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Detective Nancy Escalante: five days after the incident My whole career in a shit sling because my original case had nothing. Now I'm looking at more nothing and a larger list of suspects. Captain Miller is unsympathetic to my situation informing me that 'if I'd got a confirmed suspect the first time maybe the suspects wouldn't have tried again'.

Yeah boss that's really going to help me. Forensic evidence reported they have their total findings ready for me and I find myself stuck in that familiar rock and hard place. "Nothing? Not a single bit of usable evidence in the whole warehouse," I ask as the local examiner shakes his head. "Nothing concrete detective, whoever did this picked a spot that even with what we did find was like picking out a needle in a stack of needles.

The location they used was a previously raided dog fighting arena so trace evidence of that littered the scene making it tricky. The items used were completely sanitized prior to use so determining a location prior to incident is impossible. The items found at scene had plenty of DNA evidence only problem is that there is one actual human marker and that would be of our victim," the older male examiner states and I have to interrupt.

"The victim was covered in blood," I ask and he nods. "Unfortunately that was not a person's blood but a combination of cow, pig and chicken. We've began running down where they originated from but…," he starts but I am already there. "It's a large area and narrowing down is nearly impossible," I state and the examiner nods stoically. I leave and return to my desk looking at the list of suspects, it's only six inches of files and that's just the students who have had interactions with the victim.

I see one of my most pushed suspects being brought in along with his attorney and I have to wonder if one person was more right than a small community a few months earlier.

I grab the file and settle into the interview room. "For the record detective this is a courtesy visit, my client is here to give statement and whereabouts during the times in question," another overpriced lawyer gives me the opening statement I'll be hearing at least a dozen times over the next few days. Carlos Ortega: Day of the Hearing on Administrative Negligence "Sis I don't need to go and say anything to the school board, my name wasn't even listed and none of my crew is on the list either.

We left Guy alone, I kept everyone back," I explain to Marta who is upset with me to say the least. "After everything you and that trained baboon Hector should be there. You make yourself look like what everyone calls you now," my baby sister informs me and now I find out people talking shit.

"And what are they calling me," I ask and she shakes her head. "A gang leader. Not the nice way either. I've had to sit and listen while girls at school share horror stories about the female initiations that a girl has to go through if she dates one of your 'crew'," Marta explains and I am very pissed by that statement.

"What the fuck does that mean? I have never allowed any shit like that, not ever," I damn near shout in my parent's living room. "Well I'd like to defend you but everyone just looks at me with pity because I'm dating Romeo and since he's one of your boys they think you ordered a train on me," Marta is using terms I prayed she'd never know. "I'm gonna go to school instead and get this settled right now," I begin to get up and she shakes her head at me again. "Yes because heavy handed tactics really show a more compassionate side.

You let this go on and now it's bit you in the ass. Oh and since you aren't going to school and you aren't going to the meeting where are you going to be today big brother," Marta asks the question and I want to answer but she is to be kept separate from business.

I let her leave and take Romeo's car to the district meeting. I don't envy anyone going up against the Delauter family but my boys should have been stopped after the first time by the school. Okay that is hypocritical of me to say and yes I know what the word means but its true. Benefit of today is movement. We're taking in product from the Union and it's going on in broad day light during school hours. Somehow the Old Man got us a window and mobilizing everyone on my end took me about five minutes.

Every storage point was set up except one, and that one is Hector's spot. I've kept him out for a couple weeks now but we're looking at too much to move and store so I have to bring him back in.

He's been skipping school as well which doesn't put me in a good mood as I arrive at his parent's home and as soon as Romeo and I get out of my car he's on the porch to greet me but there isn't any love right now. "Didn't think you'd remember me," Hector remarks sitting on his porch.

"You needed time to cool off," I remind him and he shakes his head. "You needed to step up and do something about him. Three years we handled that disrespectful shit and you just watched.

It's easy to watch everyone do your shit for you isn't it," Hector asks before looking to Romeo," Watch closely and you can see what he's gonna do with you when you out grow your uses." "We got work, a lot of work today. I came here to bring you back in and put you to work, you remember work when you weren't fucking around with shit that gets us in too much trouble," I remind him and he scoffs.

"Yeah well enjoy getting your hands dirty El Jefe," I hate when people call me that and Hector knows it," I got some homework to catch up on." I wave Romeo back to the car and wait till he's in before sitting next to Hector on the porch. It's been a long time since we had to talk one on one about anything. We came up together and when I took the helm of the business for the Union I brought him with me and he's got skills but his temper is his weakness.

"I had to shelf you, you know that right," I ask and he nods," I know you can't let Romeo or anyone see that you get it. Got a rep to uphold." "Yeah, shouldn't have brought him along though," Hector nods his head to Rome," He's not really one of us." "That is our alibi; he's got a plan to make it look like we're all in different spots while we get everything stored up.

So are you in," I ask and he shakes his head. "Yeah, get my people and we'll get it moved," Hector says and I smile. We get the basic logistics taken care of and scare everyone when Romeo takes all cell phones from everyone and leaves so he can take care of his part.

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Four hours of logistics on burner phones while Smitty and Marcus, the Union's smith, tell us what goes with where and it's good to be doing solid business again. I get final confirmation that everything is in place and locked down before bringing everyone back to change out devices and get everything cleared up. I don't meet my people at the airfield warehouses where the Union does most of their offloading. We meet in the usual spot right next to Hector's house and everyone transfers out the burner phones and Romeo hands back their own.

"I'd like to welcome back my right hand Hector, glad to have you back on the clock brother," I say in front of the whole crew. There is a lot of approval in my bringing him back and keeping things positive but as good as things were feeling everyone goes quiet and I see my biggest problem come walking right into the middle of my business. "What did you do," Marta demands storming into my crew, the same crew that parts for her like she's Moses.

"We've been out bringing Hector back into the team and reestablishing our borders," I tell her and it's kind of true," What the hell are you doing here?" "Looking for my piece of shit brother and his thugs… Oh look I found them," Marta is pissed off at me and I have no clue what I or we did now.

"Sis what is going on," I ask and she turns on me. "Don't call me that, you're sick. I tried to believe there was something decent about you and your gang but I guess that was just me being blinded because we were family," Marta says the words and I can't even form a thought on what happened now.

"Marta we were out handling some little business," Hector tries to step in and if I thought I was on a shit list I just met someone higher on it than me. "Don't fucking speak to me, the best part of you should have been swallowed," Marta says it and nobody laughs but Hector wants to slap her," I fucking dare you to do something you coward.

Prove you're just as big a piece of shit as everyone knows you are." "Marta we don't know what is going on, babe stop for a minute and just tell us what happened," Romeo is trying to take over and Marta almost kills him with a look. "Guy didn't show for the hearing today.

When they called him for his statement he wasn't there and his friend Sydney said he told her to go ahead without her. Two hours later after they reinstated Copeland and Hayes the police told Mrs. Delauter that they found Guy's car and that they were investigating but had nothing pointing to where Guy is. He's still missing now," Marta explains it and I stand up.

"Mount up; check every abandoned building, dive, holding spot and drug house. You hit every single one and if you find Guy you call it in to Romeo and hold up where you are till police arrive," I order my crews who mount up fast. I watch as everyone except for Romeo, Hector and Marta clear out and wait so that we can have a more private conversation. "Babe we didn't do anything to Guy. Nobody has gone near him since your brother," Rome gets that much out before she cuts him off.

"Don't call him that, you want to be my boyfriend you own up to your shit or fucking walk because I don't need you and your little club fucking up my life anymore than it has," Marta is still spitting mad and Hector steps up for me.

"You want to be pissed little girl I'm right here. I fucked up Guy, I fucking beat his white ass more than anyone else and as much as I would like to say I fucked with him again after shit that went down I didn't. I led that shit every time and I haven't seen him since he was at Dutch's place with your cousin. You leave your brother," she almost cuts Hector off," he's your brother and you don't know the shit that he's gone through to make sure your shit is squared up.

Only reason your shoes are so white is because he wears muddy ass boots." I have Romeo and Hector clear out so that Marta and I are alone and she's pissed with me, confused, and making me feel like crap and I didn't do anything this time.

I drive her home and we sit with Mom and Dad waiting for the news, any news at this point. Maybe if we find him and save his ass I'll actually get to talk with Guy and make things right… or at least better. Brandon Clarke: Same day What a sweet day it is today.

Everything we needed to not happen… well it didn't happen. That little shit Guy's girlfriend, some skinny bitch one of the team fucked a couple months ago, said her piece it was all on Guy to make his statement and screw the team, the school and Coach Hayes. We waited for like twenty minutes for him to show and nothing.

Half an hour and still nothing, everyone was smiling except for his rich family. Never got to hit it with Bethany because she's dating Brett and I'm not breaking the team just for her ass. Besides I got Jenna when she lets me have a piece and my side girl, she's a piece of work and ass. I crack myself up sometimes. Jenna wasn't there but half the team was in support of Coach Hayes. The other half is a problem since they are siding with Brett since he's been fucking Bethany.

Now that is a pair of legs I'd like to split for a bit. Damn I'm funny. Well next day we're all at school and the team is heading to a midday practice except half the locker room isn't changing.

Okay maybe not half but enough of the starters aren't getting ready and Brett isn't one of them. Alright, time to squash this. "Brett get your shit on man, we got practice," I tell our starting quarterback. "No practice for me today," he tells me and pulls his jersey from his locker.

