She prepares herself with a big toy to receive a big dick in her ass

She prepares herself with a big toy to receive a big dick in her ass
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You know how you have those days where you think to yourself, "I need to do something more exciting"? Well I had a lot of those days. Sitting around at home playing video games wasn't exactly the highlight of my life. Now, when I wished for something interesting and exciting to happen.I'd never thought it would have been what it turned out to be. .and definitely didn't think I'd enjoy it.

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It all started the week mom had to leave for LA.she had some work crap to deal with. I never got too involved in her work because she never had time for my brother and I anyway.

So who cares, right?

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Anyway, mom left and I was home alone with my brother, Danny.he wasn't the best brother in the world, but he did always have my back if I needed him. That didn't stop him from doing the typical older brother stuff like annoying me, locking me out of the house, making me wait for ages while he was in the bathroom, attacking me.

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I should also mention that he is gay. My name is Damien, by the way.

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So yeah, mom's gone and I'm alone in the house with my jerk of a brother. Like always, I was in my room playing my games when I heard my brother bumping around in his room so stupidly I went and checked what he was doing.


I cautiously walked down the hall and found myself standing at his door - a place I shouldn't even be 5 feet from or he'd kill me. I'd never actually tested that theory out because sometimes he seems like he would actually kill me.

I then took my detective work a step further and knocked on the door. . I waited. All I could hear was shuffling and. .

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a moan? What? I don't know what made me do it but I opened the door And there I saw my brother, butt naked on his bed with a guy!

This was the last thing I wanted to see. . especially my brother doing it! He looked up at me, so did the other bloke. . ."Damien! You know you can knock you fuck head!" he yelled at me.

I couldn't quite see the other guys face because he was covering it with the blanket, thank god. I wouldn't want to see his face and realize it was someone I know. .

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awkward situation. Now all I did was stare at my brother and what he was doing as I interrupted. .I knew I should have been a little grossed out and disturbed from what I had burst in on but, I looked down and, fuck!

I was hard! And my brother was right there looking at me with a rock hard cock! Did I like what I was seeing? Was I gay too? What's going on? I kept asking myself. "Ah huh. ." my brother said with a smile on his face and used his finger to beckon me over to him and the other dude.

I stepped forward. . I now saw that the guy with him was someone I'd never met before.


My brother came up to me and started kissing my neck…I was so horny now and wanted to be fucked hard…even if it was from my brother. I liked what was happening so I laid on the bed next to the other guy…Jake.

Jake laid his hands on my chest and started rubbing while I felt one of his hands moving down to my already rock hard cock.


My brother got onto of me and began kissing me and licking my neck. Jake started jerking me off and fuck it felt great. While I was moaning Danny rolled me over…I was a bit disappointed because the wanking stopped, but then I felt a hard object enter my ass.

It was my brother's hard dick thrusting in and out of me.

It hurt so fucking bad, but I wanted more. I was moaning more than ever. Jake sat up and grabbed my head and stuck his dick in my mouth, I began to suck him off. The sound of all 3 of us moaning made me more horny and turned on. Finally, Jake came in my mouth and Danny was still going …I was having the time of my life.

I loved it. I felt Jake starting to kiss my ass. This was great too. He squeezed my ass tightly and finally I came. Now Danny and Jake were at it with each other as I watched. Danny was fucking Jake now. . I started to jerk off myself as I watched. Soon Danny came and let out a final loud moan and we were all finished.

I couldn't believe it. . I was gay too. And it was the best thing that could have happened. I know it wasn't what I expected to happen but I'm so glad it did. Now mom's back home and whenever she goes out, Danny and I get together with Jake or any other guy whose up for a fun time like we did the other day. Sure things are weird, me being gay and all now with kids from school bugging me and mom's friends not really knowing what to think. Mom doesn't really approve of it, not because she's against gays, but I guess she just really wanted a real man in the family, seeing dad pissed off a few years ago and was left with us.

But hey, I love who I am now and there will be plenty more fucking great times like the one with Jake and Danny. I think my next wish in my life will be to explore a bit more. .something like an orgy. .something different anyway. ill always remember the feeling of a nice thick dick in my mouth and sliding in and out of my ass.

maybe ill get that feeling again&hellip.very… soon there's a hot young kid that moved in next door. He doesn't seem gay, but neither was I until i experienced the excitement with my brother.

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So, this is Damien out, maybe I'll get lucky.