Two extremely stunning blonde Euro

Two extremely stunning blonde Euro
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Her eyes opened wider as she saw the large 60% in red ink on the cover of the blue book as it came to rest on her desk. "Dammit," she mumbled to herself. She was certain that she had done well on the test, but flipping through the blue book she noticed that she had gotten quite a few of the matching questions wrong and here essays were littered with red marks. As tears started to well up in her eyes from her frustration, she blinked them back to focus on the lecture. As the class went on, her mind kept wandering, she had to pass the class.

She could not afford to do poorly and suffer the admonitions of her husband about what a waste of time going back to school was. Maybe I can ask for extra credit. She thought to herself. She was hoping once she explained her situation that perhaps the instructor would have a little sympathy for her and help her at least get a C. She continued to take some notes as class went on, but her mind was mainly focused on what she was going to say to him after class.

She realized that he was younger than her, so perhaps that might give her a little bit of an advantage as far as pulling at his conscious. As the class wrapped up she let the rest of the students leave the room. The instructor was placing things in his backpack and turning to leave as well before she spoke to catch his attention.

"uhhh&hellip.Mr. Davidson&hellip.could I have a word with you?" He turned to look at her, and then smiled. His smile instantly put her at ease and she immediately smiled back at him. "Sure&hellip.Ms.

Sonnie…isn't it?" "Mrs., but yes&hellip.would you mind if I spoke to you about my grade?" She fidgeted nervously. "Sure, but lets go to my office. That way I can look over my grade book and we can have a little privacy." He held the door open for her and followed behind her for just a moment before leading her to his office…holding the door open for her again and extending his hand towards a chair, offering her a seat. He set his bag down as he went to his desk.

Opening the drawer, he took out the grade book and walked to the front of the desk so he was sitting on it in front of her. He opened the grade book and perused it for a moment…his eyes looking up at her briefly before going back down. She fidgeted restlessly as he looked in the book, waiting for his comments.

After a moment he closed the book and set it down, turning towards her. "So&hellip.exactly what did you want to discuss?" She shifted in her chair nervously as she looked away from his gaze.

"ummm…well…as I am sure you noticed&hellip.uhhh…I haven't been doing too well on the tests." "That's true, but if you got A's or high B's on the next two AND the final, you could still get a C for the class." "Is there any way I could do something for extra credit, that way if I only got C's on the tests, I could still get a B in the class?" "You know Ms.

Sonnie& could always retake the course and get a better grade next time." "Unfortunately&hellip.that's not an option for me." She shifted in her seat again, looking away from him. "You see Mr. Davidson, my husband was not really supportive about me coming back to school. He said if I was going to spend money on classes, that I needed to get at least B's in order for him to let me spend the money.

I just CAN'T fail&hellip.there has to be something I can do to get my grade up. Please&hellip.I will do ANYTHING." She looked up at him pleadingly. He shifted on the desk slightly, leaning forward just a bit, his eyes on hers. "Be careful Ms. Sonnie&hellip.that is a very broad statement. You will do ANYTHING to get an A in the class?" Looking at her intently&hellip.his eyes wandered over her body as his plan formed in his head.

His tongue quickly licking his upper lip. She smiled broadly, her mind thinking that she could actually do something that could get her a good grade, not even contemplating what that might be.

All she could see was the A. "Yes&hellip.oh yes…anything it takes." His smile broadened and his eyes wandered over her again…lingering a bit longer in certain areas as he shifted himself on the desk again…facing her completely.

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"Okay Ms. Sonnie&hellip.I will give you TWO options, and you can decide between the two. Fair enough?" "Oh yes&hellip.totally&hellip.thank you so much." She replied eagerly, so happy that he was being so accommodating to help her in her time of need.

"Now&hellip.BOTH of these choices will require a great deal of work and effort on your part for the remainder of the semester. Although one I think is decidedly easier&hellip.are you sure you are up for this?" "Yes&hellip.oh yes Mr.

