Blonde with Big tits plays with her ass

Blonde with Big tits plays with her ass
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As far back as I could remember, I had a huge crush on my neighbor Matt. He was 15 years older than me, and me being 11, I was convinced I was going to marry him. Every chance I got I followed him around like a shadow. He had a pool in his backyard me and my siblings would frequent quite often. One afternoon we were all swimming and my brothers got out, leaving only me and Matt. "Do you want me to throw you?" He asked. "Yes!" I squealed and swam over to him. He threw me about 5 times, and the next time I swam back he turned me around and wrapped his arms around my waist.

This was my dream, mind you, but I was freaking out. I had no idea what to do. "Can I tell you a secret?" He whispered in my ear. "Yes…" I said, dying to know what his response would be. "I like you, you're very pretty." He replied, and kissed me on the cheek. I didn't move, I didn't speak, I just bobbed there in the water. "Do you like me too, Ally?" He laughed, turning me back toward him. "I, I do." I stuttered, I knew my face was burning. "If I ask you to be my girlfriend, can you keep it a secret?" He said pulling me closer.

"I promise, I won't say anything!" I smiled, my heart was pounding, and my hands were shaking like crazy. "Do you know what girlfriends and boyfriends do?" He asked.

"Kiss…? I responded, "Yes, they do, but they do other things too. They make each other feel good. Can I make you feel good?" He said as he pulled my body toward him until I pressed against his chest. "Um, I guess so, but…" He stopped me by putting his finger against my mouth and smiled.

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"Shhhh" He whispered and put his hand under the water. I felt him push my bathing suit bottoms to the side and he started rubbing his finger up and down my pussy. I knew how wrong this was, I was told a million times not to let boys touch me there, but he liked me, I wasn't about to stop him.

"Do you like when I touch you like that?" I didn't respond, but honestly, it didn't feel good or bad. I don't know if I wasn't developed enough to truly appreciate it, so I just spread my legs more, physically telling him he could keep going. He rubbed me for another minute or two, pulled my bottoms back over me, and put his arm back around my waist. "I want to kiss you but we have to go under water, ok?" He said, pulled me under and kissed me. I got my pussy rubbed before I even had my first kiss… We got out of the water and went our separate ways.

I ran to my bedroom and furiously wrote in my diary all about my new boyfriend. I didn't see Matt again until about 2 days later. We went back over to his house to go swimming, and all I could think about is how bad I wanted my brothers to leave. They didn't, of course, so Matt suggested we all go inside and watch a movie. "I want to!" I said, excited hoping I'd get kissed again. My brothers reluctantly agreed to get out of the pool but didn't follow us into his house, and instead started running between our yards.

I followed him inside and when we got to his living room, I quickly sat on the couch; I didn't want him to notice how bad I was shaking. "No, sweetheart, were going to watch it in the bedroom." "Oh" I choked out and followed him the rest of the way. He put a tape in the VCR and I sat on the edge of the bed, nervous as hell. He sat on the bed too, grabbed me by the waist, laid me down, and started tickling me. I screamed and kicked and felt his hand "accidentally" knock against my pussy every now and then.

After a few minutes of that, he stopped and started to kiss me. I was a mess, and grossed out by him putting his tongue in my mouth, but I went along with it. Soon, he started rubbing my pussy through my shorts again, until he stopped everything, leaned up, and sighed.

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Sure I wasn't doing something right; I leaned up and asked him what was wrong. "I just really like you…" He started, "And I want to see you without your clothes on, but I know you won't let me." "I'll let you." I said, but I didn't move. He laid me back down and kissed me, then started taking off my shorts and underwear. He didn't even bother with my shirt. Naked from the waist down, he stared at me, and started touching my pussy again. "Do you know why I like touching you here so much?" He asked, never taking his eyes off my mound, "No." I whispered, in a voice I could barely hear myself.

"I like that you're so smooth, and that you don't have any hair here, and because you're a beautiful girl, too. I'm going to do something, don't be scared, ok?" He said, getting up and unzipping his pants. He took his pants off and I got my first look at a dick. He was hard, average sized, but to me, he was a monster.


