Bondage with ropes two babes share the same rubber toy

Bondage with ropes two babes share the same rubber toy
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 48 PHOTOS AND FUCKING It was a beautiful Saturday morning here in beautiful Switzerland.


Although both of us, I and my husband loves to be naked at home when we are alone. But, not that day, even it was holiday. The reason was that a cute girl Melina, about 13 / 14 years old, beautiful and the only girl of our businessman neighbor, was at our home. She used to come frequently in our house to play with our son Raju. Raju was only 7 months old, but he started recognizing peoples. He recognizes well Melina as his playing friend because she used to come at least one or two times daily to our house.

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She loves our son and takes good care of him. Raju also feels comfortable with us. So, Melina was at our home and was playing with Raju in our garden. I was just sitting in the drawing room with my husband after the breakfast and we were talking to each other. He asked me about my professional photography classes which I joined few weeks earlier. For the information of the readers, I have joined here photography classes due to many reasons. Firstly, I really wanted to learn the art of photography.

Secondly, I was having enough time in afternoon and it was a great idea to utilize the free time. The classes were just opposite of our apartment, across the road. And I was allowed to attend the classes taking my son with me in the class. Everyone, teachers and the fellow students, girls and boys becomes very familiar with Raju and they all used to play with him.

I was utilizing my time well and was learning the art of photography. When my husband asked me about my photography classes, I felt, it was the right time to show him my art. I took my professional digital camera and have opened the particular folder of photographs and handed over the camera to my husband to watch the photographs on digital screen of the camera.

It was NIKON digital professional camera, with necessary attachments, purchased recently for my professional photography course. He was stunned to see the photographs that in every picture I was there in different possess.

In first few photos, I was topless. In other photographs, I was showing myself completely nude. He looked closer. Yes, was definitely showing him my beautiful naked body, my lovely boobs my cute and clean shaved pussy and my firm ass rounds in these pictures. It was clearly visible in photos that I have a beautiful body, beautiful and well-shaped aureoles surrounding smallish but very erect nipples, a cute, clean shaved pussy on my leg joints with a firm and round ass on my back.

All the pictures of my sexy and nude body were clicked by me in privacy of our bedroom. The pictures were just perfect as they were clicked with my trained hands. My professional camera has an auto click facility for self-pictures. I was looking right at him. Not looking at him from in the pictures, I mean sitting next to him studying his reaction. "Julee, these are really excellent," He said, looking right back in my eyes.

My face reddened slightly hearing this. "Thank you. I wasn't sure how you would feel about me showing myself nude again to you. You have always helped me in the past in our private nude photography.


I wanted to show these because; these are my first nude pictures as a professional photographer." I said. "Julee. Your composition is great. The lighting is terrific. And, the subject is really, well, exciting. You are terrific and look truly terrific in the pictures. Your pictures are really are a turn on." He replied. "Thanks. That last part makes me really happy." I said smiling. It was not the first time and was not new for me click nude pictures. I have self-clicked a lot of nude pictures of mine before too.

I have also clicked my husband's nude pictures and at the same time, my husband too has clicked a lot of nude pictures of mine for our private collection. But now, I can say that what training can make difference. For your information, we have even made a full length movie of our complete fucking. We used to see our pictures and movie to make our sex life spicier. That time, I was wearing a long red t-shirt dress which went about half way down my thighs that does not require me to wear anything down on my legs.

I was wearing only a panty under that t-shirt. My nipples were pointing right out at him, because I wasn't wearing a bra under my t-shirt.

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I guessed it was my turn to say something. Surly by that time, I was turned on by the whole situation. "Ok. Now I want you to be my model." I said in sexy voice. "You want to take my nude pictures?" I did not hesitate.

"I want to take pictures of your cock. I want pictures of your cock when it's soft. I want pictures of your cock when it's hard. I want to pictures of you jerking off and I want a picture of you coming." I said clearly. "OK Julee, I am ready. When do you want me?" "What about right now?

Immediately after Melina goes her home and we are alone" I said.


To our luck, we saw Melina coming back in with Raju in her arms. Raju seems to be feeling sleepy. Melina smiled looking to us and she straight away went to a bedroom next to the kitchen with Raju in her arms. I like this most about Melina. She behaves like one of our family member with complete authority and we like this attitude of her. I put the camera off and we started to talk on general matters. I did it purposely, because I wanted to take pictures of his soft cock in normal position.

I wanted to divert his mind so that his cock remains soft when I take the camera to click photographs. After few minutes, Melina came out of the bedroom and said "Raju is sleeping now. I will come again in afternoon, Bye aunty, bye uncle." And she walked out of our apartment closing the main door. "Let's get started." I announced. We walked into another bedroom, just opposite of in which Raju was sleeping.