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Davidson. Just give me a chance and I will show you how hard I will work for my grade." A wicked smile flashed across his face so briefly, that she wasn't even sure it had happened, but she sat back in her chair with a slight sense of dread. "Option ONE& can write a 20-25 page paper that discusses the rise of Germany from defeated nation to world power between World War One and World War Two. Include reasons as to why Germany decided to become aggressive in its policies and how the treatment of Germany after World War One might have contributed to the rise of the Nazi party.

Along with this paper, you will have to get at least a C on each of the remaining tests, including the final." His eyes watching her, gauging her response as he spoke. As she heard the description, her heart sank. She lowered her head in frustration, knowing that she would have a hard enough time making C's on the remaining tests, let alone put in the work for a paper of that size.

She felt her dream of a degree slipping away, she could only imagine how hard option two would be. She steeled herself and looked up at him again waiting for her to tell her the other option she would have to choose from. He waited until she looked up at him before continuing, "Option TWO&hellip.and I must say&hellip.although this is a more 'hands on' approach&hellip.I think it is a much easier option&hellip.and it will guarantee you an A for the class." He paused for effect, seeing her perk up in her chair slightly…leaning forward in anticipation.

"You will come to my house this Saturday and every Saturday for the rest of the semester at 11 in the morning, and stay until at least 6 in the evening. During this time& will let me fuck you." He looked at her as her eyes widened in surprise to his suggestion.

"As I said, both options involve a great deal of work on your part. One is just a much easier and more enjoyable type of 'work'…the choice is yours however." He smiled at her, then his eyes widened and he snapped his fingers. "I almost forgot& order to 'seal the deal' so to speak&hellip.I am going to fuck you tonight&hellip.right here&hellip.right now.

That is…if you choose option two." She looked at him, completely stunned at what he had proposed. Her mouth hung open slightly to speak, and then closed again because she couldn't think of what to say.

When she collected herself she looked up at him again. "What? I am not sure I heard that second option correctly&hellip.I must have heard you wrong& said I had to come to your house on Saturdays for the rest of the semester&hellip.and fuck you??" "Yep…that's right. You could do the paper if you would rather&hellip.I am fine with either option.

It is totally up to you." "I'm married& realize that? I couldn't possibly&hellip.I mean…I couldn't…" "First off&hellip. I don't give two shits that you are married Ms. Sonnie…second, the choice is YOURS. You can do whichever option you like, or study REALLY hard and get A's on the next two tests AND the final and you will still get a C.

It's all up to you." He leaned back, his eyes watching her intently. She looked down at the ground&hellip.her mind racing. What could she do??

She knew that the paper would be virtually impossible to do along with the classwork, and she wasn't confident she could ace the next three tests.


Tears welled up in her eyes as she grew frustrated. As the ideas rolled through her head about what she could do, she grew more and more upset. "I&hellip.I just can't" "Like I said& is totally up to you. I understand if you don't feel that you can do something. You have three choices…but anyway. It seems like you are definitely not interested in option two…so…if you will excuse me&hellip.I have things to do." He walked past her to the door&hellip.opening it for her.

"Have a good evening Ms. Sonnie." She stood up slowly, gathered her things, and started walking towards the door. The tears in her eyes were continuing to well up. She thought that she would be able to save her dream of finishing college, but now it seemed that those hopes were lost.

Her mind continued to flip through the choices left her, and soon it was clear to her what she had to do. She stopped just before the door and spoke softly. "Wait…" She turned to look at him. His face betrayed no expression, he just regarded her kindly. "Excuse me? What did you say?" "I said wait&hellip." She licked her lips nervously.

"You promise me that I will get an A if I&hellip.if I do as you ask?" She blushed slightly, hesitant to be direct about what he was proposing. "That's right. If you agree to option two, I promise you an A for the class. Now&hellip.I am talking every Saturday& exceptions. From 11 A.M.


until at least 6 P.M. It might be a bit longer every so often. If I am so inspired." She looked down&hellip.unable to meet his gaze. Unable to believe what she was about to agree to. She took a deep breath in and then exhaled slowly. "Okay&hellip." He smiled to himself as he heard her, but didn't let her see him. "okay&hellip.what?" He pushed. She looked up at him, blinking back tears, "Okay&hellip.I will let you&hellip.let you& what you suggested." "You need to be clear with me Ms.

