Bendigo Beautiful Camgirl Maura Inserts Dildo Live on Webcam

Bendigo Beautiful Camgirl Maura Inserts Dildo Live on Webcam
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Im a young 24 year old male in very good shape who was on unemployment looking for work. I got a call for a job I have been waiting for, for what seemed like forever. I thought i was just going to get it but i had to take a few written tests and then an interview. Later that week i got yet another call, this time it was saying i got the job providing i passed a physical at a specified doctors office. I got the address and the time i needed to go in and a week later i went.

I walked in the front door and behind the desk was a 35ish looking nurse with a huge set of tits leaning over the desk. She was helping someone with their paperwork and i just was lost in the vastness.

She was a big lady but just right.

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I must have been staring for awhile with my jaw hanging open and drooling. "Sir, are you ok?, she said with a knowing smirk, "you dont look so well." "Oh, I'm here for a physical." I handed her my paperwork which thank God she had to look over giving me another even more close up view of those sweet massive tits.

"youre going to get a few tests, including a drug screen and a physical. What do u want first?" Seeing as i had a big gulp earlier that day i was ready to piss so i opted for the drug screen first. "Two doors down on the left, wait on the bench outside the room" I walked down the hallway and sat down by the lab room for only a moment when i was called in.

The nurse was a 20 something hottie probably just out of school. "Come on in, I'm just about ready for you." There was three cups full of urine sitting on the table with sticks in them and a couple of empty ones, which i was hoping on using since i really had to go badly.

"Let me just clean this up first and ill get to you." At that point i could have sworn she downed all three cups of piss on the table, but i must have been mistaken.


She handed me my cup and said "if you need any help id be glad to assist you" Confused as to what she could do to help me pee in a cup i said " uh, yeah sure." At that point she looked out in the hall then closed and locked the door. "All you really need to do is get this drug test strip soaked with piss and I mark the results down, I'd rather not use a cup." She grabbed one of the strips and put in between her lips and told me to go ahead and soak it.

I felt a little weird at first but quickly got over that. My stream burst out with such force it knocked out the strip in her mouth, but she didnt want me to stop.

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She opened her mouth wide and i just kept on pissing right down her throat. I felt like i was pissing forever but she never let up and i managed to soak her hair, face, and shirt and the splash off actually got my test strip enough. "Well, if there are any complications with your test, is there a number i can reach you so we can try again?" I dont think i ever smiled so big in my life after hearing that i might get to do that again.

I gave her my number and went up to the desk to see miss huge tits again. After seeing her and what i just went thru, i got a huge hard-on. I had a few small tests like hearing, and a vision test, which normally would be fine but trying to hide an 8inch hard dick isnt easy, so i was uncomfortable. My last test was up next-the physical.

I was dreading having some old man grabbing my nuts but i was content after all that ive had so far, what was worse was i still had a huge boner that i was trying to hide away. The big tit nurse took me into a room to take my vitals and kept smiling at me.

I know she caught a glimpse of my dick, cuz she kept inadvertantly rubbing something over it everytime she moved. When she was finished she said with a naughty smirk," the doctor will be in shortly to finish the physical." Well my good day must be coming to an end.

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Some old guys gonna grab me and im hard as a rock. Then came thru the door a gorgeous curly red haired woman that was shaped perfectly and was about 5'3 and maybe 115 pounds stating she was the doctor.

I was in heaven!! She checked my eyes my throat, etc and looked down and got a huge smile. "Now time for my favorite test of all, the hernia test, drop your drawers cutie." I slowly did, kind of embarrassed about my hardon but excited too. "Now I cant get any good test results when youre like that, I'll need some assistance" At that she went over to the intercom and paged a nurse in to the room.

To my joy it was the big titted one who came in with a huge smile too. There i was standing erect with 2 hot women-a doctor and a nurse.

The nurse dropped to her knees and took my dick all the way in all at once while the doc sat back playing with her finely trimmed red pussy until she laid me on the table and straddled my face nearly drowning me in juices. She got off on my tongue with rapid shuddering and climbed off and the nurse got on the table.


The doc went right for her pussy diving in and spreading her ass cheeks invitingly at me. I didnt waste one second plunging in her ass as far as i could reach.

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They both yelled out, as my dick rammed her ass, her tongue jammed up the nurses pussy.we were all three just going at in went i felt a hard shudder going up my leg and began spasming as i shot loads of cum up her hot ass.

i pulled out and my dick made a plop noise from the air suction. the nurse looked at my shit and cum covered dick and dropped down again and got me right back up to go again.

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"Youve been staring at my tits all day long, how about trying them on for size. Right as she said that she unhooked her bra and dropped out the biggest set of fun bags ive ever seen.

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DD would be short changing it. She wrapped those fuckers around my dick and started to jerk me off with them and licking my head with each stroke. Once again the doc was on her pussy and making the nurse cum so she was going to town on my dick.

I didnt think id have anything left but when i came her tits and face were dripping with my cum which her and the doc took their time licking it off and making out. After a bit of rest i asked" So did i pass?" the doctor said "definitel, but i might need to call you in for another one soon." I went up to the counter to get my paperwork and went home in a daze. Needless to say i got the job the next day.

I go and get a physical about once a month, just to be safe. the end.

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