Gay orgy After having the jizz banged out of him he earns a

Gay orgy After having the jizz banged out of him  he earns a
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Shut Up and Suck Me Pt. 3 Connor knew that Lorcan was still on the line because he could hear him breathing. "Lorcan I know you're still there please we need to talk." "Now you want to talk well I don't want to talk to you, after all the shit you pulled this week you asshole." Lorcan hissed. "I can't believe I ever loved you, but what you did today was mean and, and you suck as a boyfriend! I wish that I never ever had sex with you, I hate you now leave me alone." He said as he hung up the phone.

Connor put away his phone as he stood there looking at Lorcans house. He replayed the words that he had said and his hart felt like it was ripped in two, but he needed to talk to him to tell him he was sorry. Connor made his way to the front door and knocked.

Lorcans mom opens it on her way to work but she stopped and just looked at the rain socked boy in front of her. "Oh, hay Connor won't you come in," she said. "Thanks I need to talk to Lorcan." "Sure he up in his room, did you two have a fight?" "No, why?" he asked as he looked around the room.

"He said he was going over to your house but he just got back and he looked upset." She replied as she watched him. "No he never made it" he said but he thought he knew why he was upset but didn't say a word.

"I'll just tell him you're here." "No, I'll just go up if that's okay." He answered as he moved to the stairs. "That fine well I need to get to work. Will you be here in the morning?" She asked as she walks out the door. "I don't know maybe." Connor hope he was but he didn't know. Lorcans mom left and Connor headed up to Lorcans room. The door was open haft way so Connor stopped and looked in and saw Lorcan standing there with his back to him.

Lorcan was as wet if not wetter than he is from the rain. Connors watched as Lorcan took off his wet shirt and throws it on the floor then he pulled off his pants adding them to the pile, now all he had on were his boxer briefs.

Connor couldn't keep his eyes off his tight ass as he was bent over this was causing Connor to get really hard. He step into the room as quietly as he could and just observed the boy of his dreams. "Hay sexy, can we talk?" he asked hoping Lorcan would hear him out. Lorcan turned around and as soon as he saw how pathetic Connor looked the hatred drained right out of him. "You look like shit." "Thanks, I think," he replied with a small smile. "Yah, the drowned rat look, well looks good on you," Lorcan said with a smile, "but I'm still mad at you." He walked up to him and punched him in the gut.

Connor grunted as he hit the floor. "Shit that hurt like hell, I know I deserve it and I am very sorry I hurt you like I did." He got to his feet holding his stomach and looked at his friend. He brought up his hand and Lorcan flinched then he realized that Connor wasn't going to hit him.

Connor placed his hand against his cheek and rubbed it. "I'm so sorry I never meant to hurt you. I was terrified that I may have been gay and I didn't want that, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted it and I wanted you." He kissed him and wrapped his arms around him.

"You want me? Well you have a shitty way of showing it." He pushed away but his anger diminished as he watched Connor tremble from the cold wet cloths and it looked like he started to cry.

"Don't cry baby." "I'm sorry I fucked up and now you hate me and I don't blame you if you don't love me anymore, I was scared, but all I want is you." Connor sobbed as he wiped his eyes. "Let's get you out of those wet things and warmed up okay." Lorcan moved to help Connor with his shirt. He took off his shoes and socks, and Lorcan unbuttoned his jeans standing inches away.

He kissed Connor, "it's okay don't cry baby." He then helped pull his jeans down so he could step out of them. They both stood in their wet underwear looking at each other. "I didn't think that you wanted me anymore." "Why would you think that, I realize that I do love you and only you." "No, no, no I saw you with your new boyfriend yesterday and then again today." He moved away to stand by his bed. "What did you see?" "I saw you and your young lover yesterday, and he was sucking your cock and then you sucked his, but you wouldn't suck mine." He turned around and came face to face with Connor.

"Did you see anything else?" He asked, he was afraid of what he would hear.

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"I saw…I saw him fuck you and you loved it." "Yes he fuck me and yes I did love it but it wasn't you, I love you I know that now, and I'm sorry please forgive me." "How can I forgive you? Because today you let him fuck you again and then you… you fucked him before me, you actually fucked him." Lorcan started to cry again. "What! No, he may have fucked me but we weren't together, I wanted to know if I was really was gay, and I did love it when he put his five inch cock in my ass but he's not you, and as for me fucking him it never happened.

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He wanted me to but that's when I realized that I loved and wanted you to be my first not him." Connor said as he kissed him and rubbed his hands on Lorcans torso.