Sonnie&hellip.I suggested THREE courses of action. Which one did you want to agree to. Please be specific." He smiled slightly at her, causing her to blush. "It's MRS., and you know DAMN well what suggestion I am referring to." Her voice shook slightly but the frustration with his little game was building.

"I need you to be clear." She glared at him angrily, knowing that he wanted her to repeat his offer to him. "I said…Okay…I will let you&hellip." "Yes??

Let me what?" Her eyes looked down, unable to meet his gaze. Her voice grew softer, barely audible as she answered, "I will let you fuck me." He closed the door slowly, letting her hear it latch shut.

Then locking it slowly, he saw her eyes close tightly at the sound of the lock engaging. He smiled slightly again. "I don't think I heard you Ms. Sonnie…what was that?" "You heard me&hellip." She replied angrily. "Don't get snippy with me Ms. Sonnie…I asked you a question. You don't want to piss me off& you?" "No…" She felt the tears coming again, trying to hold them back she looked up at him and spoke clearly, "I said&hellip.I will let you fuck me." He stepped away from the door and went back to his desk, sitting on the front edge of it.

He used his foot to push one chair to the side. His eyes wandered over her slowly. He unbuttoned the first button on his shirt and then leaned back a bit, placing his hands on the desk, taking her in with his eyes.

"Okay…set your things down, and then I want you to take off you clothes&hellip.ALL of them. I want to get a good look at you before we begin." She set her bookbag and jacket on the ground next to her, then pushed it aside a bit with her foot. She took off her shoes slowly. Her eyes looking at him for a moment, seeing the smug satisfaction in his eyes, she lowered her gaze, unbuttoning her jeans and slowly pushing them down to the floor. She stepped out of them and brushed them aside with her foot as she stood up.

Her hands went to the hem of her shirt and she lifted it over her head, removing it. She held it over her breasts as she looked back at him. "I said ALL of them…didn't I?" The tone of his voice stern and harsh, commanding. She nodded slowly…dropping the shirt to the floor, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, and pulled it off slowly. She could feel herself growing damp with anticipation and was startled at the realization.

She was becoming aroused at this! How could that be? As she questioned herself she dropped the bra on the floor and slid her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and began to push them down slowly…as she did, she noticed her nipples were hard, she blushed deeply. Torn between feelings of embarrassment that she was doing this and a strange arousal that was filling her.

When she stood back up she kept her eyes lowered, not wanting to meet his gaze. She felt a dull ache between her legs and blushed deeper. "Very nice, Ms. Sonnie&hellip.very nice& here." She slowly walked towards him her eyes looking down at the ground, stopping just in front of him, here hands clasping together nervously in front of her.

His hand tilted her head up to look at him, as her eyes found his, she could feel the tears building again, torn between her marriage vows and her dream of a college degree she looked away, unable to meet his gaze.

He leaned close and kissed her neck softly…moving up along her neck to her ear, biting gently on her earlobe…her arms fell to her sides instinctively and she sighed softly. "Its going to be all right&hellip.just relax.

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Unbutton my shirt for me." He whispered in her ear before kissing her neck again…moving from one side to the other, her head lilted back to allow him access. His hands sliding along her sides&hellip.over her back, bringing her closer.

Her hands moving up and began undoing the buttons on his shirt as he kissed her neck and shoulders. She could feel the hardness in his pants against her leg, and felt that ache between her legs swelling through her, stronger than before. She felt herself growing wetter every second. Her hands moved to the inside of his shirt and up to his shoulders, pushing it off of him slowly, her hands sliding down his arms, caressing his skin. "mmmmm&hellip.thats it Ms.

Sonnie. Now…undo my pants…push them and my shorts down." His kisses now being followed with light, soft biting along her neck and shoulders. Each bite sending sensations rolling through her. His one hand on the small of her back, while the other rested on the shoulder of her right arm. A soft groan escaped her lips as her hands moved quickly to his belt. Her fingers unclasping it quickly and then the button on his pants. She pushed her hands on the waistband, causing them to slide down his legs.