We did not close the door. Raju was sleeping in other bedroom and Melina went to her house by locking the main door of our apartment. I grabbed my camera. He asked me what I wanted him to do first. "Just hold tight while I get everything set up." With that, I moved a chair out of the way, checked that the room lights were turned on but not casting any shadows and took a few light measurements as a professional photographer.

"I prefer you standing, but you can sit in a chair or lay on the bed if you would be more comfortable." I said.

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He opted to stand, leaning slightly against the wall across from the bed. "Ok, let's get started," I said. "How about taking off your t-shirt and pants? Let's see how that looks." With that, he took his t-shirt out of his body, unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans.

He was wearing plain white Jockey underwear. I smiled at the site. "Let's just take a few pictures of this first," I said and I clicked some pictures of him only in his underwear.

"Ok, off with the underwear!" I instructed him. He pulled down his briefs to reveal his semi flaccid cock. Now he was standing completely naked before me. I knelled down about four feet in front of him, giving myself a perfect straight on view of everything.

I had to everything very fast because I knew that there was not much time in my hands and his soft cock will become hard very soon. At that time his semi soft and dangling cock is about four inches long. His balls were hanging down just a little bit below. Everything was in full view for me.

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I took a few pictures of his semi soft cock quickly and then moved to the side to take a few profile shots. He standing there, fully naked in front of his fully dressed sexy wife. This thought might be started his cock stirring. His cock started to grow. I noticed this change and took more pictures.

His growing erection was part of our private album project. We were happily doing that. When his cock was fully erected, standing out at its full length of about eight inches, I moved back to the front on position. Again, kneeling down a few feet in front of his fully erected cock, I kept clicking away, but he could also see that I was starting to breathe a little deeper.

He was enjoying this photo shoot as much as I was. After all, they are for our private collection and we can see them as and when we wish to. He still did not touch his hard and standing cock. He was waiting for my instructions and I was busy taking pictures of his fully erected, long, thick and hot cock.

He had jerked off his cock many times before too in front of me. I changed my positions. Instead of kneeling in front of him, I was sitting down on the carpet on my butt, my legs were slightly spread and bent upward, my t-shirt dress pulled up slightly and I knew that I was fully exposing my panty covered crotch to him. My white panties tightly stretched across my clean shaved pussy. I noticed that his eyes were locked in between my legs. I smiled and asked him to start the action on his cock.

Without really thinking, he started stroking his cock, up and down with his right hand. I kept on taking pictures. His left hand reached down to stroke his balls. Now, my breath was getting more and more uneven. I too started feeling the heat seeing him masturbating his cock. I saw, a little bit of pre-cum dripped from his cock slit. I slid myself closer to get a better shot.

I also gave him a better view as my panties pulled slightly into the crack of my cunt. Now, he was starting to get short of breath; stroking his cock faster and faster with his hand; keeping his eyes glued to my pussy lips, visible through my panties. I slid slightly over to the side. Sitting at an angle to him where I got a perfect view of the length of his dick and his hand stroking it up and down.

I took enough pictures of his cock, being jerked by himself and now, I had to wait for the pictures of his cum, coming out of his hot fucking tool. I knew that it was not a easy thing to make him cum. I proud that my husband is so strong in sex that he takes a long time to cum. Every time he fucks me, mostly I reach my orgasm more than once during his one fucking.

And now, when his cock was not fucking my pussy, it will even take a longer time to cum. I was fully hot and horny by that time. I wanted to suck his cock for two reasons. One, I love to suck his hot rod. Secondly, I wanted to make him cum early by my sucking. Surely, my sucking of his cock could have made him cum earlier than masturbating. But, I controlled myself. I did not want shining marks of my saliva on his cock in my photos.

I wanted to take pure masturbation and cum by masturbation photos. From this angle he could still stare at my panty covered pussy. I noticed that a small wet spot had appeared on my panty. It was slowly started to spread, highlighting even more the folds of my pussy lips. I was feeling an urgency of rubbing my own pussy. I decided to rub my own pussy in front of him, like he was jerking his cock in front of me.

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I knew this will also help him to cum earlier. I put the camera aside as I took enough pictures of his cock, his jerking off and now I wanted to take the pictures of his cum coming out of his cock. I pulled off my t-shirt immediately. I was not wearing bra under my t-shirt and my sexy globes were out of my t-shirt in a flash.