"Can you ever forgive me, please?" "I am so glad you didn't fuck him, but I don't know if I can forgive you for all the shit you've done to me or put me through this week." Connor pushed Lorcan down onto the bed and he landed on his back.

Connor then scrambled onto his chest and kissed him passionately. He ended the kiss, "forgive me? I do love you." "I know you do, but I can't forgive you." "Please," Connor kissed his lips, "forgive," he sucked and licked his right nipple, "me," then he nibbled and pulled on Lorcans lift nipple.

Lorcan moan as the sexual electricity ran through his body as his back arched. "I want to, I really do," he sighed as he looked at Connor, "but I just can't." Connor released the nipple he was biting, and moved down his ribcage kissing along the way. He reached Lorcan's cock and pulled down the wet boxers letting them to hit the floor and he went right for his nut sack and started to suck on his ball.

This was driving Lorcan wild with love and lust for Connor. "Forgive me." Connor asked again just before he licked the throbbing cock to the soft head and put his mouth over it and swallowed over haft of it and started to suck it. Lorcan moaned even louder than before making his thoughts go nuts as he wanted this more than anything in the world but no matter how much he loved this sexy boy who was sucking his cock, or how much he wanted Connor to make sweet love to him tonight.

He just couldn't forgive him, not now anyway. Connor kept up his suck job, causing Lorcan to buck his hips, causing his cock to be driving deeper into Connors mouth making him moan around the cock that is hammering it. Connor sucked harder and his head moved faster making Lorcan moan and jerk as his orgasm exploded through his body as his cock blasted his cum into Connors mouth.

It was so much spunk that it started to ooze out the sides of his mouth. Connor let it fall out of his mouth and he started to lick the cock clean.

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"Forgive me?" Lorcan wanted to but he also wanted to see just how far was Connor willing to go, and what would he do next so he said, "No I won't, I can't." he said as he caught his breath and looked at Connor. Connor just smiled, "I know what will change your mind sexy." "What's that?" he wondered. Connor moved his face down as he spared Lorcans legs apart and started to lick his virgin asshole. This caused Lorcan to moan again as he arched his back this was something he wanted for so long he lost all control as his hands gripped the bed as he whimpered, "god yes lick my ass baby that feels so good please don't stop." Connor was so Horney that his cock was pushing against his still wet underwear that it was actually making its way out of one of the leg holes that it started to throb with pain, so he pulled them off.

He then stopped his tongue licking of the beautiful ass. Lorcan stopped his moaning and asked, "What's wrong love?" Connor just looked at him and smiled as he pulled his rock hard cock out of the front hole and placed his hard cock against Lorcans adorable ass, and pushed it in over haft way. Lorcan screamed as the pain ripped through him like a red hot poker.

Connor stopped to let them die down and so Lorcan could get custom to having his cock haft way inside his virgin ass. "Are you okay?" he asked as a worried look cam over his face, for he was afraid he had hurt him. "Yah, I'm okay it just hurts like hell, but it's dying down now you can continue on fucking me." Connor leaned in and kissed him on the lips, "No I'm not going to fuck." He said as he kissed him again.

"Why the hell not!" he gasped, "Your wonderful cock is stuffed haft way in me. What are you a cock mocker?" "No I'm not," Connor said as he pushed the rest of his cock into his ass tell his balls and the wet underwear made a wet slapping sound against his ass, "Why don't I fuck you, you ask? If I want someone just to fuck than I would have fuck Billy today and not be here with you now." He kissed him one more time. "I'm not going to fuck you, but I am going to make sweet love to my boyfriend even if you don't forgive me." He kissed him and started to pump his blotted cock in and out of his tight ass.

Lorcan moans as he arched his back and pushed his ass onto Connors cock as he pushes it in sending a wave of pure sexual pleasure through his whole body.

"Oh, my lord that feels so good," Lorcan rejoiced as he grabbed Connor around the neck and drew him into a long and romantic kiss. "I love you, and I love it when you call me your boyfriend." He gasped between gasps; he brought his lips up to Connors ear and whispered "I do forgive you now make hot love to me my sexy boyfriend." Connor smiled as he pumped his cock in and out faster as Lorcan bagged him to go faster and harder Connor did moaning as he did. He sucked on Lorcans nipples as they made slow passionate love for what felt lick an hour but it was only 30 minutes, "I'm going to cum baby, fuck yah here I cum," Connor screamed as he pushed his exploding cock as deep as he could up his ass.