Her fingertips skimming the skin of his thighs as his pants fell down around his ankles. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side, standing naked in front of her. Her eyes glanced down to see his hard cock finally free from the clothing that had held it back.

"Oh god&hellip." She whispered. "God can't help you Ms. Sonnie," He growled at her lowly. "You know what is the only thing that can help you now?" His tongue tracing the outside of her ear. She shook her head from side to side softly as she responded, "no…what?" His hand on her shoulder slid down her right arm to her wrist. Taking her hand and moving it slowly to his swollen member. "This," He told her. He slowly closed her fingers around it, and moved his hips slightly to push it into her hand.

She felt the heat coming from him, and her hand began to slowly stroke his cock and her eyes lowered to watch what she was doing. He smiled to himself as she moved closer to him.

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"Find something you like…Ms. Sonnie?" "Oh my&'re so& hard&…so big&hellip." Her fingers gripped him firmly, but tenderly. Her hand moving slowly up and down. He slowly turned her around& she was against the desk and he was in front of her. Moving her slightly, so she was sitting on the desk, he stepped between her legs, spreading them.

He moved her hand from his cock and took it in his own. Then he slid the tip of it up and down her lips, feeling the moistness there, smiling at her evilly. She blushed a deep red and lowered her eyes, ashamed that he now knew exactly how aroused she was. He slowly moved the head of his cock up and down, parting her lips, but not pushing into her.

As he moved up he pressed his cock firmly against her clit, which caused her hips to lift slightly. Rubbing the head of his cock against her clit elicited a soft moan from her, and he smiled again as he slid his cock back down her lips, teasing her like this over and over. His free hand slid up her side and moved behind her neck&hellip.lifting her body, bringing it closer to him.

"mmmmm& ready Ms. Sonnie? Ready to earn your A?" Reality came back to her suddenly, she saw herself naked on the desk, ready to give a stranger what she had promised to only give her husband. Her hands went to his chest, pushing lightly. "Wait&hellip.I can't&…I've changed my mind&hellip.we have to stop.

Please&hellip.please stop." His eyes widened in surprise. "Excuse me??" He pressed the head of his cock against her clit and rubbed firmly in a circular motion. "What did you say?" Tears welled up in her eyes and she looked at him pleadingly. She whimpered in response, "I can't&hellip.I just can't.

I've never…never been with anyone else&hellip.please& have to stop. Please&hellip." Tears started to roll down her cheeks as she looked at him pleadingly. "Please don't…" He looked at her, his one hand stroking her cheek in sympathy.

"I'm sorry Ms. Sonnie&hellip.but&hellip." He slid his cock into her slowly, letting her feel each inch of him as he entered her. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock tightly…the warm wetness of her enveloping him. Her eyes widened in surprise as he pushed into her, her mouth opening and light gasp escaping her. Once he was in her fully, he ground his hips against hers, pushing himself in even deeper.

Her hips jutted upward to meet him and he heard her moan lightly, "oh god no&…" He pulled back slowly and pushed in again, enjoying the feel of being inside her. The fact that she was still trying to resist him, turning him on even more. His eyes watched her every expression.

Her eyes closed, and her hands moved to his arms, trying to steady herself as well as push him away from her as he slowly plunged into her again and again. She shook her head from side to side, trying to will herself somewhere else. "no&" was all she kept repeating as he moved his cock in and out of her slowly.

He could feel her getting wetter with every thrust, and the walls of her pussy were contracting and releasing his cock repeatedly. He held himself deep inside her for a moment, pausing so he wouldn't cum too soon. He wanted this to last, to have her give herself over to him totally.

He began to move a bit faster, thrusting a bit harder, grinding into her deeper every few thrusts. The sight of her under him, her breasts bouncing lightly as he pumped his cock into her and her eyes closed in an attempt to deny what was happening filling him with a deep desire, spurring him to go faster&hellip.harder. He felt her hips undulating against his, and her fingers digging into his arm as she let out a long deep groan.

