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Hot redhead solo girl Kylie Kane masturbating
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In a world where electromagnet levitation, and ion drives are the norm, high octane gasoline is in low demand, making it very cheap. Sundays are perfect for flying, with no traffic in the air at the lower air spaces. I woke up at five, and had the Avenger gassed up and the girls up and fed by 6:30.

7 o'clock saw us on the runway ready to go. "401 Sierra Lema, you are cleared for take off. Watch out for ground effect and have a nice flight." Called the tower. "Roger, and thank you. Ya'll have a good day." I said as I throttled up. At 100 knots I eased back on the stick, and was airborne. I leveled of at 1,000 feet, and waited for my speed to climb to 200 knots before climbing and heading west.

Since the maximum range of an Avenger is 1,000 miles, we would have to stop in Pampa Texas to fill up on gas. We would be flying at 5,000 feet to conserve the fuel needed to fly at 15,000 feet. Also, I didn't want to fight the jet stream today. The benefit of "chasing the sun" is that time slows down for you.

"Mandy, take over radio communications, please." As we finally made it to 5,000 feet, around 8 in the morning.

"Sure thing. Hey Dad, think we can deviate to ten thousand feet?" "This view not good enough?" I joked. "Climbing to ten thousand will use fuel." "Please, Dad. I have a bad feeling." One talent Mandy had, was the ability to be right most of the time. I began a 10 degree climb in order to conserve energy. By 10 o'clock we were at 10,00 feet, when we were joined by three larger aircraft, that resembled learjets, but had guns pointing out the side windows.

"401 Sierra Lema, drop your cargo and dump your fuel." Called the air pirates. One jet was directly in front of me. The other to flanked my wings. "Get ready guys!" I called. In a fury of motions, back and right on the stick, left on the rudder pedals, I threw the Avenger into a violentyet controlled spin, all while spewing bullets at the pirates, as well as disappearing from there view.

Meanwhile, we spun for what felt like an hour. I waited until we were down to 6,000 feet to pull out of the spin, and we resumed our course. 20 years ago, after several breakthroughs in science and technology, half the human race, as well as most of the world's government's politicians, disappeared, leaving the world in a state of chaos.


Even though the United States pulled through, we still had to revert back to basics. Texas and Alaska separated to form anarchies. Texan pirates often came over into Louisiana to harass air traffic. Now, cruising at 5,000 feet, I was surprised to see three flaming aircraft plummet to the ground, my burst apparently had done some damage.

11:30 and we landed in Pampa. I taxied right up to the fuel pump, and began fueling the plane. As soon as it was fueled, we were out of there, as Pampa had become a ghost town. By 3:30 we had landed at San Bernardino International, as I had a house near there.

Parking in the general aviation part of the airport, we got our luggage and made our way to a covered ford pickup truck, and with our luggage in the back, drove over to the house. "We're early." Said Sally.

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"Yes we are. Would you two like to go out to eat?" I asked. Getting a yes, I opened the garage and pulled out what I would use to get around, a '99 Nissan Skyline.

2 hours later, we had completed all our shopping, and had eaten, and we were all tired. So we went to bed early. as Sally was getting undressed, I pulled out a shoe box from under the bed.

"Oh sweetie. Sally said tired as she put on her robe. "Just lay back and leave your robe open, Baby." I said. "You're going to love this." I said.

I began by spreading lotion on my hands and rubbing it into her body in increasingly larger circles starting at her chest. I worked my way over her whole body.


Then, having her spread her legs, I applied sensitive skin friendly lotion onto and between her pussy lips. I applied it to her clit, urethra and vagina.

I then applied it to her butt hole. Moving up her body, I hued the regular lotion on her breasts, using my circular technique. I then produced two 2 inch round bowl shaped cups that were each an inch deep, with valves at the bottom of each.

I then produced a ball suction pump from the box. As I suckled one of Sally's nipples, I connected the pump to the valve of one of the cups, then I placed it over that nipple. Finally I started pumping slowly. "Oh. That feels." She started. "Ssshhh. Just you wait sweetheart." I said, as her nipple filled the cup. Turning off the valve, I effectively latched the cup on to her nipple. I then repeated the operation for the other side. She then reached up, moving the cups around.

She smiled at the resulting feeling. I then brought out a large, 1-2 ounce kidney shaped cup, and a small 1 inch round by 2 inch deep cup, both with a similar valve. I then began liking her clit, scooping her juices up, and lathering her clit with them. Then, I put the small cup around her clit, and started pumping like I did to her nipples.

"Ohhh!". She exclaimed. "Shush. These walls aren't sound proof.

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However do tell me if this starts to hurt." When her clit was a half inch long she stopped me, prompting me to remove the cup. I then kissed her clitorous head, aliciting a moan. I then attached the pump to the bigger cup, placing it over her vulva. As I started pumping, she started moaning and rocking her hips slightly up and down. "That feels sooo good." She whispered. "Want to try?" I asked. "Yesss." She sighed. "Here. pump slowly, or you can hurt yourself." I cautioned.

As she pumped herself, I found three small watch battery powered motors. Attached to their axes were off balance weights, designed to vibrate. The motors screwed into the valves of the suction cups, and were designed to run until the batteries drained.

Which was maybe 5 minutes. When her pussy completely filled the cup, I removed the pump, replacing it with one of the motors. I placed the other two into her nipple cups. I then prompted her to lay back, and kissed her on the lips, getting her to smile. I then moved her pussy cup around making her giggle and moan. I then turned all three motors on, and watched as her eyes got wide and her mouth gaped open.

