Black women used by white guy

Black women used by white guy
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This is a mainly foot-fetish story, so if you are not into feet please don't give a bad rating based on that alone.

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It's a fictional story based on some fact of an amazing girl I met while on the train once. Enjoy it and, check out my other feet stories! Background Our story focuses on a girl called Anna.

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She is a petite 19 year old breathtakingly beautiful girl. Short, and well built, 5 foot 5, the perfect height to most. Shoulder length dirty blonde hair and sharp eyes, a mix of green and yellow, a slender, gentle face and small well-crafted lips. She was the girl whose look would make you speechless, wanting to have her all to yourself, but with a sly sexual devilish look that showed she knew she was boss.

Slender arms and small hands, a small frame that help up perfectly rounded perky breasts, just too big to fill a man's hand. A flat smooth stomach of the softest skin and wide hips well shaped thighs with a rounded full ass. But, her favourite trait about herself and all the guys she knew, were her feet. Tiny, size 4 feet. Immaculate skin. Smooth and soft.

Small rounded toes always coloured and pedicured. With a gorgeous arch and most kissable soles. Her feet were perfect.

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Anna started having sex at a young age. She had a long relationship before, way back in the past but she learnt quickly, no one man was enough for her. She loved cum, from the first time she saw it, tasted it, felt it.

It was like she needed cum.

She loved the sight of men in pleasure, the feeling when they sprayed, the warmth of it. And she knew how to make men cum, in the best ways and every time she did, she'd add it to her little cum list, and she wanted that list to be very long.


Anna loved her feet the most. She had a foot fetish. The power and thrill it gave her, to know how sexy they were to some, and what she could do with them, how badly men wanted them. For her to please them, for them to be completely dizzy with pleasure and amazement of this amazing girl and her feet. That feeling was her biggest drive. She wanted a lot of men, and a lot of cum!

Anna kept mainly male friends. She associated more with them. They loved her openness about most things girls her age wouldn't share. She was called a slut, sure many times, but she loved it. This story is about her 'stories' Anna woke up one morning feeling particularly devious. Having been at home all day, she decided to go for a night out.

She had something special in mind for that night as she got dressed. She put on nothing but a white knitted woollen like dress that stopped just at the middle of her full thighs, and a brown belt around her fairly wide hips. No underwear at all. She slipped on her black 2 inch heels. They had one strap just before her toes.

Showing off, yet covering her feet, allowing just the right amount of her soft skin and sexy toes to be seen. She felt amazingly sexy being hardly covered, from head to toe, her clothes showing off all her most sexy parts.

She stepped out of her house and enjoyed the breeze she felt up her thighs and over her shaved pink pussy and body. The feeling of being so naked under her thin clothes drove her wild. She planned on going into the centre of town; she lived a little bit further away so she would have to take a tram, a 20minute ride with a few stops. She boarded her usual white and blue tram into the centre, next to the window.

It was pretty empty this time of the day. She sat on a row of chairs, facing another row of chairs. On the other side of the train were the same seats facing each other, empty. A young man came and sat on the chair opposite her. Anna was always an amazing sight to most men, so he stared as soon as she caught his eye. She sat with her legs crossed, her left leg over her right knee, her foot dangling.

He stared at her up and down, from her sexy toes and smooth skin in her heels, up her legs until they disappear under her dress and along her whole body to her gorgeous face. When he looked up to her face he noticed she was watching him stare the whole time.

Anna was already intrigued; she loved guys undressing her with their eyes. She was always the one in control, so she tested the waters, swaying her foot that he had been staring at back and forth, closer to him then away.

Sometimes just touching his leg. He didn't move, trying to act nonchalant but the fact that he didn't mind this stranger bumping his leg was a sign to Anna that he noticed it very much and was playing cool. The unknown man moved his knee closer, another sign. Anna could tell he was getting some thrill from it, he shifted back and forth, looked around with no aim and remained staring at her feet, so close, as long as he could before getting embarrassed.

He suddenly spoke; "Wow, you have really small feet, there're cute" Anna was surprised, she didn't expect the man to talk at all, he seemed too shy. Anna was as excited as he was, she wanted to be devious that day, and she wanted to start it very soon. She wanted to give the young man sitting opposite her something to remember, now was her chance.

Anna looked at him dead on, with an amazing smile, and said "Yes they are tiny, I love my feet! " knowing that letting the guy know she liked her feet would give him a possible push !

As she said this, she had leaned over, and pushed her black heel off her left leg and lifted her foot to him, showing him her immaculately smooth sole and soft skin and toes, so he could see just how small, dainty and sexy they were. Swinging it left to right, spreading her toes and pointing them, A bulge in his pants grew almost instantly, his cock growing large and hard, his heart raced, it was sure he was a foot lover and Anna was driving him crazy and she noticed it.