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"Oh godddd&hellip.nooooooo&hellip." "That's it Ms. Sonnie&hellip.mmmmm hmmm& feel that? Feel me deep inside you, don't you?" He pumped into her rapidly, and then slowed down again, moving into her at an almost agonizingly slow pace, holding himself deep inside her for a moment before pulling back again.

"Don't you?" She shook her head from side to side, trying to block out his words. She was trying to deny the sensations roaring through her body as his cock filled her again and again. She felt her body responding to him, her hips rocking against him…driving herself onto his cock. She was torn between the shame of enjoying what was happening and the overall pleasure she was experiencing.

He felt incredible, she had never felt such raw passion before. With her husband it sex had been pleasant in the beginning, but over the years it became almost routine, and in more recent years it had been a rarity. Even in the best years of their lives, sex had never felt like this. His cock wasn't much larger than her husbands, but the way he used it was amazing.

Every movement he made sent new waves of pleasure through her&hellip.some small&hellip.some enormous. She never felt so full, so satisfied, and although her mind screamed at her that it was wrong, her body didn't want it to stop. The dull ache that she had felt between her legs when she had taken her clothes off had become an all consuming need. She felt her whole body tingling and her pussy She knew if she didn't stop this soon, that she would never be able to stop.

"Please&…have…to stop&hellip.please&hellip.before&hellip.its&hellip.too&hellip.late&hellip.ohhhhhhh" She groaned each word as he thrust himself into her relentlessly. "I don't think so Ms. Sonnie&hellip." He leaned over and sucked her breast into his mouth. Pressing her nipple against his teeth with his tongue as he grinded against her. Sucking it tenderly he looked up at her.

Her hips thrust up and down at him as his cock worked in and out of her throbbing, wet pussy. Her head was thrown back and her moans were getting louder.

He could feel her legs beginning to quiver and knew that her orgasm was fast approaching. He began to thrust into her harder…keeping a quick pace as he moved from one breast to the other for a bit and then back up to her neck.

Her arms wrapped around his neck as he started to bite her shoulders softly. Then moving to her ear he growled lowly. "That's it&hellip.let it out. It feels sooooo good doesn't it? She pulled herself up against him, holding her body against his in a vain attempt to stop him from moving. Shaking her head from side to side, she began to sob openly against him.

"Plea.ea.ease&hellip.sto…sto.op& have to&hellip.sto…ooo…opppp……ohhhhh goooodddddddd" "You know I'm not going to stop. You feel how wet your pussy is? How it's gripping my cock so tightly&hellip.all your pussy wants is…" He slammed himself into her hard, and ground against her, "is MORE" He lifted himself up and started to fuck her hard and fast again. "Isn't it??" Her whole body wracked against him as her orgasm crashed over her.

Her hips rapidly and wildly lifting and lowering&hellip.grinding against him as her arms pulled him tightly to her. She felt orgasm over orgasm rip through her as she could no longer hold back. "NO&hellip.NO&hellip.NO&hellip.OHHHHH FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK…&hellip.OH MY GOOODDDDD……I'M CUMMING…&hellip.OH GOD HELP ME I'M CUMMING……OH YES&hellip.YES&hellip.YES&hellip.YEEEESSSS&hellip.OH CHRIST……FUCK ME&hellip.FUCK ME&hellip.FUCK MEEEEEEE……" She screamed.

Her body writhed against him. Her nails dug into his skin as she pulled him against her. He smiled as he continued to thrust into her. "That's it Ms. Sonnie&hellip.let it out. Feels good doesn't it baby? You like the way that cock feels inside you&hellip.don't you?" She raised and lowered her hips against him, thrusting her pussy onto his cock. Her mind had blocked out everything other than what he was doing. She threw her head back and nodded&hellip.groaning loudly&hellip.lost in the waves of pleasure that continued to roll over her.

