Anal fuck with shemale she enjoys

Anal fuck with shemale she enjoys
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This was a cold night on the over the weekend of christmas. The night after christmas this year was special because of the events that was set into motion before me.

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There was a tradition in are family that the day after christmas all of are close family members would get together and go the a large mall in the city of philadelphia.

This was a drag because this event was a overnight trip and having to deal with family members that i do not see normally. This was a year however that i had school over the last of those two days so this year would be the first time i would be alone for christmas.

I However was not disappointed by this however because i just wanted to relax and enjoy my break. As the days were moving closer to christmas i was starting to get a little disappointed that i would be alone during this otherwise happy time in the year. Just as i was starting to feel down about this i received a call from my cousin Jill.

Jill went to school in pittsburgh and is studying to be a dental hygienist.


We were always good friends aswell as cousins since we were little however as time went by i started to realize how gorgeous she is. She has got c-cup brests and about 100 pounds but the hottest part on her body was her ass. Her butt cheeks were perfect. "Hey how are you" I ask "I am good, School is great." She responded "Hey i got good news" She Said "Ya what is it" I Ask "I am flying in" She said excited "That thats great when" i ask "I will land in like two hours, i can not wate to see everyone and go to the mall with all of you" She responded "Well Jill i got some bad news, everyone left already" I said delivering the bad news.

"Shit! I should of came home yesterday, well i supose that we can just hang out for christmas like old time sake" she said "Ya that sounds great see you when you get here. As we hung up I was varry happy.

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Now i would not be alone for christmas. I cleaned the house and as i was just finnishing i heard a knock at the door. I quickly rushed over and opened the door to find my sexy cousin standing in front of me. She came inside and we caught up for a little. She went to go take a shower after i showed her were she would be sleeping.

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After i heard the water start i decided to go sneeking in jills three bags. In the first one was the normal clothing that you would expect such as shorts, T-Shirts, and sweat shirts.

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The second one had some underwear inside. However the third bag peaked my interest because it had a lock on it. I continued to look around and found a key in a small compartment in one of the other bags. I inserted the key into the lock and opened the bag finding a assortment of sex toys such as viberaters, hand cuffs and condoms. I got a instant hard on thinking about my cousin using these on her self. I closed and locked the bags up and went into the living room.


I just had turned the tv on before my sexy cousin comes in dressed in her pajamas. She looked so sexy, having on a pair of knee high socks with fuzzy pajama bottems and a short tight t-shirt on.

My hard on returned. Trying not to be noticed i let jill pick what to look at on tv she turned on Law and Order SVU.

This one was on a guy that raped 4 women. "Thats terrible! I hope that guy burns in hell for what he has done" I said "Ya That guy should have his balls ripped off" She Paused" "But you know i think that that softcore bondage is sexy dolt you?" This throw me completely off gard and i was not sure how to respond to the comment.

"At least from a virgins point of view" She added I thought i was going to explode "Your still a virgin?" I carefully asked "Ya, you know me i want to lose it to someone i trust" she said "I understand" i said "I take it from that response you are not still a vergin?" She asked "No I lost it when i was 16 with my girl friend" I added "I See" She said I was so hard at that point i needed to go relieve myself.

I walked to my room and locked the door behind me. I layed down on my bed and before i got my pants down i heard a knock at my door.

I got up and opened my door to the sight of my hot ass cousin jill at the door. "I Thought you said you were going to the bathroom" she said giving me a big smile "Well unfortunately its kinda hard with this hard on you gave me" I said with are faces inches away from eachother "You think hardcore is hot?" I asked before she could comment on my first statement. "Yes" she answered as are lips touched eachother. "Good then.Suck my cock bitch" As i grabed her ponytail and and forced her down on her knees, she glared at me and pulled my pants down.

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"O My God its hudge" she said Not responding to her. "Suck it!". I yelled pulling her head inches away from my throbbing cock. She looked at me with a big smile. "Do It!" I Yelled With that she grabed my cock and started sucking and licking all around the shaft. It felt so good she was sucking and holding on to my shaft with one hand and playing with my ball's with the other. It was not long before i felt myself begining to climax. I grabed jills ponytail once again and forced my cock deeper into her as i started cuming into her mouth.

"That was a lot of cum and it tasted fucking good" She said just after i removed my cock from her mouth. "That felt great thanks baby" I said "O By the way the safe word is anal from now on ok?" I said and she agreed but as i turned around to look at her she was standing up and walking out.

"Were do you think your fucking going?" I asked as grabed her by the ponytail and her pants and put her down on my bed. Then i walked out and locked her inside my room. I quickly went into her room and got her bag filled with toys and came back. "What are you doing with that?" She asked embarrassed "Looks to me you have been a naughty girl" i said opening the bag.

"Thats my stuff" She said Jumping off the bed "What are you doing? Get back on the bed!" i said, she did what she was told. "Good girl, now let me show you what i do to bad girls" I picked up the hand cuffs and smilled. I grabed the two pairs of hand cuffs and attached one to her hands and one to he feet. "What are you going to do now i am all yours" She said "Do not talk until i tell you to." I Yelled back I rolled her over so her head was dung into the bed and her perfect ass as in the air.

She yelled as i slaped it. I Slowly pulled her pajama bottems and pantys over her perfect butt. "Now that is the best butt i have ever seen" I said I fliped her back over flat on her back and took a took a look at my bottemless prize.

To my surprise i saw a completely hairles cunt. "Lets Get ride of this top" I said and as i took out a pair of scissors. "Please do not cut my shirt or bra" She said "I suppose you did not forget the situation your in bitch" I said as i cut the rest of her clothing off. Her tits were perfect at this time she was vary wet so her nipples were hard. She squrmed when i took her perfect pink nipples in my mouth. After i was done with her tits i released her cuffs on her feet and spreed her legs wide open.

She had the tightest pink pussy ever. I started licking her tits once again and traled down between her legs and started eating her perfect cunt out.


"O My FUCKINGG GOODD" she Screamed "Fuck YEESSS" She arched her back high into the air with the upcoming orgasem. As she cam i sucked all of the cum out of her virgin pussy. I told her to get up and she did i layed down on the bed and told her to come to me. When she got close i grabed her hair and riped her on to the bed next to me.

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I told her to stradle my cock. "I am still a virgin" she said "Sit on my Cock" I Said. She slowly lead me into her tight vergin cunt "Your To BIG" "FUCK" "IM COMMING"