Ts and her submissive toyboy

Ts and her submissive toyboy
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My beautiful asian wife Mina is traveling in Europe doing work for an humanitarian organization. Mina's sister Sherilynn arrived from Hong Kong last night to visit for a month. Sherilynn is as beautiful as her older sister, she is 23 very petite, has a nice small firm ass, and her breasts are small like a baseball. I wake up to the sound of birds singing outside my window and a hard cock, throbbing beneath the covers. I look over to Sherilynn, whom I had one the most passionate nights with on her twenty fourth birthday.

With her sister out of town I was finally able to have her and spend the entire night with her. So far there was nothing better than waking up to a naked Sherilynn. I roll over pressing my hard cock between her ass cheeks causing Sherilynn to stir a little and stretch. I move my cock down with my hand to slide over her still wet pussy a few times to build the anticipation. We fell asleep in the early morning hours and her juices mixed with my cum were still all over her.

The thought of sliding back into her tight juicy pussy makes my cock throb even harder. My hands slide down her waist to her hips and finally her ass. I spread apart her ass cheeks enough so I can see her bald and soaked pussy. Taking no more time to pause and enjoy the view I place my thick cock to her lips and drives it forward, forcing my cock in as deep as Sherilynn can take it. A soft moan escapes her lips as she says, " Oooh John!" I reach around to grab a breast.

I squeeze it as I start slamming her pussy hard. My hips move as fast as they can, driving my cock in and out of her tight clinching pussy.

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It doesn't take long before I feel the familiar feeling boiling inside me. With one final thrust I feel my release. Spurt after spurt shoots up into my little china doll as my body trembles in pleasure. " Mmm, that's it John," she moans. " Fill me up with your cum! I want to have your baby." As soon as my orgasm is over I stop not sure if I heard correctly. " You want my baby?" I ask.

Sherilynn slides off my cock and rolls over to face me. " Of course I do," she says. " I've wanted to fuck you for so long and I want to give son." A smile forms on my face. I kiss her deeply before breaking away. " What about your sister ? She would have a fit if she knew." " Mina gave you a daughter and does not want any more children.

Mina knows I'm not on birth control, but she thinks I'm not having sex," she explains. " I'll just tell her I've slept with a guy." " She'll want you to find out," I warn her. Sherilynn smiles. " That's why you and Mina adopt him." " What if it's a girl?" I ask with a sly smile. Sherilynn bites her lip and says, " I guess we'll just have to keep trying then." I grin and kisses her again.

Then abruptly I turn her onto her stomach, guiding her to her hands and knees. As soon as she is in position, I drive my thick cock into her pink depths. Sherilynn moans " oooohhhh.aaaaahhhhh " from the sudden intrusion and shudders. My hands grab her hips, pulling her toward my cock as I push forward with my pelvis.

I pull out just long enough to slip a finger into her slippery wet pussy for an instant. As my cock slips back into her, I take my finger and begin rubbing her asshole. Sherilynn visibly trembles as I tease her and when I push my fingertip in her ass while continuing filling her pussy with my engorged cock, she has an orgasm. She moans " omg.oooohhhhh.ooooohhhh .mmmmmmmmmmm." My finger slides deeper as I probe her tight virgin ass and once I'm all the way in I begin to push a second one in.

" Oh please don't stop John !" she pleads.


Once I have a good rhythm finger fucking her small tight ass I pull out of her pussy. " Sherilynn, I'm going to fuck your tight ass with my thick cock. What do you think of that?" I ask smiling. " It's so big John, but I'm ready for it." I roll her onto her back and presses my wet, slick cockhead to her asshole and start pushing against her.

Her ass is so small and tight, I'm not sure at that moment if it will fit. Sherilynn screamed as I pushed hard into her, the bulbous plum head of my hard popping into her small tight virgin ass.

" OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Sherilynn groaned as her body was wracked by pain as my hard wide cock slides in 2 inches. I stroked her sides squeezing her breasts, " OOOWW, that hurts." Sherilynn feels me push up from her body then place the tip of my cock on her anus.

