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Real suck arab first time sneaking in the base
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Nikki sat on the couch with Drake's arms wrapped around her.


It was almost New Years day and they were watching the ball drop on television. At midnight Drake kissed Nikki and his hands began to explore her. Nikki smiled through the kiss and took Drake's hand in hers. She guided it to her panty covered pussy. Drake pushed the fabric aside and slipped a finger into Nikki's hole. Drake undid his pants and put himself into Nikki. She looked at him in shock. "The couch?" she asked. "I never like it." Drake said and Nikki laughed nodding for him to continue.

Drake moved himself within Nikki and he held her close. They went to bed in Drake's room in nothing but underwear. Drake put an arm around Nikki's chest and she whimpered. "Are you alright?" Drake asked. "Yeah," Nikki said. "Just sensitive." "I'm sorry," "It's alright. Drake?" "Hm?" "You know this has to end right?" "What?" "When they get back we can't be like this.

I'll have to go back to my basement and your dad will get to continue with me." "Just behave and mom won't let him." "It doesn't matter whether or not I behave. He comes at me anyway." "So don't let him." "We've been over this." "Just forget it." Drake rolled over. "Drake?" Nikki asked. "No, I get it." "Get what?" "That you want my dad. I get it. Just go on back to your love bed and I'll be sure to tell them what a bad girl you've been." "Drake, don't ─" "Just go Nikki." Nikki fought the tears that built up in her eyes, placed the ring on his bedside table, and left the room.

She went down to the basement and cried herself to sleep. Joan and Richard returned with Juliette on the fifth as Nikki cleaned the kitchen counters and Drake ate breakfast. "How do you feel?" Joan asked. "Fine." Drake said. "Much better." "Good, I want to talk to you. There's a school a very private clean school. A boarding school, but almost 99.9% of their graduates go to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton." "But I'm already a senior." "That's nothing.

You should really think about going." "Sounds like fun. I'll look into it." Drake left at the end of the week. Nikki began to pine for Drake. Richard hadn't touched her, but that wouldn't last. Nikki wasn't feeling herself. She was nauseous all the time and she was exhausted all the time.

One night Nikki held her stomach as she heard the door open. She jumped as she sat up. Juliette stood at the foot of the bed.

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"It's nice here." Juliette said. "Can I help you?" Nikki asked. "I just came to apologize. I've been a real bitch." Nikki raised her eyebrows. "I met a boy at the cabin and I told him about our servant whom was caring for my ill brother and he asked a lot of questions about how I treated you. I realized I didn't want to tell him. Not because it's wrong, but because I was ashamed. I finally bawled out the truth about how I treated you like dirt and he said I needed to apologize.

I really am sorry for everything." "Thanks." Nikki said. "Are you alright?" "I just think I caught Drake's bug." "Nikki, its March." Nikki shrugged. "I'll be back." Juliette returned with a school book. "This is from my Health class." Juliette said. "How long have you been sick?" "Since January I guess." "So about three months. Nauseated?" "Yes," "Vomiting?" "Yes," Juliette frowned.

"Tenderness?" she asked. "In my chest." Nikki said. Juliette closed the book and looked into Nikki's eyes. "How does my dad punish you?" Juliette asked. "He has sex with me." Nikki said.

"But he's clipped, so I can't be pregnant." "Have you slept with anyone who wasn't clipped?" "Well, Drake." "And when was your last period? A normal one." "I don't have normal ones, but I guess the one in January was kind of spottier than usual." "Nikki," Juliette said gently. "I think you might be pregnant." Fear flooded Nikki's entire body. Juliette told her the plan and Nikki put her trust in her. The next morning Nikki cleaned the entire house in a state of shock.

Juliette arrived home later than usual. She went to the study and Nikki served dinner before being dismissed downstairs. Richard walked down and Nikki could smell the stench of alcohol. He put himself in her and began pounding her roughly.

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He rubbed her breasts hard and bit her neck. He came fast and left Nikki alone. Nikki fell asleep and was awoken by Juliette. "I got three." She said giving Nikki a bag.

