Brazzers live 21 full xxx full story

Brazzers live 21 full xxx full story
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I had been thinking about the upcoming days for weeks now. I was so excited to see one of my oldest family friends. She and I had gotten especially close over the last few years. She was gorgeous. She was on the shorter side, about 5'4". She had long, wavy auburn hair and green eyes. She had one of the best bodies I've been on a girl. She had huge breasts, which I had admired since I was about 13 years old and finally realized the magic that is womanhood.

They were probably a DD cup and perfectly shaped. Our families vacationed together in the summer so I had seen her run around in a bikini many times. She had an hourglass figure with a little fat in all the right places.

She had a great ass, too. It was juicy and firm to match her curves legs. She was truly a knockout. I was her opposite. I was tall, a bit over 6 foot. I had medium blonde hair which was slightly wavy when it was long. I was kinda skinny but in great shape from playing sports so I had nice muscles. I was pretty satisfied with my appearance if I'm being honest.

Normally, I only see her once a year for a few days in the summer when our families vacation together. We live a few states apart so we never really got the chance to hang out otherwise. We always flirted when we did see each other, but nothing more ever happened. Until now.

We were both a little bit older so she was confident to make the long trip. She was older than me in her early twenties and I would turn 20 later that year. Her being older only turned me on more. She was not shy talking about sex and I know that with her age came wisdom and experience, both in life and in the bedroom. She had decided to come visit me and my family for a few days last winter.

Those were the days that my years of fantasizing about her finally paid off. I woke up the morning of her arrival so eager to see her. My cock was at full attention just thinking about seeing her beautiful face and body. Although I was disappointed that there would be no bikinis this time around, I was excited to see her ass in tight leggings and her tits strain against a tight sweater.

As I dreamed of her, my cock started throbbing. I decided to quickly relieve myself before she arrived. I stroked my cock imagining her, on her knees, sucking me off. I pictured those big green eyes looking at me as she took my whole 7 inches in her mouth. I imagined her hand slip down between her legs, rubbing herself as she sucked me with increased ferocity.

I was on the verge of cumming when I heard a knock on my door. "Ben, get up," I heard my dad say, "Colleen's gonna be here soon!" "Fuck, I was so close." I thought to myself, "Maybe I'll get the real thing later." About ten minutes later Colleen arrived at my house with my female cousin she was staying with. I almost sprinted downstairs but I wanted to play it cool so I waited till she was in the house and had already greeted my parents and my younger brother.

When I finally went downstairs and saw her, my mouth almost fell open.

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There she was, looking sexy as ever, in a tight pair of black leggings and a low cut sweater. She looked amazing. "Hey, Ben!" Her voice pulled me out of my daze.

"Oh, hey, Colleen. It's so good to see you!" I wrapped her up in a big bear hug. I didn't even care that she might be able to feel my semi against her. In a sick way, I wanted her to know how turned on she made me. "Yeah it's great to see you, too! You look great." She said as she quickly glanced down and winked. "Thanks, you're not so bad yourself." I winked back and saw her blush which made my heart skip a little.

I know I spoke about her in the beginning like I just want to fuck her. It's really more than that. She was the first woman I ever noticed. And, truthfully, the first woman I ever felt real feelings towards. She was even the first woman I made myself cum thinking about. I wanted her so badly. If I could just kiss her, touch her, have her. "Alright guys, stop being gross and let's go get some food." My cousins voice brought me back.

Colleen seemed to be in a dream too. I hope her dream was similar to mine. We went out to lunch and had a real nice time. It was good to catch up and hang with this girl that I liked so much. We got along so well.

Our conversations were never boring or forced. She laughed at my jokes and boy did she have a great laugh. Her face would light up and I would melt inside. After lunch was over, we went back to my house. My parents weren't home so I excused myself to go upstairs for a bit. I rolled myself a joint and went for a quick smoke on my balcony. The balcony was attached to the bathroom that my brother and I use.

It's on the second floor but in the front of the house so you can kinda see it from the street. My parents weren't home so I wasn't too cautious. I lit up my joint and relaxed my head back. I closed my eyes and imagined Colleen with her legs spread on my bed as I licked her pussy. I wanted to hear her moan so badly. I thought about sucking her clit until she cried out my name. I was pulled out of my fantasy when I heard the shower water turn on.

