Geile nackte hüften ab50

Geile nackte hüften ab50
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My name is David and I am a 33 year old guy. I was married for a few years but those ended and haven't seen my ex for years. Ever since she left I have taken to raising my daughter on my own. My daughter's name is Erin and she is now 14 years old. It's been kind of hard with her now a freshman in high school. She has all new friends that come over and they all have sleep over's at each other's houses.

Tonight was Friday night and my house was the selected house for this weekend's sleepover. I didn't mind.


I never want to be one of those dads that are controlling and can't let their daughter have a good time. Tonight was different though. Erin didn't have a lot of friends come over tonight. She only had her best friend Katelyn come over.

This was perfectly fine by me. It wouldn't be as loud and she would still have fun. Katelyn was a very nice girl. She was 14 and was very pretty for her age. It was 5 pm when the doorbell rang. Erin went to go answer because she knew it was Katelyn. I could hear them talking form the kitchen where I was making a pizza for them.

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They said hello and laughed about stuff that happened at school and made their way to the kitchen. They came in and Katelyn caught my eye. She had just gotten back form volleyball practice and was in a tight Wight shirt and black skin tight spandex. I couldn't help but stare a little bit. As my daughters friends got older they got hotter too. Katelyn had nice smooth tanned legs. I could see the perfect shape of her ass and the lips of her pussy when I looked at just the right time.

"Hey there Mr.

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Adams" she said to me with a cute smile "thanks for letting me stay the night again" "Oh it's no problem" I replied as I tried not to stare at her pussy through that spandex.

: is it ok if I go take a shower? I'm all sweaty form volleyball" "Yeah" I said "you know where it is" She walked out to the shower and I stared at that perfect round tight ass as long as I could. Somehow thank god my daughter didn't see me. I told Erin she better go get the basement ready for their sleepover and I would finish dinner.

As I finished making dinner for the girls I couldn't help but think of that hot teen in my shower naked with water all over her body. These thoughts continued on as I finished up dinner. I went to go get the girls to let them know. I yelled down to the basement to Erin and next I went up stairs. The bathroom door was open so I went to Erin's room to let Katelyn know. I lightly knocked on the door but it was still enough to force the door open. My eyes almost fell out when I saw it open.

Katelyn was bending over pulling up her pink thong and was still topless. She had her back to me so I couldn't see her cute boobs but I got a great look at her amazing ass. I tried to force out words but was speechless "Oh sorry" I finally got out hoping I could shut the door like it was an accident.

She turned around wearing only her thong. "Oh hey Mr. Adams. It's ok." She just stood there naked looking at me "I just wanted to let you know that the pizza was ready" "O good" "I'm sorry for walking in on you" "Oh its fine. I'll be down soon With that I looked her body up and down once more and walked away. I couldn't believe that she didn't care I was watching her or that I saw her naked.

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She seemed perfectly fine with it. This only messed with my mind more. Now that I had seen her naked and she was ok with it I wondered if I could get more. I went to the living room and turned on the TV to get my mind off of her.


As I watched the TV I heard them go to the basement with dinner. Hopefully they wouldn't be up again. If I saw Katelyn again I would go crazy. I finally found something good to watch and it took my mind off of Katelyn. As I was into my movie I heard the basement door open and Katelyn walked in. She just stood there looking at me. I didn't know what to say "So" She began "What did you think earlier" I hoped she was talking about when I walked in on her.

"Um when earlier Katelyn?" "When you saw me naked silly" "Oh yeah.sorry about that" "No don't be" she laughed "I kind of liked it and I could tell you did too" "Well I can't lie I did like it.

You are very hot and you have a nice body" She blushed when I said that. "Well after Erin goes to sleep would it be ok if I showed you again?" Oh my God! Was she really asking me this? I had to be dreaming. Of course I wanted too but a part of me knew it was wrong.

I didn't care. I had to take advantage of this. "Well Katelyn I would really want to but I can't let Erin know" "I know I would never tell her. I really want to show you though. I like being naked in front of you." "Ok well when she falls asleep I will still be here" She smiled and began to walk away "Mr.

Adams I want you to fuck me tonight" she whispered din my ear and walked away. Oh wow this was crazy. I had thought about this all night but I didn't think it would actually happen. I sat and watched TV for a few more hours hoping my daughter would fall asleep soon so I could fuck this little 14 year old.

I thought about all the things I would do to her and hope she would do to me. Another hour had passed and still no sign of her. Right as I was about to give up hope my daughter came to me. "Hey sweetie. Is everything ok?" "Yeah dad it's all good. Could you come downstairs for a moment? There is something I need to show you" Damn. I just wanted her to go to sleep so could fuck Katelyn. I got up and followed Erin to the basement.

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I went down the stairs and through the door to the biggest surprise I could imagine. Katelyn was there with nothing on with her legs spread open.


She looked so damn sexy. Her body was so smooth and her pussy was bald and her lips were tight. "Erin! What is this?" I asked "Well Katelyn told me that you saw her naked and that you two were going to fuck tonight and I didn't want to be left out so I told her I wanted to fuck you too" "Erin you're my daughter" I said it mostly because it felt like the right thing to do.

