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Blindfolded tied man gets pleasured by kinky slut
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After Jake had released Sheeka, he immediately walked over to Rosalinda tenderly kissing her. Holding her extremely close Jake whispered in her ear, "I haven't forgotten about you my dear Rosalinda. I have felt you trying with every fiber of your being; you are so close my love. Please keep at it, please." Rosalinda's eyes grew wide as she looked at the retreating back of Jake.

Then the tears started to flow, he hadn't forgotten about her! He still loved her then again she thought she'd know that instantly. Gen stood off to the side, she'd felt and heard everything. Their master truly was unique Gen had never heard in her life nor seen anyone in history that was even close to their master.

Heaving a contented sigh she decided that she'd just fallen even in more in love with Master Jake. The council all gasp staring at Jake's Jinn's, by the great Jinn they were all glowing! Jake whirled around suddenly frightened at what he saw.

It seemed almost every time one of them had a glow like this bad things happened! Running to Gen Jake could see something strange happening to her, hell to all of them except Rosalinda? Calling Trully Jake began to worry that they were in deep trouble.

Trully appeared a little unhappy, though when she saw what was going on that immediately changed. "When did this start Master Jake?" Trully asked of him.

"Only a few moments ago, right after I released Sheeka. Are they alright? I am seeing strange things on and around them.

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Am I going to lose them?" Jake was talking a mile a minute this had to be the worst that he'd been afraid since Gen almost faded on him. Tears were already starting to fall from his eyes as he stared at them. "Master Jake!" Came a voice from behind them. Inger had backed away from Akeesha it also appeared she was also glowing, though no where as bad as the other three. Now truly afraid Jake turned back to Trully as he reached out and touched her. At first nothing happened then Trully's eyes began to grow wider and wider.

"By the great Jinn!" Jake heard her say in whispered tones. "I haven't seen this in well over 3,000 years! Never in my life did I think I would ever see the amount of absolute love that is showing at this moment, again!" Jake started to reach out to touch Gen when Juno yelled out, "No wait!

Not yet Jake!" Suddenly the next thing he knew Jake was flying through the air through the wall and a few other things. Oh shit Jake thought with them immobile like that he was screwed. Suddenly he was slowing to a stop, looking around Jake thought he could feel Rosalinda. "Thank you Rosalinda." Jake said to the spot behind him. "I could not allow you to be hurt dear Master, I haven't the power I used to, but I can still help the one I love." Rosalinda was actually blushing?

Damn Jake thought she looks sexy as hell like that. These thoughts of course made Rosalinda blush even more. "Uh.Master Jake?" Rosalinda asked tentatively. "Do you really find me that sexy dear Master?" Jake could only smile; did he find her that sexy? Hell they ALL were more sexy than he thought he'd ever see a woman be. The amazing thing is they all wanted him! Him a complete nobody! Shaking his head he wondered what he had done right to be as lucky as he was.

Looking around Jake saw that they were many miles from the house. Jake wished he was back at the house but nothing happened! Looking at Rosalinda he saw that she was suddenly what appeared to be at war with herself inside.

Even as he watched her hair dulled a bit as well as her body becoming more compact. "NO! Get out of my head!" Jake heard her scream then, then she seemed to be grappling with an invisible enemy. Terrified she looked straight at Jake, "I love you so much Master Jake I am so sorry." Tears were starting to pour from her eyes as she waved her hand and Jake was back in his house. "Rosalinda NO!" Jake was screaming then he felt as if a part of his heart was ripped from his chest. "Unable to rise Juno rushed to Jake helping him to the couch.

All he could hear Jake saying was, "no, no omg! Please let her be ok. She feels so far away, OMG! It hurts so bad AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Jake suddenly screamed. Trully and the entire council were in further shock when Gen, Rashala, and Sheeka all started to move toward him.

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Trully had seen this before; she'd expected at least a few hours before they could move! Suddenly an eerie voice made up several voices, spoke to Jake. "Dear Master Jake the pain is passing. We see what and who has taken her, we four are sorry that you have to feel this pain.

