Nude men public hard jacking gay first time Empty Lot

Nude men public hard jacking gay first time Empty Lot
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It was the day Mel was going to camp. She got a job as a consoler for kids at a summer camp. She was all packed and already to go by time the bus arrived to take her to camp.

As she left her house, she saw the senior consoler, Adam, was outside to help her with her stuff. He was tall, very muscular, African American, probably in his mid-thirties with dark curly hair and light brown eyes. He smile and ask if that was all. She smiled back at him and said yes. The whole ride down to camp Adam was staring at Mel. She thought it was creepy at first, then she thought he must like her the way he is looking at her.

Mel was a tiny girl, 19, only 5 31/2 about 110 with a c-cup and circular ass; she was also African American with short hair and dark brown eyes. As they arrived the camp was empty. The kids would be there in a couple of days. This was the time where the consolers got use to being outside and getting familiar with the camp grounds and that kind of stuff, Adam made sure Mel knew where everything was.

Out of all 6 consolers Mel and Adam were the only two African Americans there but that didn't bother Mel she had someone to talk that is the same as her. The kids finally arrived and the fun began. Mel's group was some how always paired with Adam's. About two weeks into camp Mel and Adam had become close.

They did practically everything together. Talk was going a round that they were fooling around. Adam put stop to the rumor and everything went back to normal for a while. After a rough day with her group, Mel decided to take a hot relaxing shower. The showers didn't give much privacy; Mel didn't really care all the other consolers were already sleeping. About 10 minutes into her shower she heard the door to the showers open. She stuck head out and saw it was only another female consoler that had forgotten her razor in a shower stall.

The door opened again she thought it was the woman leave so she thought nothing of it. She finally finished, she walked out of the stall looking for her towel, and she couldn't find it. She walked the corner of the bathroom to look for it and there was Adam with her towel in his hands. She yelled at him to give her back her towel. He threw the towel at her. She turned around to cover herself. He grabbed her around her shoulders holding her tight.

She struggled to get free but the more she struggled the tighter her grip got. He told her she might as well stop struggling and make it easier on herself. She struggle for the next minutes and realized he was right and stops. He let her go. He walked way only to lock to bathroom door. He came back and grabbed her by the arm and took to the handicapped stall, because it was big enough for the both of them to fit in. He sat her down on the bench in the stall and told her that he just wanted to talk.

She gave him a questioning look. She asked why did he do all of this just to talk?

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His answer was a smack to her face. He yelled that he wasn't done talking.

He talked to her about what he had plan for her even before she was hired at the camp. He said the only reason he hired her was to rape her. She sat there astounded at watch was hearing.

After what seemed as a lifetime of silence, he got up and said might as well get started. She couldn't even blink before he had grabbed for her towel but she got away her, towel falling off in the process, but the stall door was locked, so she didn't get far.

He grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. He stood there looking down at her. She knew she had no control of what he going to her.

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He started to unbuckle his belt. He told her to sit on the bench because she was going to suck him. She reluctantly got up.

He said suck it and that's what she did. She sucked his cock till he came. He raised her head and told her in the sweetest voice that he is going to fuck her now. He pushed her to the ground so roughly her head hit the ground. She cried out in pain. He climbed on top of her. Sucking on her nipples, he tried to force himself in her. She yelled for him to stop and that she was still a virgin. He said that make it more fun for him.

She moaned and groaned and had orgasm twice before he came once. He climbed off of her and told her to clean him. There was a mixture of her blood and his cum. As she cleaned him he told her that if she told anyone he would say that it was consensual, and that you wanted it as bad as he did.

She knew that he was serious and wouldn't be believed by her parents. She had gotten into drugs when she was younger and lost her parents trust. She had no one to go to. After Mel was done Adam got up and left.

She took another shower before returning to the cabins. She cried herself to sleep. She still had another two more week left of camp. She made sure someone was there every time she took a shower. But it happened again on the last day of camp. Her parents were late to pick her up.

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She was to last one left. It was just her and Adam. He fucked her again against the back wall of the kitchen of the mess hall. That would be the last time she would ever see Adam.

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She picked up a chicken tenderizer and hit him in the head. Then he was on the floor with a bloody nose unconscious. She ran out of the kitchen and started down to the long drive way where her stuff was and wait with the meat tenderize in hand if he ever woke up.

This would be the first and last time Mel would ever go to camp.

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