I figured it was probably my brother and kept smoking my joint. I almost didn't notice my dads car coming down the road, but when I saw it, I realized I had to head inside. Without thinking, I put out my joint and went back inside my house. I thought nothing of it, figuring if it was my brother, I would just duck my head the other way and walk out without seeing anything.

We both used the balcony as a smoke spot so it wasn't like he would be totally surprised. As I turned back from closing the door, I realized how wrong I was in thinking it was my brother.

Through the fogged up shower glass, I saw the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. A naked Colleen, rubbing her body with soap. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed herself all over. She slowed down on her tits, making circles around her nipples. Her mouth fell open slightly as she ran her hands down her body, and they slowly slid inside her pussy. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was frozen in place.

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I was enjoying the view too much to move. I knew if she caught me, she'd probably hate me and I'd lose all chances with her. But I couldn't help it. As she rubbed her pussy, she let out the softest moans. They were like music to me.

My cock was so swollen watching the show. I was so tempted to just hop in that shower with her but I remained still. She began to rub her pussy more aggressively as her moans got louder. I was grabbing my dick through my jeans, wishing I could replace her hands with my own.

I closed my eyes a little and was startled by what came next, "mmmm Ben that feels so nice." My eyes shot open. I saw her in the same position as before with her eyes still closed. It took me a second to process before I realized - holy shit!! She's thinking about me!! Not only is she naked in front of me but she's masturbating and thinking about me!! I was in ecstasy. I had never felt prouder and more turned on in my life.

I could hear her moans getting deeper and I knew she was gonna cum, "Oh fuck Ben.

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Yes right there mmmmm." I didn't want to get caught so I quietly tiptoed out of the bathroom before she finished. I was so disappointed I didn't get to see her face as she came. But, now that I knew she wanted me, I figured I could get to see that face up close and personal. As I quietly closed the bathroom door, I turned around and saw my brother standing there. "Dude, what the fuck? Isn't Colleen in there?" "Yeah, dude. I was smoking on the balcony and I saw dad about to get home so I came back in.

She had her back to the door so I slipped out without her noticing." "Oh shit. Did you see anything?" "Nah, I didn't want to look and have her catch me looking." "Damn, that's a real shame. She's hot as fuck." "Yup she totally is." I decided not to tell my brother what I had just seen. First, I didn't want Colleen finding out I was perving on her. Second, I wanted this dirty little secret all to myself.

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Those images of her beautiful body were forever burned into my memory. Hours later, we all had just finished dinner. We went into the living room to watch some TV and Colleen plopped down right next to me. That's what I loved about her, she wasn't shy and always cuddled up next to me. We spent some time watching tv, messing around on our phones, and drinking. She was a wine type of girl so she had a few glasses.

I had some beers and we really started to get flirty. We were tickling each other and giggling about stupid stuff. I had my arm around her and she snuggled up to me. I could see her amazing cleavage when I peaked down, her breasts squished together against my side. After a while, my brother and my cousin got the hint and both said they were ready for bed.

My cousin asked Colleen if she was gonna just stay at my place (good looks, cuz). She responded almost too casually, "Yeah, I think I'll just crash here.

I'm a little buzzed and I don't want to drive back." "Right, sure," my cousin rolled her eyes a bit and laughed, "see you guys tomorrow." We continued hanging on the couch for a while. She was still snuggled up to me and it felt amazing. I was starting to doze off being so comfortable, but her voice snapped me out of it, "Did you like what you saw earlier?" I froze. How could she have seen me??? Her eyes were closed the entire time.

Ohh my god I am so dead. "Wha-what do you mean?" "Don't lie to me, Ben," she smirked, "I know you walked in on me this afternoon. I heard the balcony door open." "You knew I was there the whole time?" "Yeah, that's why I gave you a little show. Did you like it?" She was grinning an evil, sexy grin at me. "Yeah, I.I loved it to be honest. I'm just sad I had to miss the ending." "I was sad you left, too. I almost invited you to join me but I didn't want us to get caught." She pouted, then continued, "How about you help me finish what I started now that everyone is asleep?" That evil grin was back.

She looked so sexy and I was beyond turned on. "Fuck yeah." We decided to go up to the third floor of my house and use the guest bedroom. I shared a bedroom wall with my parents and brother on the second floor so I didn't want anyone to wake up and catch us.