We are retrieving her now." There was a crackling of energy then a resounding boom as Rosalinda appeared with a much older man than Jake. "Bah! What trickery is this?" Turning the older man saw the Jinn council and pointed a stubby finger at them. "You have no right to recall me here! This Jinn is mine by the law! I have laid claim to her." Rasmir looked at the old man in shock then smirked. "Be still Jankean, it was not us. You may lay claim to the FORMER Jinn called Dreama but you have no such claim to the new Jinn Rosalinda!" "Bah!

There is no Jinn Rosalinda! This is Dreama and she is mine! Let's go you bitch!" When Rosalinda refused to move the old man's eyes grew huge. "You refuse to obey you bitch!" The man had raised his hand to strike the Jinn in the face when he found he couldn't move his arm.


"I don't think so you old bastard!" Jake said as he wrenched the man's arm back then the man to the floor. "You dare to stop a rightful master from commanding his Jinn! You will die for this, Dreama. AAAAAAAA!" the old man screamed. Suddenly the voice made of several voices spoke. "We all know that you used a forbidden magic to bring back PART of Dreama. We also know that under the law we cannot interfere. Master Jake though has as strong and valid a claim as you do.

Therefore under the law as Jake's Jinns, we and he call for a combat to determine who gets which Jinn!" The old man opened his mouth to complain, "I proclaim that his claim is false, I demand.

" Rasmir was about to say something when the council leader spoke up, "YOU DEMAND! You forget yourself little human! You are speaking of the Ever Last Master!

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Already he has restored almost 100 Jinns to life. That includes part of the Jinn Royalty! I am sure they would not take all that kindly to your words about this master!" "BAH!

Under the law I lay first and only claim to Dreama. There is no Jinn called by that garbage of a name! Now decide on my claim or I will ask for a." The old man was saying. "We are sorry to disappoint you, Rosalinda is alive and well.

She gains strength even as we talk!" the voice said. Suddenly Dreama looked at Jake and screamed. "Help me Master Jake! I love you master!" "I love you deeply Rosalinda!" Jake shouted back. "Bah! So I was mistaken but she is dying so soon my claim is all there will be!" The old man spit at Jake. Jake had been going through all the information he gotten over the last few months. Suddenly Jake's eyes grew wide and a bright smile lit up his face as he turned and smiled at his three Jinns still bathed in the glow.

"I see, Jankean, I, as Rosalinda's master call for the combat!" The old man stopped dead in his tracks and started to smile as he started to raise his hand in the direction of Rosalinda. Jake quickly grabbed the man's hand forcefully yanking the large ring off the man's hand (almost the old man's finger also).

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"NO! What are you doing! That is a family crest and heirloom!" The old man howled as he tried to retrieve the ring from Jake. Jake walked over to Rasmir and handed the ring to him. A hiss escaped Rasmir's lips then the rest of the council when he showed it around. "So Jankean," the leader finally said after talking to the others.

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The magic is gone sealed away so that you can no longer kill Jake's Jinn. Master Jake, you realize that Dreama could still win then you would be without Rosalinda." Jake nodded, "I have faith and love in Rosalinda, even as I did when she was still Dreama but she was mine.

I know that one of them must die, I also would like to see this bottle this man has in order to lay a claim to her.!" Jake said as he suddenly remembered something he'd seen.

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"It is here!" The old man shouted producing a box full of shattered bottle parts. Jake walked up to the old man waiting to see what the man would do. The simple fact that he felt nothing from any of the pieces let Jake know the man was lying. These are all that is left of her bottle that was smashed as it started to fall into the abyss. I was also in that abyss but I caught the bottle as it fell.

I climbed out and the bottle shattered." Jake smirked he'd heard some real whoppers in his life but this man really sucked at trying to sell a lie! Walking to the back of the bedroom Jake passed his hand over the wall, making a small alcove appear.

Smiling Jake took the bottle and walked back to the old man. "Jankean, you have to be the worst liar I have ever heard! This," Here he held bottle just out of reach of Jankean. "This is Rosalinda's bottle." Jankean smiled evilly and lunged at Jake grabbing the bottle from Jake. Dancing around the old man stopped and pointed a stubby finger at Jake. "Kill him Dreama kill him now!