"So you're just going to leave the team when we're on our way to state," I ask and he shrugs. "Not much of a team if they have to lie and push around everyone else just because your girl isn't as talented as she'd like to think she is," Brett is talking shit but the team is listening to it.

"Problem boys," Coach Hayes asks stepping into the locker room," Why the hell aren't you boys getting out on the field, we have practice." "Some of us have morals. You know what those are coach," Brett asks and now Coach Hayes is gonna let Brett hear it. "You got a problem son," Coach asks and Brett squares off with him. "Yes I do, I don't like playing on a team with a bunch of liars and bullies," Brett says it and Coach looks like he's gonna hit him," and before you try to say anything I heard Brandon getting people on this team to go with him so that Guy would drop out of the scholarship so his girlfriend could get her spot back.

I also heard you telling everyone the day before to make Guy sound like a damn animal when they were brought up to speak before the school board. Maybe that wasn't enough for you so when he didn't show up and I couldn't find other members of the team that weren't at school or the hearing and Guy was reported missing I figured I'd be better off letting my record on the field speak for itself with scouts instead of teaming with your personal hit squad." "Everyone clear out… NOW," Coach Hayes yells and the team, most of it leaves for the field except me, Brett and about ten other players," Listen here son, I didn't do anything to that boy and I didn't have anyone on this team do anything either." "Tell that to the police, I'm meeting with them today to go over what I've seen and heard," Brett is pissing off Coach Hayes but Coach looks scared.

"Brett nobody here did anything to that boy," Coach starts and one of the linemen interrupts. "Except they did, we all heard it and you lied about it for what?

A game," big and dumb doesn't see the big picture. "So six of us get suspended and can't play in the playoffs, which screws the whole team over. You want to ruin our senior year because of one little shit that you happen to be fucking the sister of," I ask Brett who laughs at me. "You already screwed this team when you decided to assault a student on campus in front of witnesses.

Look around Brandon, me the Quarterback, two wide receivers and the entire offensive line are walking out. Good luck running with second string, maybe you can get an endorsement on laundry soap for washing grass out of your uniform," Brett jokes and I ain't laughing. Coach and I watch as all of them clear their lockers and walk out the opposite entrance. Coach is thinking hard for a minute before following them out. I gotta back the Coach Hayes since he's been there to keep my ass out of trouble and we catch up to Brett who is talking into his phone.

"Yeah baby… no head there now… don't worry about practice… go and take your sister you drive faster than she does…," Brett tells Beth, I think over the phone.

"Brett get the team and get back to the field. This team will be crippled without you on it," Coach Hayes pleads to Brett. "Yeah man, we'll square up with Guy when he comes out hiding," I figure I'll make nice and sorry for the shit. "You want the team back," Brett asks Coach and he nods," Bench Brandon for the rest of the season." "What?! Every scout in the state will be watching these games. This is my chance," I yell at Brett who doesn't even look at me. "We have five games left and the state championship and I need my best players on the field.

Be reasonable here son," Coach asks Brett who shakes his head. "You allowed him to get away with assaulting another student so you could win games, he goes or we go," Brett says before walking away.

Half an hour later I'm sitting on the sidelines watching second string running back learn my routes. He's slow and missing his passes but Brett and the rest of the offense are on the field in uniform. I still have my uniform on and I'm waiting to find out when Coach is gonna put me in when my phone goes off, yeah I brought it since I'm not practicing.

Jenna is freaking out, Beth has been posting on Facebook that her brother was found and is in the hospital. Well we were all here at practice so that proves it wasn't us. I stop Coach Hayes and run out to Brett who breaks a huddle to listen. "They found Guy, he's in the hospital," I tell Brett who shrugs," See it wasn't me or anyone on the team.

Talk to Coach Hayes and put me back in." "You mean it wasn't you 'this time'. What about next time," Brett asks me before turning back to the huddle. "Come on man this is bullshit," I say disgusted with this shit. "Yeah, too many players on the field and we have a running back out here," Brett tells me. I'm back on the bench and Coach Hayes is watching me funny, what the fuck!

It's not like I did anything for real. Detective Nancy Escalante: six days after incident I've interviewed an entire gang, a football team with coaches and one very distraught friend of the victim and still have nothing to go on as to who abducted and quite frankly tortured Guy Donnelly.

Everything from the attempted murder he suffered months ago is flooding back into my lap and sadly it is bringing me nothing I can use. Both scenes had no DNA, fingerprints or hard evidence that someone was there except for the bare bones witness statement of the victim himself.

I'm looking at the same lack of evidence again only this time Guy hasn't been deemed fit to give statement yet thanks to the doctors at the hospital. He was stabbed and talking fine but now he is so screwed up according to them that he has not spoken in nearly a week since he was found. My fellow officers have been helpful but Captain Miller's constant need for updates on the case is beginning to grate on my nerves. I leave the precinct for lunch and head to the hospital but not to see Guy.

I'm waiting outside the emergency room with a bag of burgers and fries hoping to see John, my estranged boyfriend. We've had a tough run of it for six months now and with conflicting schedules things are a little tense. I see him signing something for an orderly when he sees me and hands off the clipboard before coming over. "Here to see your witness," John asks pulling his brown hair out of his eyes. "No, here to see you.

I brought lunch," I offer holding up the bag and he smiles. We sit and eat in his office, I miss him and I hope he misses me. We barely talk except for the basics when he decides to take some initiative.

"So your victim is doing well considering what happened to him," John informs me and I pause. "I'm not here for him," I reply and John gives me a look," Not right now anyway. I'm here to take a minute." "So now I'm a diversion from work," John asks before smiling.

"You know what I mean; it's just bad for that kid. He's been picked on for years and then someone tries to kill him. Now a week ago he's been found beaten and covered in blood, I saw the photos and according to his doctor he hasn't said a word since," I explain and John looks like he knows something," What is it?" "Well first off since you are really here for me maybe I could help you a little with the songbird," John says it and I'm confused.

"What are you talking about," I ask. "The victim, he hasn't spoken but a couple times now orderlies and nurses have heard him singing. It's quiet but anyone passing his room when nobody is in there with him can hear him singing. Hell I went by to see if it was true, he sings. I can't hear what it is but he's doing it," my boyfriend tells me and now I'm curious. We finish lunch and I want to stay but figure I should head back to the precinct to see if anything new has turned up.

I almost get out of the hospital when I almost run into Mrs. Delauter, Guy's mother. "Detective, are you here to speak with my son," she asks and I shake my head. "No Ma'am, I've tried and your husband has informed me that when your son wants to issue a statement he'll let me know," I keep it official but I'm not happy about it.

"Well as his wife I can say that he's just trying to protect my son, but let's go see if my son is ready to speak," Mrs. Delauter says it and it's the most civil anyone in the family has been to me since this started. I leave John to his work day and follow Guy's Mother to the elevator where we quietly move to a different floor of the hospital. It takes a moment for her to check in and clear me to see her son; yes I have to be cleared thanks to the legal might of her husband.

Ever see someone and you know they will never be the same? That's what I'm seeing as the bruises even six days out are still fresh on Guy's body; they were so crisp when he was found that you could make out the lines of the straps.

"Guy honey," Mrs. Delauter addresses her son who looks at us both blankly," Detective Escalante is here. We wanted to come by and see you honey." No response, not a verbal one as Guy looks at his mother, then to me and back to his mother.

A blind man could see how hurt she is right now but what worries me is Guy. No response and even the physical reaction is one that says there isn't any real thought going on upstairs. Mrs. Delauter takes a seat next to her son on the bed and begins telling him about her day and their family as I take a chair across from them and listen.

He doesn't move, barely reacts and I figure I should say something. "Mrs. Delauter please tell me if there is any change. I need to get back to work and try to piece some of this tragedy together, for your family's sake," I say standing up.

"What tragedy," Guy asks looking at me and the world just stopped inside the room. "Guy you remember what happened to you," I ask and he nods before looking at his mother with a calm I've never seen," I'm on this case, another of your cases but I don't have anything. They were thorough in making evidence difficult at the scene and left me almost nothing to work with.

Anything you can tell me about what happened will help me get a better picture of the incident." "Tragedy… incident… you mean my assault," he asks not angry but like he's clarifying," Let me start by saying I don't know if I have much to add that will help but I remember everything." Guy Donnelly: day of the hearing on Coach Hayes and Principal Copeland Today is the day I step up and put people in their place.

I finally get a chance to prove that I'm not some target for everyone to attack when they feel bored. Mr. Delauter has our time today set for two in the afternoon and I've missed school, I can afford to, so that I can speak on my behalf.

Nobody expected me to make a fuss about this but for once my family isn't just listening but they're fighting alongside me. Mr. Delauter had some work and Mom needed to take care of a few morning things but everyone is set to meet at one pm at the district offices to settle the situation about Brandon and the football team and the wrongful punishment I received for standing up to Copeland.

I have been psyching myself up all morning while Beth has picked out what I am to wear when I speak in front of the district board. Biggest things is to be honest, according to Mr. Delauter, a prepared speech will make it sound like I'm trying to keep things hidden and what I need to win is the truth. I send a message off to Sydney about picking her up so we can ride together and she is excited talk privately, she even suggests we figure out where to go for dinner to celebrate and I suggest her and her parents coming over to my parent's home and everyone having a big celebratory sit down.

Sadly and astonishingly she suggest just us going somewhere and having dinner and now I don't know what to do but I agree that we can go somewhere nice, she suggests real, and have a good meal.

