Fresh teen sweetheart gets an ultimate joy of hardcore fuck

Fresh teen sweetheart gets an ultimate joy of hardcore fuck
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Quite a pleasant evening Part 1 : The Dinner Rachel was coming back from work. On her mind, she couldn't erase the customers' attitude and how careless and impolite they were toward her. She had complained to her boss, explaining how rude and haughty the women were.

Leona didn't care much. The clients were the kings, or in this case, the queens, and all their desires had to be executed. Despite these problems, Rachel liked her job, because once in a while, she could speak, have fun, and even enjoy giving advice to a polite and class customer. She worked amidst beautiful cloth, in a nice district of Paris.

On her way out of the underground railway, she noticed the men's look on her back, and how carelessly they looked at her, as if she were a piece of meat. She tried to forget it.

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She shivered, and put her coat back on her neck. She would be home soon, and could relax, take a breath, and kiss her man. As for me, I was waiting for her, eager to see her return.

Of course, at that time, I didn't know her state of mind, but I hoped the surprise I prepared for her would please her. When I saw her through the window, I quickly checked the things I had prepared, and then rushed down to welcome her.

On the threshold, I hugged her. -How has your day been sweetie? -Horrible, haughty customers, stupid boss, I'm tired. -Heh, I'm sorry, but I prepared a little thing for you, which, I hope, will brighten your day. Now if you would like to put that blindfold on, we could start. -I don't know honey, I just want to relax… -I swear you'll relax and rest my love, don't worry, everything is made to please you tonight.

-Well, in that case… I had looked at her the whole conversation, and as our speech progressed, I noticed how her attitude slowly changed from grim and tired to slightly interested, and maybe a faint smile appeared on her lips as I put the blindfold on.

I guided her through the hallway.

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We climbed the stairs. I was very careful, being sure she wouldn't stumble or hurt herself on the way up to the dining room. -So what is that all for? It's not my birthday is it? -Unless we're in August, but this morning the radio announced December the 1st.


-Yeah I thought so, too many snow, and not enough daylight as I came back from work. It's not our anniversary either. I still remember that day of July and how ridiculous you looked in that outfit.

-Yeah, well, that was the theme of the party… And you weren't looking so gorgeous either yourself, I've never seen such a pie… -That's not what you said. If I remember your exact words, they were : "If you would let me, I would eat you without thinking!" -I blame it on the drink I had!

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Anyway, enough talk. I prepared this evening to please the woman I love. Do I need any other reason? -I don't think so. Looks like a good reason to me. I guided her to the table, I pulled a chair and made sure she would comfortably sit on it. -Ok babylove, you have your knife on the right, your fork on the left, a glass full of this white wine you love, at the perfect temperature, and I'm going to get the plates, but don't you dare starting drinking before I'm here!

The dinner was really pleasant. I don't know if it was because of the evening I prepared for her (and she has only seen one third of it!), the meal I made for her (which took me two days of preparation, running to each side of the capital to find the ingredients, and one day of cooking), or the joke we made during the meal (She still had such a pervert mind, while pretending to be so innocent, and she abused that little thing in her voice that makes me crazy about her the whole dinner) but we hadn't had such a nice evening in a long time.

While looking at her, one of the most relevant things was the fact I had put her glasses back on the blindfold. The purple ribbon wrapped around her head while she still had her glasses made her look strangely attracting, like some kind of blind oracle who would know everything about me without even needing to look at me.

I nearly felt naked in front of her blind eyes… wondering if she could see or feel the desire inside me. As the meal was drawing to an end, and we were enjoying some exotic ice creams mixed with dried fruits and almonds, I stood up and walked toward you, pulled the chair out, and bent to your ear to whisper: -What about a relaxing, hot bath, with the scent you like?

She put her hand on my neck to draw my ear close to her mouth, and said in such a sexy tone: -Don't you have an idea hidden in your mind my dear, handsome sir? -Maybe… Or maybe I just want you to relax and smell like a flower? Right now it seems you went through sewers, and not the sewers of a beauty institute!

-Oh, bastard! She tried to slap me, but I quickly jumped away, out of her reach. -You know milady you wouldn't be able to go far with that blindfold on, you'd better let me lead you to the bathroom.