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Nikki took the bag to the bathroom and returned after a couple minutes to her bed. She curled up under the blankets. Juliette rubbed Nikki's back and went to the bathroom. She returned to Nikki. "Positive." She said. "All three." Nikki couldn't stop the tears. "Nikki," Juliette said. "I have a plan, but you really need to trust me. Tomorrow I need you to get up and do your chores.

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Alright?" Nikki nodded and fell asleep. The next morning Joan told Nikki, Juliette was too sick to go to school. Nikki began her chores.

A few minutes after Joan and Richard left Juliette entered the kitchen. She told Nikki to sit as she picked up the phone. Juliette dialed a number and listened to it ring. "Yes I need to report an abused and neglected minor." Juliette said. "She is fifteen and I know for a fact she is being treated as a slave and was raped last night by the man of the house." She listened for a minute.

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"My name Is Juliette Michaels. The girl is Nikki, just Nikki. She needs help, please.

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I know this because she is in our house and has been here for three years. Please, hurry. Thank you." She hung up and got Nikki some water.

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Less than fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. A police officer and a woman with social services entered. "This is officer Charlie Bakers and I am Paula Diebolt." she said.


"We're from children services. You called us?" "I did." Juliette said. "This is Nikki." Paula looked inside Nikki's mouth and viewed the bite on her neck. "Can you show me where you sleep?" she asked Nikki. Nikki led them to the basement. "Let's check for fluids." Paula said. They sprayed something on the bed and turned off the lights. Officer Bakers passed a blue light over the sheets. Something glowed. He rubbed a Q-tip on it.

"Fresh semen." He said. "Was sexual intercourse done in this bed recently?" Paula asked and Nikki nodded.

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"Last night." She said. Paula looked around the rest of the house as Officer Bakers took photographs. "Do you have a brother?" she asked. "Yes," Juliette said. "He goes to boarding school. Mom sent him after he got sick." "Why call now?" "She's pregnant with my brother's baby." "Was it force?" "No," Nikki said.

"We loved each other and were together. But then we fought and he left. His dad is the one who raped me. Ever since I was twelve their mom permitted him to punish me that way." "Have you been seen by a doctor?" "No." "I can vouch for what she's been through." Juliette said. "I watched it and I did some. I know it was dumb and cruel, but I kept thinking better her, than me." "Pack your things." Paula said. "Both of you." They were taken to the hospital where nurses checked out Nikki and said her vagina was raw and bruised as evidence of rape.

There was semen in her vaginal vault and they compared the sample with that on the bed. Juliette made a phone call and a boy met her and Nikki at the station.

He looked about eighteen with rust red hair and hazel eyes. Nikki realized that Juliette had been seventeen for almost a month which meant, she was almost sixteen, herself. Drake was eighteen by now.

Nikki tried not to think of him. "Nikki this is the boy I told you about," Juliette said. "Asher. Asher, this is Nikki." "Nice to meet you." Asher said.

"I'm going to talk to my dad." "Your dad's a cop?" Nikki asked. Asher nodded. He disappeared for awhile and returned smiling. "Alright," he said. "You both are now wards of the state.

They're waiting for Joan and Richard to get home, so it's probably best if you're not here. I talked to my dad and he said you two can come and stay at my place. It's nothing like you're used to, but close. A big yard and everything and tons of rooms." "You live there alone?" Nikki asked.

"When I get a chance to be home I do. I mainly do work with photography, but right now I am on break so you two are welcome to stay. They nodded in unison. On August 21st Nikki woke in terrible pain.

She cried out and Juliette ran in with Asher behind her. Asher helped Nikki to the car as Juliette got the keys. They drove to the hospital where Nikki son birthed a baby girl. The next morning Nikki woke to see a familiar boy in her doorway. Drake smiled and walked to Nikki's beside. He kissed her temple. "I am so sorry." He whispered. "Apparently mom hadn't told anyone where I was so they couldn't find me and then I was about to go to Paris when I saw mom and dad on the news.

I ran to the station and they told me you were staying with Juliette at some guy's house and his dad said you were here." He looked to the baby. "Did you name her?" "I was thinking Sierra." Nikki said. "After the mountains. I saw some pictures Asher has taken of it and it looks beautiful." "We'll go for her tenth birthday." Drake promised. "If not sooner. I love you Nikki," "I love you too."