Blonde Latina Bekommt In Ihrem Haarigen Arsch Gefickt

Blonde Latina Bekommt In Ihrem Haarigen Arsch Gefickt
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Peter was in the bar throwing back a couple of beers with his buds.


A well-built blonde walked by. "Wooow, that's nice," said Cleveland. "Giggity Goo," said Quagmire as he hopped out and went after the blonde. "Well I have to go before Loretta gets angry," said Cleveland as he walked out of the bar. "Well see you later Peter I have to go on my shift," said Joe as he put on his cop cap. Peter drunkenly walked out of the bar and into his car.

He tried multiple times to get the key in before he finally got the car running.

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He drove down the street causing total destruction as he felt a stirring in his pants. He somehow made it home in one piece as he exited the car and went into his house. He walked up the stairs almost falling over, but he regained his balance. He got in his bedroom and stripped off his clothes.


He got into bed and his penis was erect. He thought now would be a good time for a fuck as he grabbed his wife and slowly stuck his penis up her nightgown. He pushed his thick, seven-inch cock in her vagina. "Uh, Joe I didn't know you were getting back so early," said Bonnie. Peter kept pumping away not knowing he was fucking his best friends wife. Bonnie moaned as she felt her sensitive pussy being pounded.

She came as he shoved a finger up her ass. He grunted as he shot his seed up into her vagina. "Uh Joe that felt so wonderful," said Bonnie before they both drifted off to sleep. … Peter woke up the next morning and groggily noticed his surroundings.

He rolled over to put a hand around his wife and noticed that she had a bump for a stomach.

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Shocked he jumped out of the bed and saw Bonnie lying there. "Fuck," said Peter as he quickly found his clothes and left. … Meg threw on her pink hat and realized she hadn't brushed her teeth. She walked into the bathroom and saw someone was taking a shower. Through the fogged glass she could see the shape of Chris, but more importantly the massive thing coming off of him. "Oh my," said Meg as she backed out of the room. As she arrived at school, Meg overheard the most popular girl school.

Head cheerleader, Connie Demico, was talking to her friends. "Ugh, I'm tired of all these average penises," said Connie, "A girl like me deserves the biggest one around." "Well I was with a guy who had around 8 inches," said one of the other cheerleaders.

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"Not big enough I want a monster," said Connie. Hearing that made Meg think of the one her brother had. "I know where you can get a big one," said Meg as she walked over. "Oh yeah right Ms. Virgin like you know where to find a huge dick," said Connie. "Oh I haven't been with him, but I know he has around 13 inches in his pants," said Meg. The look on Connie's face was enough to tell how much she wanted it.

"Uh…well…where could I…uh…find this guy?" asked Connie. "Well," said Meg thinking of what she could get in return, "I'll tell you if you make me a member of the cheering squad." "Sure anything," said Connie. "Well you will be shocked, but Neil," said Meg.

"Neil Goldman!" exclaimed Connie. "Yeah," said Meg.

Connie left with a disgusted, but fascinated look. Meg headed for the locker room hoping the good news would help her. … Meg walked into the boy's locker room. She removed her clothes leaving her in her bra and panties. She strutted in to the main lockers and saw two sweaty football players. "Hey fellas," said Meg posing trying to look sexy.

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"Who is this ugly chick?" questioned one of the football players. "Oh I'm just a cheerleader," said Meg as she pulled out a pom-pom. "Oh well then," said the other football player as they walked towards Meg.

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Meg felt strong hands rip the bra off her. "Woah look there's an inny and an outy," exclaimed one of the players. He massaged the boobs for a little before removing his boxers and sticking the 6-inch cock in her mouth. The other one ripped off her panties and stuck his similar looking penis into her virgin vagina. Her vagina was ripped into two while she moaned on the other guy's penis.

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She took a lot of the cock into her mouth as the guy started to penetrate her faster. The guy started to fuck her mouth letting his balls slap her chin. "I'm gonna cum," said the one. "Same here," said the other one.

They stopped and pulled out. Meg got on her knees and waited as the guys jerked their dicks. They twitched in their hands as they shot their seed all over her face and boobs.

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After finishing up they got dressed and walked out. Meg rubbed the cum into her boobs and she cleaned her face. She rubbed her clit and moaned loudly as she came over the floor. She felt put her pants and shirt back on and walked out. She felt dirty walking around with her panties and bra and smelling like cum. … Neil was cleaning up after the A/V club meeting when the door opened. Neil glanced over and nearly had an asthma attack before he realized Connie walked into the door.

"What are you doing here Connie?" asked Neil. "Well I have heard something about you that I like," said Connie as she walked towards him. She pushed him back on the desk as she kissed him deeply. She pulled off her top and her bra. Neil couldn't believe what was happening, but he cautiously massaged the wonderfully perky boobs.

"I need you in me now," said Connie in desperation. She bent over the desk as Neil pulled off his pants and boxers. "Push my thong aside and shove it in," screamed Connie. Neil did just that and Connie felt pissed. "What the fuck is that? Your finger?" asked Connie. "No that's my dick," said Neil.

Connie jumped up and looked at the skinny little 4-inch dick. "Fucking Meg," yelled Connie as she put on her shirt, grabbing her bra and running out.

"Meg?" questioned Neil to himself as he masturbated before leaving. Meg walked out of the closet and noticed the little pool of sperm on the ground. "Ugh disgusting," said Meg as she walked over to a video camera.

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She watched the playback and laughed before carrying it out of the room.