Another young man walked through the train, into the car where they were, and sat on the opposite side, his eyes secretly drawn to Anna showing off her feet. She figured this made her task at hand a little bit more difficult, but she knew a young man would most likely not cause any trouble at all. Anna placed her foot down onto the unknown man's knee as he watched the other man enter. His eyes darted to her foot on him. He got a sharp chill through his spine, heaviness in this chest and finishing as a warmth in his crotch as his hard-on stirred.

He spoke again feeling pretty confident and flirty "Are your feet ticklish then? " As he said this he reached out and grabbed her foot, and brushed his fingers along the top gently, and then under on her smooth soles.

Secretly enjoying every millimetre of her skin. Anna didn't laugh or giggle like he thought she would, her look got intense and she stared him deep in his eyes, and bit her lower lip.

His cock pushed out of his underwear, bulging in his pants, full and hard, he's heart even faster and head rushing, both of them. Anna enjoyed his look of amorous agony for a while before pushing her foot a little more up his leg, up his thigh, ever closer to him.

"I have a feeling you really like my feet" She said with her same sexy enticing look. He couldn't even think. He gazed down at her amazing sexy small foot creeping up his thigh, sending shivers through him, the type you hardly ever get. He did try reply, but Anna silenced him instantly. He looked around like a nervous little horny boy, deep in lust and misplaced by the scene.

Anna's foot reached his balls. She rubbed them with her toes, then with her soles, all the way to her heel and back down, not touching his shaft yet, she kept doing it, watching him almost loose it, before pushing her foot up the entire length of his hard-on through his silky like sport pants, allowing him and her to feel it perfectly. The heat of the moment stopped him from thinking, he only stared down at her feet and then yanked his pants down below his balls and his large hard cock popped out.

Anna gasped and grew flushed. She lifted her other leg and pushed the heel off onto the chair next to him and joined her other foot on his cock. Side by side on his length, she stroked slowly up and down. His cock was warm, hot even under her feet.

She felt it throbbing. She moved up and down in a mesmerizing motion. Both her feet focusing on his large head, toes grabbing down now and then and her heels constantly rubbing his balls while she stroked downwards.

He grabbed her by her ankles and thrust hard into her moving feet, fucking them. It was only his second footjob and he had a huge lust for feet for years. Obviously the other man across from them had taken noticed.

He watched the whole thing unfold, glued to Anna and filled with envy that this other lucky guy had this amazing girl. Unbeknownst to him, she wasn't his at all, just a cum slut. He stared at the unusual sight of a man in total pleasure from her feet, watching him fuck them, without a care. He stared at her full thighs, trying to peer under her skirt. Anna looked at him, with a sharp stare and sexy smile, a giggle almost.

He started rubbing his shaft through his pants, after freeing it up as it grew. Anna felt the hot cock throb under her feet as she pumped him, she felt the cum building up, she saw him about to go. She placed one foot under his cock, and the other on top, grasping the cock from both sides.

She wanted the cum to cover her feet, not him. She went faster and faster, rubbing his head, down his shaft then his balls. The feeling was amazing and the unknown man couldn't hold it anymore, his thrusts grew harder and harder until, thick white spunk shot from his cock.

One after the other, four hot thick loads of cum, covering Anna's amazing feet with it. She kept stroking, milking him of everything he had.


He threw his head back and closed his eyes. " Holy shit." was the only thing he said. Anna lifted her feet, one covered in cum and rubbed them together, spreading the cum and coating her sexy skin.

Just then, the train came to quick halt. It was her stop. She placed her heels back on and stood up and quickly rushed off the tram, leaving the man with his cock out enjoying his ecstatic moment.

She got out and went up the stairs to head out of the station. Feeling the warm thick cum, still on her soles as she walked in her sexy heels, with cum glistening on her toes and soft skin.

She looked down and saw her cum covered foot, in public! Her pussy gushed, growing hot and wet, the sight was amazingly sexy! Early in her night, and she has already gotten some cum! The other man that was watching quickly got up as she left and followed her out the door, trying to find where she had gone off to.

He followed the route to the exit, thinking she would have gone that way too. He found it hard to walk with his cock hard in his pants trying to get free. He saw Anna, walking gracefully out of the station. He enjoyed the sight of her shapely body from behind.

Watching as the large lights from outside, shone slightly through her knitted dress highlighting her shape. He caught up to her and touched her shoulder. She swung round to see the man from the train. She looked happy to see him. "Oh, hi!" She said in a sweet voice. She knew why he had obviously followed her out! He introduced himself as Tom, a young artist.