"Ah yes I feel your seed inside me it feels so dam good, I love you." He arch his back as his ass clamped down around Connors throbbing cock milking the last of his seed out. Connor slid his limp cock out and laid down beside his lover and kissed him letting his tongue enter and play around in Lorcans mouth. Lorcan terminated the kiss and looked at his gorgeous lover and smiled, "That was the best love making ever.

You can make sweet love to me any time babe." "Don't worry I plan on it, I'm just so sorry it took me so long to come to realize that I am gay and that I love you." Connor said as he stroked his chest. "So you want to fuck this Billy kid, who is he anyways?" Lorcan asked as he sat up to rest on his elbows. "I think he's Shane's boyfriend but he has the third cutes virgin ass I've ever seen, your being the first." "Well who has the second and why not fuck his?" he asked as he leaned down and lick Connor's nipple.

"It's Shane and his ass taste great but not as good as your sweet ass. As for fucking him he wants you to fuck his firm ass first not me." "How do you know this?" Lorcan asked with a confused look on his face.

Connor chuckled, "he told me after I raped his sweet hot mouth and almost stuffed my cock in his ass. He begged me not to fuck him for he wants you and then and only then I can pound his tender boy pussy." Connor sat up and looked at Lorcan. Lorcan push him till he was flat on his back then he claimed on top of him and kissed him long and hard. "If you would let me fuck your brother, then I would let you fuck your young sex toy Billy." "Will you can only fuck Shane if you make love to me." Connor replied as he took hold of Lorcans cock and stocked it.

"When can I?" "Now make love to me," He bagged. "I will make love to you now, but I was talking about fucking Shane's sweet ass." Connor smiled, "I know, tomorrow we are having his thirteen birthday party and then mom and dad are leaving for the week.

So you can sleep with and fuck Shane and I can sleep with and bang sweet little Billy all night and then we can swap and fuck them all week end if you want, but come Monday your sweet sexy ass is all mine and I'm all your to sleep with and make love to all week sweetheart." He looked at Lorcan and smiled, "You know that will give him the best birthday present ever." Lorcan leapt off him and moved between his legs pulling off the boxers and spreading his legs as he slid his rigged cock into Connor's ass making him moan as he started to make sweet love to him.

He would slap Connors ass repeatedly as his made sweet love to his new boyfriend. When he finally came in Connors ass they both were so tired that they rapped their arms around each other and fell asleep holding one another as close as they could.

Connor for the first time in a week felt like he was loved by someone very special to him, for he really did love Lorcan more than any girl or boy for that matter. Connor opened his eyes and looked over to where Lorcan had fallen to sleep last night but he was not there. Then he felt something wet run up his cock sending a charge through him as he looked to see what it was he beamed as Lorcan was licking up it to the head and then he swallowed the whole thing as he sucked on Connors morning wood.

Connor moaned as he pushed his hips up to meet the hot mouth of his boyfriend. "Lorcan please I want you to put my cock in your adorable and precious ass, I love being inside you." Lorcan stopped sucking and claimed on to and speared his ass on to the rigged cock.

"I love have your enormous rigid cock stuffed in me I love how big you are baby." He said as he bounced up and down on it.

Both Connor and Lorcan were moaning loudly as Connor discharged his huge morning load into his tight ass. Lorcan slid off Connors deflated cock and kissed him, "we better get a shower before my mom gets home." Connor got out of bed and watched he ass leaked his seed down his leg as he headed to the bathroom so he fallowed.

When he got there Lorcan was bending over getting the water ready. When he stood up Connor grabbed his ass, causing him to turn around. "Hey there sexy, what's up?" Connor smiled and took hold of Lorcans rock hard cock, "Looks like you're up. He pulled him in close and kissed him then he said, "I want you in me so bad." "But my mom will be here soon," he replied as he too kissed him. "I don't care I want my boyfriend to make love to me in the shower right now." Connor said as he claimed into the shower and tugged on Loran's cock to pull him in with him.

"I love it when you call me your boyfriend." "Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend," Connor kept saying over and over with a sexy smile between each kiss on his lips, that Lorcan couldn't resist. He turned Connor around and had he put his hands on the wall as he lightly smacked his ass making him whimper and grunt, then he shoved he whole cock deep into his ass making Connor yelp but that soon turned into moans of sexual joy.

Lorcan pumped in and out moaning. "Yes lover oh fuck yah, that's how I like it make hard love to me, fuck you make me feel so good.