"Uuungh!" She grunted. I then produced a large teddy bear from under the bed. It was larger than she was. She clung to it like her life depended on it, cuddling it like she did to me when we slept. "Mph mph mph mph." Her whole body wriggled under the pleasure, but I wasn't done. Caressing her exposed bottom, I produced a 3/4th inch by four inch vibrater, and pushed it up her butt, turning on the motor. I then pumped her butt, grinding the smooth head against the front of her rectum, as it vibrated.

"Ohhh! Aaaarrrggghhh!" She yelled as she thrashed about the bed. I minute later, she was quiet. She lay on her back, passed out. I removed all the equipment, and put her the recovery position. As I was putting the box away, there was a knock at our bedroom door. I covered Sally with the blanket, and opened it to find Mandy there. "Is everything okay? I heard mom scream." She said groggily.

"She's fine. Just overwhelmed." I replied. "Go back to sleep baby girl." I said as I kissed her cheek. "Good night." "Good night, Dad." She said, retreating to her room. I then went to bed myself. The next day, a Monday, I was up early. I massaged Sally's back until she awoke.

"Good morning, love." I said. "Good morning." She replied. I then took her to the shower where we washed each other and kissed. Starting with her breasts, I washed and kissed every one of her intimate parts, ending with her rose bud. We then held each other under the warm water until we were fully awake. "What are we doing today?" She asked.

"I am heading into Riverside to go take care of business." "What about Mandy and I?" "Start planning for a beach trip. You two pic." I said as her eyes lit up. "I suggest you do some research." I added. After a lite breakfast, I headed out in the Skyline. Years ago, I replaced the stock engine with a 6 liter general motors engine. When I got onto the highway, I let out all 400 horses, and she flew.

10 minutes later, I exited the freeway and made my way to the Riverside Drag Strip, as it was called. Entering was easy, as they apparently kept it open to the public unless there was an event. I made my way to the starting line, and slowly drove down the track, noting two things. It was an almost 4,000 foot drag strip, with 1 foot wide white lines every thousand feet, and that there were weathered dividing rails for the first 1,000 feet, but for the rest of the track length, brand new rails.

All the divider rails, even the starting island and "christmas tree" seemed mobile, as if not permanent. There were no spectator seating, so I knew it wasn't an NHRA track. I then knew what happened. Who ever was in that small plane, had taken off from the track.


After the crash, the divider was added. But why? As I got to the end, there was a group of people having what appeared to be a party. I parked the Skyline and got out, hoping to find answers. I stood there, staring at the track. Flashback to 2011, my sophomore year. I watch, perplexed as a Douglas DC-3 lands in the grass between the runway and tarmac.

The landing is eerily reminiscent of my landing in the same planes distant predecessor months ago, minus the crash. "Hey stranger." A familiar voice pulled me out over my day dream. I turn around to see Ricky, a old friend from high school. "You never sent back your invite to the reunion." "I didn't get one." I said. Just then, another familiar came over. "You weren't invited, Mr.

Stanton." Said Andrea, a girl in my graduating class. She was heavily involved in the airport back in the day.

"I didn't come looking to party." I replied hotly. "I need answers. How does a small plane fly out of not a small airport, but a drag strip? And why is there no record of a flight plan? I need to know why I'm not flying airliners anymore." I said. "Get our runway back, and you'll get your answers." She turned, and left seemingly on the verge of tears, Ricky following her.

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I jumped back into my car, and headed home. It was 7 o'clock when the girls came home from shopping. I had completed all the research I needed. I'd get that airport back alright. After a dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, the girls got changed into sleep wear, while I loaded up a movie onto the telescreen.

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Sally, wearing a robe, indicating she was naked underneath, and Mandy, wearing a tank top and bikini panties, complete with tie strings. I'd have to talk to her about her progressively revealing clothing she wore around me. While she lay on her she's on the floor, Sally turned her robe around, parting it enough to show me her naked but, and sat down in my lap.

Putting a blanket over us, I then felt her hand undo my pants, and pull my penis out. She then placed it against her smooth, wet mound, and proceeded to rock her hips and grind her clit into my pole, while simultaneously jerking my foreskin gently up and down with one hand, and holding her pussy lips open with her other hand.

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I then reached my two hands under the blanket and her robe, and started messaging her breasts and nipples. By the end of the movie, we were both very horny. After Mandy went to bed, we went straight to our room, me undressing along the way. As we entered the room, I tackled her gently on to the bed. I then kissed her lips and removed her robe before kissing her body. Starting at her pussy, I tongued her vagina before suckling her clit, while flicking it with my tongue.

"Oh yes." She said. I then blew air into her belly, before french kissing it. "Mmm." Kissing up her chest, I sucked her right nipple, then her left, before finally kissing her lips, as my hard penis touched her clit. I then rocked my hips, rubbing the two together, before finally entering her. "Oh my!" She said, as most of our play these days didn't involve intercourse Starting out slow, she quickly met my thrusting with her own, orgasming almost instantly.

I then increased my tempo, making sure to dig into her G-spot. "MMMmmm!" She mewed, as I felt her vaginal wall pulsate a second time, bringing me home. "Ohh!" I grunted, splashing her insides with cum. "Mmm." She sighed.

"One day, you're going to kill me with pleasure." I then contemplated the possibility of causing her heart failure do to overwhelming pleasure. "If I find a way, my love." I said, kissing her. "Mmm. Good night." She moaned.

"Good night." I said, rolling us to the side, and placing my right arm down her back, that hand on her butt, and my left arm under her right arm, that hand up on the back of her head, I rapped her in a cradle position, my penis still inside her. She in turn wrapped her arms around me.

This form of cuddling, I learned, maximized the feeling of security for Sally and I, and put us right to sleep.