" Your lesson is about to begin " I begin to push the bulbous plum head of my cock back into her anus. It felt like a baseball bat being driven up her ass as I continued to push and pull back and push again, each time gaining a millimeter at a time." OOOOOWWW, it's to big and wide, don't stick it into my ass," she wailed. I pushed harder and Sherilynn 's anus gave up to the assualt and opened to the head of cock. " AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW, its tearing me, take it out, don't push it in," she yelled.

You only got the head, wait until you get all 9 inches fucked up your ass. I am going to stretch you open, You better fuck back. I pushed another inch in, than out.

The next thrust gained two inches, than back out. Sherilynn's asshole was bleeding from the assualt, adding lubrication to my cock for me to continue. " Ok baby" I pushed with all my might into her asshole. 9 inches of hard cock forced her asshole to open bigger then ever. Her asshole was stretched and torn to accept the fucking of her ass. I pulled my cock out to the head and than began the painful journey back up her ass.

My cock was gripped tightly by her ass.I begin to fuck her ass hard and fast. My cock thrusted into her deeper each time, causing her to cramp as it was forced to accept my hard wide cock. Each stroke of my cock brought a fresh batch of pain to her ass.

Sherilynn felt my cock swell as I thrusted into her, I groaned " Oh God " as I exploded in her. Sherilynn was shivering as I begin shooting my load into her.

Sherilynn was still in the throes of her own orgasm as she feels the heat of my sperm filling her. The throbbing of my cock inside her caused her to groan " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" as her orgasms began abating. Both of us collapsed on the bed breathing heavly and sweaty. as I pulled my cock out. I suddenly raise up from on top of her and thrust the bulbous head aganist her pussy, the shaft sank four inches into her.

" STOP!", you're hurting me.


Stop!" I pulled out of her, then she feels the bulbous head of my hard cock poking aganist the tender lips of her cunt again. I thursted hard into her driving my cock all the way into her. " OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!" Sherilynn again screams. " Oh! Baby, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight!' I pull completely out of her. It almost seems she is tighter than before.

So I wasn't surprised at when her whole body jerked in response to the white hot pain of the instrument slicing into her small tight young pussy as she emitted a screech " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screeched " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back several inches, I see lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the bed. Then I drive forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix. I draw back and start ramming into her as she howls pitifully " OMG!

AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! The feel of her tight pussy milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through my body as I slammed into her. The pain took her by surprise but in a moment she feels my large balls resting against her pussy and she knows she had finally taken all of me. The feeling of fullness was incredible! She was proud of herself. She had taken all 9" of me. I begin to pull out then quickly thrust deep back home. I was building a rhythm gradually taking longer deeper strokes until I had sheathing and unsheathing of my full 9" on each stroke.

Her pussy resisting each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement. Tears were running doen her face as her tight canal was stretched, scrapped and torn by the sustained ramming I was inflicting on her.

Gradually, the continued ramming of my cockhead gave to the back of her pussy caused it to give a bit. The excitement of cumming inside her unprotected pussy drove me to the edge of insanity and my cock started to grow even harder and longer in length.

I actually gained a extra inch in length. I was pounding at her cervix, hitting the entrance to her womb! That was when she started turning her head from side to side moaning " yes.yes.yes. oh God yes" and I could feel her muscles starting to spasm and tighten around my rock hard cock.

She gasped and her whole body started to shudder. She was beginning to orgasm again! The walls of her pussy started to clamp down on my cock and squeeze me and her cervix opened up wide! I used that opportunity to push the extra inch I had gained from my excitement through the opening of her cervix and into her open womb! There was a loud popping noise as the head of my cock entered her womanhood! She wailed out " OH.OH.OH.OMG! Yes come in me John!" She put her left hand up behind her head and grasped my hand that was pulling her hair.

The thought of cumming inside Sherilynn, sent me into a further frenzy as grabbed her shoulders with all of my strength, smashing my thighs against the back of her thighs and driving my cock another half inch past her cervix.

" aaaahhhhh! Oh God, Oh God, Oh my God! YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!" The head of my cock now inside of her womb was so engorged it felt like it was going to pop off and explode. Her cervix was convulsing around the head of my cock so strong it felt like it was a mouth sucking my cum out! Then I started to feel my balls tighten.