You are mine forever!" Here the old man started to laugh evilly. Just as suddenly the old man stopped, staring at Jake holding a bottle that looked remarkably like the one he had! Lunging this time Jake stood back and watched the man hit the floor. "It's over, you son of a bitch!" Jake roared at the man. Withdrawing another ring the man pointed it at Jake, "if I can't have her then neither shall you!" A bolt of enormous energy shot out of the ring at Jake.

At first nothing happened, then Jake felt it starting to eat its way through the protection toward him. Jake was trying to get out of the way but the bolt followed him no matter which way he went. Shit! I am screwed, and then he smiled and started to walk toward the man. "HA! That won't work I hold the ring and no one can remove it when it's active! Neither will I be hurt by it while I wear it! Good bye Ever Last Master. Pathetic." The old man said then began to laugh again.

Suddenly Jake felt the protection of his Jinns increase smiling the ring couldn't last a long time could it? Looking at all three of them Jake was suddenly scared as they were straining to hold what they were doing. Great Jake thought killed by an old toothless pervert! Jake was almost to the man when he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye.

Then suddenly there was a body, no wait two bodies? Between him and the old man.


The old man suddenly started to scream as did all of the council hell practically all of those that were present. Then suddenly Jake was slammed against the far wall by a body flying into him. Looking at Juno the man had thrown himself at Jake to knock him clear, knocking himself out in the process. Jake arose and saw Rosalinda and Dreama the first time he'd seen her. "NO!" Jake screamed as he started to run full speed toward the Jinns.

<No master Jake please do not. Finally I get to do something for the one who loves me. I have been so afraid; I have grown so much since I met you. I am just sorry that I will never be able to carry your child.

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Please master! Please don't cry! You have freed me!" I thank you so much!" Jake didn't give a shit if anyone saw, she deserved a chance like Sheeka had gotten! His anger higher than he'd ever felt the tempest that was forming soon the sky darker than anyone had ever seen. His voice suddenly deeper, his anger to a fever pitch Jake walked to the old man, "When they die you die as slowly as I can kill you.

I will have you screaming in pain every second, yet I will not let you die! I may have no power but I know those who do and I swear that you will never see this world again!" When the old man laughed at him, Jake growled and felt his anger rise even higher!

Everyone had taken cover fearful that when this power was released they might be in the way. Jake heard a scream then saw Rosalinda falling; growling Jake saw at least seven strikes of lighting hit the old man where he WAS standing. There was a flash then a voice from the ring spoke, "You Jankean have broken the contract that we made I therefore declare YOU ARE MINE!" Jankean was screaming as a hand made of energy came out of the ring grabbing him as he tried to make his escape.

"NO!" The old man screamed as the hand was giving chase. "You can still have her! She is there take her!" "You fool Jankean! You tried to take that which was not yours to lay claim to. You have dishonored me even further!" With that the hand finally snatched the old man screaming as he was drawn into the ring, then all was quiet. Jake turned and was about to pick up Rosalinda's body when there was a shimmering next to her. To his amazement the small chested and darker red headed Dreama appeared next to her!

Taking a deep calming breath, Jake refused anyone's help as he got both of their bodies off the floor. Putting his head to both their chests more tears started to flow from his eyes.

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For a few minutes he refused to move, his grief consuming him totally. Finally standing Jake walked to the council who were finally out of hiding.

Bowing very low, Jake looked each in the eyes as he addressed them. "G.G.Great Jinn c.c.council. I am afraid that I am at an end.

The bond was far too strong to deny. I wish." here Jake shook his head no even for them that was impossible. "Please Master Jake what is this wish?" The leader of the council asked. "I am sorry it is a foolish fantasy, one that is silly sounding as it is to wish for.

I know that the dead cannot be restored, not by a Jinn." Jake sadly said already he could feel the energy leaving his body god he felt tired. "Please Master Jake tell us." Rasmir urged. "I just wish that I could have freed her before this happened." Jake stated as fresh tears started to fall. "I think that may still be possible though it might hurt quite a bit." Came a familiar female voice behind him. Huh? What the hell Jake thought as he started to turn.