Shameless Sophia fucks and deepthroats

Shameless Sophia fucks and deepthroats
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Teachers Pet: Part two Hi awesome readers it's Beckyj1992 ^_^ thanks for the positive feedback on part 1 and I hope you all enjoy part two! Dinner is about as awkward as it can be as expected. Brett can feel her eyes on him.he is trying hard not to look at his student. Yes.his student that he was just fantasizing about as he made love to his wife.

Wiping a bit of sweat off of his forehead " are you alright sweety?" Bella's beautiful voice bringing him back to reality he is about to give her a smile when." yeah Mr. Callahan you don't seem too good". He look's at Becky who has a big grin on her face. God.this wasn't happening " Thank you Becky but i'm fine.really". Bella look's like she is about to say something but her phone begin's to ring and she pull's it out of her jeans pocket and look's at the screen " sorry everyone but I have to take this." she stand's up from the table and exits the dining room.

Becky's father whose name Brett had learned earlier in the night was William drops his fork kind of dramatically " mmmm mmmm mmm this pasta is amazing!" Brett is able to give off a slight smile though a probably funny looking one " thank you sir, glad you're enjoying it". Why was she still looking at him.? Becky is staring right at him.why did he sit literally across the table from her!? NIce going Brett! He think's to himself, " soooo how did you enjoy your first day at the academy Brett?" He look's over at Becky's mother whose name was Dina " oh ummm." clearing his throat as he try's not to make eye contact with Becky.

clearing his throat again " well Dina I enjoyed it quite a bit actually.seems to be a lot of bright students in the school for sure!". Keep it together Brett. Dina smiles " especially our little Becky! She's in the top five students with the highest grades!" Becky hold's her head and look's away " yeah thank's mom.".

Brett hear's footsteps from behind him as Bella makes her way back into the room " sorry dear.that was mum calling.we'll talk about it later". Holding her hand as she sit's back down next to him with a bit of concern on his face. He doesn't know how he did it but he somehow made it through dinner, he and Bella walk Becky, William and Dina to the door and say their goodbyes. Becky still giving him weird looks.he swore up and down she kept undoing her buttons through out the night.

Her clevage was becoming more and more visible.her soft creamy skin.stop it Brett! He closes the door and then looks back at Bella " whats wrong with your mother babe?" She kinda gives a half frown " well she's not doing so well.i'm gonna go stay with her for a few days, is that alright?" Approaching her and hugging her tightly "of course it is".

She smiles " i'm so glad I have you Brett, I love you". He want's to say the same but all he can think about is Becky and part of him was glad that tomorrow was no school. Brett open's his eyes in bed and looks at his phone "3:16" in the morning. He look's down at the culprit as to why he was now wide awake.he had a raging hardon! Looking over at Bella who was sleeping deeply, should he wake her up.?

No she needed to get up early to leave tomorrow. Looking around for a moment, fuck it.he grab's his phone and goes downstairs.

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In the kitchen there was a smaller bathroom with, he decides to go in and lock it. Bella was a pretty deep sleeper so he should have plenty of time.he always felt ashamed to watch porn when he had a sexy wife but he couldn't fight the urge.

He assumed that every man had the same problem, chuckling quietly to himself. He sits down on the toilet or the "loo"as they called it in England. His black shorts that he wear's to bed around his ankles. Turning the volume down as he goes to, he scans through the page of recently uploaded videos.he is brought into one with a kind of thicker pale girl named Jasmine James. Give a half smirk and play's the video.

It was a fake taxi scenario where a pornstar would pretend just to be some average girl off of the streets and fuck a cheeky taxi driver. A corny site to say the least but hey it was porn so what do you expect? He start's to get further into the video, the busty Jasmine James now getting a pounding.he wished he were this guy. Pounding into thie thick pale skinned beauty. Brett wishes he could explain why he did what he did next but he'll never be able too.

He leaves XNXX and goes to google.fuck what's her last name? Right. he type's in Becky Wolfe onto his phone keypad and hit's search. A few different links pop up, the first one being her facebook page.What the fuck are you doing Brett!?

He thinks to himself as he clicks it, going straight for the photo albums. many pictures.tight dresses clinging to her curvy body.mirror self shots. Then he;s drawn into one in particular.she's wearing skin tight leggins that were showing off her curves. A low cut tank top that was leaving very little for the imagination.

