Couple caught through a window on spy cam

Couple caught through a window on spy cam
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Kelly ground her hot cunt into my face. "Yeah, like that, Oh, Oh Fuck, eat my cunt daddy, lick me, Oh fuck yes" Moving my head slightly, I placed my mouth on her clit, sucking it slowly into my mouth.

Kelly gasped and bucked, wiggling her sweet snatch on my face. " Oh, Yes, Yea Oh, Aah, UMPH, YES. oh Fuck, Fuck Suck my clit daddy, Suck my cunt Ohh, Aah, I'm Cumming." Kelly leaned forward grabing the haedboard and allowing me a better position to munch her twat. The middle of my tongue moved over her swollen clit, as she fucked my face.

" Eat me, lick my cunt you fucker, Yea Yess." Her moaning and screams got louder. " OOh, AAH, FUCK, I'm CUMMING, ohumph, Fuck yyes, do me daddy, do me, suck my cunt" Kellys body shook for what seemed like a minute before she collapsed on top of me. Looking down she smiled and kissed me.

" That was fucking awesome daddy, now we have a surprise for you. The mouths on my cock and balls stopped. I felt a hand grab my cock, slowly stroking it with a nice tight grip. " move to the corner of the bed daddy said Kelly and straddle the edge of the mattress".

Kelly still blocked my view as I did what was asked. A mouth swolled up my cock, quicly sucking me, each stroke swolling more. As quick as the sucking started it stopped, and a hand stroked me more.

Next, I felt a hand on each thigh, as the head of cock pushed against a tight hole. Slowy shee lower herself onto my prick, the hand that was jerking me now guiding me.

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The feeling was incredable, tight, hot, warm. The sensation was driving me wild. The low moans of my mystery fuck only hightened my desire. I could not bare it any longer and thrust my hips up, pushing my cock deeper into her. Oh, Fuck, Oh yea, was all I heard. It took a moment for me to realize that the voice was not JJ nor Carly. I froze, asking Kelly " Who am I fucking?". Kelly smiled and put her finger to my lips, " you'll see" she smiled.

My mystery fuck began to increase her pace, as I re focused on tne intense feeling in my dick. I began to thrust up, building a rhythum with her. The pace continued to quicken. Oh fuck,whoever you are you feel good. JJ came over to me, planted a kiss on my lips saying, "want to know whos ass your fucking?" Carly then spoke up, not yet but soon you will know.

At this point I did not cars. The ass I was fucking felt so tight ans so good. Pklacing my hands on her hips I began to thrust deeper and faster. Her moans increased as she cried out " Oh, Awh, Don't stop it feels too fucking good, Yes work my ass, fuck mt tight hole." I her a low hum coming from in front of us. Kelly spoke up saying, " do it like we planned, JJ." Suddenly my mysteryfuck tensed up and let out a yelp -" Oh God, Fuck oh Fuck." I felt a vibration also realizing that my mystery fuck was getting the DP treatment.

She screamed as her breathing increased, feeling her body tense I knew she was going to cum. Quickly she explode ," Ooh yes, yes, yeess, fuck oh god fuck my cunt and ass oh don't stop, fuck me hard." I began to feel a pressure building in my nuts.


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Kelly moved to the side, I could not believe my eyes or luck. It was Jody, JJ's younger sister. Many qouestions came to me but at this point I did not care. Sitting up I grabbed Tara around the waistplacing her on the bed. " Get on all fours, you fucking slut", I ordered. Jody readly complied as i began to work my cock in and out of her ass.


" Your ass is so fuckng tight, You like my cock in there, you like me fucking you" I said " Oh yea, fuck my ass you bastard, blow you load in me, fill my hole with your hot cum. Grabbing her hair in one hand, I began to fuck Jody's 13 yr old ass as fast I could. Thats it, fuck her the 3 girls cried out. Fuck her ass good. I looked over to see JJ and Kelly figering each other and Carly working the vibrator in and out of her cunt.

None of the girls took there eyes off of us. My pace quickened as my cock grew harder. The lust I was feeling was overpowering me. Jody's ass was so hot and tight. "Oh yea, fuck me, work your cock in my ass, ooh, aah, yes thatts it. I'm getting close, cum with me spew your hot jism in my hole. yea, fuck me hard". Forcing Jody down onto her stomach, I grabbed a pillow and place it under her hips.

This gave me the angle I needed for maximum penetration. Next I climbed between her legs, leaving them slightly open. Grabbing my engorged cock I quickly entered her, pushing every last inch as far as I could. Jody moaned in approval, pushing back to meet my thrusts.