Please don't stop, harder do me harder oh my fucking god it hurts so dam good. Shit I love you fuck, baby faster, faster, fuck yah that's it yes harder!" he yelled as his cock exploded a large shipment of his boyhood seed all over his chest and the wall, at the same time his ass clamped around the cock at brutally pound it, making Lorcan scream, "Yes lover I'm in love with your captivating tight ass I want to make love to it all day long.

Fuck baby I love you so much, I love you, I love your adorable cock and delightful ass." He moaned as he to release the biggest stockpile of cum that he ever had into Connors ass. He smacked his ass as he slowly pulled out, Connor turned and they kissed. "I love you that was the best ever. I love when you're rough like that." They kissed than started to clean up and got out of the shower. Going back to the room and got dressed the headed down the stairs to go to Connor's house for the party, and when his folks leave than the party would really get started.

They walked into the living room and Connor stopped all of a sudden and just stared at the loveseat. Setting was Lorcans mom and she was looking at them both of the boys. "Morning boys, how are you two lovebirds doing?" she asked with a smile. "Mom what are you talking about?" Lorcan stammered as he glanced at Connor. "Well the next time you two take a shower together you should shut the door, and try to keep the moaning to a low murmur." She said with a smile as she looked from one boy to the next, "Yes lover oh fuck yah, that's how I like it make hard love to me, fuck you make me feel so good.

Yes lover oh fuck yah, that's how I like it make hard love to me, fuck you make me feel so good." She said as she imitated Connor, then she looked at her son and said, "I love your adorable cock and delightful ass, your captivating tight ass I want to fuck it all day long." "Wait, we didn't hmm…"Connor stammered. "We didn't know you were home," Lorcan said, "it won't happen again," he looked at Connor when he said it. "Yes, it will, and well we want to watch you two lovebirds as you fuck each other," she smiled as she got up.

She walked over to them and took off her top showing the boys her perky tits as she pinched her nipple. Connor couldn't keep his eyes off her captivating tits it was making him hard again. "Who's we?" Lorcan asked.

Just then another woman walked into the room, she only wore a pair of powder pink thong. Lorcan thought she was hot, and he too started to get hard, but it didn't feel right to him. She look both boys op and down stopping at the bulges in their shorts. Her hands shot out quicker than one would expect and she seized hold of both of their cocks through the shorts and squeezed them lightly and grinned.

"You're right Olivia, your son does have an enormous cock and his lover's cocks not haft bad not as big but I bet it could satisfy our sexual desire." She declared as she stroked their cocks through the thin fabric, making both boys moan and even harder than they already were.

"Now Hanna, you need to share," Olivia said as she came closer. She had striped out of her cloths and stood naked in front of them. Connor couldn't stop gazing at her shaved pussy as she took hold of his cock from Hanna. "You can have my son I want his sweet attractive lover first," she kissed him and Connor liked it a little but it was not the same as kissing Lorcan.

He looked at Lorcan who had his eyes shut and was he moaning softly. Connor could not believe it, but the way the fabric rubbed his own cock it did feel great. The next thing he felt was his shorts sliding down over his ass and landing around his ankles.

The next thing Connor saw on his sweethearts face was that he was defiantly enjoying this as was he; he wondered what was going to happen next. That's when he felt the wet touch and the slightest pressure on the head of his cock so he looked down and his mouth dropped open. Olivia, Lorcans mom was sucking his cock and he looked over at Lorcan and saw that Hanna was trying to swallow as much of his cock as she could.

Just then Connors cell-phone rang and he picked it up. "Hi, mom yes we're on our way," he said as he hung up the phone and let out a long low moan.

"That was my mom we need to go, sorry maybe we can finish this later." She let his cock drop from her mouth and smiled, "your dam right we will, and I can see why my baby boy loves having sex with you. Your cock is wonderful and it taste delicious." She stood and licked her lips, she looked over and watched Hanna as she was still sucking Lorcans member causing him to moan and buck his hips driving it deeper down her throat.

Olivia reached over and pulled Hanna off of her son stiff meat poll, "you can do that latter the boy have to go so sexy Connor doesn't get in trouble." "Dam it mom no I was about to cum," Lorcan moaned "please let her finish I really need to cum." "Next time she can suck you're cum out of that loveable cock." "Maybe next you can fuck my pussy with that massive meat stick," Hanna said licking her lips. Lorcan just stood there looking stunned at what she just said.