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My cock grew even thicker inside of her and started jerking. She felt it too, because her eyes grew wide with a look of satisfaction. She started to sob " yes.yes.yes " as her uterus was convulsing and her cervix was clamping down on the head of my cock!

With a new look of satisfaction on her face she screamed, " YES, CUM INSIDE ME JOHN,YYYYEEEESSSS." It seemed like slow motion as I feel my sperm leaving my balls and traveling up my long shaft and finally exploding out of the engorged head of my jerking cock into her open waiting womb! Spurt after spurt of thick white cum filling her as I hold my cock in her. She looks back over her shoulder and into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes whispering " yyyeeesss john.

" I hold my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulses, sucking, and draining every drop of cum from me. As I finished cumming inside of her I started to pull my cockthere was a loud pop as her cervix reluctantly released the head of my cock.She sighed and looked back at me.

She knew now that I owned her and her life would never be the same. As my cock slids back out of her a long string of my thick sticky semen trails down her inner thigh.

I collapse on top of her gasping for breath. " Good thing we have the whole weekend to ourselves," she coos. " We got our whole lives before us," I say with a smile.


" You promise John?" " You can count of it," I say reassuringly. " What about Mina?" " She never has to know." " Good." " Let's get some breakfast, and then you can show me how it's done in the shower." After breakfast Sherilynn headed up stairs to the bathroom. I stayed behind to lightly clean up the kitchen before heading up myself.

I watched as Sherilynn walked up the stairs wearing only my shirt.

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The anticipation of fucking her again only served to make my cock stand up through my pants. Quickly I finish my light clean up and hurry up the stairs. By the time I reach the bedroom I see her going towards the bathroom.

I walk into the bedroom and Sherilynn turns towards me. I ask her to lay down on the bed on her stomach. Sherilynn goes to the bed and lays down on her stomach, I walk over to stand beside the bed. I pulled a strip of black silk from a drawer and tied it around her wrist.

The other end I tied to the headboard, keeping her arm fully extended. " And now. the other arm, please," I said with quiet authority.

Sherilynn obediently extended her other arm, keeping her head flat on the bed. As her other wrist was tied she was flooded with a wonderful mixture of apprehension and arousal. A trickle of pussy juice ran slowly down her thigh, tickling her. She was helpless now. Returning to my position between her thighs behind her, I tease her, kissing and licking her buttocks, and her pussy lips.

When Sherilynn begins to writhe and pant with impatience, I concentrate again on her asshole. This time I abandon all restraint. I press my mouth to her flesh and slid my tongue wetly around and inside her anal opening.

Slick with my saliva now, her ring muscle yielded as I probed with my tongue, testing her readiness. I reached for the bottle of lube coating two fingers with lube then squirting more into her little round hole. The coolness momentarily shocks her but she remains relaxed, resisting the reflex to close up.

She feels one of my fingers press at her opening and ease inside, gently, easily. I rested a moment, and then begin to move inside her. pushing slowly all the way in, sliding right out again. With my fingertip I rim her anus, exciting her nerve endings, helping her to relax still more, and then entered her again.

When I judged her ready, I pressed two freshly lubed fingers to Sherilynn's dilated anus, now glistening dark pink. She inhales sharply. I waited while she regained her focus. concentrating, relaxing.

As soon as she sensed her readiness she pushed back tentatively at my fingers. As she did so, I gently increased the pressure on her anus, stretching it, and both fingers slowly eased about an inch inside and rested there. Sherilynn feels the now-familiar warm stinging in her ass, quite bearable, not unpleasant. She let herself experience it; she was calm and unafraid, completely trusting in her my gentleness and experience.

As the stinging fades Sherilynn was enveloped from head to toe in a strong, primal heat. Fantasies of being fucked hard in her virgin ass flooded her mind. She ached to be taken deeply, fiercely, without mercy.

I started to move my fingers inside her. With each stroke I pushed a little deeper into her yielding ass, until his two fingers reached in to the hilt. withdrew all the way out.

slid deeply into her again. Sherilynn sighed with pleasure and anticipation. " Put your cock in my ass," she moans.