I might actually get a date with Syd, who knew. I leave about twelve fifteen and head to Syd's parents home to pick her up feeling great about everything when a message comes through to my phone from a number I don't recognize and when I open it I see Syd in her panties with her back to the camera picking up clothes. It's attractive then a second one comes in, Syd again in a bra and panties brushing her teeth in the bathroom. It's interesting until I realize that I can see both her hands in the pictures, no selfies.

Begin to speed up when phone call from the same blocked number comes through and I put it on hands free to talk while I drive. "Who the hell is this," I ask heading towards Syd's home. "It doesn't matter Mr. Donnelly," the distorted voice replies," Right now I have someone in your friend's home waiting for her. Right now you have to make a choice, either you drive to the address in I send you or your friend goes in your place.

You have twenty minutes." Are they serious? They sent me pictures of Syd up close, they're serious. I send Syd a message telling her that I'm running late and she should meet me at the district offices.

I don't wait for a reply as I change my route and realize that I have to rush to make the address. Midday traffic isn't what I thought it would be and I arrive at the parking garage and sit in my car waiting for another message when my door is ripped open and something pinches my next sending fire through my body. I shake a lot and am pulled out of my car by strong hands and a bag goes over my head.

I'm forced onto my now covered face and bound by something, I try to struggle but whatever I was hit with took almost everything out of me as the vehicle I'm loaded into drives away from my unlocked and keys in the ignition car. I try to say something about it and to ask them to let me go but it comes out as mumbles thanks to the bag on my face. I don't know how long they, I assume it's they because I hear more than one voice but they stop and I hear big garage doors or something opening before the vehicle moves again and I hear it close behind the vehicle.

Everything stops for a moment and I hear Spanish being spoken before a sliding door, must be a van or something opens and I'm pulled out forcefully. I'm force walked with my hands bound a distance before they are pulled up over my head and suspended on something forcing me to stand on my toes as the binding pulls on my wrists and hands.

Finally I hear my abductors speak still in Spanish and now I begin to panic. "I have money, I can pay you to stop this right now," I do have money and I have to try to get out of this somehow. "It's not about money it's about sending a message," I hear one voice tell me before saying something in Spanish to another.

I'm stripped by a knife and two pairs of strong hands while I almost hang from my wrists. I try to keep my clothes on or at least move away but I can't and now I'm naked and cold with a bag over my head and I realize I am not going to make it. I don't know why but I'm shaking as a finger touches a very recent scar. "I remember sticking you, you weren't gonna die then but you needed to figure out your place. Then we find out you got money and your family has power, you're just a message now hermano," the voice continues to speak in a heavy accent.

"You don't have to do this," I get that much out as I'm hit with what I can only guess is water. Not a bucket of water either, someone has a hose and I'm being treated to cold water and lots of it. I was shaking before but now I'm cold and so scared I peed on myself which my captors must have noticed as I can almost hear them talking about it.

The water stops and I hear someone moving around me when a pair of hands grabs my bagged head and forces my mouth open before shoving something with the bag in my mouth. "We don't want you to scream too early hermano, that would be too easy so that should gag you for a while," the Spanish accent tells me as I feel like a rubber ball is in my mouth.

I hear a small motor, then some humming but less like a person and more like a machine and finally something touches me and my skin is on fire. I try to pull back from the pain touching my stomach but I don't have anywhere to go and I'm back into the pain.

I shake, my muscles clench and relax, I piss myself at one point and after what could be hours I find myself dangling by my wrists not able to keep my feet under me. My torturers, their title has evolved over time, lower me a little to make sure I'm standing. Only reason I'm up is because I can't actually fall and I want to. I hear the motor turn on again and I try to move, get away, do anything as fire burns through every nerve in my body and I bite down on whatever is in my mouth.

I don't hear much outside of my own gagged screaming and the motor but there are moments where I hear talking, I can't make out what but whoever is shocking me isn't talking but someone is with a possible third person. Minutes become hours, hours become a day but for me it's all a blur of pain and screaming. I don't know when they took the gag out of my mouth but I am too weak to cry or even speak anything that could be understood. "Please… please…," it's all I get out before the motor turns on again and my world is filled with pain.

I don't know when I black out but when I come to I'm wet and not with water and lying on the hard stone floor.

I smell blood, a lot of blood and feel more liquid being poured all over my body while the torturers talk in Spanish among themselves. I don't move, not like it's done me good before so I lie there and let it happen. It doesn't take long before I'm leashed around my neck and led bag over my head out. I stumble and stagger before I'm made to stand as the one who has been speaking to me most of the time pushes something hard against my head.

"This is a 9mm pistol," I hear some metal on metal sounds before it's pressed against my head again," Now the safety is off and it's loaded. Here is what you are going to do if you want us to leave your little girlfriend alone. Walk till I tell you to stop then I'll tell you a direction and you walk it till I stop you. You don't touch the bag, you don't turn and you don't speak.

You break the rules and I will put a hole in you then find your little friend and put a hole in her. Comprende?" I nod; I have to because it's this or death and Sydney's life at stake. My feet hurt on cold pavement and I almost trip while walking as I miss a step when my torturer who is a short distance behind me following when he says 'left' and I turn till he tells me to 'stop' then 'walk'. Keep walking, all I can do as stones bite my feet.

I feel the ridge in the flat like it's a line and figure to follow the line as my torturer doesn't say anything. I falter a little, stumble a lot but I keep walking and eventually hear voices speaking more Spanish. Don't stop, don't talk just keep walking. I don't know how long people are watching but there is a man speaking to me or to other at me or all at once.

"Stop staring at him and get a blanket from inside. Friend you need to stop. Stop son it's alright," I feel hands trying to stop me and I shake my head. "Can't stop or she dies," I weakly nod my head behind me," He'll kill her if is stop." "Son there is nobody there, nobody is back behind you," the man with a lighter Spanish accent than my torturer informs me.

I feel something put over me, hear people talking about calling police, I am pulled aside and sat down on what I can only assume is a step or curb as the kind man pulls the bag off my head and I see he's a priest.

I'm waiting for a bullet to fly up and kill me but it doesn't and finally flashing red and blue lights come down the street and I'm taken in an ambulance to a hospital. Nancy Escalante: Guy's room in the present Very few real details come from Guy's account of events but it matches with what we found both on his body and at the scene. He was stripped and strung up to be electrified for the better part of a day his assailants only stopped when he passed out.

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The animal blood is odd though, I will have to bring this up to the gang task force and see if there is any significance to it or just a calling card for whoever did this. What worries me the most is right now is Guy, he was tortured and humiliated beyond anything and he's telling me everything with as much detail as he can and yet he's calm and reserved.

He even put his arm around his mother during parts to comfort her. "Mr. Donnelly… Guy I know it was hard to talk about this but thank you for meeting with me.

I need to get back to work so I can put a few faces to the men who did this to you," I tell Guy who looks at me confused. "What good will that do," he asks and I pause at his words," They will get out eventually, they will find me and they will do it again.

They've done it twice now and nothing anyone has done so far has been able to stop them. I am waiting here now for the one who spoke to me to come and shoot me." I kneel down in front of Guy and see not fear but certainty in his words, we failed him and now he believes that the only thing coming for him is death because he didn't do what he was ordered to do.

"Guy, your friend Sydney is fine. Nothing has happened to her at all since we found you and whoever did this isn't brave enough to come after you again," I attempt to assure Guy who looks with sadness. "Sydney is not my friend anymore, her parents came to see me and they told me that I need to stay away from her for her safety.

She will be safe now that we're not close," Guy tells me and I realize how devastating this is for the young man now victim. "Guy I swear," I get that much out and he stops me. "Don't, you can't keep it. It's just going to make you look foolish again and you don't deserve that. Forget my case, forget me and move on. Better people need your help," Guy says the words before holding his mother who is tearing up at his words. I leave slowly, I want to say something or even assure him that things will be better but I need more than words for that.

I see John on my way out and he kisses me on the forehead before sending me on my way. Back to the station, I have work to do. Mark Delauter Senior: two hours after meeting with Detective Escalante "Mr. Delauter as the psychiatrist you requested I must advise that Guy needs time in a private facility so that we can assess the level of damage that was done to his mental well being," Dr.

Hill is arguing but either I have this argument or one with my wife in an hour. "I understand your hesitation Dr. Hill but he is speaking and he asked, didn't demand or threaten, just asked if he could come home and that is where he should be," I state as Dr.

Hill begins what I can only assume is a rant explaining why this is a bad decision. Personally I don't think it's the best decision but when you leave someone inside a box for too long all they think about is the box. What happens outside the box ceases to exist and to the outside world they cease to exist.

I've used it in many closing arguments for appeals and the few criminal cases I've handled and it's true from what I've seen. Guy refuses a wheel chair or clothes other than the loose nursing top and pants he was given and walks out in slippers they provided. Loretta wants to sit with him in the back but he insists that she sit with me in the front while I drive us home. It's quiet and too familiar to the last time we brought Guy home from a hospital.

"It's so beautiful out there," he speaks and I look to see him staring out the window. "Honey are you sure you don't need more time to recover before coming home. There is no shame in getting all the help you need," Loretta asks and instead of arguing Guy smiles at her. "Thank you Mom but no, I need to be home. I need to feel like… I don't know but I can't feel anything in the hospital and would probably feel less in a care facility and besides I am old enough to wipe my own ass," Guy tells us and that's when I realize he told a joke.