The third floor was more private. I pulled her into the room and pulled her onto the bed on top of me. At first, I was just touching her body all over. Rubbing her shoulders and her sides and her legs. She was making pleased little sounds, enjoying my touch. "I have wanted you for so long, Ben." "Me too, Colleen. You're so beautiful and sexy. I've wanted you for as long as I can remember." "Mmm I'm gonna make you feel so good baby.

I'll show you what I was picturing in the shower." With that, she leaned down and I leaned up and we met in a firey, passionate kiss. Her lips felt amazing and I quickly slipped my tongue past her lips. Her tongue met mine and we started making out wildly. She was the best kisser I've ever had.

Her kisses alone were enough to make me cum, but I held back. I needed to have all of her. After we kissed for a while, she pulled away and started kissing my neck. I took the hint and ripped my shirt off.

She followed me and ripped hers off too. Her beautiful tits were covered by a black lacy bra. They looked incredible. I instinctively reached up and started to massage them. Her head fell back as she let out a moan.


I leaned up and kissed her neck and chest. I kissed tits on every inch that was exposed. I sucked on her skin, leaving little hickeys all over. She was mine now, I was marking my territory. "Mmm Ben I'm so horny already baby. You know just how to make me feel good." I reached around her back and unclipped her bra.

As her tits fell free, I got to see them up close and in person for the first time. They were more gorgeous than I could've imagined. They were perfect. She was very fair so her areolas were the lightest shade of pink possible. Her nipples were hard and they looked more suckable than anything I had ever seen.

I took one into my mouth and kissed and sucked it gently. I pulled on the other with my hand, twisting it back and forth. "Oooo yes Ben, suck them harder." I happily obliged. I was starting to realize she liked it a little rough. Her fingers were all twisted in my hair and she was pulling it hard. Her pussy was grinding against my throbbing cock through both our pants.

I began to bite her nipple and she practically exploded, "OH FUCK YESSS MMMM." I heard the way she was moaning and knew she had just cum. I reached up and kissed her hard.

She met me with the same intensity. "Fuck Ben that was amazing. No one has ever made me cum that hard from just sucking my nipples." "Mmm yeah you liked that baby girl? How bout I try for another?" And with that I dove back into her tits. I began to suck her over nipple and twist the opposite. Her moaning picked right back up.

"Mmm oh yes baby I love it so much. I'm so wet for you, I think I soaked through my leggings" I reached my hand between her legs and found that to be the truth. Her leggings were soaked!!! "Fuck baby girl that's so hot. You're so fucking sexy." We were both like wild animals.

I had never wanted someone so ferociously in my life. I wanted to flip her over and fill her pussy with my throbbing cock. At the same time, I wanted to make her cum several more times before that. I chose to wait, knowing I could work her up so much that she would cum hard all over my cock.

That's all I wanted. "I wanna see your cock baby." She said almost innocently, which made my cock twitch with excitement.

"You've seen me now I want to see you," she continued, "I've seen your cock in your pants before and felt it hard against me. I know it's big and I want it now." "Mmm alright baby.

If you're a good girl and suck me off right, I won't spank that tight ass until you're whimpering." I didn't know where that came from but her eyes lit up so I didn't apologize. "What if that's what I'm looking for?" She purred. "If you please me right, I'll give you what you want," I smirked, "take my pants off. Now." She snaked her hand down and unbuttoned my jeans. She pulled the zipper down as my cock pushed forward through the hole of my boxers.

She pulled those down too and stopped. Her mouth fell open a little and she subconsciously liked her lips, much to my pleasure. "Wow Ben your cock is so nice." With that she bent her head down and took me in her mouth. It felt like an electric shock through my body when her lips touched the head of my cock. She snaked her tongue around the tip ever so gently as she slowly stroked the base.

I was in heaven. "Oooo fuck baby you're so good." "You like that huh? You like when I suck your big cock?" "Fuck yeah baby girl. Go deeper on that cock." The words were coming out of my mouth without me even thinking them.

I was so turned on that this animal part of me had taken over. I wanted to make every bit of her mine. I wanted to cum all over her and then fuck her again and again. She went deeper on my cock. With each bob she got lower and lower until the tip of my cock was at the back of her throat.