Her hand was up and holding her hair tightly while she made a some what innocent face. He stroke's his cock fast, trying not to be too loud. Stoking it for 5 minutes maybe before "ugh." leaning his head back as a thick rope of cum splattered all over the screen of his smartphone.

Taking deep breath's from his little session, he look's down at Becky's cum covered face on his phone screen and he feel's ashamed.He cleans up the mess he made on his phone, washes his hands and heads back upstairs to Bella in bed and he hold's her tightly to him.god.please help me.this is a test.I know it he fall's back asleep.

The next morning Brett carries Bella's luggage out to her BMW ( yes his wife had style!) putting it into the trunk. She walks out in blue skinny jeans an v-neck red t-shirt and an unzipped grey jacket. She hug's him and kisses him " i'm sorry I have to leave, you'll be okay all by yourself right? " Opening her car door for her as she get's in and kneeling down to look into the window " yeah of course.just gonna catch up on some tv and eat unhealthy it'll be fun!" She smiles and laughs softly.

She is about to pull away " oh wait I almost forgot to mention! If you're ever feeling a bit.anxious again at night you don't have to sneak downstairs for a can just wake me up darling" Oooohhh she was good!

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" sorry mistake " they both laugh.god it was like he created her in a computer." he lean's down and gives her a kiss and tell's her goodbye.

Waving as she drive's away, he look's next door and doesn't see William and Dina's car.good maybe they left and took their daughter too! Later that night, Brett is sitting around in his pajama short's with a gey t-shirt. It's been raining pretty hard all night, lightning and thunder and everything. He was trying to catch up on Netflix's Daredevil, chomping on a bag of chip's and drinking a Mountain Dew ( non diet.hell yeah he was livining dangerously this weekend!) He must have fallen asleep because at some point of the night he hear's his doorbell being frantically pushed over and over.

Opening his eyes.looking at his phone, it was midnight.who the hell would be at his door right now? He stand's up and slowly approaches the front strike followed by thunder rumbling right as he open's the door to see.a soak and wet Becky.great.this is exactly what you need Brett!

Her hair is drenched " Becky what are you doing out so late in the rain? You need to get home, your parents are probably worried sick!" She is wearing a leather coat, soaked as was everything else on her " Mr. Callahan.I.I forgot my keys and my parent's left for the night.I don't have anywhere else to go and I lost my phone and." He cuts her off. Holding his finger up as he was signaling for her to be quiet and then he point's back behind him as a way of inviting her in.why Brett why would you let her in!?

She step's in, wearing a leather coat as mentioned before, black leggings, a guns n roses shirt and black and white converses. Her wet shoes squeaked as she walked across the floor. Taking her coat off and just throwing it on the floor. Really? Brett think's to himself as he picks it up and put's on the coat rack, " hey take your shoes off you're getting the floor's wet". Did she just roll her eyes at him!?

She kicks her shoes off and then start's looking around.almost as if she's looking for someone? He watches her." look Becky why don'tyou use my phone and call your's not really appropriate for you to be here alone with your teacher." She stops and looks at himn " are you here all alone.?

Guess it's a good thing I did come over " she smiles playfully.god that accent.

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Shaking his head a little " Here use my phone." He tries to hand it to her but she just keep's walking into the living room "wow.I love this show!" She says after seeing Daredevil on the screen. Getting frustrated now as he hold's his forehead, " need to leave now." Her happy expression goes to a more serious one.

She stands up andwalks over to him " or what? You gonna throiw me out into the rain with nowhere to go?" The fuck.she counded like a psycho now!

Looking at her with a confused look on his face. He is about to get angry and demand that she leaves now when suddenly he feel's her finger tracing up and down his abs."we both know you don't want me to leave Mr. Callahan" Still tracing up and down his chest and abs. No.he take's her hand and start's walking out of the living room and to the dining room right next to it as he leans against the dinner table." you need to go Becky.I'm married and we can't do this." He looks down for a moment " Brett." why would she use his first name?


As he begin's to look up " holy fuck." she had taken her shirt and bra off and thrown them to the floor! Her breasts were incredible.C nips with a bit of poff but small. He is extremely nervous now." Becky no." as she approaches him and takes his much larger hands into hers. Brett closes his eyes " please Becky." a soft moan escapes his lips as he feels his hands being put on something soft."ooohhhh" god her breasts felt amazing.

No.stop it Brett! A sinsister smile on her face as she begin's to slide down his body " no Becky please stop this now.I love my wife." his shorts being pushed around his ankles as his erect cock slaps her in the face. She giggles " I guess he didn't get the message." taking his long cock in hand and stroking it softly.

