Amaizing homemade dance with young girl

Amaizing homemade dance with young girl
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When I get home from school I throw my backpack into the front closet and kick off my shoes. I can here the TV in the living room playing some court show my grandpa always watches.


Since dad left us and mom works till late, its just me and grandpa in the afternoons. Awhile back I came home to find grandpa jerking off on the couch. My little dick got hard at the sight and I came for the first time.

Since then grandpa has been teaching me all kinds of dirty things. When I walk into the living room grandpa is on the couch in his robe. I know he's naked underneath, he stopped wearing clothes in the afternoons a long time ago.


"Hi grandpa" "Hey Billy. How was school today?" "It was fine." "That's good. Come sit with me and tell me all about it." I climb up into grandpa's lap. "Did you have fun at school?" He means how many times did I get hard and what got me excited.

Grandpa loves to hear those stories. I told him about how I watched Tommy Jenkins peeing in the bathroom and when he was done I went into the stall and jerked off. Then I got hard watching Mrs. Taylor's boobs bounce around in math class. Then on the bus two of the older kids were making out and I watched them while I stroked my cock through the pocket of my pants.

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While I was telling grandpa about my day, I could feel his cock getting hard and he slowly started grinding his hips up into my crotch. He parted his robe and I started playing with his hairy man boobs. He loved it when I pinched his nipples. "That's it Billy, suck on grandpa's nipples." I bent down and took one big nipple into my mouth while grandpa groaned and started bucking his hips harder.

"I've been waiting for you all day Billy. Such a good little slut for grandpa. Take of your clothes, Billy." I stood up and took off my clothes. "Now stand up here and let me suck that little cock that's been hard all day." I climbed on the couch with my feet on either side of grandpa's legs.

He grabbed my hips and gobbled down my cock. I started thrusting into his mouth and knew I wouldn't last long.

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Grandpa squeezed my balls and I spewed down his throat with a moan. I leaned down for a kiss, I love tasting my come in his mouth. "Do you have anything else for grandpa, Billy?" "Sure do." I stood back up and grandpa opened his mouth. I let loose a warm stream of piss right into his mouth. I try to hold my pee as long as I can throughout the day. I know how much grandpa loves little boy piss. "Mmmmmm. So good Billy. Now its grandpa's turn." I knelt in front of him and took his big cock in my mouth.

I sucked as much as I could. I can't deep throat yet, but grandpa says I need to keep practicing and when I get bigger I'll be a pro. I moved down to lap at his big hairy ball sac. "Yeah, Billy, suck my balls." Grandpa lifted his legs and I moved down to bury my face in his butt crack. I took a big whiff of his hairy crack. It made my little dick hard every time.

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I licked all around grandpa's hole while he moaned. "Stick your tounge in grandpa's ass, billy." I pointed my tounge and fucked grandpa's hole with it. Tastes so good. "Get ready Billy." I knew what that meant I leaned back and opened my mouth wide. I loved this part. Grandpa's hole clenched then opened and a big fat turd made its way out. I started sucking on the tip while I stroked my dick, which was hard again. "Such a dirty little slut. Eat that big turd." When the turd broke off I munched and swallowed it then got ready for the next one.

I loved eating shit.

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When the last turd broke off I held it in my mouth and climbed back into grandpa's lap to share a shitty kiss with him. He thrust his tounge in my mouth to get as much shit as he could.

He loved it as much as I did. He moved one hand around to my ass and started teasing my hole. His cock was hard again so I hoped that meant he was going to fuck me. Taking grandpa's dick in my ass was hard at first, but now that I'm used to it, I can't get enough. "Bring that tight little ass up here so I can get it nice and wet." I stood on the couch again with my butt in grandpa's face.


He spread my cheeks and tounge fucked my tiny hole. "Ride grandpa's cock you little slut." I got back on my knees and slowly lowered myself onto grandpa's dick. "Your little boy hole is so fucking tight Billy.

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Feels so good around my cock." Grandpa grabbed ahold of my hips and pulled me down as he thrust up into my ass. I started pinching his nipples again and he let out a loud groan. I bounced on grandpa's dick for awhile until he moaned and thrust hard and came. I could feel his cum filling me up. When his cock softened and slipped out, grandpa lifted me back up and turned me around. He spread my cheeks and latched onto my hole to suck all his cum out.

Grandpa loved doing this. When he sucked it all out I turned back around and we kissed, swapping his cum between us. "That was so good, Billy.

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Grandpa loves fucking your tight little ass." "I love it too grandpa." Just then my dog Davey walked into the room and layed down in front of the TV. "Can I play with Davey, grandpa?" "Sure Billy." I walked over to Davey and layed down next to him. Davey is a big German Shepard with a huge cock that I love to play with.

I started stroking Davey's sheath and leaned down to lick his big balls. In this position my nose was buried right in Davey's hairy butt hole. I took a big whiff then began to lick and suck Davey's ass. "That's it Billy, eat that doggie asshole. You're such a dirty little slut." Grandpa said. I tounge fucked daveys ass until I felt his cock grow to its full size. I leaned up to stroke his big red cock. It was so hot and slimy.

I took it in my mouth and began sucking. It tasted so good. I flicked my tounge across his piss hole. I wish I could get Davey to piss in my mouth. But so far I've only been able to catch some of his piss in a cup. It still tastes good though.

I bob up and down on Davey's dick until it starts to pulse and squirt hot doggie cum in my mouth. "Save some for grandpa, Billy." I stop swallowing and hold as much cum in my mouth as I can, then climb up on grandpa's lap to share with him.


That tastes so good, Billy. I love dog cum. That got me horny again. I need you to fuck my ass, Billy." "Sure grandpa. With my hand or one of the dildos?" My dick was too small to fuck grandpa with, but we had plenty of toys.

"Your hand. I want you to fist grandpa's ass good and hard." I got on my knees and shoved my face in his still shitty crack and licked more shit. I shoved three fingers into his hole and started thrusting in and out. Grandpa is a big ass slut so his hole is always nice and stretched. On special days he invites a few friends over and they all take turns fucking his ass. I love those days. I always get as much shit and piss and cum as I can take.

I tuck my thumb in and shove my whole hand into grandpa's ass. "Oh yeah Billy. Fuck grandpa's ass hard." I punch my fist into his ass as hard as I can while he groans and strokes his cock faster. When I can tell he's about to cum I take the tip of his cock in my mouth and swallow it all down.

When he stops shooting I slip my arm out of his ass and climb up and we both start licking the shit off my arm. "We better get cleaned up, Billy, your mom will be home soon." "Ok grandpa." I love spending time with my grandpa.