She held it there for awhile and I felt my balls churning. I resisted the urge to cum deep down her throat. She slowly pulled back up and then sucked me all the way back in. I looked down and saw her big eyes staring back up at me. Just like my fantasy. It was even more erotic than I could've ever imagined. I looked further and saw her hand down her pants, rubbing wildly. "'Mm baby. This is my exact fantasy right now. I've pictured you doing this for as long as I can remember.

You're so fucking good baby." "Mmm Ben this is what I was imagining I was doing in the shower earlier. I've wanted to suck your big cock for so long. I'm so horny doing this I can't help but rub my pussy while I suck you." "Mmm I can see that.

You're such a horny girl aren't you? How about I take over for you?" "Mmm yes please. My pussy aches for you baby." I reached down and slowly slid off her leggings. She was wearing a pair of pink, lacy panties which were completely soaked through. I rubbed her through her panties and she let out a deep moan. "Yessss Ben rub my little pussy. I'm so wet for you baby." I wanted to see her juicy ass in those sexy panties.

I also wanted to keep my promise that I would spank her if she was a good girl. "Turn around baby. Let me see that ass." She flipped over and laid across my lap with her ass pushed up into the air. She wiggled it slightly as I took it all in. Her ass was so nice. Even nicer than I thought it was.

The animal inside me was back and I reached up and spanked her, hard. "Ooooow fuck baby," she purred, "mmm do it again." I spanked her hard on each cheek. Her ass jiggled so nicely when I spanked her. She started grinding her pussy against my leg. "I thought only bad girls loved spanking? Does my good girl love spanking too?" "Mmm fuck yes I love it so muchbut I'm so horny baby.

Please touch my pussy." I spanked her again, "what was that? Touch your what?" "My pussyyyyy" she hissed "What about your wet little pussy baby?" I spanked her again. "Please touch me. I wanna cum so bad." "How bad do you want it?" I spanked her again. Harder this time. Handprints were forming on her ass cheeks. "So fucking bad. Please!!! Rub me, lick me, fuck me.

I'm all yours. I need you so bad." That was all I needed to hear. I ripped her panties to the side and slowly slid my fingers down her soaking wet slit. "Uuuuughhhh fuck yes" she was shivering already from my touch. "My pussys been wet and throbbing for you all day." "Mmm yeah? You were wet for me all day?" "Yesss I was even rubbing myself through my leggings when we were on the couch before." "You're such a horny little slut.

I'm gonna take care of this throbbing pussy, that's what you want isn't it?" "Sooo much ughhh" I was still rubbing her lightly. I increased my pressure and pushed through her outer lips.

She truly was soaking wet. Her pussy was so slick. I couldn't help myself - I brought my fingers up to my mouth and tasted her juices. She was so sweet. I was gonna lick her until she came all over.

But first, I teased her a little more. I started running my fingers around her opening, sometimes going upward but always avoiding her clit. Sometimes I went even further downward past her pussy and rubbed just above her asshole, which elicited the response I was hoping for.

She would sharply inhale whenever I did that, so I had to ask, "mmm you like your asshole played with, don't you baby?" She giggled, "hehe how could you tell?" "I hear you moaning when I get close to it. Don't worry, I'll give your little ass some attention later." "Mmm pleaseee just stop teasing me. I can't take it anymore!" With that, I let myself gently brush across her clit.

She nearly screamed but she bit down on the blanket instead. All I heard was a muffled "fuckkkkkk" as I felt her body shake. Her juices ran down her legs and I realized something, "baby, are you so soaked because you're a squitter?" I was so turned on by the thought of it. I was praying for the right answer. She suddenly sat up and faced me, "uh yeah." she had sadness in her eyes. My heart shattered and my horniness faded for a bit.


I spoke to her gently as I took her hands in mine, "Oh my god baby that's so hot. I've seen it in porn before but never in person. Whenever I've seen it in porn it always makes me cum.

I can't believe how lucky I am right now." The sadness faded from her face, "Really?? " She chirped, "I've had guys be grossed out by it before, so I'm kind of embarrassed." "Really. Don't be embarrassed.