"Loretta we agreed that if Guy wants to return home then we bring him home and besides the rest of the family have been very concerned," I tell my wife and Guy perks up. "Are Abby and Beth alright? Did someone say something to them? Is Mark dropping classes," Guy begins asking rapid fire questions and it takes Loretta to calm him down. "They are doing well honey, they are only concerned about you," my wife's words help my stepson to relax.

The rest of the drive is quiet and when we arrive home and Guy makes it inside my daughters are the first to hug him and welcome him back. Everything looks really good from where I'm standing as Guy is talking civil and even seems a little happy that he is home and with family.

I'd hate to think that torture was what he needed to get past some of his problems after years of neglect and abuse but as scary as it sounds it just might have done us some good. Mark and Guy immediately have a laugh at his clothes and Mark takes him upstairs so Guy can change into something more comfortable while Loretta busies herself in the kitchen with dinner. Dinner goes well except for Guy's reaction to finding out his case was lost because of his abduction but I have some good news on that front.

"After everything that happened I have it set with the school board to reconvene the hearing so that you get your chance to say your piece about Hayes, Copeland and the football team," I tell him and he shakes his head.

"It's alright, things will work out in the end but thank you for thinking of me," Guy thanks me for taking up the matter for him and now everyone is confused. "Bro, you can't let them get away with what happened," my oldest remarks and Guy just shakes his head.

"Everything will be fine Bro, I'm here, I'm home and I'm feeling good for the first time in a week," Guy says everything with a smile and my family returns to eating dinner.

My family dinner finishes and everyone returns to their lives save for Guy who is walking around the home just looking at things and I believe humming to himself some song he must have heard. Mark offers to take him out to the gym tomorrow and Guy agrees but stops me for a moment. "Mr. D, you've always told me that I had a place here and I know I've been tough to deal with but I have to ask you for something and I think it will cost a bit of money," Guy is asking me for things, must check to see if the world stopped turning.

"Alright I'll consider it but what is it you want," I counter as Loretta looks on. "Clothes, I need new clothes," Guy responds with a simple answer. "Honey I can take you shopping tomorrow if you like," Loretta offers but Guy simply smiles and shakes his head at her. "Not regular clothes Mom, I need suits," Guy's clarification has me intrigued. "Why do you want me to take you to get suits," I ask and he smiles. "I just want to dress better and you dress better than most men I've seen.

You don't put on a polo shirt and slacks to go to work. You dress for success and I want to start to emulate that when I head back to school," Guy explains and now Loretta is concerned.

"Honey I don't know if school is the best thing for you," my wife informs her son and he still smiles at her. "I need to graduate and I need to show people who I am," Guy replies to his mother and she is worried but nods in agreement.

I make arrangements in my schedule to take a day and go suit shopping with Guy, Loretta is cautious but it's justified. I quietly pull my children aside and ask them to keep an eye on Guy, see how he reacts to things and if anything is wrong that we're not seeing and immediately Mark is not happy.

"Dad you're telling us to spy on Guy, he's our brother. Family can't do that to each other," Mark is right to an extent.

"Mark Dad isn't saying spy on Guy but we need to watch him. He's been hurt over and over and every time he has withdrawn and hid. Now look at him," Beth argues taking control of the conversation," He's not running and I'm not a doctor but that doesn't happen in a week. Something could be very wrong with him and we need to watch out." "Why because he's dangerous?

Because he's going to hurt us," Mark is leaping to conclusions. "No Mark, because he might need our help. We didn't watch and pay attention and he suffered. Now he is back home and he's happy or he seems to be but something is… off putting about his demeanor.

We need to know if something is wrong so we can be there to help," I explain but Mark while nodding is skeptical. My children leave and the one that worries me in the situation is Abigail.

She didn't speak at all when I was talking to her siblings and she has been the first one to jump towards helping Guy when he was down. "Abby, what is it," I ask as she reaches the door.

"Dad I don't know, that's just not Guy," she says and I wait for clarification," he's different… Dad I can't really talk about it with you." "Why not, Abigail you know that no matter what I'll never think any less of you and if you have some new insight as to Guy's change in demeanor," I state my observations and she sighs," Honey go ahead and tell me." But my daughter shakes her head and has nothing to help my thoughts on the matter.

The next two days are quiet as work and home keep my focus. I get minor reports from my daughters and nothing from my son concerning Guy.

Worse when I speak to Loretta she just smiles and says that he's home and he's happy. The day finally comes where Guy and I are to go suit shopping and I find myself with an entirely different person. He talks about things like where would I like to see him take his education, what fields of study do I think would suit him best and most curious he asks about my time in college. I share a few academic stories and he listens intently as we spend our day at four different shops and two tailors buying a grand total of twelve suits.

Some business but most casual suits without ties. We're heading home instead of eating because Guy knows his mother wishes to see his clothes soon and will make a good lunch for it when I'm caught off guard. "Why is everyone afraid of me," he asks and I almost stop the car. "We're not afraid of you Guy, we're worried," I state and he nods. "Is that why everyone is watching me and whispering in the dark," he asks and I have to think.

"Guy horrible things have happened to you, things you should have never suffered and now you have completely changed your entire manner, it's almost like you are a completely different person.

I see it's you, I hear your voice but you don't act like you," I explain and his face shows me a cold expression I've never seen. "Then maybe you should kick me out," Guy says it and I almost stop the car," If you are afraid of me then make me leave. I'll go if that helps you and the others feel safe." "Guy we don't need you to leave, nobody wants that but we're all concerned," I explain and he nods but the cold expression hasn't changed.

"I'm grateful that everyone cares about me and I'm not saying what happened to me wasn't horrible but who I am now I choose to be. Not a crying, bleeding child on the ground begging people to stop. I will be what I want and that… well that will be something special," Guy tells me with a smile.

He is very off putting with his calm demeanor and I feel like I should talk to Loretta privately and see if she thinks we need to bring Dr. Hill in to speak with Guy. We unload the suits and accessories from the car and once they're put away Guy immediately asks Mark if he wants to head to the gym.

Mark is almost unsure of what to do but they leave and with my daughters not home I have a chance to speak with Loretta who is in the TV room. "How was shopping," she asks looking away from her show. "We bought suits and I'm fairly certain that he needs some help," I tell my wife who frowns a little," I know you want him here and I'm not saying anything that isn't being thought of by the rest of the family Lori.

He's different and I can't tell if it is a good thing or what it is." "I know he's a little different but he's here and he wants to be. He and I have talked over the past few days and while he wants to be this new 'person' he's actually worried about you removing him from the house," my wife informs me and I have to sit down opposite her on the couch. "He offered to leave if we didn't feel safe.

It's not safe but I'm just not sure who I'm looking at anymore," I express my concern and Loretta nods. "He's new, I think something finally turned the child into a man but if you want I'll talk with him about sitting down with a professional," Lori offers but I'm quick to add.

"Dr. Hill, I can have her here before he returns to school," I state and my wife has a sour look. "I don't like that woman, she continually backs him into a corner with questions and he has stated numerous times that he doesn't like her," Loretta informs me of facts I already know.

"She knows Guy and it'll be better for him to at least talk to someone he knows as opposed to bringing a complete stranger in and having him learn about Guy from a file," I state my case and she relents but has personal issues.

We leave it alone for now and eventually all the children return home and I see Guy and Mark talking on their way in. Mark is more relaxed even after Guy is heading up stairs away from him, so far it looks good. Dinner has come and gone with the family talking quietly about small meaningless subjects of no real importance except for Guy, his sits at the table and just smiles at everyone. I don't know what it is he's smiling about but it's not sarcastic or sinister, I'd swear it borders on contentment.

Rosa has dishes in hand and I find everyone has turned in before me as I make my way to the master bedroom. My wife is in our bathroom preparing for bed as I change out of my slacks and dress shirt for the more comfortable boxer shorts and sleeveless undershirt, I even leave my socks on which most women find odd but both my wives haven't been bothered by it and while it sounds like a little thing those add up.

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I lie down in bed and shut my lamp off as my wife finishes in our private bathroom and with only her lamp lighting the room I can tell I'm not getting sleep tonight.

"I love it that our family is coming together," Loretta says in I can only respond with 'uh huh'," You taking Guy out and him telling me how loved he feels since everyone is concerned about what happened to him and how he's coping." As my wife talks to me I must note the sheer black slip and panties that I have never seen her wear before as she crawls up the bed on my side and takes her place in my lap.

Loretta is a very aggressive lover, has been since our first time together and tonight is no exception. She plays with my boxers for a few seconds just to get my manhood out of them before crawling down my body and doing something first I usually prefer for later. Lori takes me in her mouth and all I can do is relax as she slowly works me up and down with her lips and tongue.

It's difficult to explain why I prefer this later is because I like kissing my wife and she knows it but as I harden in her mouth I figure complaining would be a bad idea.

Loretta isn't looking up at me as she continues her work and I pull off my under shirt, won't be needing it right now and once it's off I feel Lori pull her mouth off my manhood and feel her shift so she is back in my lap again. Loretta doesn't usually like being on top so I'm beginning to believe that either I'm being coerced into something or rewarded as she pulls the sheer panties to the side and with an experienced hand guides me inside her moaning like it's the first time.

Always making me feel appreciated and special, it is one of the many reasons why I love her. Usually I'm the one on top so right now I don't have to do much as Lori works her body up and down my member. I push my hands up under Lori's slip and squeeze her breasts softly as she keeps up her laborious works.