"You have fucked a girl before right," "Well no, the only person I've had sex with is Connor." Connor nodded in agreement that they both never fuck a girl before. "Oh, my not one but two pussy virgins, I want to fuck him now Olivia, please my pussy is so wet right now," she bagged his mom. "I know Hanna I'm just as wet as you are but they need to go sadly but next time," She looked at the boy's cock, "these yummy young cocks are going to be all ours all night if they want them," she smiled as she kissed Connor on the lips.

"Now Hanna love come over to the couch and take care of me." With that she sat down and spread her legs so they all could see her dripping wet pussy.

Lorcan and Connor stared as they pulled up their shorts and head for the door. Connor turned around and saw Hanna's face was between Olivia's legs as she moaned from the licking she was now getting. "Olivia can Lorcan stay at my house for the week? "He asked. "Yes, he can, you two lovebirds have fun. Oh god to be young and in love." She said between moans, and he shut the door.

He caught up to Lorcan and took his hand and smiled as they headed to his house. "It looked like you were enjoying the blow-job she was giving you," Connor said as he laid his head on Lorcans shoulder as they walked. Lorcan stopped and turned to him and smiled.

"You shouldn't do that, or someone will find out that we are a couple and we wouldn't want that." He kissed him one last time and stared to walk again, "and to answer your question it was nice, but I love it when you suck me off," he said with a grin "you want to fuck my mom don't you honey?" "Well yah, if it okay with you," he whispered as he looked at the ground.

"Hell yah it's okay with me but only one time don't forget your sweet ass is mine. If it's okay if I fuck Hanna? Just so I can know why you wanted to fuck that bitch Jenny." He said blushing, "I do wish mom would have let her finish sucking my cock. I'm still hard and need to cum real bad." "When we get to my house we can sneak up to my room and I'll suck you dry, boyfriend." Connor said as he slapped his ass.

When they got to Connors house they kissed before going in. the party was in full swing and everyone was having lots of fun. "Well it about time you two got here," Connors mom said as they entered the living room.

"Connor, your clothes are a mess go change then come join us for cake and ice cream." "Okay mom, come on Lorcan," he said with a smile as his mom went out to the back yard to the party. They got to his room and closed and locked the door, and Connor striped out of his clothes and dropped to his knee.

He yanked Lorcans shorts down to the floor as his still hard cock jumped out and Connor took into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could then without thinking about it he reached around and found Lorcans crack and slid two fingers up inside and fucked his ass with them as sucked him off. Lorcan groaned as Connor quickly brought him to orgasm. Connor got off his knees and licked his lips and wrapped his arms around him and kissed him rubbing his heard cock against Lorcans body.

"Make love to me now baby, I need you." "Only if you don't make as much load noise as you did at my house." He said as they kissed.

"But I can do this," he got on his knees and licked Connors boyhood and took it into his mouth. His head bobbed up and down sucking and licking as Connor moaned and bucked his hips fucking his mouth. Lorcan slapped his ass with one hand and fingered fucked his ass with the other hand as Connor squeezed it trapping Lorcans fingers in his ass causing Connor to moaned that he was cumin.

Connor put on clean clothes and playfully smacked Lorcan on the ass and unlocked the door, "coming boyfriend?" they both walked out and joined the party. After two hours everyone started to go home except for Billy who was going to stay the weekend with Shane.

Connors mom and dad left the house telling them all to be good, and for Connor and Lorcan to treat Shane and Billy nicely and not to be mean to them. They also told Shane and Billy to do whatever Connor and Lorcan told them to do. The older boy looked at each other and smiled, they told them that they would be so nice that the two younger boys would be happy to do anything they asked them to.

They all waved as the car drove down the road and out of sight. Shane told them that he was going up to his room and change to go swimming, and he smiled and shuck his little tight ass at Lorcan. Lorcan smiled at Connor and fallowed Shane without him knowing. Connor took Billy by the hand and led him into the house and up to his room, Billy just fallowed without saying a word but he was grinning from ear-to-ear.

Lorcan came to Shane's room and found the door open so he peeks in and loved what he saw.


Shane had removed his shirt, shoes, socks, and was bending over as he pulled his shorts down and kick them off and stood up with his back to the door. Lorcan quietly off his shoes, shirt, and took off his shorts and underwear, then he slowly and as quietly as he could he walked up behind Shane. He slowly raised his hands and seized ahold of his firm ass and rubbed and embraced each cheek making Shane moan as he turned his head and smiled at him.

Lorcan turned him around and looked down at the younger boys cock seeing that his five inch cock was rock hard and his grinned.

