Puta universitaria de la UPB se desnuda

Puta universitaria de la UPB se desnuda
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This is part two of a series evolving sex between an eighteen-year old boy and his father. If you have not read the first one; I advise that you do. The first story was a mix between first and third person. This one will be entirely third person. When James first woke up in his father's bed he wondered how he had gotten there.

He then remembered that not nine hours ago he and his father had some of the best oral sex James had ever had. After he sat up in bed he heard his father down stairs in the kitchen. James got out of bed and reached for a robe, but before he put it on he thought why am I doing this, my father has already seen all there is to me. After he had walked down the stairs to the living room he peered outside and looked out upon the green, rolling hills and wide, lush forests surrounding their home.

His father finally noticed his son and called to him. Darrin told his son that dinner was ready and to come have some.

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To this James replied that he wasn't hungry for supper he was hungry for him. When he told him this he dove towards his father's free-hanging cock and enveloped it inside of his wet, warm mouth and slowly sucked him off until his father almost climaxed at that point he stopped telling Darrin there was more to come. Once his father had recovered from a near orgasm; he responded by pushing James into the couch in the living room and proceeded to give James a blowjob, until he released into his mouth.


James thanked his father for that and told him that he had to go to town for something and would be back soon. As soon as James got into town he put on a pair of sunglasses and long coat and went into the nearest sex toy shop.

When he went in he immediately went to the back where he knew they kept all the toys for anal play and sex.

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James was looking for certain items that would help with the process of his father's cock going into his virgin ass. He finally found what he was; a large dildo and a tube of KY lubricant.

He went to pay for his items and then that he got back into his vehicle and drove to another store only this one would be where he would get his protection.

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Looking for the right condom was harder than he had originally thought, but he eventually found what he was looking for, a condom that had slightly raised bumps on it. After this purchase he finally went to go find his dad for a fun night.

When he got back it was starting to get dark and when he walked in he noticed that most of the lights were off in the house.

James was getting a little worried; his dad told him that he would call if he was going to leave the house. He rushed up the stairs to find his father in his bed with no clothes on just slowly rubbing his hand up and down his slightly sweaty cock. James backed away a bit and quietly took his clothes off and walked into the room, set hi bag down and then he slipped his mouth over his father's cock. Then he slowly went up and down over and over again until he felt his father tense up and then the welcome rush of his father's seed flowed into his mouth.

After James finished cleaning his father's cock he told Darrin that he had picked some things up while he was in town. He then showed his father the dildo, condoms, and lube. James told Darrin the dildo was for himself before you get to put your monster cock in me.

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He thought his father probably knew what the lube and condoms were for. As James was preparing to put the dildo in him; his father interrupted and told him he would do that for you.

James gave the dildo to his father and turned around not knowing what was coming next. His father put the dildo down and squirted some KY on his cock and slowly slid it into his son's virgin ass, stopping whenever James told him too.


When James turned around to see how much was in he saw not the dildo in him but his father's cock and he wasn't angry he simply told his father to push it in the rest of the way. His father obliged and James's scream was one of pure ecstasy. Then Darrin sped up in his movements feeling James contract around him with every thrust. Darrin was moaning even louder than James was when he shot his load deep into his son's no longer virgin ass.

He then collapsed from the orgasmic feeling that he had felt only once before when he had released into his mouth. After he had recovered slightly his son told him that it was his turn. James squirted a little KY lube on his cock and proceeded to rupture his father's virgin ass just like he did to him. Every time he was about to go farther his father told him to stop and rest, but eventually he got to the point where he could nearly slide in.

His father told him to be gentle, but in his sexually aroused state James didn't hear him and slammed his cock through his sphincter. Darrin's scream was even louder than James's and even more intense. After he had gotten through that barrier James sped his movements up so much he was forced to lube up some more.


As his climax was nearing he told his father he was going to come and his father just told him harder. When he climaxed just a short while later he shot more cum into his father's ass than he had ever before.

Both James and Darrin then collapsed upon the bed. Darrin told his son that he loved him dearly, and James said the same thing and they both fell asleep with James's cock still within Darrin's ass.