Warm and firmly gripping me Lori grinds against my hips and I feel like I could relax and let her do all the work but I want a little fun. I pull her down to me and kiss her neck as I hold her body flat against my own and as she grinds down on me I push into her a little. Loretta is moaning in my ear as we press harder and faster into each other and I feel her squeezing me and I push in hard a few more times before reaching my orgasm and flood my wife's womanhood.

We grind and hold each other as we catch our breath and slowly after a few minutes Lori pulls her chest off of mine and sits up with me still inside her but I'm going soft. "That was different but welcome," I tell my wife who is smiling at me.

"Because the family is happy. They are worried about Guy but he's happy here and your trip today was something he said he's wanted for a long time," my wife tells me before moving off of me and shakes her rear as she walks to the bathroom. "How is a shopping trip something he's wanted from me," I ask and she laughs a little coming back to bed. "It's not the shopping, it's the time together.

He's really opened up to me and he's trying to open up to everyone in the family. All he wanted was bonding time, I think that's why he wanted you to take him suit shopping and not me," Loretta explains climbing into bed," Now let me hold my good husband so we can get some sleep." Bethany: Almost two weeks after Guy's abduction and his first day back Oh my god I think Guy was taking more time getting ready than I was today.

I mean I've got it down to an hour and fifteen minutes but he was up before me getting ready in his bathroom and I finally noticed something this morning, he's a hard body. Yeah he's got some scars but seriously hard body and after Mom took him to get a new hair cut I'm worried I will need to get a stick to keep girls off.

Okay that is an exaggeration but still I don't know what he and Daddy went shopping for exactly but I know clothing when I see it and it has me a little curious.

"Classes suck today," I tell Lela at lunch as the rest of the girls are getting to the table. "Yeah well we're half way through the year and I'm looking at community college if I don't get my grade up in Geometry 2," Lela informs me and I shrug, I hate math too. The girls get seated and I see someone looking around that I kind of recognize.

She's thin and has a black leather jacket on with short boyish black hair. She sees me and I know the 'want to come talk to the popular girl' look. "Get ready I think I have a stalker," I nod towards the girl as Lela takes a long look.

"She screwed Jennings when she was out with Guy first dance this year," Kathy tells me sitting down nest to Lela. "Hey girl, take a seat," Lela almost yells at the girl who shakes her head.

"No it's okay, she's just getting your attention," I tell the girl. She's hesitating but not afraid, that's good since Lela scares some girls really easily. She doesn't look like she is interested in talking to anyone else but me right now and I'm wondering what she wants. "Have you seen Guy," she asks and I shrug. "Not since home this morning, he should be here," I tell her before getting in my own questions," Who are you?" "Sydney, his friend," she keeps what she has to say short," I need to talk to him." "Well he hasn't come by to pick up lunch today yet," I was here early so I'd think I'd know.

And that's when the air left the cafeteria. Ever see someone make that entrance, the one that has people stop and move out of the way? People stop and stare wondering what they are witnessing and if something more is going to happen?

I'm looking at a six foot male, dirty blonde hair styled in a gelled bad boy look wearing a black suit and red shirt. Add sunglasses and you have the heart stopper walking directly to my table and as he does the rounds to get to me he touches each of my friend's shoulders before passing Sydney and pulling a chair out for himself.

I almost didn't notice the large bag in his hands but the smell is divine. Ladies and Gentleman of the school my step brother has arrived. "Girls I'd like you to please take that swill," Guy points to their trays," And dispose of it, what I have here is ambrosia in sandwich form." "Guy, can we talk," Sydney asks and Guy turns in his chair to see her. "I'm sorry but not right now, I need to take care of some personal business but I will find you soon," Guy brushes off his friend like she's nothing.

I see the girl is hurt and I want to say something, I should say something but I can't interrupt the magic that Guy is laying down in the cafeteria today.

His friend nods and leaves but takes a look back at my brother before exiting. Back to Guy he has sandwiches alright, from Ernesto's and they're across town. "How did you get Ernesto's," I ask and Guy smiles.

"Have you heard them say they don't deliver," he asks me and I nod," well apparently they do if you are willing to tip very well." Guy has handed out our sandwiches, they're all different and the only one not hesitating is Lela who smells her and is half way done before the rest of us check our own. "Oh my god you got the Louisiana chicken barbeque, I love this sandwich," Lela groans in food ecstasy.

He got all our favorites right down to the bread and the sauce on my baked shredded salmon. Heaven at lunch is a change that brightens our day and Emily is the first to attempt to ruin the mood.

"Okay what do you want for the amazing lunch," Emily asks and all the girls give Guy a look but he just smiles. "Who has gone out of their way to help people see me for something more than I was," he asks and we're all confused," you all did. You didn't do the same things mind you but everyone of you has done me a grand service by helping Beth out with her plan to bring me out of my shell and this is just a small way of me saying thank you." Okay checklist.

Clothes, check. Hair, check. Body, check. Charm, oh my god check. I don't know what it was I was worried about when Guy was super calm and happy to be home but now I can see what he was waiting for.

We eat and he makes conversation with everyone, no hesitation when he's asked anything and everyone is avoiding the subject of when he was taken even though they all know the basics. I don't even know all the details but I'm not sure I want to. Guy has had it tough and I was not a helping thing in that whole situation. We finish especially Lela who has devoured her entire meal before the rest of us were halfway through ours and we head off to classes but I pull Guy aside to have a quick word.

"Hey are you and that Sydney girl alright," I ask and he nods. "Her parents want her to stay away from me because I'm dangerous," Guy says it like it's a fact. "Guy I think you should talk to her, you didn't have to send her away at lunch," I tell him as we continue to walk.

"But I did have to. It wasn't time for us to talk and it's not Syd that has a problem being around me it's her parents, I understand that implicitly," my step brother informs me and I see Brett waiting for me outside of class… and so does Guy. "Hey babe," Brett is all macho today and he doesn't recognize Guy," Who are you?" "Brett I know last time we spoke I was a bit harsh but really you don't recognize me, it must be this face," Guy says with a smile before turning to me," Beth I'll see you after school probably, have a good day Brett." Now my boyfriend is giving my step brother the 'fuck you asshole' look as my brother walks away with more swagger than Johnny Depp in a pirate movie.


Brett is about to give me some macho speech when I have to stop him. "Baby that's Guy," I explain and he looks back at my step brother in disbelief. "Okay honey forget anything anyone ever said about makeovers because you did amazing," Brett remarks and I almost take credit for it. All day at school we hear about Guy. His hot car, his amazing clothes, the almost unnatural charm that is oozing out of his mouth, it's a whirlwind of conversation and to say that I'm being asked questions about my brother by everyone is an understatement.

I'm heading to my truck to get home when I see Jenna talking to Abby and my twin does not look happy. I wave to Natalie and Emily who look as I point to Jenna and now I got back up. "Listen I'm not asking for much just talk to him please. Or tell him that I'd like to talk with him, just us so we can work this out," Jenna asks Abby who doesn't want to help, I can feel it. "No, Guy doesn't need you listen to why you think you deserve something from him.

Well more something than you already took," my twin comes out swinging and Natalie wants to laugh. "Beth could you please talk to your sister and tell her I'm being sincere," Jenna asks me and I laugh. "Beth doesn't need to talk to me about anything. My brother is off limits you greedy manipulative cunt," Abby is bringing out the claws and now Jenna is getting mad.

"What did you call me you fat cow," Jenna went too far. Abby almost takes a swing but Natalie is fast with her street skills and helps my twin step back before she gets herself suspended. As Jenna realizes she almost got into a fight I step up and now this is a team sport. "My sister is natural like Velma from Scooby Doo. All boys want that hot nerdy girl that can eat a real meal and hold an intelligent conversation so if your jealousy is getting in the way tough shit Jenna.

You want to talk to Guy I suggest you find him yourself because nobody here is your errand bitch, got that. We used to talk and we used to be kind of close but you screwed with my family and that is where I draw the line. Come near my sister again and I swear to god I'll make sure that Guy taking the scholarship is the least of your worries," I am calm sounding at least when I threaten Jenna.

Not surprisingly Jenna backs off and leaves us alone and Natalie lets loose on my twin who is still mad but calming down. My friends leave my sister and I to talk on our way to the parking lot. "I could handle it," Abby tells me and I nod. "I could feel that," I tell her and she gives me a look," We're still twins you know." "Yeah but we haven't been like that in a while," she states and I nod.

"I know, I think it was me. We weren't in the same brain space for years and now I think we are. I didn't realize how much I missed it," I tell my sister who looks at me like she's about to hug me. "I thought you hated it, like I was invading your thoughts," she says and I shake my head. "You were the only one who understood me," I tell her and almost need to change the subject," Did you see Guy today?" "Just a minute and I think he gave a teacher hot flashes. What did you do," she asks and I shake my head," I wonder if he's going to be like this at home." "I don't know but for a few moments today I was thinking step brothers are hot," I say it and I can feel her agree again," You want him a little too." "Yeah but that was for a while now, it's just worse since he's so…," we get to her car and she can't find the words.

"I know, it's amazing what is has done to himself after what happened but let's keep this to ourselves for now," I remind Abby who nods.

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Sister and I are connecting and both of us are thinking about connecting with Guy. I need to take some time this week and fuck Brett into a happy place, hell it'll put me in a happy place too. Dr. Hill: Same week of Guy's return Back in the Delauter household but now I'm meeting with my own personal patient zero in Guy Donnelly. He's been released from the hospital against my advisement to doctors and his family. My full advice was for Guy to be committed for thirty days in a professional facility for psychiatric care.