"YES&hellip.GOD FORGIVE ME&hellip. YES&hellip.I LIKE IT&hellip.I LIKE IT&hellip.OH GOD PLEASE&hellip.PLEASE FUCK ME&hellip." "That's it&hellip.give me that pussy Ms. Sonnie. Tell me how good it feels&hellip.tell me how hard your going to work for that A." He lowered her so her back was on the desk and she was looking up at him, her legs were lifted up against his chest as he stood at the end of the desk and continued to thrust into her hard and fast, her breasts bouncing.

She closed her eyes, and letting out a deep groan. Once he was inside her fully, he ground against her and then lifted up on his feet and pushed into her slowly, dragging the shaft across her clit.

He started to move in and out of her slowly, deliberately, making sure his cock touched her in all the right places. Her back arched up and she let out a low guttural moan. Her hands reached out and grabbed his arms, gripping them tightly as she pushed her pussy at him. "Ohhhhhhhhh……gooooddddd." "What did I tell you about God Ms. Sonnie??" He thrust into her a bit harder, still moving slow and steady…speaking with each deep push into her.

"What&hellip.did…I&hellip.tell&hellip.YOU???" "oh&hellip.oh&hellip.oh&hellip.oh&hellip.he…cant hel p me. OOOOHHHH GODDDDDDD……" Her body began to shake again and he knew she was cumming again.

He leered down at her as he started to grind into her slowly in a corkscrew motion, her hips thrust upward to meet his. He pushed her legs up onto his arms and lowered himself onto the desk on top of her&hellip.thrusting hard and fast again still in a corkscrew motion, drilling his cock into her again and again, trying to take her orgasm to a whole new level&hellip.and succeeding.

"Let it out&hellip.tell me&hellip." He urged her. "What's the only thing that can help you now??? Her eyes flew open and her arms wrapped around him tightly as she screamed out. "FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK……AAAAAAAAHHHHHH…&hellip.OOOOOHHHHHHHH&hellip. YOUR COCK&hellip.YES&hellip.YES&hellip.FUCK&hellip.FUCK&hellip.COCK&hellip.COCK&hellip.MORE&hellip.MORE&hellip.OH FUUUUCCCCKKKK!" He stopped his thrusting due to the fact her hips were rising and falling off the desk, grinding against him as she fucked him back like some crazed animal.

Her nails digging into the flesh of his ass as she pulled him into her. He looked into her eyes and smiled tenderly at her as she thrust her body up towards his, grinding and thrusting as she came. "That's it Ms. Sonnie&hellip.give it to me…tell me&hellip.tell me what you want&hellip.what you need." Her hips were still thrusting against his with abandon. Rising and falling repeatedly, her pussy was soaking, spasming around his cock. She couldn't stop herself, all she wanted was to feel his hard cock deep inside her.

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She had never been hotter or filled with more lust in her life than at this moment. It was as if the part of her that knew this was wrong was outside of her body watching what was happening. She couldn't believe what she was doing, or what she was saying, even though it was her voice filling the room. "MORE&hellip.FUCK ME&hellip.GIVE ME THAT WONDERFUL COCK &hellip.FUCK ME…FUCK ME…OH YOU BASTARD&hellip.DON'T STOP.FUCK ME&hellip.FUCK ME&hellip.FUCK MEEEEE&hellip.IT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD&hellip.I NEEEEEEED IT&hellip." He started thrusting into her again, groaning in her ear.

"Mmmmmm&hellip.that's it Ms. Sonnie&hellip.take that hard cock deep inside you. Mmmm&hellip.yes& don't want me to stop do you?" Her head shook wildly from side to side. "NO&hellip.NO&hellip.OH GOD DON'T STOP…DON'T STOP&hellip.FUCK ME&hellip.FUCK MEEEEEE&hellip.OHHH…OHHH&hellip.OHHH&hellip.OHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK&hellip." "Does your husband fuck you this good Ms.

Sonnie? Does he?" He taunted her as he slammed his cock inside her hard and fast. "Does he?" "NO…&hellip.NO&hellip.OH GOD NEVER LIKE THIS&hellip.NEVER&hellip.SO GOOD&hellip.SO FUCKING GOOD&hellip.DON'T STOP&hellip.OH YOU BASTARD&hellip.YOU ROTTEN BASTARD&hellip.TAKE IT&hellip.TAKE IT&hellip.CUMMMMMING&hellip.OH GOD I CAN'T STOP CUMMING&hellip.AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" Her body wracked against his time and again.