" Fuck yea, your ass is so tight, you are a good fuck" I felt the pressure building and knew I would be cumming soon. " Yes Jody, Oh yea uugh, aah, yea I'm going to fill you with my cum, oh fuck, I can't hold back. " " Yeado it yes, yes, yes, ooh aah uumfIm cummimg too, aaahh." Grunting I let out a load aah, uugh, and shot a huge load of cum inside he. My cock kept pumping her ass, only now at a slower and steadier pace.

Jody was quietly sighing with each stroke. " Yea, thats nice, I like that." We continued at this pace for a few minutes, both lost in the moment. JJ broke the silence saying " how was you birtday present you blackmailing bitch" " He is wilder than dad is," Jody replied but I am not through with him.

I want his cock in my pussy. Cuaght off gaurd I slipped out of Jody's ass. The 3 girls looked at us then each other. Carly spoke up saying, you had your fun, now wait your turn, as she climbed onto the bed.

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Carly then sat on Jody's face telling her " first you eat my pussy, then maybe you can have more cock. I grabbed JJ"s arm pulling her to me.

"Thank you" I said as I kissed her, our tongues dancing in each others mouth. I felt her body melt into mine and instantly began carressing her. I worked my hands over her tits gently teasing her nipples with my fingers.


Her body gently shook and I moved my hand slowly down her young tight body. My hand found her pussy and my finger began to slowly massage her swollen clit.

Her body pushed against me, her hips thrusting forward. Continuing on her clit, I felt a warm sensation on my semi hard cock. Looking down it was Kelly"s warm mouth gently trying to bring me back to life. Her lips tightened over my dick as she massaged my balls with her hand.

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Taking Kellys hand off my balls I placed it on JJ's cunt. Kelly immediately sliped in two fingers and began working them in and out. I continued to work her clit, as I kissed her deeply once again. My cock continued to grow but at a slower pace.

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Kelly sensed his and kept sucking me but very gently. JJ becan to moan and shake. He cries her muffled by our kiss but ther was not doubt she was about to cum. kelly removed her fingers, pull her mouth from my cock and clamped onto JJ's pussy. JJ shook uncontrolably breaking our kiss. "OH FUCK " she cried and buried her face in my chest. Kelly continued to suck her pussy as I kept time on her clit. Soon her orgasm subsided, as we all collapesed onto the floor or bed.

Jody was still eating Carly's cunt, only now she had flipped her over and crawled between her legs. Carly was moaning and sighing her hips rocking and bucking at a steady pace. Jody inserted a finger into her pussy at the same time she sucked her clit into her mouth. Carly yelped, then began whimpering - yes, umm, yea, oh oh yea,eat me fuck oh god thats good. Joys kept pace riding her thrusts while licking her.

Watching these two caused my cock to harden once more. I knew I should rest but the urge for pussy, especially a young, hot, tight, wet 13 year old pussy was strong. I grabbed Jody's hips and pulled them up and back. Her knees were close to the edge, and her feet slight dangled over the end. Stroking my cock I positioned myself between Jody's legs I rubbed the head against her twat, feeling the heat and the wetness.

Jody pushed back to meet me as I plunged my dick inside her. She was so tight, the tightest pussy I have had. Her young cunt muscles began to milk me as her hips set the pace.

There was no doubt she wanted to be fucked fast and hard. Who was I to deny her? Placing both hands on her hips I began plowing into her. I was not overly rough, but not gentle either. I began to fuck her faster but Jody quickened the pace. Pulling her mouth from Carly"s pussy she hissed, " Fuck my cunt as fast and as hard as you want. I may be young but I know how to fuck and I won't break." This was music to my ears. Pulling her hips back I began to fuck her deep and hard. My pace continued as her sweet pussy kept squeezing my cock on every thrust.

Her hips rocked back and forth, meeting my evert thrust. My grip increased on her her hips as my pace quickened. I was in heaven.

Her young silky smooth cunt felt so good on my cock.

Her muffled moans helped to increae my pace and the feeling that was once again building deep in my loins. " Oh, fuck your cunt is so good. I'm going to cum soon, Your pussy is to good to hold back." Her reply was to push back even harder. I began plowinig into her with all my force. Her body shook at the strenght and depth of my thrust.

Every stroke pushed her tongue deeper into Carly"s dripping pussy. A few more thrusts and I was too close to stop. " here I cum" I cried.

" Oh yea, cum in my cunt she gasped, yes do me cum now" she blurted out moving her face from Carlys cunt. A final few strokes and I erupted deep inside her. The amount of cum I spilled in her was amazing. Jody came with a load scream and then bucked and pushed her cunt against me.

I kept slowly fucking her, my cock twitching and Jody's cunt spasming with me buried dep inside her inside her. I was spent. I needed a rest, and maybe a few answers to the surprise i was given.