It's not an insane asylum anymore but it is built for the care he needs. Regardless I'm back in the their television room waiting for Guy who is upstairs in his room and am tempted to hold the session in his room but wait.

He arrives not too late and without being escorted in and if I wasn't mistaken his expression on seeing me is surprised. "Good to see you again Guy," I greet him and he smiles lightly. "How long were you waiting here," he asks moving to the couch to sit down. "Almost ten minutes but I was early," I answer and he frowns.

"Someone could have told me you were here and I would have come down sooner. You shouldn't have to wait," I listen to Guy's words and they are a far cry from our previous sessions in tone and inflection. "Well that's nice but I'm here for you and your family. I tried to speak with you a few times in the hospital but you were…," I begin my lead up to questions and Guy is quick to cut me off. "I was pretty out of it, I apologize. If it's any consolation I remember people talking to me while I was there but up until the last day or so I didn't have anything I wanted to say," Guy explains his mindset and gives me insight into his awareness.

"That is to be expected, what isn't is you here now," I say it and Guy frowns a little," You need time to react to what happened to you and process your emotions." "Some would need that. I needed to come home," Guy is being singular minded in his statement. "Well we'll come back to future options later. Right now I want to talk to you about how you are processing everything that has happened," I state and Guy settles back onto the couch.

Two hours of answers that all make perfect logical sense if you were observing a machine speak on its problems. All Guy comes back to is that he wanted to come home and he wants to resume his life but when asked about how different he is acting and responding to things around him he gives me an answer that I didn't expect. "I finally evolved enough mentally to understand what I can do and what I cannot do," Guy's answer brings me to more… base emotion questions.

"How do you feel about what happened to you," I ask the question having worded it as simply as I can. "I don't look at it as anything but an event that I couldn't change or avoid.

When I was stabbed it was the same, when I was ostracized from my family again it is the same type of thing. You can't avoid major life changing events, they are going to happen, all anyone can do is ride it out and hope to survive in some cases," Guy breaks down a simple answer into a metaphysical construct, I need to dig deeper.

"What about the people who did this to you? How do you feel about them," I ask and I can see him change in demeanor for just a second. "I feel they need to be punished," Guy says it before looking to me," Isn't that why we have a justice system? Find the guilty and punish them." "Yes but what about the people who got away the first time," I ask it and he nods. "Same people," Guy says the words but I don't believe it and he can tell," You wouldn't understand but so much was similar in what was and wasn't said, when and how I was grabbed and even the fact that despite all they did to me they wanted people to find me.

They wanted me alive and wounded, first physically and now emotionally." We wrap up the session and Guy asks when I want to come back and speak with him, a first to say the least. I set up an appointment for two weeks away and leave wondering if I should have Guy committed for extended observation.

He is calm and collected but that is the surface and I barely scratched it. Deep inside there is something there I'm afraid to see let loose on his family or the world around him. Guy: Sunday almost three weeks later And now I'm at a church after time passed, wounds healed and money spent but let us not focus on me right now. I'm here because I need to talk to someone who I figure will understand me a bit better than most. So I'm in the back of a heavily populated Latino church where I speak no Spanish and as much as I don't want to acknowledge it I'm in potentially hostile territory, goody goody.

I remain seated as the service ends and watch everyone file out for the parking lot as only the oldest wait and I'm even passed by a couple familiar faces who notice me but I don't look in their direction, I'll get to them later.

I wait patiently and finally the priest, out of his robes and in simple black. Remind me why the fuck we're here? Calm yourself, you'll get your turn. Let him speak. "May I help you young man," he asks and when I look up and smile he is a little shocked," You? You are out of the hospital." Great, he remembers him.

Can he go do something now? "Yes I am Father…," I am trying to get his name. "Father Gomez, the boys call me Father G, they think it's funny. What brings you back here," Gomez asks and I smile. "I wanted to come by and see you, maybe speak a little bit on things. I've heard priests are great to talk to when the world has changed," I tell Gomez and he nods. "Well I'll be honest I don't know how much help I can be but I will try," Father Gomez offers and we sit.

Remember, be polite this man. He did help you when nobody else did. He's a priest, they do that. It's their whole thing. "One thing, I don't want you to talk about this with other people.

It's kind of important to me," I ask and he smiles. "Consider it a confession, not of sins but of your soul," I hear the words and for the first time in weeks I smile, I truly smile.

"Oh that is nice, they confess and you bear the knowledge of other people's lives. It seems a burden but it gives you worldly insight if you are a chaste man," I start and he nods. "A little, I wasn't born a priest but I will agree it does give insight," he replies and I keep smiling. I'm getting bored. Go ahead, talk to the man.

"So did you ever get a confession like… 'we beat up this kid for three years then stabbed him and shocked the hell into him before covering him in blood and leaving him near your church'? Nah I'm not that lucky or picky as I've discovered," I sound joking but I'm deadly serious and Gomez notices it. "Who beat a child for three years," Gomez asks and I laugh.

"I was the child, now I'm a young man but you know them. They were here with their families not fifteen minutes ago before getting into their low-rider customs and leaving for whatever they do when they aren't beating on people," I keep it simple but Father Gomez is a little surprised.

"You're talking about Carlos Ortega and his friends? I'm not sure you mean the same people, they are a neighborhood watch group and have helped many in the area with problems that others were unable to," Father Gomez informs me and I nod. Can he hurt him?


Please he needs it. NO! There will be violence later. Now just allow him a time to speak to someone who can't get in the way. "Oh they do that too but trust me when I say that they are still out doing good works when they corner me and beat me before leaving me a bloody mess. At least you know who I'm talking about so we don't have to spend time trying to remember who they are for you," I remark and Father Gomez is skeptical but listening.

"So is that why you came here today, to tell me about what was done to you by them," he asks and I shake my head. "I'm here to talk about me but they are a part of it.

I always tried to be left alone, a simple kid just wanting a loving family and to make my way in the world without hurting anyone. Guess God had a difference of opinion," I remark as Father Gomez begins to counter. "God doesn't cause people to suffer, God is a loving father who guides us through our trials and tribulations," a well spoken piece from the father. "Like he guides Carlos and Hector and their friends," I state following his argument and he nods," See then why is it for three years I was picked on, pushed around and humiliated by these 'Godly' individuals?" Take that asshole.

Calm down, this isn't a fight. It could be. "There are times when even those who follow god falter," Gomez begins to explain and I cut him off. "Three years is a long period where someone can falter. Hitler was someone who claimed that his nation was a godly one and they had twelve years and a holocaust," I explain it and Father Gomez is a little put off by my rationalization," I am sorry, I'll keep this about me and not history… for now." BURN!

"What happened to you was something that nobody deserves to be put through. Carlos and his people have wronged you but they have done good things for the community. Have you spoken with them about any of this," he asks and I shake my head," Maybe it would help everyone if you did. Carlos is a good person and I'd like to believe that the two of you could come to a peace." "But that is the problem Padre, there can't be peace between us. God saw to that," I state and the Father wants to stop me," Let me explain, the devil left hell for a time and decided to see what the world of man was truly like.

He gave up his power and his crown and left to live among simple people. Immediately he was notice for his unnatural appearance and decided to live remotely only seeing people when it was needed. I know you've heard this story." "I can't say that I have," Father Gomez replies and I continue. Keep going, he needs to understand. "Well back to it then, the devil was on a road to market in a nearby city when good men, followers of the lord, found him. He was without power or means to defend himself and simply asked to be let past.

The 'Godly' men did not let him pass. Instead they beat him as he was, in their hearts and minds, the epitome of evil walking the earth. Stripped and bloodied he was left to die on the side of the road," I see Gomez realize the story now but continue," As the devil lay there bleeding people passed him on the road, priests and holy men but they did not stop because he was not of god.

Finally a man, a simple man, saw the devil and aided him. He took him into town and paid to have him cared for before leaving to return to his journeys." "That is an interesting way to tell the story of the good Samaritan, but how does this relate to what has happened to you," Father Gomez asks quizzically. "Carlos is a good 'Godly' young man. He leads good young men and women and they do good works on behalf of their community.

Everyone says this despite how much I've shown my scars and told of the pain I've suffered at their hands," I am feeling the wave of emotions and it's warm and it's dark and I love it. Let the hate burn through your veins.

"What they did to you wasn't who they are as a whole. Misguided actions that hurt a good person," Father Gomez gets that far before I calmly snap. "I know I'm not a good man… there is something at work in my soul, something which I do not understand. Love and rage that should never have been allowed to escape. I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe," I explain my emotions to Father Gomez.

"If you are so committed to this idea that you are something dark and evil then why tell me this," Father Gomez asks and I nod. Oh my god he asks so many questions. Ha Ha, you brought god into it. Shut up… "You didn't know who you saved; if you did I'm certain you would have let me walk till I dropped. Not because you aren't a good man, but because I'm so much worse," I stand up as the Father stands with me," All I wanted was love but that is not to be so… if I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other." "What you do may hurt others; others who did you no harm and do not deserve the pain you would bring upon them.

How can you justify that to yourself when I can see that you are a good person? Hurt, wounded and scarred but still a good person," Father Gomez tells me as I move to leave.

Is this what feeling nauseous feels like? He's a good person, a real one. Let him try, it won't change anything. I stop and turn to look at Father Gomez for the first time really. Thin built man, early thirties maybe with a little bit of grey in his hair.

He has the look of a man who wants to believe the best in people, I remember when I did too. Poor fool. I smile and leave returning to my car and heading out to take care of a little business. Carlos Ortega: That evening Church was a surprise today as I know I saw Guy in the back sitting like he was waiting for something. I know it wasn't me he was waiting for; I waited for ten minutes before leaving and heading home.