Their bodies moved together, hands roaming all over each other. His mouth covered hers and she kissed him furiously, her tongue searching out his and probing his mouth. She continued to groan in pleasure as they kissed, her hands in his hair as she ground her hips against his thrusting cock.

After what seemed like hours, her orgasms began to subside. The energy weeping out of her, she went almost totally limp as her body collapsed from exhaustion.

He slowed his thrusts and propped himself on his arms over her, looking down. Her body trembled continuously as he looked down at her. She stared up at him, her mouth open slightly as soft moans escaped her. She felt herself coming back to reality and blushed a deep red as everything that she had done and said hit her. She pushed against his chest. "Get off of me……you got what you wanted.

Now get off." He moved off of her and pulled her up so she was sitting on the desk. She swatted at his hands in frustration and embarrassment.

"Get away from me&hellip." She snarled at him He regarded her for a moment and then grabbed her wrist, pulling her to stand in front of him. Looking down at her he moved his face close to hers and spoke. "Did I SAY that I was done yet?" He spun her around quickly and pushed her against the desk. He moved up behind her, and with his hand sliding up her back, he bent her over the desk. At the same time, in one fluid motion, he thrust his cock into her from behind. Filling her once again.

Her hands went out on the desk as he bent her over, she looked back over her shoulder to protest, but before she could say a word, he was thrusting into her again.

This new position sending a new wave rolling through her. Her hands gripped at the desk and she groaned. "noooooo&hellip." His one hand slid up her neck and into her hair, pulling her head back slightly, arching her back as he continued to thrust into her&hellip.hard&hellip.deep. His other hand was on her hip, guiding her movements as his cock slid in and out of her. "Yesssss&hellip.oh yes&hellip.that's it&hellip.mmmm hmmm& good.&hellip." He groaned as he moved into her. She felt the ache inside her again, and she closed her eyes.

Biting her lip she pushed her hands on the desk so she was pushing back at him, causing him to go in deeper. She felt him leaning over her, kissing her back, moving up to her neck. She eyes closed and she turned her head to the side to allow him access, his hand in her hair turning her slightly as he growled in her ear. "I am glad that you have enjoyed yourself&hellip." He ground his hips against her ass as his cock filled her, "cause now&hellip.its MY turn," and then, gripping her hair tighter he started thrusting harder&hellip.faster.

He groaned deeply as he thrust into her continuously. His cock driving inside her so deep. His words and their meaning began to sink in. Her eyes shot open when she understood him, and she started to try to move away from him, although all her movements did nothing but allow him to move into her deeper.

"No&hellip.stop& can't do that&hellip.I'm married&hellip.stop& HAVE to STOP&hellip." Even as she spoke the words she could feel the ache from her pussy growing. Fear welled up in her and the tears came again.

"Stop&hellip.stop&hellip.please don't & can't&hellip.plleeeeaaaasssssseeee" "I can…" He groaned into her ear, "and I WILL…" He thrust against her wildly, driving himself into her again and again. Her breasts were bouncing, and he could hear her thighs lightly slapping against the edge of the desk. He bit her neck softly and moved to her shoulders as he could hear her protests of 'stop' and 'please' ringing in his ears. For all her protests, however, he could feel her hips rolling back toward him in a circular motion, taking his cock into her easily&hellip.readily.

"That's it Ms. Sonnie&hellip.just like that. Come on& know you want it." She hung her head down and pushed back against him. As much as she wanted to deny it…he was right. She DID want it, and that was the conflict raging inside her. She knew it was wrong, that she belonged to someone else, but all she wanted was this&hellip.him.

She wanted him to take her&hellip.claim her&hellip.possess her. She knew that if he came inside her, that he would own her&hellip.body and soul, and what scared her even more was&hellip.she didn't care. She turned back to face him, looking at him with unrestrained desire. "Fine&hellip.come on then&hellip.fuck me. Fill me with that cock you bastard&'ve already raped me& finish it&hellip.rape me&hellip.take me&hellip.claim my pussy for your own." She rutted back against him hungrily, not caring anymore.