His own cock was rock hard as he gazed at Shane's adorable hard cock, he just wanted to eat it up. "Set down stud, I'm going to give you part of your birthday present now," he said as he led him to the bed. He got down on his knees and kissed his nipples and down his torso, when he reached his cock he kissed the soft head and then licked it as he opened his mouth and swallowed the whole thing effortlessness.

Shane moaned as he watched Lorcans head move up and down on his rigged pole, he even lifted his ass to help drive his cock in deeper as he groaned. As Lorcan sucked and licks his gorgeous little cock he spread Shane's leg further apart, he removed the cock and licked down his tender shaft to his balls and popped one in his mouth and sucked on it.

Shane never felt anything like this he was in paradise, "oh my that feels so dam good, don't stop I love it when you suck my balls," he moaned in ecstasy. Lorcan let the nut fall out of his mouth and moved to the crack of his ass and licked down to Shane's virgin love cave and stuck it in as he tonged the boy's ass.

He then moved back up to his cock and started to swallow it again as he slide a finger in to his tight ass. He fucked his ass with his finger as he sucked his cock by this time Shane was moaning hysterically as Lorcan worked in two more fingers driving the boy even wilder than before. Soon Shane was yelling that he was cumin and Lorcan sucked even harder trying to extract his sweet seed and was rewarded with it hitting the back of his throat as he gulped it all down.

"Dam Connor was right you do taste great," Lorcan said as he kissed him on the lips laying him down on his back and snaked his way up Shane's chest to his opened mouth and he placed his own hard cock into it.

Shane started to suck on his large cock as he fucks his young attractive mouth not letting up tell he fired his load down his throat some leaked out of his mouth.

He pulled out and Shane licked it clean. Lorcan leaned back and took hold of Shane's cock and smiled. "Someone's hard again, I think we need to fix the problem don't you?" Shane just nodded as he licked the tip of Lorcans cock. Lorcan raised his ass and aimed the five inch poll at the entry of his dank hole and sat down on to it impaling himself causing Shane to moan as he bucked his hips driving it up hard. Lorcan bounced up and down hard and fast moaning and pinching his young nipples.

"Yes Lorcan ride my cock, I love your tight ass it feel so good around my cock," Shane moan some more. "Your cock may be smaller than Connors but it still feels great in my ass it's feels so much bigger in me, I love it," Lorcan whimpered as he rode Shane harder he reached back cupping his young balls and playing with them tell Shane screamed that he was cumin again. Lorcan felt the worm sunk erupted form his cock splattering the insides of his ass.

When he was done milking his cock of all of his seed he collapsed onto his chest and he kissed him as they hugged. Shane got up and walked to the open door. "Where do you think you're going we're not done, I'm going to pound that sexy ass of yours." "Well I need to take a shower, shit, and clean out my ass so you can fuck it," He said as he went to the bathroom.

_________________ At the same time as Shane was being sucked and Lorcan getting fucked, Connor took Billy to his room and helped him take off his shirt, shoes, and shorts, leaving on his shocks. that when he saw that Billy wasn't wearing any underwear and his five inch cock was ready to be sucked, and Connor couldn't wait to suck him off so he could get to the other part of his plan that he had for his virgin ass.

He quickly undressed and dropped to his knees and took Billy's stiff cock into his mouth and started to suck it. Billy moans and bucked his hips fucking Connors mouth. Connor moaned around the young cock sending a shock wave through his young cock and up his body making him weak in the knees. Connor gripped his ass and fondled it as Billy humped his face he could feel his tender nut sack bounce off his chin every time he trusted in, and he loved it.

It wasn't long before Billy was moaning that he was cumin so Connor sucked harder drinking every drop that Billy unloaded in to his mouth. Connor let the young flaccid cock fall out of his mouth as he pulled Billy down to his knees and kissed him letting some of his own cum slide passed his lip.

Billy smiled at him as he pinched is nipples. "Can I suck you now?" "No kid, I have a better place to put my cock." He said with a smile as he turned him around and made him get on all fours.

"Remember I told you that the next time that you are naked in my room I was going to stuff my cock into your attractive compacted ass?" "Yes," he said with a grin. Connor rubbed his ass, "this ass is all mine tonight and you're going to love everything I do to you." He said as he smacked his tan ass hard making his yelp, so Connor did it again.

"Don't make a sound sexy or I'll make it hurt more." Connor kissed Billy's ass and ran his tongue a crossed to find the crack. He licked down the sexy fissure to find the younger boys sensitive virgin cave of wonders. Billy moaned as he felt the wet tongue flicked over his pucker hole. He pushed back to help Connor shove his tongue into his pink hole.