He pulled me until my butt was half off the bed, and started rubbing his cock against my pussy. Leaning up, I watched as his cock spread my mound open over and over. "I love your little pussy." He whispered, and started rubbing his cock up and down harder until he started to cum.

Startled, I tried to back away but he held my leg tight, and busted all over my pussy and stomach. He cleaned me up and told me to put my shorts back on, and that it was time for me to go home. He walked me to the front door, kissed me one more time, and sent me on my way.

I didn't know what just happened to me, all I knew was that he was giving me all the attention I wanted.

Soon there wasn't a time me and Matt were alone that he didn't have his hands or dick rubbing against my pussy. He found some way to get me alone almost everyday. About mid fall he started finger fucking me, telling me he was getting me ready for his dick. He told me over and over how it would hurt at first, but i'd soon start to like it.

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He also started taking pictures of me. He loved to tie me up on his bed, my legs spread wide, and take 100s of pictures. I posed for him too, id bend over or lay on his bed and rub my pussy, he told me i was an excellent model. He also liked when i sucked my thumb, id say about 50% of the pictures he took involved my thumb in my mouth and me snuggling a stuffed cat he got me.

After about a month of finger fucking me, Matt told me it was time to have sex. I was scared of the pain, but all i ever wanted to do was make him happy. I came over and he immediately took me to his room and took off my pants. He laid me on the bed and rubbed ky jelly all over my pussy, then rubbed it all over his dick.

"Im going to tie you up again, ok?" He said, grabbing the cords from the drawer. "Ok" I replied and scooted up towards the headboard. He tied my legs to the headboard and squirted a little more ky on my pussy.


"This is how i know you love me, sweetheart." He whispered as me crawled over me on the bed. I braced myself as i felt his dick slide in its familiar path up and down my slit, then the pressure as he started to push in. "Ohhh." I cried, biting on my bottom lip. "How about this." He started. "When it starts to hurt, just say "daddy", and ill stop." I looked at him and shook my head yes, and leaned back on the bed.

He started pushing in more and i felt his head pop in. "Daddy!" I wailed as he leaned down and put his hand around my face. "Shhh, not so loud baby, tell daddy whats wrong." He said, kissing my cheeks. "It hurts." I moaned, still feeling him pushing into me. "I can't stop now, i'll go slow, baby. Don't stop saying daddy if it hurts." He whispered, laying his body on top of mine. He pressed in harder until he broke my hymen and slid in further. "Daddy, please! It hurts!" I cried, hoping he'd stop now, but he just pushed in deeper.

"Oh baby, daddy loves how it feels. You're making daddy feel very good." He said in my ear, licking it and breathing deep against my neck. I started crying at the feeling of a grown man's dick in my 11 year old pussy. "Suck your thumb, little baby, it'll feel better." I put my thumb in my mouth and he leaned up, taking the sight in of my tied up legs, my bald pussy spread wide for his dick, and me crying, sucking my thumb.

He pulled out some to my relief, then pushed all the way in and collapsed on top of me, cumming hard inside me. My legs and pussy hurt so bad, but he just laid there, slowly allowing his dick to shrink inside me. After about 5 minutes he got up, untied me, and wiped my pussy clean.

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"You know since you did this, we can get married when you get older." He said, kissing me on the forehead. I smiled and shook my head yes, still in pain and a little scared. "Remember, you cant say anything about this, ok?" "I won't tell, i love you." I smiled.

He put my pants back on and kissed me a few more times. "You better go, or they'll start looking." He said, shooing me out the door. Once again, i told my diary all about the nights events. About 3 days later, he got me alone in his bedroom again. Once again my legs were tied open, spread and ready for my second time taking Matt's cock. "Baby, you look beautiful." He said squirting more ky in my pussy.

"Remember, say daddy when it hurts and i'll slow down, but i can't stop." "Ok." I sighed, not really wanting to do this again. He got on top of me and started pushing in. "Daddy." I said, and he leaned on top of me and kissed my cheeks. "Tell your daddy whats happening." He whispered, pushing his dick all the way inside. "Daddy, ow, it hurts, please daddy! Please." I begged as i felt him pull his dick out a little.