-Because you think I don't know my own home! I'll show you! She stood up, turned toward the stairs and climbed up to the bathroom. As I followed her, I couldn't help but appreciate the curbs of her body, how beautiful her back was in her gown because instead of hiding it, it allowed the full view of her delicious skin.

As my eyes went down, I hardly resisted the urge to caress her sexy bottom. Her legs would slowly climb the stairs, with her gown letting me enjoy her perfection.

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I had a difficult time not to look at anything else; she was such a pretty woman… And of all men, she chose to love me. As she reached the last step, she stumbled.

I quickly caught her. To my delight, I could feel her soft skin against mine, and her bottom comfortably surrounding my manhood. -Don't you imagine I did that on purpose mister, I just lost the count of steps. -Damn, my dear, I wouldn't let my mind even imagine such thought! I smiled, and even being behind her, I could have sworn she smiled too. Part 2 : The bathroom She entered the bathroom. She still had her blindfold on, so she couldn't see the filtered lights, the flowers I had positioned around the bathtub, but she could surely smell the perfume I had sprayed beforehand.

-Mmmh, at least something smells nice here, and she grinned at me. Well, I'm not going to undress myself alone, I'm blindfolded, remember? -Your desires are my orders, dear. And I started to undress her. I opened the lace around her neck, but seized the occasion to caress it, and her shoulders, as her gown fell down.

My hands caressed her ribs, my fingers gently tickled her skin while my mouth was on her neck, breathing, kissing her. I unhooked her bra and my hand slipped from her back to her soft, warm, erected breasts. She took my hands and passed them on her breasts, on her belly, and started to roam around her legs and crotch. Her hands were hot, and so were her legs… maybe it came from the steam of the bath… or maybe it had another origin… -Well, shall I take a bath with my underwear mister?

-Of course not, let me remove this useless piece of cloth for you, sweetheart. I put my thumb on each side of her pants and pull it down. I swallowed, as her womanhood got exposed to me.

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-What's happening dear? Are you passing out? I can't feel you anymore. I swallowed once more. -No… No it's alright; I'm still with you… If I'm not in heavens, I added for myself. She entered the bathtub slowly, and nearly didn't make the water move.

She lied in the steam, perfumes, bubbles for five long minutes, before asking me if I could help her to wash herself.

I argued that I couldn't get my cloth wet, to which she answered that none forced me to keep my cloth on. Good point… I undressed myself and enter the bath. Her glasses were full of vapor, but she smiled when she felt me in front of her. I could die for her in that instant: her beauty, her smile, her voice… but instead she asked me to take some soap and rub it on her back. I washed her, insisting on her legs, belly, breasts, and shoulders.

As she turned herself toward me, I removed her glasses, slowly, letting them slip along the silky ribbon. Then I put my hands behind her head, and removed the blindfold. She blinked, and looked around, her eyes and smile widening as she discovered the flowers, the candles, the preparation I made to make her evening unforgettable.

She took my head in her hands, and kissed me. But this was more than a kiss. When our lips met, I first felt the softness of her skin, and then their perfume, cherry I think, or strawberry. I had my hand on her hips, but I soon started to caress her back, as our kiss became more passionate. I was eating her lower lips, biting it, sucking on it, as if it were the most delicious candy I ever had in my life.

She opened her mouth, and a little sneaky tongue came to meet my lips. She licked them before my own tongue came to meet hers. While our mouths were sealed, our hands weren't inactive. From her back, I went to her bottom, caressing her ass cheeks, fondling them, I then jumped to her breasts while caressing her sides as I climbed up her body.

There I could fully appreciate her firm boobs, having a finger circling her nipple, hard and erected. As for her, her hands weren't inactive either. From my head she caressed my shoulders, my back, before spending quite some time on my ass. I loved the feeling of our bodies mixed together.

Sometimes she would rub her legs between mine, nearly touching my sex, and sometimes it would be me, appreciating the silky feeling of her inner legs. Our kiss became more passionate, but soon, I felt the urge to meet some other lips. On my way down, I spent some time on those "o so appealing" breasts. My tongue explored them, the valley that separated them, their little nipples so brown, so hard, so tasty under my gently teeth. With some regrets, I abandoned them to go further down.

