Wacko floozy takes shlong from her massage therapist

Wacko floozy takes shlong from her massage therapist
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My Torture session with RL Master oct 31 2010. My Master ordered me to go naked underneath my long coat. Only wear high heels. He picked me up in front of my house in his Mercedes. After i got in he ordered to open my coat to show my nakedness.

Like that we drove the 30 minutes drive to his farm. After arrivel he ordered me to leave the coat in the car and get out naked in the cold air. He put a leather collar very tight round my neck and leashed me.

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he leaded me to the back of the house and tied me to a pole out side the house and left me there while he went in to prepare things. He he was away the whole day and didn't had time to prepare, he said. So there i was, naked tied and cold. it was about 7 degrees centigrade outside (44 degrees Fahrenheit) so i started to tremble from the cold and my nipples were rock hard.

After 15 minutes he came back with a guy i didn't know. My Master didn't introduce him to me as he thinks it was not of my bussiness to know.

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They inspected my body with very rough movements and talked very degrading about me among each other. The called me a filthy whore, a dirty slut, a worthless piece of junk fuckmeat. suddenly my Master grabbed me brutally by my hair, pulled my head way back and slappen me hard in the face about 10 times.

while he slapped me he asked me to agree with all the things they said about me. I agreed to all of it. They detached me from the pole and leaded my trembling cold body inside the sound proof torture room.


In here here was nice and warm but it took a while for my body to really warm up. My Master informed me he's going to torture the soles of my feet to make sure i had pain walking the next coming days, and my ass so i had pain sitting down so i would remember this punnishment this week.

He also was going to torture my asshole, and cunt to make it painfull when they raped me later and ofcorse my tits. He tied me on a table which had two long poles from the floor to the ceiling. He attached a wooden plank on it which could be opened with two holes for my ankles.

He locked my ankles in it and started to put thin rope around my big toe. He attached my other big toe to it and pulled it really tight.

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Then my little toes to the sides of the wooden plank. The toe bondage hurted a lot and i could not move my feet even a fraction of an inch. Both men stand at each foot and my Master pulled a little table on wheels between them. I could not see what was on the table but i knew up front it was going to hurt like hell. First they whipped my feet very hard. Starting with a cat-o-nine.

They changed cat-o-nines during the whipping.

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Every new whip was more painfull. I felt my pussy starting to drip along my asshole. "God, look at this fucking bitch!!!" the unknown man screamed. "We got to hurt this worthless cunt more because she's only enjoying this".

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They both grabbed a cane and beated my feet merciless with it. Followed by single tails. I screamed in pain as it hurted terribly. "Aah, look at the bitches feet. Nice bright red with deep red and blue welds. Oke, we can go on the next stage." They grabbed a few candles and started dripping hot candlewax on my now very sensetive feet.

After they covered my feet in candlewax they again whipped my feet until the wax was all gone. They lit up a sigarette. I looked at the sigarettes with scared eyes cos i knew what was going to happen next.

And yes, they burned my feet with the cigarettes. I screamed and screamed in terror but my pussy was wetter then ever. After they used up a lot of cigarettes they looked at me with cruel eyes and laughing. They grabbed needles and pushed the needles through my toes. OMG!!!!


that hurts. every toe got several needles. Also through the soles of my feet. My feet were dripping of blood. I trembled and sweated a lot of pure horniness, adrenaline, fear and pain. They pulled out the needles and untied me. they let me stand on my very painfull feet.

They dragged me to the elektrical hoist and hanged me from my wrists. Pulled me off the floor and placed a plate with nails on the floor. With the sharp points upward and lowered me on it. They tied my feet so that i could not get off the plate and i had to stand on the needles.

I cried of pain when my full weight was on the nails. Then they gave me a full body whipping with he singletail and the bullwhip while i was standing like that. after they've hit every inch of my body the finally pulled me off the nails. I was hanged upside down with my legs wide and my arms behind my back. they pulled a metal rack in front of me.

"Look filthy bitch, i've seen this in a torture galaxy movie" and he grinned evil. They hoisted me higher until my tits where at the same height as the horizontal rack. It was a dubble round bar with just the space between them for my tits. They place the rack so my tits were in between the horizontal bars.i noticed there were small holes in the bars. they i saw the thick long skewers. They pushed the first skewer through the hole in the top bar and slowly through my right tit.

3 skewers per tit were pushed through the bars and my tits. Then they moved the rack away from me so my body was at an angle and my weight was pulling hard on the needles of my tits.


blood was dripping from my tits on my face. then short needels were slowly pushed through my stiff nipples. ten per nipple in a form of a star. i screamed and cried mut they were merciless. They laughed at my pain. called me a stupid worthless bitch slut.

after they pierced my tits and nipples they put elektricity on my needles in my tits and nipples. It made me scream constantly. Then they grabbed two enormous huge dildo's with wires on them. Both dildo's were rammed in my pussy and ass. I had the feeling they ripped both holes open. They connected the wires to the elektro device and i screamed even harder.

My whole body was pain and current. through my tears i saw how both men sat down to drink a beer and masturbate looking at me suffering. next to the terrible pain i felt myself cumming again and again. sometimes squirting over the floor. I saw them talking and lauging, pointing at me but i could not hear what they said.

Finally, after what seems hours they switched off the current and pulled out the needles. They put me down on a dirty matrass to catch my breath. My tits looked like a mess. Beaten black and blue and pierced. They grabbed me after i was a but more calm and raped my throat and my other holes brutally. I choked and gagged on their hard cocks in my throat and laughed at me when i emptied my stomach all over my belly.

They slapped me in the face for doing that. "You stupid fucking bitch!!! you worthless piece of shit!!!" They raped me and raped me. Cumming in my face, my mouth, all over. They threw me in a chair with a nailed seating (ofcorse with the sharp nail points facing upward again) and tied me on the chair. placed me with my back to the pole and did the rubber choking band around my neck. Turned the wheel at the back to tighten the rubber band untill i could hardly breathe. They buzzed me to several orgasms with a big vibrator untill i almost passed out.

They untied me and dragged me on the floor and pissed on me. Then it was finally over. I was totally exchausted of the pain, the screamning and the numberous number of orgasms. After a while they picked me up and dumped me naked in the trunk, still wet and stinking from the urine. After a bit of driving they opened the trunk and put me in a fabric back and pulled me out the trunk and layed me on the ground. I heard them walking away and driving off. I crawled out of the bag and saw i was in my own backyard.

My coat lay next to me. I grabbed my coat, because my keys were in there and went inside. I took a quick shower and went strait to bed, i was totally exhausted but very happy to be tortured and abused. I still don't know who the other man was. MY feet hurt when i walk and my asshole and tits a very sore but i'm proud of my wounds.