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"Oh baby, i love when you beg me." He said, slowly fucking in and out of me. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, enjoying his preteen pussy. I started to cry again and suck my thumb, apparently fueling his drive as he fucked me harder, i could feel every inch stretch me as i screamed "daddy" hoping he'd slow down.

Once again he collapsed on top of me, pumping his cum deep inside my tiny body. After his dick shrank, he untied me and cleaned me up. "It really hurts, i don't think i like sex." I told his as he wiped my pussy clean.

"We cant stop now, you have to." He said, standing up and grabbing my arm. "This is what people in love do, it hurts you, but it feels good for me. Don't i make you feel good when i kiss you?" "Yes, you do." I sniffed, feeling like i was going to cry again. "Now, you know i love you and i don't like to hurt you, but if i don't, bad things will happen to me. You better go." He kissed me and sent me on my way.

Matt started fucking me in all kinds of positions, but he seemed to favor tying my legs to the headboard. He also started taping me, telling me to call him daddy for the camera and cuddle my stuffed animal. He also started spanking me. One afternoon he turned on the camera and bent me over his lap, spanking me hard over and over.

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"You're a bad girl, baby, do you know why I'm spanking you?" He asked, smacking down on my ass hard. "Ow, no, daddy, i don't know why." I cried. "Cause you tease me." He said, rubbing and squeezing my sore bottom. He spread my legs open a little and started to rub my clit. I'd grown to love this and pressed my pussy against his fingers, wanting more. "See, this is why i have to spank you, rubbing against me like a whore." He scolded and smacked my ass hard again. I clenched my fists then relaxed as he slid his fingers back down to my pussy.

I didn't move and allowed him to do as he pleased.


He spread my mound open and fucked me with his fingers. "Your pussy's so tight and smooth, little one, daddy's gonna put his dick inside you." "Yes, daddy." I replied. He turned my ass toward the camera, stood up and took his pants off, bent me over and stuck his dick in my mouth.

I sucked and licked him while he spread my ass open for the camera. I felt him opening my pussy wide and rubbing his finger on my clit, and running it up to my ass.

He pulled my mouth off of his dick and turned me around. He lifted me over top of his cock so my knees and legs were on the bed, and my back was against his chest. He lowered me on his dick and i squealed, feeling it open me up again. "You're so tight." He whispered as he started bouncing me up and down. "Am i a good girl?" I asked. "Yes baby, you're a very good girl.

Good girls let their daddies fuck their pussies." He cooed and licked neck. Every time he slid me back down his cock i felt him get deeper and deeper.

I moaned as he let me take over, rubbing his hands up and down my body. He rubbed my little clit and i bit my lip, truly starting to enjoy getting fucked. "Daddy's gonna cum in you!" He said and held me down on his cock, busting his load into his little girl. He pulled me off him and bent me over for the camera again, letting his cum drip down my bald pussy. After a few seconds, he turned off the camera, cleaned me up, and sent me back home. That very next week, it happened.I started my period.

I went to his house and he was ready to take me in his room and i pulled on his arm, stopping him. "Whats wrong?" He said, leaning down towards my face. "I.I can't be naked today." I stammered. "He stood up and looked at me for a second, then asked me why. "I'm, um, you know, a woman now." I whispered, completely embarrassed he couldn't figure it out for himself. ".Oh, Ally, You know we can't have sex anymore now. You have to be careful. We have to stop this." He started and i burst into tears.

"But you love me!" I cried, confused and angry. "I do, but you can get pregnant now, and i'll go to jail and you can never see me again. If you want to see me still, we just have to be friends." Matt stroked my hair as he told me about how he used me.

I composed myself and went home, got to my room and cried into my pillow for hours.

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He never touched me again, i moved on with boys my own age, and he moved out 2 years later. I found him on facebook this past month which made me write this story. He still has the tapes and pictures, still tells me I'm his baby. I told him how i call my boyfriend now daddy and i can't get off on regular sex, and he fucked me up and turned me into a pervert, and how i love him still for it.