"Yes tongue my ass, oh my that feels good.

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Eat my ass baby Ahhh yah eat me." He groaned as he pressed it against Connors face forcing his tongue deeper into his ass. Connor removed his tongue and sat up leaning over Billy's back rapping an arm around his waist and pulled him into a setting position turning Billy's face to him and kissed him on the lips driving his tongue down his throat with such hunger that it made Billy moan into his mouth.

Connor put one hand on the back of Billy's head as he ran his fingers through his hair, then pulling him in close and held him there as they kissed. Just ten Billy's eyes went wide as he screamed into Connors mouth. The pain was almost too much for him to bear as he was felling not one but two fingers forcefully pass the entrance of his whole making tears come to his eyes.

Connor pulled away from his mouth by pulling a hand full of hair and looked at him. "I'm just getting your adorable ass ready for my cock. So stop crying when the pain goes away it will feel better I promise." He slowly slide his fingers in and out of the boys ass, soon the pain gave way to sexual satisfaction making Billy squeal with joy at the feeling he never felt before.

Connor added the third finger to the ass fucking making Billy moan even loader as he thrust his young ass back onto the hand that was up his ass. "Please Connor fuck me, please I want you to fuck me now ." Billy muttered as he ached his back his cock was rock hard and was leaking pre-cum all over his legs as Connor tweaked his nipples. "OH my Connor I need your cock in me please fuck my virgin ass." "Soon very soon, and when I do it will be amazing for all of us." Shane walked out of the bathroom his ass cleaned and ready to be fucked.

He headed back to his room when he heard moaning coming from Connor's room.

It sounded like someone was about to get fucked and this turned him on. As Shane got closer to Connor's room, the moans and requests of being fucked became louder and clearer to him. It was Billy this made him smile as the stood in the doorway of his brothers room he watched as Connor rammed his fingers up into his youthful and delicate ass. He stood there watching and rubbing his own hard cock. Connor looked up and grinned, "Come in little brother and let Billy suck you off." He let go of Billy's waist and he put his hands on the floor so he was now on all fours with his mouth open waiting for Shane to give him his succulent meat stick.

Shane walked over to them and got down on his knees and let Billy glide his wet mouth over the sticky pre-cum doused head of his hard cock. He moaned as Billy's warm mouth closed around it and he consumed more of his delicious cock, making him hump his charming cock sucking face.

Connor leaned over Billy's back and kissed his little brother on the lips as he spread his fingers apart as they worked in and out of Billy's ass.

As they were kissing Shane felt a hand on his shoulder and he knew who had just walked in. "This is so hot," Lorcan said as he rubbed his ass. "Why don't you lay on your back and 69 each other and Connor and myself will make you two feel real good." Shane pulled out and laid down and scooted under Billy and licks the head of his cock.

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Billy moaned and lowered his cock into Shane's wet, and hungry waiting mouth as he lowered his mouth back onto his hard cock. They looked so hot and sexy to Connor and Lorcan that Connor pulled out his fingers as he watched the two younger boys consume each other's cock. Lorcan smiled as he spread Shane's legs and then draped them over his shoulders and submerged his face into Shane's tight but soft ass. Connor did the same to Billy's ass driving his tongue deep into it as he flicked it in and around the sweet pucker hole.

Both of the young boys moaned around the cock that was stuffed into their mouths as their ass was getting tongue fucked. Shane released Billy's cock to moan, "Fuck… fuck me Lorcan, fuck me now." Lorcan sat up and placed his swollen cock at the entrance of Shane's adorable ass and slowly pushed. Shane screamed in pain as Lorcans bulbous head passed through to the inner sanctum of his firm ass. It felt like his ass was ripping in two and he knew that it was only about midway in.

"Shit you need to stop please it's too damn big it won't all fit." Shane whined, "Please pull it out I need to start with something smaller first, please no more. Let Connor or Billy be the first to fuck me then you, please my ass is going to tear apart." He requested but as he moaned the pain diminished and he felt Lorcan push even more of the oversized cock deeper into his ass.

"Oh my your ass is so snug, and tightfitting that it feels so agreeable around my cock." He moaned as he slowly fucked in and out of the assaulted ass, but Shane started to moan in enjoyment as Lorcan started to fuck him faster. "You wanted me to fuck you first so how do you like your birthday present, I'm going to fuck you all night long and you're going to love it." "Yes I do love it… oh please fuck… fuck me hard." Shane moaned then he went back to work on Billy's cock.