Rest of my day was peaceful, hang out with my crew and my family, and talk with my sister about things. We're all settled in when one of my crew points out a very nice car, Guy's car sitting parked out across the street from my house. I step into my parent's lawn and my crew stands up to back me but I give one look and they settle down as Guy steps out of his car and crosses the street. I've seen him at school in his new suits and designer haircut and now here he is again only he's not smiling or angry.

"Saw you at church today," I greet him and he stops at the edge of the property. "I know you did, I spoke with Father Gomez. He has a very high opinion of you and your… people," he paused before saying something to piss me off. "We do a lot to help out, take care of the streets and our families," I state and he doesn't look impressed," Yeah, we also did some bad things to you and I'm hoping to settle things with you. Make everything good from here on out." "I was thinking about that too and I know how to balance everything out between myself and your people," I state and Carlos looks at me expecting something good," You need to kill me." "What, what the hell?

How does that make any sense," I ask and my people look at him like he's lost his mind. "Because you took from me, you took and you kept taking and the only thing to make me whole again is to take back from you and your people. Unlike you however I am giving you one chance to stop me. Part of me doesn't want to do this and would like nothing more than to forget all of this and just walk away," I explain stepping forward," But I can't. I go to sleep full of rage and hate and I want you and everyone like you to suffer and burn and I will see that happen… or you can do us both a favor and kill me right now." "White boy went crazy," one of the ladies in my crew jokes and they laugh.

"How crazy would you say I am after three years of taking your shit? After being left for dead in an alley bleeding all over myself? After being dragged away from my home and electrified by some sick fucking Mexican assholes before they cover me in pigs blood and send me down 'your' streets to 'your' church because I needed to be sent a message," Guy is very pissed off as he looks at my people. "Guy you don't have to do this, we can settle it without anyone getting hurt," I try to explain and he laughs at me.

I've never seen anyone laugh like they lost their mind before but I'm watching it now and I look at my people who are few inches back from where they were watching and I turn back to see Guy stop laughing and step forward.

"We're past anyone getting hurt, years past it to be precise. Now it comes down to your simple choice, kill me or I will make you and everyone you hold close suffer," Guy tells me and I begin to wonder if he's completely lost his mind. I step back and look… yeah he's lost his mind. He's looking at me like he actually wants me to kill him but this is crazy.

I can hear my people talking, whispering as Guy shakes his head and turns away from us before walking back to his car and leaves quietly. I shake my head at everything and turn to see Romeo and Marta standing there looking at me like I should say something. "He's lost it, whatever they did to him broke something in his head," I tell Marta who shakes her head at me.

"Yeah because you had nothing to do with any of it do you," my little sister accuses me again and I'm tired of it. "Fine, my people whipped the shit out of him for years and I didn't stop it. Early on I laughed at it and now someone took the little game they played and upped the stakes only now he's fucking lost his damn mind and wants me to kill him. So what sis, should we call him back so I can shoot his ass like he asked me to," I am yelling in Spanish at my sister who has backed up but not down.

"Marta you got to understand," Romeo tries breaking us up from our fight but Marta pushes him back so we can be face to face. "You could have been a man about it. You could have just admitted you and your friends were pieces of shit and asked for forgiveness but that was too much for you. Or maybe you are just too proud for the idea to come into your brain," Marta is giving it back to me in Spanish and the only person brave enough step up to us is Romeo.

"Marta enough, we tried and he doesn't want to settle things. We tried and we offered and he spit on that. We're backed off so far we can barely go to school without feeling like criminals," Romeo steps in between Marta and I and it's his last mistake. "You're right, it's enough. I'm tired of dating my brother's shadow. You used to be someone I could talk to, someone who understood what it was like to not be a stereotype.

No more, we're done," Marta says it to Romeo and I have to step around my new boy to check my sister. "Whoa sis, calm down for a second and think about this," I tell Marta who looks at me with too much Imelda in her eyes. "No, I've hated being his girlfriend from the first day you made him into one of your boys. He's not who I want to be with. Find him a throwback girl or something to get over me. I'm done with this," Marta waves her hand at Romeo who looks crushed that she just broke shit off with him in less than two minutes.

Marta goes back into our home and my crew is unsure what to do since my front yard has become a way stop for craziness. Hector takes Romeo home and I disperse my crew to go speak with my sister.

She tells me I can come in her room and I do which for once doesn't get me a pissed off look. "So Romeo and you are done," I ask and she nods," could have given the boy a chance, let him try to fix shit." "Since we've been together he's always wanted to be one of your boys, I didn't want him and he did it anyway. You finally took him in and ever since it's what you want not what he and I want. My relationships shouldn't revolve around you," Marta explains and I didn't realize Romeo was so bent to please me.

"Could talk to him," I offer and she shakes her head. "No, I need to find someone better for me," Marta says it and I nod. I leave my little sister to her blues and breakup heading back to my room to chill out and figure out how to keep Guy from doing something that will get him killed or me in trouble. Guy Donnelly: One month after the abduction Well here I am waiting for the first step. Well technically it's the fourth but I'm the only one counting and I say it's the first because it's my first actually doing something.

Biggest thing to win a war is patience, information and resources. I'm being patient, mostly. I've spent the resources to get this started and a couple days ago I got my first bits of information and now I sit in a car, not my car but a rental, at a taco truck. It's not bad food mind you if you can get past the fact that they just physically relocate to a new area when they fail a test from the Department of Health.

I'm here mostly because there is nobody I know here and that is the point, they don't really know me. I'm waiting when I see her, she's kind of pretty in a plain and tired way and she's talking to her boyfriend. I know he's her boyfriend because I paid to know it.

They don't spend much time together with her working and him doing his odd jobs and taking care of schooling but it's enough and they care about each other, that's the important part.

God I'm getting bored, when does he do something? He is, your fun will come soon. Right now let me have my moment thank you. And the lovers part, such a sweet scene considering how horrible relationships can actually be and I'm thankful I'm not in one. Probably won't be in one anytime soon but considering what I'm working on in the coming weeks.

Now my target is alone and back in the food truck but the back door is open, time to eat. "Hey I'll get a pork blast burrito not spicy, lettuce, tomato no onions and a thing of chili fries," I tell the man through the window and pay," Have the girl bring it out to my car." I return to my rental and wait a few minutes till the female I'm waiting for, also the only one working in the truck, comes out carrying my food and drink.

She sets it down on my hood and I smile. "You are exactly what I was looking for," I tell her with a smile. "Sorry white boy, I have a boyfriend," she tells me and I smile bigger. "And I have a job, money, and a boss that is looking for a particular type of girl," I explain and she isn't impressed," But hey don't listen to the middle man who is talking about a paid audition." "What," she asks and now I have her interested.

It won't work, should just do it the quick way. "The company I'm working for is small in size and personnel but has a nicely sized bank roll. I'm one of about a dozen scouts in this state who have one job, find real natural girls and get them to audition," I begin my pitch and find myself cut off. "Paid audition, come in sit down and do what," she asks and I smile.

"Answer questions, some personal ones and probably show off your body a little bit. No nudity in the audition and no touching," I explain and now she doesn't look into it. "How much," she asks and I smile. "Audition is a hundred bucks; I record it and send it digitally. Takes a week or so to get a final result and if you are in you sign a contract," I explain keeping things business like but friendly. "If they like me I get a contract," she asks and this time I smile.

Now we show the teeth. "More like if you like the offer. I'm pretty sure you're exactly what my employer is looking for," I state and stand up from the hood. "How can you be so sure about me for… porn," she asks quietly and I shrug," this is porn right." "This is movies and media of the digital age.

People don't want porn stars they want reality. Only way the Kardashians look like they do now is because they sold a little sex got noticed and then tried to become more famous than they were. You are reality, they're fantasy. People pay money for things they can attain," I am oozing with positives when I flip script," But if it's too much that's alright.

I have to move on." No chance. "Can I have time to think about it," she asks and I nod. Oh ye of little faith. "Take your time, I'm doing interviews this week," I remove a card from my wallet and expose a few hundred dollar bills in front of her," Here's how you can contact me." "My name is Lupe," she tells me and I smile. I exchange pleasantries and put my food in the car before leaving. I stop by a homeless man and hand him the food before returning the car to the temporary lock up I have and get into my car after changing my clothing.

And heading down the road to visit a friend who is very worried about me. Arriving at Sydney's house is an interesting thing considering what everyone has been told and what is actually happening. Her mother opens the door for me and I get a hug as soon as I'm inside. It almost feels like I'm home but just a little off and new. "How have you been," Syd's Mom asks and I shrug. "Taking it day to day and getting my ducks in a row," I reply as Syd comes into the room and I'm crushed in a hug.

"I get you're trying to keep me safe but explain why we can't talk at school," Syd asks and I sigh. "Because you don't let the enemy see where you are weakest and aside from my family that's you.

I do want to thank you," I turn to Syd's Mother," I know it was confusing a bit but I needed you to tell my folks that I wasn't allowed to see Syd for the time being." "Again I don't understand it, why the lie," Syd asks and we sit in the dining room.

"Because I needed to get out of there. That hospital was step one in putting me in a box," I say it and Syd's mom nods. "First they say you need help, then they say they're helping you and finally you are a danger to yourself," she says it better than I could. "Okay but when do we let the lie go and be friends again," Syd asks and I sigh again. "I need to get this… problem taken care of but I am going to need your help with a few things. Nothing dangerous but I need someone I can trust," I ask and Syd nods.