I think you're even sexier now and I didn't think that was possible." And I kissed her hard. She kissed me back with reignited vigor. "I wanna taste you baby. I wanna make you cum all over my face. Don't hold back. I want to make you feel that good. I know girls only squirt when they're really turned on. I want to do that to you." With that, she leaned back against the headboard. She spread her legs and I finally got to see that beautiful pussy.

She had pubic hair which no girl I had ever been with before had. She was older and more mature so I wasn't surprised. It turned me on even more. She was a real woman, and I wanted to make her cum real bad. I leaned my head down and slowly flicked her clit with my tongue. She hissed, "uuughhh Ben." I held her outer lips open when my fingers as I gave her pussy nice, long licks, lingering on her clit.

I could feel her body shaking already. "Oh my god.

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It's never felt this good before. I'm so turned on right now I feel like my skin is on fire." I licked her faster. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it gently. I then released it and blew some air across her pussy. I pushed her legs back a little as I licked down from her pussy hole to her asshole.

I flicked her little rosebud a few times before she screamed out, "Ughhhh Ben. I'm so close baby. I wanna cum for you." I slipped two fingers into her pussy and started to fuck her with them, hard.

I resumed sucking on her clit and I reached up and pinched her nipples with my other hand. All at once, I felt her body tense up and her thighs were shaking so hard. "OHHHH MY GODDD BEN I'm GONNA CU-CU.AHHHHH!!" With that, she came, hard. Just as I prayed for, she squirted all over my face. I caught some of it on my tongue as I continued to lick her until she was finished.

She laid there with her eyes closed shaking for a while. When she opened her eyes, she said, "Oh my god Ben that was the best orgasm I've ever had. You're so amazing." My heart felt like it was gonna explode. Watching her cum like that was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life. I wanted to do it a million times over. I wanted to have her every day.

I wanted her forever. She had a beautiful, lusty look in her eyes as she purred, "make love to me. I need you." I inched up until my cock was lined up with her opening. I was still hard as a rock and precum was leaking all over the sheets. I locked eyes with her.

"Please Ben. I need to feel you inside me." I slowly pushed myself inside her. Never breaking eye contact. I couldn't help watching her face fall deeper into bliss as I thrust into her. "Ugh Ben your cock feels so good. Oooo baby fuckkk," she moaned as my cock slipped inside her.

I saw the look in her eyes, I saw the fire inside her. Feeling myself inside her sweet pussy was the best feeling in the entire world. I wanted to keep my cock inside her for the rest of our lives. For a minute I just stayed there with my whole seven inches buried in her pussy.

She started to thrust her hips a bit and I knew she wanted more. I started to slowly thrust in and out, scraping against her g-spot every time. Her moans were frantic. They were loud and breathy. "Oh Ben your cock is so perfect. Yesss keep fucking me right there." "Mmm right there baby? Right on your g-spot? Mmm I'm gonna make you squirt for me again baby girl. I want you to squirt all over my cock." The animal was back. I wasn't surprised. Fucking her was the most raw and natural experience I had ever had.

"Mmm baby I wanna squirt for you, fuck me harderrrr I'm so closeeee" I started pounding her. I was drilling her pussy so fast and hard. I pulled her body to the edge of the bed and pushed her legs up against my shoulders.

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I drilled into her even harder with the new found leverage. Her tits we're flying up and down wildly. I bent down and gave each nipple a little bite. "Oooo my GODDD BEN FUCK I'M CUMMINGGGGG" I looked down just in time to see her juices squirt out all over my cock and stomach. That sight did it for me. Her face was gorgeous as she squirted cum all over my cock. I loved her so much. My balls started to ache and I knew I was cumming, "Fuckkkk" I groaned as I pushed my head back and filled her pussy with my cum.

I have never cum that hard before in my life. Rope after rope of cum shot deep into her. I was sweating and panting and I nearly fell back onto the bed next to her.

We lay there panting together for a few minutes. We turned and looked at each other and I grabbed her face and kissed her, hard. "God, Colleen, that was the best orgasm I've ever had." she smiled as she kissed me again, "I guess that makes us even." "I guess so," I said with a huge grin. We fell asleep in the guest bedroom. Around 5 a.m., I woke up and figured I should probably go downstairs before anyone woke up and realized I slept with her all night.

I kissed her forehead and headed down to my bed. I drifted back off with a smile on my face. I was the luckiest guy in the world. Part two???