But despite my protests I really wouldn't have minded fucking my daughter and Katelyn. "So" she replied "daddy you know you want to" as she said this she started to get undressed.

She took off all her clothes and sat next to Katelyn. Erin's pussy was just as nice. She had a little spot of hair but I like that on her. "So dads who do you want to fuck first?" I walked to them and got undressed at the same time. I got to my knees and put my head between my daughter's legs and started licking her thighs getting closer to her nice pussy. She was twitching as I got closer and closer. Finally I got to her pussy and gently sucked on her clit. Her whole body was twitching now with pleasure.

She grabbed Katelyn's hand for support. I looked dup and I saw Katelyn smile down at me. "I want my turn now" Katelyn begged. I rolled Katelyn over on top of my daughter so I could lick my daughter's pussy all the way up to Katelyn's. I spread legs and I could see her asshole there. I stuck out my tongue and placed it right on her ass. I flicked it around for a little bit then licked all the way up. I licked up her pussy and continued up to Katelyn's wet pussy and then up to her ass. I went up and down on both of them for awhile.

After they were both warmed up Katelyn got off of Erin and layed on the floor between my legs. I looked down and saw her grab my hard dick and stick it in her mouth. Her young lips knew exactly what to do with it.

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As she sucked my cock I went back to my daughter's pussy. I was going crazy on Erin's cunt, and Katelyn was enjoying my cock. I could feel the cum start to flow out of my cock. I looked down to Katelyn. "I'm Cumming" I breathed loudly. Right after I said that my load exploded out of my cock and in to Katelyn's pretty mouth. I looked down at her. She had her mouth closed and a little bit of cum was dripping out.

She swallowed what she had in her mouth and let the rest drip down her chin. "Oh daddy fuck me now. I need it so bad" Erin was now begging for me to fuck her. I brought her pussy to the edge of the couch and got on my knees. With her legs spread I brought my dick to her entrance and was about to enter. Katelyn then got up and stood over Erin bent over so I could eat her ass as I fucked my daughter. In one movement I slid my cock into Erin and put my tongue right onto Katelyn's asshole. This was a dream come true.

Fucking my daughter while I tongue fucked her friend's asshole. I picked up the speed and was going as hard as I could into Erin. Both of the girls were moaning loudly. Katelyn's ass relaxed a little and I was able to stick my tongue up her ass as I fucked Erin.

When I pulled my face away from her ass a little I could see the two girls were making out. It was so hot to see that I almost came again. I held it in and pulled out of Erin. As I pulled out her legs went limp form all her orgasms. "It's my turn now" Katelyn said. She got off the couch and on to her hands and knees on the floor. I didn't hesitate and went right up behind her and thrusted my dick into her young cunt. "daddy what can I do" my daughter was tired but still wanted to have fun' "Well baby you can lick my ass while I fuck Katelyn" I told her.

She seemed to hesitate at first but then she got down behind me and stuck her tongue in my crack. As soon as her lips met my asshole I started on Katelyn.

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I took her by the hips and began fucking her young cunt. It was indescribable feeling this tight pussy on my dick as I got my ass licked by Erin. I could feel her tongue going up and down my crack. I stopped for a little bit.

There was something I wanted to try. "Hey girls. There is something I want to try on one of you." They both looked at me willingly. "I really want to cum in one of you r asses. Would one of you want to try getting fucked in the ass?" They both looked at each other. "I will do it daddy" my daughter said "Ok now I really want to but only if you want to try it too" "I want you to fuck my little ass" "Aright, now when I cum in your ass I want you to squat down over Katelyn an squeeze it into her mouth" Katelyn looked excited for this.

I think it was because it was so dirty that it got her excited.

I then took my daughter by the hips and placed my cock right on her asshole. I slowly started to make my way in a little bit at a time and finally I had my entire dick in her ass.

"How does that feel sweetie?" I asked "It feels really weird but good. Start fucking me" With that I started fucking that tight ass. It was so tight and felt so good. As I fucked her Katelyn got down in front of Erin and Erin started to eat her out. I couldn't hold it in. The feeling of this tight ass and seeing my daughter eat out her friend finally got to me. I shoved my dick in her ass as far as it would go and blew my load in her ass.

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She screamed with pleasure and quickly squatted over Katelyn's face like we talked about. Katelyn looked eager to eat my cum out of my daughters ass. "Kate finger her ass a little to get it out" I suggested. That what she did and it worked. Erin started to push out all of my cum from her ass into Katelyn's mouth. When all my cum was out Katelyn opened her mouth a little and played with my cum.

She looked to be enjoying it and then she closed her mouth and swallowed it. I kissed them both and suggested we go take a shower together. My daughter gave me a blowjob in the shower since she wanted to try my cum. She took an entire mouthful and swallowed it all. After that I let them sleep in my bed naked with me. Since then we have had a lot more sleepovers.