Seduced Pornstar Mom Loves Painful Anal Taboo

Seduced Pornstar Mom Loves Painful Anal Taboo
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"She's still trying to cover herself" Allen noted as Anna walked down the hall a few steps in front of him. It was true, the blonde girl had absent mindedly wrapped the towel Allen had sat her on just a few seconds ago around herself, covering her back and ass.

Allen smiled. Just a few short minutes ago she was sitting on that towel as she squeezed Allen's face with her thighs and let him, no, asked him, to eat her out. Whether it was indecisiveness, shyness, or habit, it warmed Allen to her. "Umm, we can go in my bedroom if you want." Anna said. Allen only nodded and she tentatively took his hand and lead him inside. She stopped, turned around, and seemed to notice she was wearing the towel.

"Do you want me to?" She started to say, Allen just walked over and gently removed it from her body. The room was bright, and high second floor allowed the curtains to be open without anyone seeing in.

Allen could see every detail of the girl in that bright sunlight. He brushed her nipple and held her gently, watching the goosebumps rise on her bare skin as he did.

"What do you want to do now?" He asked. "I got what I want," She replied, "Now it's your turn." Allen smiled and nodded, trying to make her a little less nervous, despite the fact his own heart was racing and his hands were shaking slightly.

"Well, he replied, first things first, I need you to return the favor I just did you." He didn't know how she would react to his request, if she would back away once it came time to actually touch him, but she only nodded and said "How do I do it?" "You can start by touching it," Allen replied.

Anna knelt down in front of him and gingerly cupped his half hard cock in her hand. Allen was pretty big, and she her hand was pretty small, and he was a bit worried that if this went too far he would hurt her. Still, her touching him felt incredible. She hefted it in her hand, rubbed her fingers along the shaft and cradled his balls. Once she had satisfied her curiosity, she looked up at him. "Ok, I've touched it, but I want to make you feel like I felt.

How do I do that?" "I know you've seen some sort of porn Anna," Allen joked, "just wrap your hand around it, grip lightly, and move your hand up and down." She did as she was told, and even her awkward, staggered strokes made Allen's whole body tingle.

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However, it was the way she bit her soft pink lips that made an ache of desire form in the pit of his stomach. She had obeyed him this far, just maybe she would. if he asked. No, if he told, he remembered. She said it was his turn. He decided to go for it. "That feels really good Anna. Now put it in your mouth." He smiled and caressed her hair to reassure her, but apparently that wasn't necessary.

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Anna didn't hesitate. She merely brought her head down next to his now ridged cock and slipped her beautiful full soft lips over his head.

The feeling was incredible. Jackie had refused to suck him, despite how often he used to eat her out. The softness and warmth of her mouth made it hard to resist pushing her head down on him. "Open just a little wider," he said, feeling a tooth on his shaft.

He felt bad for saying it, his thick cock couldn't be that easy for a first timer to take. To her credit, she opened wide, and even took a bit more of his shaft.

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She learned quickly what he liked by listening to him wince or moan, and adjusting to what made him do the latter. Within a few minutes she had him breathing hard, and he was desperate to cum. "Come here," he said, pulling her up gently. She stood up and he kissed her gently on the lips as he laid her on her back in the bed.

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"This is the only thing I'm not going to tell you to do. You have to wan this as much as I do." "Please Allen," was her only response, "please fuck me." It was only then that he noticed she was playing with herself, absently rubbing herself right above her slit.

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In a few minute she had gone from a shy girl watching him in the shower to the girl in front of him now; so desperate for sex she couldn't even keep her own hands off her pussy. Allen sympathized.


In a few minutes he had gone from thinking of her as a little sister to laying on top of her between her legs, waiting with his breath held in anticipation for her to let him fuck her. Once he had his yes, he rubbed her slit with his now fully hard cock, pushing the head between the lips to make sure he got her as wet as she could be for her first time.

Again, he saw that wasn't going to be an issue, her hairless cunt was almost dripping in anticipation. He gently found her hole with his finger, and used it to push himself in as slowly as he possibly could.

She winced under him as his head hit her cherry. He paused and let her reposition her hands around his so she would have something to grab on to. Then he pushed again, still going slow, but with more force, and felt the resistance give way as she squeezed his hand so hard he thought she would break his fingers. The sound she let out as he slid the rest of the way in was an incredible expression of pain and pleasure, and just that sound gave Allen a shiver.

She took a deep breath, then pulled him closer to her, putting her hands around his neck and letting him slide as deep as he could.


From there, his instincts took over. Where he had kissed her gently before, he now kissed her full on the lips, hard enough to push her head back in the pillow as his pace increased. He savored every sound she made, and let himself feel her pussy lips rubbing along each inch of his shaft.

The sensations she gave him were amazing, but the look of desire in the eyes of a girl he had never looked at that way before really drove him crazy. Like when he was eating her out, she came without warning.

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Allen never really expected her to, it was her first time, and he didn't know what he was doing either. Despite all that, her body suddenly started shaking. Her pussy tightened around him again and again. She broke off their kiss and moaned the same word when she first came for him on the sink.

"Allen." Allen couldn't help it. Her beautiful naked body convulsing under his and her moaning her name in his ear sent him over the edge. He tried to pull out, but she wrapped her legs around him. He looked at her in shock, but she just shook her head and whispered "Pill." That was enough for him, and he let himself cum deep inside her.

When he regained some of his senses, they rolled onto their sides, careful not to separate. She let him get soft inside of her and gently pull out before she spoke. "Thank you Ally." She said, her sly smile slowly returning. "Is there anything else you can teach me?" Allen shook his head.

"I don't know anything else." "Ok," she replied, "guess we are going to have to learn the rest together."