Billy stopped sucking to watch Lorcans enormous cock slide into his lovers' ass he leaned down and stuck out his tongue and lick the massive cock as it slid in and out making Lorcan moan as he gently picked up speed. Connor loved watching his little brother take his first cock up his young ass. He stretched Billy's ass cheeks apart and propelled his cock in deep all the way to his balls and stopped.

Billy moaned as he felt the swollen balls smacked his smooth and supple ass. Connor brought his hand down and smacked his tender ass making the boy yelp but to Billy it felt wonderful as he went back to work alternating from Shane's cock to Lorcans cock as it glided in and out of Shane's ass.

Every time Connor pulled out just before he pushed back in he would smack Billy's ass leaving a light pink handprint on his silky smooth ass making both of them to moan forcefully as Connor's cock pounded his ass.

Shane kept eyeing his brothers' nuts as they thumped against Billy's ass. Shane couldn't help it as he was gasping for breath he opened his mouth and placed it over the low dangling balls into his mouth and tried to swallow them, letting him taste the velvety skin. Connor stopped his fucking as he felt his brothers' mouth drink in his nut sack he moaned and slowly started to fuck Billy again. Shane reached up and started to stroke Billy as he moved between his brother's nuts and Billy's young ball sack wanting his brother to fill Billy's ass with cum but he wanted even more for Billy's cock to discharge his milky white boy hood all over his face.

Billy moaned as he felt the hand stroking his cock and the wet hot mouth pulling, and chewing on his balls that it was too much to handle. "Ah shit I'm cumin." He groaned as his asshole clamped strongly around Connor's cock. His own cock exploded all over Shane's face and in his mouth as he gulped down every drop and then he sucked on the head of the now limp cock trying to get every last droplet of sweet cum he could get.

He left the sticky goo on his face as he rubbed his cum drenched cheeks over Connors balls and he licked them clean. As Billy was drenching Shane's face his asshole gripped around the rock hard cock that was pulverizing his ass. Connor didn't last long after that.

He pushed in hard and deep, "Fuck yah here it comes bitch." Connor yelled as his own seed flooded the young boy's ass, "yah I'm going to fill your hot slutty ass you're my slutty little bitch tonight." he uttered as he pumped his cum soaked cock in and out of his cum saturated ass loving the way it made him feel and the sweet sexy sound it made as his balls slapped the moist ass that he didn't want it to conclude, just like the first night alongside Lorcan.

Connor was exhausted so he pulled out of the loveable ass and watched Shane grab hold of Billy's dripping ass and brought it to his mouth and he started to drink the syrupy goodness like it was a sugary treat.

When he was done he laid back a smiled a cum glazed smile at his brother. Lorcan pulled out, flipped Shane over onto all fours, returned his cock into his succulent ass in one swift movement, and started to pound Shane's ass. Shane moaned as he backed his ass into every forward thrust that Lorcan gave.

Billy crawled over to Shane and started to lick the cum off his face, then Shane whispered something into his ear and Billy smiled, and turned around as he backed up under Shane letting him place his rigid cock into his cum drenched rectum. Connor watched as his boyfriend fucked his little brother, Shane now started to fuck his young boy toy Billy, and this made him want to get fucked by Billy.

However, he didn't want to stop their fuck fun so he turned around, backed his ass under young Billy, and forced his bunghole onto Billy's rock hard cock forming a daisy chain of moaning horny, sex-craved boys. Billy reached around Connor, seized his cock, and started to jerk the snake as he pumped his cock into Connor's ass as Shane fucked him while he was getting the best ass pounding of his young life. Lorcan pumped his cock deep into Shane's ass, moaning forcefully as Shane clamped his asshole around the huge cock that was hammering his ass, and he was getting ready to cum into his boyfriends (Billy) ass.

"I'm… Cumming… Yes I love your tight ass you little cock slut," Lorcan moaned as he pumped out the last of his seed. "Yes, cum in my ass… OH, shit I'm Cumming too," Shane, yelled as he too unloaded into Billy's ass. As soon as he, felt the hot seed hit his insides he flooded Connors ass making him shoot all over the floor and Billy's hand, making all three boys collapse to the floor and they dropped off into a sound sleep for several hours.

The three sex starved lovers fucked all week Connor and Lorcan fucked the two younger boy as much as they could. Over the years to come, they had sex all most every day, but Connor never did fuck Lorcan's mom and after high school, they moved into their own place and had sex every night. Shane and Billy would come over to spend what they called their special brother time, which meant they would fuck all weekend long, and they are still in love and having sex to this day.