With my spare hand I coat my aching cock with lube. I remove my fingers from Sherilynn's dilated asshole and position myself behind her. Sherilynn feels the head of my cock gently pressing against her anal opening. Cautiously she pushes back and feels her ass stretch, nerve endings aflame. yielding, letting go. Time stands still. Sherilynn holds her breath. Then she feels my cock slowly slide into her ass. she gives a sob of relief and pleasure.

I see this erotic sight every day with Mina. Sherilynn is wantonly displayed and tied before me, and my cock is lodged in her tight virgin ass. Her initial resistance quickly gave way, it feels like my cock is being sucked into her. Her tightness gives me exquisite pleasure; I close my eyes and savoure it.

" Fuck me!" Sherilynn gasps, I open my eyes and smile. Holding her hips with both hands I ease my cock deeper into her rectum. Sherilynn thrusts back, unable to wait, and all nine inches buries itself in her ass.

She feels completely, deliciously filled up. on fire but without any pain. I begIn to fuck her slowly at first she feels momentarily lightheaded; then she begins to pant, thrashing her head from side to side, carried away on a tidal wave of wild sensuality.

She feels my fingers tighten on her hips as my fucking grows faster and rougher. Her body is being jolted violently and my balls slapping against her cunt with every thrust. WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP. Our bodies are shiny with sweat, ours moans and cries a animalistic, as I build towards climax. With a great sob, my orgasm explodes. She can feel each of my spasms and imagines my seed jetting deep inside her ass.

I wrap my arms around her from behind. " Oh Sherilynn." I whispered. Gently, slowly, I withdraw my cock.


Sherilynn feels strange, awful sense of loss and tears pricked her eyes. Quickly I untied her wrists, turned her over on her back and kissed her tenderly. Sherilynn pulled me close and kisses me back with unrestrained passion. She could feel I was still fairly hard. " Take me again," she whispers in my ear, releasing me from her arms. She pulls her knees up to her chest and I pushed a pillow under her hips. Her anus was still pouting open, glistening with lube; I watched a trickle of cum dribble slowly out.

I kneeled between her legs and gently pressed my cock-head against her little dark hole. She received me with the same slight resistances before her ring muscle yielded, and my cock sank deeply inside her once more.

She put her legs over my shoulders. Eyes locked together, burning bright, I begin to ream her ass again. this time slowly, sensually. One of Sherilynn's hands slides down to her wet cunt, drawing out juices to rub and stroke her clit. As we fucked, gently and deeply, both of them feel a sense of intimacy and connection. We watched each other's faces and breathed together. Sherilynn strokes herself towards orgasm, varying the pace of her stimulation, letting her pleasure build in ever-increasing surges.

At last, she knows her climax was inevitable. " I-I'm cumming!" she gasps, and tips her head back, closes her eyes and howls out loud " OMG.OMG. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMMMMM " as the most powerful orgasm of her life consumes her. Her body shaking; she is flushed all over; sweat matted her hair to her forehead. My cock was locked in Sherilynn's tight, clenching ass. The erotic power of the moment was so intense that my cock jerked deep inside her and I came yet again, gently, in a series of soft ripples.

When it was over we lay quietly, still locked together, side by side. Sherilynn gets up going into the bathroom, through the steamy, hot glass I can see her beautiful figure.

My cock has recoverd and is rock hard cock again, and I open the glass door to see Sherilynn waiting for me. With her ass toward me and legs spread, I jump right in and in between her legs, burying my face in her pussy as the water beats down on my back.

My tongue digs into her pussy, swirling around eliciting a loud moan from Sherilynn early on, " Oh John!" I start to lap at her pussy wildly, pressing hard against her pussy. Sherilynn reacts by moving her hips to pump her pussy into my face and I counter by reburying my tongue into her smooth pussy. " Ahh, yes John!" she screams " Eat me!" I shove tongue deep into her pussy while reaching up with one hand to rub her clit.

Sherilynn starts to thrash around, feeling her legs weaken a little. I sense this and pulls my tongue free to replace it with two fingers. She tenses up as she feels me jab them into her pussy. She moans loudly as her thighs start to shake. " OOOOHHHHH. OOOOOHHHHH.AAAAAAAHHHHHH." Her pussy quivers to my finger fucking.