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They continued to walk through the streets of Amsterdam, enjoying random conversation, both ignoring the topic of what had just happened. She seemed in no rush to get anywhere and interested in what Tom did. He asked her into a small street, and asked Anna to come and see his studio there. She followed him. They came to a little black door, and went inside. A small messy studio filled with paintings and a large window on to the tiny street filled with other studios and a coffee shop or two.

He walked in first, randomly talking about the place and what he does. Anna didn't hear anything he said, she wasn't listening at all.

She was horny, still dripping. She walked demandingly to him, with a determined look in her eye. Tom stopped talking and just watched. She went straight to him and grabbed his cock through his jeans, gripping hard, rubbing him. Staring deeply at him.

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"I know why you brought me here" She said. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her thigh, moving it up. Tom felt her soft warm skin. Her thighs felt damper as his hand went up. Wetter as he went, till he felt her hot pussy. Soft, shaved and wet. Even hot to touch. He cupped her pussy and rubbed it, sliding his fingers between her lips.

His hand filled with her wetness, coating him. She was amazingly wet. He slid his fingers into her hot pussy.

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Anna was in another world, eyes closed and moaning. She walked slowly back with his fingers in her to the table and leaned against it.

She stopped grabbing his hard cock to pull down her dress to reveal her perfectly rounded perky breasts, her dress just under them. She put her head back grabbing her breast and moaned as he fucked her pussy with his fingers.

Tom hurryingly opened and pulled his pants down with this remaining hand. His hard cock now dying to get out! Anna opened her eyes to see his huge cock spring out at her. It was long and wide! One of the largest Anna had ever seen. She marvelled at his cock, getting even wetter. She got off the table and down onto her knees, cupping his balls, rubbing them, building his cum, waiting to enjoy his lovely cock, already wishing for the hot cum he would soon give her.

She licked his cock slowly, covering every part with her tongue, lapping it full of spit, lubricating his girth to fit as far down her throat as she could take it. Rubbing his balls, and her hand twisted up and down on his shaft, she stuck out her tongue under his cock and inhaled sucking and pulling it in.

She started fast and wild, opening her throat and swallowing it little by little, till she had to move her hand away to take it all in, her lips meeting his balls and stomach. The feeling was unreal for Tom, thrusting his long cock balls deep, fucking her mouth with no obstruction. Anna got up, sliding her dress off to the floor and sat on the table and spread her legs wide.

She extended her legs and grabbed Tom's wet cock with her tiny feet to pull him closer. Tom grabbed her ankles, her feet either side of his cock holding it and lustfully fucked them, as if feet were made to please a cock, her toes giving pin point pressure in sensitive places and soft soles made for a cock to slide up and down, even the shape of the sole near the toes, with a dent in the middle for a cock to fit through, Tom was in total amazement of what was happening.

Feeling his cock starting to swell, Anna forcefully spread her legs again and grabbed Tom closer, grabbing his cock and rubbing it up and down her soft wet cunt.

Enjoying the feeling of his head rub her clit, before placing his head on her open pussy edging her way to him.

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Tom edged himself in slowly, feeling the extreme warmth of her pussy, she was tight, smooth and immensely wet. It was the most sensation his cock ever got! Anna wrapped her legs around him tightly, being able to push him into her harder, moving him faster and harder. With a wave in his thrusts, Tom pushed up as he pumped in and the other way as he came out. This made Anna wilder. Tom knew he couldn't take this much pleasure much longer, licking his thumb, he placed it on her clit and rubbed in circles, going faster as Anna's screams grew louder!

Both starting to sweat, red hot and muscles tensing, they climaxed! Tom's strokes grew quicker and quicker, and harder, till he buried it as far as he could, Anna's screams a mix of intense pleasure and pain as her tiny pussy being rammed so hard. His cum sprayed deep into her, fast and hard.

The sight of Tom cumin and the feeling of it inside her pussy drove Anna over the edge, shaking in orgasm as her pussy filled with even more liquid. Tom collapsed on her on the table, kissing her, then down her neck and her breasts. Anna left Tom's studio feeling satisfied and slutty with her adventures so far, eager for what more awaited her that day. Anna often went out looking for men, the same way men would go out on the prowl, and living in the city of Amsterdam, with her looks it was amazingly easy for her.

The city's open culture on sex and drugs gave birth to many clubs and bars geared just for this, spread all around the famous red light district. Anna walked over little bridges crossing the canals into the old streets of the red light district, watching all the men stare at the girls in neon clothing in the red lit windows all about.

Enjoying the sexy feeling of her pussy staring to drip, the trickle down her thigh of cum that she didn't care to wipe. It drove her wild. She was on her way to her favourite night spot, a club based on different sexual fetishes and live sex shows.