I promise Syd's Mom that it's nothing dangerous and that once it is over we'll all sit down, both families and talk about good things. Sydney is still worried but when I explain what I'm doing I see her smile and not in a good happy way. We like her. Why is he waiting again? She is special, Guy finishes his business then we see what she wants. I think you need Viagra because I saw that smile and I liked it.

I saw it too but remember there are more things to consider and some of them require more knowledge and that includes his heart. Montana: Two weeks earlier Working a ranch is tough but working a horse ranch is fun and still tough. I get to ride and boss around the four hired hands we got for Daddy while he broods most days. I love that when I walk in the room he smiles but sometimes I can see him staring off into the distance and he is hurting terribly.

I know it was Momma's doing. She trusted family and I got taken but then she just tried to drown herself and when Daddy was trying to save the family she cut him deep. I miss the idea of what my family could have been but that does about as much good as teaching a horse to drive a truck. So I was all sorts of kidnapped and then one morning I wake up and my Aunt, she tried to convince me I was hers but it never took, is sitting at the table scared out her wits by a man sitting at the table drinking cup of coffee.

The nice man made me breakfast and I learned he was my Daddy and have been with him ever since. Alright I wasn't with him all the time, sometimes he used to leave on work trips and one time he was gone for almost four whole months but every time he came back there was more money and finally he retired and at my begging he bought land and now I run our horse ranch. Problem is Daddy isn't living, yeah he's breathing and eating and stuff but he doesn't go out or meet people.

I've tried getting him to date and that turns out worse than when he caught me will Wally Thompson in his truck. When I ask him what is wrong he tells me he's thinking and doesn't get into anything else. My problem, I need my family. So I kinda took some of the Ranch money, we have enough and I paid someone to go digging and find whatever gutter my Momma dragged my baby brother into so Daddy and I can go get him. He's gotta be eighteen at least by now but that won't matter once I put Momma in her place.

It took six months and finally I'm in town talking with the man I paid as he gives me a file with some good information to start but no real address. He offers to continue but needs more money. I ain't a fool and tell him I'll consider it before driving off in my truck. Lazy ass smelled like a bar meeting me and I'm pretty sure I know where he spent his paychecks. I drive up the ranch road and get my head set to deal with Daddy.

He's stubborn but so am I and I'm not taking no for an answer, we pack some stuff, leave someone he knows in charge while we're gone and go find my baby brother. I get in the house and find him in the same place he usually is when he's not doing stuff, sitting in his chair looking out the window at the big sky.

He smiles as he sees me but it's the sad smile. "Hey honey, head into town," Daddy asks knowing I was in town. "Yeah, had to settle some business. Papa we need to talk," I sit down in front of him on a foot stool.

"Honey Mrs. Watkins is a nice woman but I'm all wrong for her," Daddy wants to argue about the lady I've been bringing up here to get him out and living again. "It's more important than Mable, Pa I took some money from the ranch and hired one of those Investigator guys," I tell Daddy and he looks doubtful. "And who do we need to worry about on staff," he asks and I shake my head at him. "I was trying to find Momma and Guy," I say it and his face changes.

"They're gone, leave them gone honey. We have a good life here and that's what is important," Daddy is in his blues again. "No Papa, we're doing this. I got a report that says they're in east Texas and that Momma does some charity work. We can head down there and with a little luck and a shit ton of work," Daddy loves bringing hard work into everything so I am too," we can find them and at least give Guy a safe home." "Gwen please, we don't need to go down there and dredge up old painful memories," Daddy is trying to talk me out of this, bad move.

"No, we need to get down there. You're dying," I say it and he gives me a doubter's look," Not like a heart attack or anything but you don't do anything Daddy. You talk to me but don't have friends or even go out with women. You won't try to get involved in anything on the ranch even though I've begged you to just to get you out of the house and that damn chair. Daddy you need to live and that means we get up and go find our family." I stand up and grab his hand pulling him out of the chair so he's standing and lead him to his room before pulling down a suitcase and telling him to pack.

I get myself a bag packed, I don't need much and when I get to the front room there is Daddy in his chair holding paperwork. "Daddy you need to pack if we're going to find them," I tell him and he hands me the papers. "That is their address, your mother's charity work, her husband's law firm, where his son goes to college, his two daughters and your brother's high school transcripts. Your brother was stabbed in October of last year and he survived. Nobody was caught and tried for the attempt," Daddy is crushing me with his words.

"You knew where they were? You knew what was going on this whole time," I look at the file and see it dates back a few years more than he said," You've known where they were for years and you didn't tell me, you didn't go get my brother?" "I can't Gwen, just leave it alone and we'll talk about it when I'm feeling better," Daddy is avoiding me and I'm not taking it. "NO, you don't get to brush me off I'm family. You came for me after Momma ripped your heart out and you took care of me and even gave me my dreams.

Now get up off that damn chair and pack up your shit," I bark orders at my Daddy and we begin to fight. Never fought about anything before with Daddy but we're going full at it now and it lasts for a good ten minutes when Daddy does something that I've never seen and it scares me.

"ENOUGH! We are not going to Texas! I will not drag myself down to her rich home and be made a fool of again by your Mother. I failed my son," Daddy goes from yelling to crying in a blink of an eye," I failed and I can't fail him again." I feel like pig shit as Daddy walks away from his chair and back upstairs to his room.

I try knocking but stop when I hear he's still crying. I broke my Daddy's heart and now he's suffering. If anyone had done that to him I'd have shot their ass with rock salt but it's not someone else, it's me and I hurt him.

No dinner that night, I didn't want to cook and he didn't come down to eat so I sit quietly in his chair holding a blanket that smells like him and pray for forgiveness. Ever wake up because something is horribly wrong and you can't find what it is. I am at my father's bedroom door but he's not there and after thirty minutes of searching he's not in the house, the barn, and the stables or anywhere on the grounds.

I finally check the one spot nobody but daddy goes, the basement and there he is with guns. A whole lot of guns and ammo and knives and weird clothing that looks like body armor and I think those are bombs.

The little play doh looking things with wires? Yeah those are bombs. Daddy is sitting on a bench cleaning one of those assault rifles you see on TV where Senators are telling you that they need to ban them from existence. "Daddy," I ask and he doesn't look at me. "This is the M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle, fully loaded it weighs seven and a half pounds. It fires 5.56 millimeter rounds at a rage of seven hundred to nine hundred rounds a minute at a muzzle velocity of two thousand nine hundred feet per second.

It is the one of the standard operating weapons of the United States Military," Daddy is telling me all this and I'm a little scare and a lot confused. "Okay Daddy where did you get all this," I ask quietly.

"My work, you want to dig into history then I'm going to tell you about history. I found you after the divorce because I had nothing to lose anymore, I found your 'Aunt's' ex boyfriend in Canada and he told me where he stalked her to," Daddy begins and I have to stop him. "Daddy that doesn't explain anything," I cut him off and he holds up his hand. "He told me because I had taken out all the fingernails on his left hand and was cauterizing the wounds with a bic lighter," he says it, I think and then I feel a little worried," it took me thirty minutes from the time I duct taped him to a chair till he told me everything he knew.

Then I pulled out his big toe nail to remind him of what would happen if I found out the Canadian authorities were looking for me. The morning I took you away the only reason your 'Aunt' didn't argue with me about it is because if she did would have found herself in a trunk with rocks tied to it going into a lake." "Daddy this isn't you, this doesn't make sense," I ask and he stops working with his gun and looks at me. "Gwen I love you, because you are strong in here," he taps my chest where my heart is," And I'm not, only way I can be strong is to be cold and hard.

You get that from your Mother." "So you hurt people to find me and now we're playing with guns in the basement," I'm confused and need some direction.

"I'm here because I got some news late last night. A friend of mine told me about your brother being abducted," I want to interrupt but Daddy stops me," He's alive, it happened a couple weeks ago but they tortured my boy and left him naked in the street." "Daddy we need to do something," I stand up and with a hand he sits me back down.

"First you need to understand something, I'm heading down there to see my son and apologize to him for failing him nine years ago. Second I'm going to find whoever did this to my boy and I'm going to make Guantanamo Bay look like Disneyland," Daddy says it and I'm coming to Jesus with what will happen. "Okay but what about me," I have to ask and he closes his eyes before looking at me hard. "If… and this is unbreakable Gwen… If you come with me my word is law.

Not the police, not the politicians, not even God overrule my word. You will not show mercy to whoever did this if or when we find them. There will be blood and it will be horrible.

If you come with me now you are committed and there is no turning back," Daddy is scaring me a little," And if you break your word to me, if you compromise this you will return home and I will be gone.

I cannot do this with you unless you are prepared to do whatever it takes." "So I go with you, we see Guy and Momma and we hunt down who did this and you do things that could be considered war crimes," I ask quietly. "Yes, we don't let anyone hurt our family," Daddy says it and I finally look him in the eyes. "Pack me the pump shot gun and a forty four," I tell him standing up," I'll go make sure we have food and clothes for the trip." I think I saw Daddy smile as I head up the stairs to get our stuff ready.

Daddy's got a burr up his ass for the first time in nine years and we're going to get some answers.

Deanna is tied tickled amp spanked trailer

In the truck and on the road Daddy finally turns on the radio so we can listen to some music. I know he has a lot of regrets but there is a cure for that it seems… bullets. Lots and lots of bullets.