My hand on her hips, my mouth kissed and kissed her belly, her little belly button and the blue flower piercing in it. I went down once more. Her hands pushed me toward her slit, but I took my time to kiss her inner legs, her pelvis, and finally her lips and clit. Here I sucked her labia, licked them, inhaled her odor, her very feminine flavor. I looked at her face. Her beautiful eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, her hands pushing me in… She never has been so desirable… I kept playing with her clitoris, licking it, sucking on it, pushing it until she shivered, pushed me hard inside her, her legs locking my head in.

I nearly lost my breath, but soon she relaxed, and I hold her in my arms not to let her fall. She opened her eyes and kissed me softly on the lips. -Why, thank you my love, this was incredible… she said in a breath. -Let's finish cleaning ourselves then? I took the flannel and washed her legs, her sex, her belly, her neck and her breasts.

-I hope there is something else coming, you haven't gotten your share of pleasure yet sweetheart. -Indeed, there is, but I'd ask you to put that blindfold back before I guide you to the next place.

She kissed me one last time with her eyes open, and through her pupil I could see how much she loved me. Then she put the blindfold and we headed toward the stairs, on the last floor of the house.


Part 3 : The Bedroom When we entered the room, I guided Rachel to the bed and tied her wrist with pink ribbon of silk. -I see that you know my fantasies, honey. I remained silent. She only had a bra and a thong she decided to wear before we left the bathroom.

I went to the chest of drawers and opened one to find my secret weapon: a feather! She was lying on the bed, her bathrobe opened, perfect incarnation of the goddess of Love. My Aphrodite. But from now on, my goddess would be at my mercy. I started caressing her leg with the feather. She sighed. I caressed her belly.

She wiggled. I caressed her breasts. She moaned. She was enjoying this, probably as much as me, if not more. The feather went to her neck, her chin, her lips. She pulled her tongue out and licked it. I kept exploring her body with the feather for some more minutes, but soon I felt she needed more. And so did I! I removed her bra and started sucking on her nipple, quite strongly. I bit them too, while my other hand fondled the erected nipples of her other boob.

The fact she couldn't do anything but be to my mercy aroused her, I could feel it, and the wet moisture between her legs showed me how right I was. -I want to suck you… -You didn't need to ask for it, it was part of the plan! I grinned. I came close to her mouth. When she felt me near, she opened her jaw and licked on my shaft. The position wasn't so comfortable, but I was so excited, and her tongue felt so good I could have stood there for hours.

Soon I started to thrust into her mouth, while she would still lick me, as I came in and out of her mouth. -Down there. Please, take me down there, now! As I had learnt with her, I'd rather not please her right now. Instead, I went between her legs, but to tongue her lips. I spent sometimes on her labia, getting my mouth and tongue as wet as they were before starting to suck and play with her little ruby.

She would twist her body, and moan loudly while I worked on that delicious part of her womanhood. I was hard as a rock. I removed my underwear, and penetrated her.

She was so hot, but yet, it was so pleasant to be in her. I thrusted in, slowly, feeling my penis opening her labia, saying hi to her clitoris, before getting deeper in her. We kissed, eating each other lips, tongues, as I started to fasten my pace.

I freed her from her silky chains, and she put herself on all fours. The sight of her back was so beautiful… nearly too much. I restrained myself to orgasm yet, and took her again. I bent over her body, having my chest against her back, kissing her neck, whispering love words to her ears, and thrusted harder. I felt her orgasm building in her. Soon, she cried, and lost all of her strength.

I kept her against my body, and let my sperm fill her as I exploded and saw stars before my eyes. We fell together on our sides, still hugging each other. I had my hand on her belly, on her breasts, still gently massaging her while she turned herself toward me, to thank me, and to say how much she enjoyed this evening, and the nice surprise it had been.

I welcomed her, and hugged her tightly. Soon, she felt asleep, sleeping in my arms, while I kept my face in her hair, charmed by her smell, and gave myself to Morpheus' arms.