It had a bar section for drinking and dancing, the stripper room where people could watch Amsterdam's finest strip, and plenty rooms where horny exhibitionist amateurs where welcome to do whatever, with seats for viewing. At the door patrons choose their colour, showing what they are into and what they are willing to do. One for anal, threesomes, bondage, feet and so on.

Anna took the bracelet that showed she was up for anything and everything for the first time! She usually just chose one based on what she wanted that night.

Anna entered and walked straight to the bar, taking time to check out every one in the room. It was fill that night, mostly with men, all foreign looking. Everyone staring at everyone else, lustfully, anxious and hoping to get lucky. She attracted the looks of the whole room as she strolled through slowly, everyone noticing her armband.

Nobody usually messed about in the bar room, they were quickly asked to move to one of the rooms for anything more than friendly activities. Anna got to the bar, hiked up her dress a little and sat down, her wet pussy now rubbing the leather stool. She ordered her drink and then swung her chair to face the dance floor, slowly moving forward and back to the music, enjoying the feeling on her pussy. A young Spanish man approached her from behind and squeezed the side of her stomach to get her attention.

She spun around to greet him. He was pretty tall and well built, a light beard and short hair. He continued to introduce himself, and randomly talked about why he was visiting the city and where he comes from.

He had started stroking the arm she had placed up on the bar, giving focus to her wrist somehow trying to highlight her armband, saying she wanted anything! She looked at his hand on her wrist and forwardly asked him; "Well, what are you looking for tonight then?" He merely lifted his arm too; showing his 'sign' it was the 'anal' bracelet.

Anna just smiled coyly at him. All he replied was "So?" Anna kept smiling and turned around on her stool again to the dance floor not saying anything. She pushed her self-backwards on the stool closer to him and grabbed his arms and placed them around her, guiding them, on her stomach, onto her thighs, then around towards her ass. She moved them slowly closer to her pussy, which was now just hanging off the edge of the stool. His fingers found their way to her warm and wet pussy!

Still filled with Tom's cum. Anna moaned silently as he explored her lips and clit, sliding his fingers deep inside, in and out. He suddenly slipped his thumb into Anna's little ass, slowly pushing in and out of her pussy and ass.

Anna gasped and moaned, closing her eyes and feeling high. She turned her head to look at him, vulnerable and wanting, a look of passion and pleasure. Anna hardly found men just as forward as her, so she was shocked when she felt something much larger touching the lips of her pussy.

It was his cock! He moved his fingers out, then guided himself slowly into her, wrapping his arms around her again and slowly thrusting into her hot pussy, waiting for a moment with his whole length inside her, looking around the club first. He began pumping as slowly as he could without being noticed, allowing them both to enjoy the intense moment much more. Anna moaning louder and louder, only being muffled by the loud music.

Anna was extremely horny! He suddenly pulled out. Anna thinking that the thrill got too much for him and he wanted to move elsewhere, but before she could finish her thoughts, his cock, naturally springing upward from her pussy, was rubbing her tiny asshole. Anna moved her left hand off his and grabbed his cock, stroking it up and down, it was rock hard and long from what she could feel and sopping wet from her pussy.

She pulled it forward as she pushed her body back. The young Spaniard now horny to the point of wildness thrust hard into her ass. His large head popped in, Anna gave a little scream as it did. It was his first time having anal, he was already ready to blow his load! Anna moved her muscles opening her ass for him. Anna loved anal! He marveled at the way it seemed her ass pulled his cock deeper into her, tight, warm and such an overall sensation he couldn't have imagined, going in until he was balls deep in her tiny asshole.

Anna grabbed his arm tightly as he started pumping back and forth, loving the feeling as the slight pain turned into immense pleasure.

He couldn't hold it anymore, going slow just drove him wilder. Knowing they would probably soon be seen, he grabbed her ass and began fucking her little asshole fast and hard with long strokes, almost all the way out, then all the way in! Anna shook with pleasure as he fucked her hard. Few people in the club staring now. She started screaming "Fuck, fuck fuck, yes!!!" She was just about to cum!

She felt his cock swell in her ass as it pumped in about out, hearing her finally scream she was cumin pushed him over the edge!

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He started spraying his cum with the highest pleasure he ever felt, making sure to drive it deep inside her, taking another stroke with each spurt into her. Her ass tightened around his cock, as her body shook in orgasm, as did his. Both panting, high after their amazing orgasm, his cock still up her ass, he held her tightly and slowly pulled his cock out, tightly closing around his head as Anna got immense shivers as he did.

So far she had cum sprayed in her pussy, deep inside her ass and all over her feet. But she wanted more! The young Spaniard asked her to go to one of the rooms saying that he had a group of friends there too! Still full of lust and desire for cum, Anna got up and walked to one of the rooms and told him to call them all, wishing for all of their cum, all over her body!

What happened later couldn't compare at all to her day so far. To be continued.