Asian beauty gives hawt blow

Asian beauty gives hawt blow
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His penis was now begging to be stroked, as he gave into its wish, he found his cloths restricting and took them off. He and Misty now were both Naked.


Ash started by putting his finger in side her organ. Misty's smile had gone, but came back at this.

Ash continued to explore her Vaginal Folds and found them Beautiful. Her Pink Folds were all that made up her hole of pleasure. Pink and more pink. His finger, which was still exploring her folds, then found a wall or sorts. She was a Virgin! This was Ash's shining moment. He stopped stroking his penis and Misty Pussy and immanently wanted to fuck Misty, who was still somehow asleep. He started to position himself to penetrate her, but thought that he might need a sort of lube…Mistys mouth would do.

Ash moved to Misty's face, which had stopped grinning and was just open, as if ready to receive his load. He got into position and started slow, in and out.

He soon went deeper into her mouth with his cock. He was so hard that it was going quite deep. But not deep enough for ash. He went deeper and soon misty was having trouble breathing, she awoke to find Ash over her with his 8 inch cock in her mouth… "MMMPPHMPPHFF FFAPHSH!!!" was all that she could say, he felt himself close to orgasm, as he saw Misty trying to get it our of her mouth but Ash wouldn't let her.

He wouldn't stop as he fucked her face in. he felt is coming and came all in her mouth. He pulled out half way through and came on her face, misty was in a state of shock as she tried to spit out Ash's semen, but couldn't manage to do it.

As Ash finished blowing his load over Misty, he then realize Misty might try to wake Brock up, he couldn't let that happen. Still clutching his dick, he watched Misty about to yell, but stopped her from making the yell so all that came out was "ASH!"… Though she did yell, it was mostly a quick one.

Ash then muffled her mouth to prevent this from happening, and as he looked at her face, he got another hard on… Misty was now trying to fight it, with the taste of cum which she was deprived of for almost four years in her mouth; she almost didn't want to struggle.

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"This is my payment to you…" Ash said manically as he got in-between Mistys legs. "MMMMOHHHH AHH A VER-gin MMMPH!" was all Misty could say in response. Ash was savoring this, Mistys legs, sat wide open for his penis, all his and nothing to stop him.

Misty was now muffled by his shirt wrapped by his belt.

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This saved him from her screaming which was yet to be unleashed. Ash was now in position; he took aim, and took charge. His long shaft shot into misty, no easing on his part but Mistys grunts and muffles morphed into sheer pleasure.

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The feeling of a fire in her womb. Ash's dick was through the Hymen, and Ash waited for Misty to get the pain over with. Misty had masturbated many times before but had never really broken herself in, she had stuck things in her pussy, like pencils and a pok'eball but it was never really long enough or big enough for her.

Ash began to move, his shaft moved in and out through the now open Hymen. He felt wetness arising in Mistys Pussy and began to go even faster. Misty was now enjoying ash's Shaft inside her, she had wished go have sex for a long time, but Ash had never come to mind. He was huffing now, going faster, her pink folds of pussy were being explored by Ash's dick.

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"MMMmmmmmmfff, Ash that feels sooo good…" proclaimed Misty as ash Removed her muffler. Ash did not answer as he started really feeling good as he looked down, his Dick was going in and out, Mistys muffles becoming louder and faster, "I'm, I'm, Going to CUMMMM" said Misty who was indeed coming close to orgasm. Misty Came, And Ash Felt is, he was also coming close. Misty Juices flew as though they had never before, and they had not. Ash felt the juices surround his Dick each time he Left the pussy to come back for more.

They were very hot. Ash came in for more as he had been doing for the last 5 minutes, he felt his cock growing with a liquid, he was going to cum and he didn't want to pull out.

Ash and Misty Both knew she could get pregnant, but who cares? Ash Continued to fuck Misty. He pulled near out, then went back into her as he came, he pulled her close so that she got all of his seed, she yelped as the hot juices replaced her own and intermixed to create a sensational feeling that got misty even more horny then she had been before.

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"Ash, that wa-" Ash now wanted to explore Mistys other hole, but as he thought this, the tent door opened… "I heard screaming and…Oh MY God ASH!!!" Yelled Brock, who was confused at the seen as he saw Misty on her back and Ash inside her. "Why DIDN'T You Wake ME UP!!!" "BROCK! GET OUT!" Yelled Misty "Come on in Brock, you can have her pussy, I want to try her other hole…" "BROCK GET OUT!

ASH WHAT OTHER HOLE?" "Your asshole Misty, now lemme get under you" "ASH, BROCK, GET OUT!" "oh, I've been waiting for this for a while… misty your not going anywhere." "MMMMFFF" Was all misty could say as she was muffled once again by ash as he got under her.

"Get her legs Ash! I want to remember this image." Ash was able to get her wailing legs under control as he got into position under her to fuck her virgin ass.


Brock got into position and stared into his prize, Misty Secondhand Pussy still dripping with a mix of cum and cum. He got hard fast and put his cock in. "mmmmMMFFFMFMFBOCK!!!" misty said. Ash with his now erect penis was now going into her ass.

Misty screamed in her muffle. Ash went into and out and did this for a time.

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Brock and Ash began to move in Alternating movements, ash goes in, and then comes out, Brock goes even deeper, and comes back, and repeat. Misty is now enjoying the extreme pain from her ass and the moment pleasure from her organ.

She was now Cumming once again and screaming through her muzzle. Brock was now tearing even deeper then ash had, and Ash was in quite deep.


Ash was balls deep in Mistys Ass. Though a bit of Mistys blood was on Ash's dick, he didn't care; he just kept going, going and going with Brock. Brock was going to cum, he had always wanted to fuck misty, but for some reason he had never really hit on her. Misty had came already, and had just done it again, Brock felt her cum while she still tried to struggle. Her juices flowed into his penis, and as this happened, he also came, intermixing her pussy with Ash's send, his own, and Mistys.

"AAAAHHHH TAKE IT MISTY!!!" moaned Brock, while ash still pounded her ass. "MMMMFFFAaAAA" was all Misty could muffle in return "I'm going to come right up your ass misty." Ash said into Mistys Ear.

Misty could only muffle in Return. Brock pulled out and pulled Mistys muffle out only to replace it with his dick, which had intermixed with her juices and Ash's. "Here I GOOOO!" said ash, who had just used up all his energy to cum up Mistys ass which was quite wide now. "MMMPPPP ASH-MPPPMFF!" was once more all she could say as she sucked Brocks cock off.

Brock was such a good lover he came again into Mistys Mouth. Ash got out from under her as Brock did.

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They both left misty, now Drenched in a mix of semen, her own juices, and a bit of blood from her ass. "There you go Misty" Said ash as he was leaving the dark tent, " I paid you back" Misty didn't reply, she was too busy licking up her own Juices. The next morning, everyone slept in and when they had all eaten, left for the next Gym.

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"that was fun last night ash" said Misty, making sure Brock couldn't hear her. "but next time, lets not include Brock" Ash could only smile back. "and you still owe me a bike and 500$" "WHAT!" The END