I could see a shining in his eyes seeing my boobs. I was sitting on the floor with only wearing a small white panty on my sexy body. I slipped my hand into my panties and took it out of my legs. Now, both of us, a pair of sexy husband and wife were completely naked in the bed room as we were in this position countless time.

My panty was completely soaked through and glistening with my juices. I saw my wet pussy lips with love and rub it a few times. I arched my back, let out a little yelp as my whole naked and body shuddered. Then I started rubbing my clit with my fingers, rubbing my pussy lips and fingering my pussy hole. I was pumping my own boobs with one hand and was fingering my pussy with the other.

He was continuing his hard strokes and was jerking his cock with a great speed to cum. Surely, showing my boobs and my pussy to him made him too hot and I knew that this will help in reaching to the orgasm, to the pleasure point and to cum early.

I too was so hot and horny seeing him masturbating that it did not take much time to reach to the peak of my pleasure.

I reached to my orgasm and my body reacted hard by experiencing strong and powerful orgasm by fingering my own pussy.

He was pumping his fist faster and faster. I was watching him sitting naked on the floor carpet. His hand holding his cock was moving up and down like a machine with a great speed. I was trying to control my breaths. Most of my work was done. Now photographs of his cum coming out of his cock were to be taken. I saw his knees starting to buckle slightly and he whispered: "Julee! Get ready, I'm about to cum." Right after he said I felt that tightening in his sphincter and his breath catch in his throat.

I grabbed my camera and was ready to capture the golden moments of his cum. After his few hard and powerful pumping strokes on his cock, the gobs of cum shot out from his cock flying high in the air before coming down three four feet straight away from him, right where I was sitting before I moved to the side to take the photographs.

My camera was clicking and the strobe was flashing away until he squeezed the last bit of cum out of his knob. I was looking at him holding the camera by my left side and I closed my eyes and was feeling a great pleasure. He hugged me and pushed me towards bed with his naked body. Our naked and sexy bodies were lying on the bed hugging each other.

After a few moments during which we both settled down from our orgasms, we looked at each other and smiled. I never expected anything like this to happen ever. He planted a very sexy and a long kiss on my juicy lips. I stood up and came over to him. I smiled and said, "I think I got some really great shots of you, let us see them." And I have opened the pictures.

"The pictures came out great." I told him and showed him the whole set of pictures one by one. Seeing the pictures together showing my husband jerking off his cock, as expected, we could not control our feelings.

We were already naked and I saw his cock was growing again wanting my pussy for fucking. I did not waste any time. I put the camera on the side table and took hold of his hot and growing cock. I wanted to suck it before but I could not because I wanted dry pictures of his jerking cock. Sucking his cock was as nice as always for me. I used my full skill to suck his long, thick, hot and hard cock. Because of the size of his cock, it is always difficult for me to take it in my mouth, but I took it in my mouth as much as possible and was sucking it like a tasty lolly-pop.

While I was sucking his cock, he was on his back on the bed and I was, on my stomach in such a position that he could run his hands on my firm ass rounds. He knew it very well that how to please me, so while running his hand on my ass rounds, he tickled my ass hole with his finger tip. That took me to another height of fuck pleasure.

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He also inserted his finger tip in to my ass hole many times while I was sucking his hot lolly-pop. I was moving my ass in up and down, side by side in pleasure provided by his hands on my naked lower and sexy part of the body.

He also ran his finger many a times between my wet pussy lips. We both were so hot that we wanted to have a complete cock pussy fucking pleasure on urgent basis. I could notice that he was very desperate to fuck me. He made me to sleep on my back exposing my naked boobs and my wet, hot and fuck needing pussy against his eyes.

He pushed my knees to my boobs. By this, my knees were touching to my boobs and my pussy was completely and clearly exposed to him for fucking. He knocked my wet pussy door by his hard dick and his dick started to come in to my pussy. My wet pussy welcomed his dick like a host welcomes a guest with pleasure. Once his hot fucking tool was settled and was completed absorbed by my pussy in few pushes, he started to fuck me and my pussy hard with his fucking tool.

He did not stop in between. He fucked me with all of his love, with all of his tool thrusts, pumping his cock in and out of my pussy. There was a stormy and wild fucking session. He knew while fucking me that I have already reached my orgasm in fucking, but he did not stop pumping his cock in my pussy.

Sometimes he allows me to feel complete pleasure of my orgasm by suspending his fuck, pumping for some time and then he starts fucking me again after some time. Sometimes he fucks me continuously, like he was doing that day. My pussy became more slippery after my orgasm and juices from my pussy were flowing towards my ass hole.

