my self on his big hard cock. He sat up, lifted me and sat me down on the little bucket seat, his cock never leaving the wet lips of my pussy. My legs were open, my feet flat on the floor as he pushed slowly in to me. It didn't go in easily but it did go in.

I almost cried out when the big head popped past my pussy lips, but bit my lip afraid he would stop.

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He had about half of it in and I lifted my ass and draped my legs behind his to get it all. This was what having a pussy was all about, I moaned, giggled and cried as he slowly fucked in and out of me and I had my first orgasm on a cock. He held it deep inside me till my contractions slowed. Our juices were running down my ass, all of his cock was in me and he started to fuck again, this time faster, and deeper, withdrawing till I could feel his head just leave my lips, and then be pushed back in till his balls were against my ass.

James was moaning with me now, both of us sweating, the jeep rocking, and making squeaking noises in time to our moans. My pussy a bundle of tingling nerves, I could feel him everywhere, at my pussy lips first, and then deep, deep inside me, I came several times, my pussy contracting around his cock. Then it was his turn, he started fucking me faster, his hands under my ass lifting me to him to get as deep as he could, his thrusts short and fast now, deep inside me, my legs gripping him tighter, thenand pushed all of his cock in me and was motionless for a few seconds, his back arched, with his balls against me, he roared "I'm cumming" his cock started pulsing, his hot cum coating my insides, making me cum again.

My legs were aching from holding him so tightly, my arms tired and shaking from holding him, my pussy throbbing, and a trickle of his cum and my juices starting to run down my ass. I was crying softly, as my legs slowly slid down his, till my feet were on the floor again. He stayed in me for a short while, and his cock made a slurping, popping noise and a flood of our juices ran on to the seat and down to the floor as he slipped out of my cum soaked pussy.

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After his cock was out and my breathing came back to somewhat normal again I could feel the seat digging in to my back, my face was starting to burn from his beard, I had hair cuts inside my pussy lips, and I needed to pee. This probably was the happiest moment of my life I saw James all that summer with some memorable times I will share if you want to hear them.