Brett cover's his face with hands in shame but his ahnds soon drop down "oooohhhhh Becky!" Her lips wrapped around his long member stroking it as she take's it into her mouth.she really knew what she was doing.

Breathing heavy as Brett tries to think up a way out of this.but it felt so good! She hasn't taken her eyes off of him as she sucks him.

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Swirling her tongue all around his shaft and occasionally going down to his balls.god.fuck.he didn't think he could take much more of this.forgive me Bella.jerking Becky up he wraps his arms around her hip and plant's a kiss on her lips.

His and her tongues meeting one another as he reaches down lower and begins to shove her leggings and panties down. Kicking them off as she pushes him into the dining room table more. He pushes a few random items off and onto the floor as he laid down on the table that his in laws bought for he and Bella.

Becky now completley nude up on the table.she was a goddess.she straddles him and puts her hands to his chest " tell me you want me Bret." not thinking straight " I want you so fucking bad Becky!" she smiles. Reaching back and sliding the head of his cock inside of her, "ugggghhhhh you're so big Brett!" Holy fuck her pussy felt like drugs.Brett couldn't keep track of all the moans escaping his lips. The table rocked and made noises as she put her hands on his chest firmly.

Riding him and bucking her hips like a pro.oh my god.this girl was incredible! Reaching back and getting a handful of her round ass, smacking it and grabbing it roughly " yeah.ride that dick or you're getting a F in class!" What the fuck!?

Why would he say that!? " Bu.but Mr.

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Callahan I already passed my oral exam! Please I'll do anything to get an A!" She starts to grind even more, reaching up with both hands and grabbing her own hair tightly " ughhhh oooooohhhhhh yes fuck me Mr. Callahan!" He reaches up and squeezes her beautiful tits, tweaking her puffy little nips as he does. The table is making noises like it's going to break so Brett otions for her to slow down and then wraps his arms around her, cock still inside of her and he stands up.

Walking as fast as he can to the stairs while carrying her with him. Making their way to the bedroom, he throws her onto the bed " get on all fours now! You're a naughty girl and need to be punished!". She does as she's told and looks back at him softly biting her own finger as if she's worried. Brett licks his hand and gives her rear a rough smack "ouchie! Mr. Callahan!" Another smack and another over and over until he can see his hand print on her round jiggly pale cheek.

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He yanks her back a bit more to the edge of the bed, " you're gonna get it you naughty girl! Acting like a little slut!" He shoves his cock back inside her, grabs her hip and starts pounding like he's never pounded before. Skin smacking skin echoing the room " ugghhhhh ooohhhhh yes fuck my little 18 year old muffin Mr. Callahan!


Make me you're bitch!" Her word's helping him pound her harder. Tight grip on her hips as he watches her round ass slam back into him and jiggle as it is met by the force of his pounding. Leaning down and biting her shoulder " oooohhhhh fuck.fuck me!" Her moans echoing the townhome. He can;t hold it any longer.


He doesn't pull out."ughhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Pumping his thick load inside of her, the biggest load he's ever shot. She smiles as she feels herself being filled with his cum, finally he slows down lays down on her sweat covered back.kissing up to her shoulder. He crawls up and into bed after pulling out of her.he isn' thinking straight at all as he feels her cuddle up next to him and he fall's asleep.Too tired to feel the shame. Brett can hear birds chirping outside as he opens his eyes and see's the sun.sitting up straight though and searching the room.

No sign of her.was it a dream? He holds his was a dream.thank god Brett.trying to convice himself that last night hadn't happened. Getting out of bed and seein he was naked.not good. After throwing a pair of sweats on he makes his way downstairs " good morning hunny!".just like that the world stopped again as he looks over into the kitchen to see Becky cooking eggs and bacon with her hair all nice and done up and wearing." are.are you wearing Bellas dress!?" They were completley different sizes and it was showing.the dress was skin tight on her.showing off all of her curves.

He stares at her " oh stop looking at me like that, now come eat your breakfast before it gets cold. He looks at her " Becky.get out.get the fuck out!" She steps up to him, " someone cranky today?" She giggles.

Kisses him on the lips, he doesn't retun the kiss, " gotta run my darling but we'll talk more later about me moving in Love you!" Kissing him again and not getting one back again.he stands there in utter shock as he hears the front door close behind her. What the fuck was going on!!???