I could judge from his desperate strokes that he needs to cum as early as possible in to my pussy. And it did not take very long to reach me up to my next orgasm in his continue fucking. He was fucking me like a fucking machine. Fast.faster, hard.harder. And I knew that his cock was ready to shoot his cum shots in to my pussy, as I am an experienced fucker and could feel difference in the shape of his cock head in my pussy and also by his speed. He left my knees, holding by him in his hands during the fucking, and hugged me tightly in his arms.

And I could feel his powerful, warm cum shots deep inside of my pussy. His cock was showering his love juices in to my pussy and his cock was dancing in to my pussy while shooting cum shots.

We completed our fucking in hurry, just like a quickie because we wanted to fuck each other before our son wake up. And we did it. I could notice that it was the time for my son to drink milk. Although, I was breast feeding him till now but that milk was not enough for him and I used to give him cow milk according to growth and capacity of his growing body.

I just went to bathroom and cleaned myself. I put only a gown on my naked body and walked towards kitchen to warm the milk so that it can be given to my son as soon as he wakes up.

My husband was resting naked on the bed after fucking me like a storm. I just had a look of my son. He was still in deep sleep. I took a long breath and went inside the kitchen.

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I was busy in warming the milk and preparing tea when I heard little sound behind me. It was my husband, completely naked, as he was already. His cock pole was standing and I felt that his long, thick and hot fucking machine was saluting me and my just fucked pussy under my gown. I understood very well that my pussy will be fucked again, second time in short time. He just walked up to me, took me in his arms and pulled me towards him against his chest.

I was crushed against his bare chest, and I could also feel his hard cock pressed against my stomach. I could also feel the wetness growing again in between my legs, in my pussy. He starting kissing me and forced his tongue inside my mouth. I started responding back.

We started feeling up each other. He grabbed my buttocks with his hands and his hands were slowly moving upwards towards my boobs. He started pressing and pumping my milky boobs and was also kissing me by inserting his lounge fully inside my mouth. He then released me and started lifting my gown to make me naked again like him.

I just pulled up both my hands and allowed him to remove the gown completely from my body. I was now standing in front of him completely naked like him. He bends down and have started licking on and around my erected nipples.

They were already swollen and I could also feel my thighs getting wet with my pussy juices. I was feeling so horny that I just wanted his hot cock inside my wet pussy again. I wanted him to fuck me immediately. He again started sucking on my boobs.

I started kissing his bare chest and moved my hand down towards his fuck tool. I sat down on my knees and have started kissing and licking his erected hot cock, lustfully inhaling his sexual aroma. Then I slowing opened my mouth and started sucking his hot rod.

His fully grown cock was making it difficult to keep it inside my mouth. I was licking and sucking him like a crazy lady, as always. He then pulled my head away from his cock and just picked me up in his arms as if I was a doll. He then carried me up to the bed. He parted my legs and inserted his finger inside my love tunnel. A groan escaped from my lips, I was very wet again. I was in a different world in itself. He parted my legs and then slowing inserted the tip of his cock inside my wet pussy.

He slowly started pushing his cock inside my wet and hot pussy. He then just pushed it in with a hard shove and I cried out in fuck pleasure.

He was now fucking me hard and strong. Soon, I had my first orgasm of second fucking in that morning and I was screaming in great pleasure.

He then scooped me up by my ass and was still pumping his fucking cock inside my pussy. I had my second orgasm in continuous fucking but he was fucking me without stopping like a fucking machine, just like he did in his first fucking.

I could feel his hot rod pumping hard in and out of my love hole. Then I could feel his pace increasing and I knew he was very near to his climax. And then with a groan he started to fill my pussy with his cum and along with him I again had my orgasm, third time in second fucking. He just kept on showering his hot cum inside my pussy; he filled my pussy up with his manly warm cum. I started kissing him still clinging on to him. He in turn lay down on top of me and also started kissing me softly all over my naked body again.

He then removed his cock out of my love tunnel with a POP and I could feel his cum rushing out of my pussy. He was still semi-hard and I turned myself towards him to again take his semi hard cock in my mouth. Suddenly, I remember about the milk which I was warming in the kitchen and also about the tea I was preparing before starting of fucking game again. I pushed my husband's naked body down on the bed and rushed towards the kitchen.

The gas stove was massed with milk came out after boiling and the tea water was boiling on the other burner of gas stove. The gas stove burner was automatically turned off on powering boiling milk on it. I lifted my gown lying on the kitchen floor and put it on my naked body to cover it. At the same time, I heard crying of my son and saw that my husband was rushing towards the bedroom in which my son was crying. Julee