Old gey gay sex photos gallery Fuck that intern from Tech

Old gey gay sex photos gallery Fuck that intern from Tech
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Please read Parts 1 & 2 for a better understanding of this chapter. Names have been changed. __________________________________________________________________________________ When I opened my eyes and looked over at the alarm clock the following morning, it was 10:57am and through the small cracks in the drawn curtains, I could see the sun was out blazing and bright.

It was just another scorching summer day. But this morning, I had a smile on my face, the scents of the sheets reminding me of the scenes I witnessed the nights before. The bed was empty, and seemed so for some time and looking over to Ben's work hangers, I noticed his clothes were gone. I guess he must've made it to work after all.

It was only after I showered and cleaned up did I realize that his shoes were still polished and waiting and I immediately scouted the house for his presence.

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I walked down the corridor expecting to hear noises but it was virtually quiet until I got to the guest room, where Ashley was staying. I put my ear up against the door and I could hear talking and small laughter, so I knocked and entered in quick succession to find them both half-dressed and in post-sex slumber.

Ben's boxers and pants were around his ankles while his shirt and tie were pulled up to his chest. His cock lay sprawled to one side of his stomach in deserved rest while his hands innocently fiddled his drooping balls.


Ashley's barely there panties covered her still-wet and sore pussy lips while her breasts roamed free, cum crusting where it was spread. Ben gestured me in but I smiled and went back to my room.

I was furious that this was becoming the Ben and Ashley thing and needed to get rid of that vagina before it got any worse. I called up some of my friends from school and from my neighbourhood to come hang out and swim in the pool.

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It wasn't a big pool by any means but it did the job on warm, summer days like this one. I know Ben would never risk doing anything around my friends, so it would definitely buy me some time until Thomas arrived.

During my call to Thomas, I casually let go that Ashley had been staying over. He knew what she was capable of and using knowledge of their history to my advantage, I made sure that by the end of the conversation, he was insisting to come over and spend a night or two at the house.

Soon after, Ben knocked on my door and came in. He had discarded both his tie and his pants, us having shared body pleasantries the night before. There was no need to be shy or thoughtful, it had become "just us". "Hey champ, you good?" "Yeah, I'm good." "K, just checking in." "I'm good Pops. Oh, some of the guys are coming over for a swim in a few." "Good. Good day to be outside. I better put something up then. You sure you're okay? You look…" "I don't know dad.

I guess…I just feel a little jealous." "Jealous? Oh…listen son, I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't thinking, you know. I haven't felt this young in a while, guess I got carried away. Look, why don't I go get some groceries and you guys can have some time alone?" "No no, that's not what I meant dad. I'm glad you're having fun. I love that you're having fun.

Haha. I guess I'm a bit jealous that she's spending more time with you than me I mean." "Haha. Don't be jealous son. I promise we're gonna get some serious father-son time in. I owe to big time remember. I've got the best son ever. Now how about some late breakfast?" "Sure." He gave my hair a soft tussle and we went downstairs to get some breakfast.

Ashley joined us in the kitchen a little later and helped grill some burgers for us and the guys and by the time it was 2pm, the house was teeming with teenagers.

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Dad put Ashley in charge and retreated to his room for some rest on his day off. Despite feeling young, he was still middle aged, and all the sex was no doubt taking a toll on him. It was all fun and games until Ashley walked out in her bra and panties, which were supposed to double for a bikini that she didn't own.

It was a reasonable attempt until the guys figured out that it held up terribly under water and soaked her, revealing all her little bits and pieces. I checked 3 boners on the sight of her perky nipples alone.

A year ago, most of them would've found farting bubbles in the water more interesting, but 12 months and puberty past, it was all pussy, pussy, pussy. I couldn't blame them, for as much as I wanted to dislike her now, she was a very attractive girl.

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She picked a lawn chair and chose to get some sun while my best friends Alan, Will and I huddled around the lawn table for a sufficient view. Alan was 13 like me, but Will was 14 and much more experienced with girls. He had a loud mouth and a big, cocky attitude, something he picked up from his very hot older brother.