A moment later a quick, solid stream of pussy juice squirts out. I quickly remove my fingers and buries my face into her pussy. I lick, kisses and sucks at her young pussy feverishly. Sherilynn tries to lift her weaken leg over my head as she becomes afraid of falling because of weak legs. I take the hint and removes my face from her pussy. I stand up, grabbing her hips to hold her steady, and aligns my cock at her entrance. Then my cock slips fully into her. I start to ram my cock in and out, not taking my time at fucking her.

My thrusts quickly turn into deep, hard penetrations, serving to weaken her even more. " Fuck me John!" she yells. No sooner does she get the words out she feels a hot blast of my thick cum plaster her insides, followed by two more quick jerks as more cum blasts out. I slip out and catches Sherilynn as she spins around and nearly falls as my legs give out. She wraps her arms around my neck to help with me with holding her up.

They lock into a long and deep passionate kiss. When her legs start to feel normal she squirms about until I let go and she drops to her knees. " Let's get you hard again John," she says grasping my semi-hard cock. She looks up to see a smile come across my face.

She pumps my cock a few times before taking it into her mouth. Almost instantly my cock springs back to life, filling her mouth with its hardness and thickness. She starts bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking at my cockhead each time she comes up.

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She starts to work her mouth all the way down my cock and back up, using one of her hands to gently massage my balls. She takes in all of my hard cock into her mouth and loving every second of it.

She suddenly removes her mouth from my cock and starts pumping it with her hand. " I think I would really like this back in my ass John," she says with a devious grin. She stands back up and faces away from me once again, placing her hands onto the shower wall.

She looks behind at me and says, " Take me John." I don't say anything back as I get behind her. I reaches down and starts rubbing her pussy. She moans softly " ooohhh.ooohhhh " and I remove my hand replacing it with my cock, which I continue to rub under her pussy with.

After teasing her for a few moments I place it at her entrance and pushes it in. Sherilynn is filled with ecstasy as my hard cock fills her pussy. I work my cock deeper until I'm giving her my cock with deep, hard strokes. Sherilynn whimpers " aaaahhhh.mmmm " as I start to fuck her even harder and as she feels my balls banging into her clit from underneath.

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An orgasm ravishes her. She moans loudly as her body shakes. " AAAAAAHHHHHH.AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.OOOOHHHH." Her hands slip a little on the wall causing her to slip forward a bit. I take this opportunity to pull free of her pussy and bury my cock into her tight waiting ass.

She is startled by the sudden intrusion and she groans, " OOOHHH JOHN, fuck my tight ass. Give it all to me." She starts to push back against me, taking as much of my cock into her tiny ass as she can. I slowly and gently start to fuck her ass. Her pussy is throbbing and spasming as her ass conforms tightly around my thick cock. She leans even more down against the wall. Her hands are almost touching the shower's floor and she can feel the water slipping past my shoulder and onto her back and down her legs.

" Fuck me John, pound that little ass!" she screams out. I increase my pace as I slowly increases my tempo, driving my cock in faster and harder with each thrust.

Sherilynn starts to rock her hips back toward me, attempting to match my pace. Soon her body starts to tingle as a strong and powerful orgasm sweeps through her body.

She moans loudly " OOOOOHHHHHH.AAAAAAHHHHHH.OOOOOO HHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMMMM.AAAAAAAAHHHHHH." her ass tightens even more around my cock. I release a moan " UUUUHHHH.AAAAAHHHH " to match hers as I buries my cock in as deep as I can one final time.

My body jerks as my cum floods the inside of her ass. Sherilynn feels her pussy leaking as she feels my cum flooding her ass. She slowly moves her hands back up the wall until she is standing back up.

As she feels my cock slips from her ass, cum flushes out and down her legs. She turns around and throws her arms up around me. Our lips meet and they lock into a deep passionate kiss. Sherilynn breaks the lock and looks deep into her my eyes. " I'm all yours John. You can have me anytime you want." I smile and kisses her again.

" Let's work on that shall we?"