"I want feel you cumming inside me&hellip.Rape me&hellip.and fill me with your cum." His eyes locked on hers and he smiled wickedly at her. He thrust into her faster, bending his knees slightly so he could enter her at a slightly upward angle, causing his shaft to drag across her clit as he pushed into her.

She let out a deep moan of pleasure, licking her lips as she looked back over her shoulder at him. "That what you want Ms.

Sonnie?? Hmmmm?? You want me to cum inside you& claim you as my own." He groaned as he continued to drive into her, trying to hold back his own orgasm for as long as possible. "Yes&hellip.yes&hellip.yes you bastard&hellip.YES&hellip.FUCK ME……RAPE ME&hellip.OWN ME&hellip.GIVE ME YOUR COCK AND RAPE ME YOU BASTARD!!" Her words took him over the edge, that and the fact that her pussy started spasming on his cock again, gripping and releasing rapidly as she came all over him again.

He exploded inside her. His hips thrust forward and locked there as he ground against her, wave after wave of cum shooting into her. He cried out, "OH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YESSSSSS……CUUUMMMMMIIINNGGGG……THAT'S IT&hellip.TAKE EVERY DROP OF IT BABY&hellip.OH YEAAAAAHHHH" She felt the waves of warmth shooting into her, filling her.

Her orgasm ripping through her as she rolled her hips on his cock, taking him deep inside her, she cried out again. "OHHHHH GGGGOOOOODDDD……CUUUUMMMMIINNNNNGGGG&hellip.SSSOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDDD&hellip.MMMMMMM&hellip. FUCK YESSSSSSS&hellip.OH&hellip.OH&hellip.OH&hellip.OH YESSSSSSSS……YESSSSSSS&hellip." She lowered herself against the desk, the coldness of the wood was soothing to the warm skin of her breasts.

She could feel him inside of her, still throbbing. He laid over her…his hands sliding out over her arms as he was on top of her from behind, his cock still deep inside her. His kisses on her shoulder soft and tender, his head nuzzling against her neck slightly as he whispered in her ear. "Well&hellip.Ms. Sonnie&hellip." He thrust his hips forward slightly, letting her feel him inside her still, "I think we understand each other&hellip.don't we?" She groaned in pleasure and nodded her head.

Then turning to her side she looked at him. Her eyes stared into his longingly. "Yes, Mr. Davidson&hellip.we understand each other&hellip." He smiled at her slightly, "So&hellip.when will I be seeing you again?" He stood up slowly&hellip.his hands caressing her skin, then helping her up he turned her to face him and pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her. "Saturday morning&hellip.eleven A.M., sir." She wrapped her arms around him as well and looked at him, "and every Saturday for the rest of the semester&hellip." "That's right&hellip.eleven to six, every Saturday&…now that you have had a sample of the work you will be doing, what do you think about getting that A?" He teased her.

Her hand moved slowly and she slowly caressed his cock. "I think I am going to have my work cut out for me&hellip.but," She squeezed slightly, "but&hellip.I think I am up for the challenge. If you can be as thorough as you have been tonight." Her eyes smiled playfully as she massaged him. "Well Ms. Sonnie&hellip.we didn't even get to ALL the work we will be doing, so I think you will be pleased even more so from now on&hellip." He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her softly.

Her mouth opened and she kissed him back hungrily. She could feel his cock stirring in her hand. She smiled again, and moved away from him reluctantly. She dressed slowly as he watched her. She gathered her things and began to go towards the door. As her hand turned on the doorknob, she turned back to look at him as he was just buttoning his pants. "See you Saturday Mr. Davidson&hellip.and just for the record&hellip." Her eyes met his and she smiled, "That was the best 'extra credit' I could have asked for.

She stepped out the door and closed it quietly behind her. Walking towards her car&hellip.all she could think about was how much she was going to enjoy her weekends for the rest of the semester.