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He admitted to me once on a sleepover that he had fucked two of his female cousins and that his aunt use to measure his penis from as far ago as he could remember. Now that he got older, he took revenge on her daughters' pussies, he said. He wasn't the shy type and routinely flashed us in the showers at school but Alan on the other hand was much more reserved but still rude. I thought him about masturbation when we both hit puberty around the same time, but when he got used to it, we never saw each other's dicks again.

I wasn't particularly attracted to him, but I always wonder what his dick looks like now. I've seen Will's dick many times, but always flaccid and in flashes but given the opportunity, I wouldn't think he would pass up a chance at pussy or a blowjob even.

"Damn look at those tits! I could bust a nut just sucking those." "Fuck her tits, look at her fucking pussy! Some cousin you got there bro! You going country on her yet? She's been staying over here, hasn't she?" "Haha, no man.


I'll leave the cousin fucking up to you man." "Fuck you dude! If my cousins looked half like that, I'd split those lips in a heartbeat. What you think Al?" "I'm all for man." "Well if you got talk Will, go ask her. I got $20 on it that you too chicken shit to do it." "Where's Mr.

B?" "Sleeping." "$20 and a free blow job?

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Watch and learn, fags." He walked over and sat down next to where Ashley was reclining, striking up an instant conversation. He was the print of his brother. The way he walked, the way he talked, the moves on girls, Chase definitely was his role model for getting women.

No less than 5 minutes later, I knew we lost the bet when she got up and walked into the pool house, and he looked over and smiled before following her in.

I told Alan to stick around the pool and make sure the other guys stayed put while I snuck in behind to see him seal the deal. He met me at the door and handed me his phone, saying that he wanted me to video the scene. I didn't care what happened to it as long as I was getting a copy for myself and waited until he closed the door in the stall, before I entered the next one and climbed high enough to see over the separator. By the time I got up there, she was already on her knees undoing the tie in his swim shorts and he looked up and gave me a small wink to start rolling.

His short, light, chest hairs were still damp but when she pulled his boxers down and his cock sprung out, his cropped, darker pubes looked fresh and clean.

She went to town, engulfing the whole semi-hard cock, letting it grow inch by inch in her mouth. After a few seconds, he was fully hard, and while not a beast, for a 14 year old, he was carrying some serious wood. His cock was comfortably longer and thicker than my own, and he slammed it into her mouth time after time forcing her to deep throat and gag on occasion.

Every time he thought she had a chance of seeing me, he would push her head down, making her gag repeatedly and gasp for air.

It was fucking sexy. Afterwards, unsatisfied with her pace of cocksucking, he got up and pushed her against the wall, face fucking her. His back was to me, completely blocking her view, pushing deep into her mouth, one hand keeping her head down on his cock, while the other hand waved the thumbs up at me and then the middle finger.

He had a round tight ass that I wouldn't mind wetting one day, but for now I was focused on seeing him abuse this bitch.

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When he finally let her up for air, enough to get a few words in, she whispered if that was all he wanted to do. A man without hesitation, he spun her around, now to where her back was also facing me and pushed his wet dick into her leaking pussy. She started moaning and wanted to throw her head back but he kept pushing her head down to ensure she didn't see me taping the entire session.


He seemed surprised at how much he was enjoying her pussy though and while fucking, turned back to me and made a face of ecstasy to the camera, wanting to show how good it was.

When he put his left hand up and made a circling motion with his wrist, I knew he was close to wrapping it up and I zoomed in to get the money shot but she had other ideas. She wanted him to cum in her pussy and although I shook my head when he turned back to me, I knew he found it eternally arousing and gripped her hips and starting thrusting deep into her, as deep as his dick would allow.

Three or four deep thrusts later, he gave her three sharp slams, spewing all his cum into her pussy and slumped over her, well spent. She pulled him out and went down on him again and started sucking the rest of his dick and I retreated back over the wall and jerked my hard on for a couple minutes and blew my kids right into the toilet bowl.

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A few minutes later, they exited and he came over hungry and face flushed. He relayed the entire scene to Alan, exaggerating a bit, as if it were needed, and then quickly scanned over the video, promising to give us a full watch once we had more privacy. Ashley came over and hung out with us as well, until around 5pm when the last of the guys left.

She and Will exchanged numbers before he left and he told me we would talk tomorrow. We definitely would have a lot to talk about tomorrow. TO BE CONTINUED…