Creampie loving Babe nimmt es alle Löcher

Creampie loving Babe nimmt es alle Löcher
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. The - K.L. Library and COMMERCE CENTER.

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my place of employment. tonight there is a big shindig and I am on. my name is Vince.I work in this facility as a maintenance worker.aka glorified janitor really.

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I was hiding-out in a lower part of the building. having a smoke, passing time until my shift ends; which will be when the party slash shindig ends. There is a component of the Police department on the top floor, level 5. The City has offices on levels 3 and 4. Levels 1 and 2 are the Library. The basement were I am hiding is storage; mostly library though. On the 3rd floor there is a rather large room for gatherings.

The City uses this facility often. The basement is full of Government stuff.aka un-used furniture, cabinets, old carpet.and so on--- There are a handful of All-On lights which give the place an eerie-spooky feeling. I have frequented this part of the building often, both to work and to hide-out. Yesterday I had to move tables out of the basement for this too-do this afternoon.well late afternoon. Allot of well heeled people here. along with the usual hangers-on. me, I don't care, they are not in my circle of friends.

INVASION; My quiet little sanctuary was suddenly broken by what appeared to be a small disturbance. I suspected someone was sneaking away for a quickie. Little did I know that this moment would change my life.and not by just a little either.


Putting out my cig'., I sneak into position for a better view. AS I get into position I see several people; only one of which is a woman and she seems to be in trouble.aka handled roughly. 'Oh, oh ', I say to myself. These are bad people, they make me nervous.

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I cannot get out because they are between me and the exit. 'Oh, oh', I say to myself. I immigrated to this country I do not want to be involved in anything criminal. I do not want to be deported.


'What to do', I say to myself. I hide.but I still have a good view.maybe only twenty feet or so from the action as they say in this country. I watch; I listen.this woman is scared. MY heart feels sick, but what can I do? THE ACTION; "Quit you're fuck'n sniffling.cooperate.or I'll use this on l you". [Flashes knife] ---"I repeat; 'you'll be ok if you don't cause any trouble'." "Here, bring her here.on this, not like that.on her knees asshole".

[The woman is pushed on to the couch] "Not so fuck'n rough. [Brandishes knife in the face of other balaclava masked man, compete with dark ski-goggles]. What the fuck's the matter with you"? ------------- "Get that perv'."? Felonious dude brandishing knife kneels beside terrified woman; "Here, pull this over your head." [Hands woman hood.] "nooo, please no." Says manages to squeak-out.

"If you see anyone's face I'll leave you here lying in your own blood, so put the fuck'n hood on". She pulled it on as quickly as she could manage; "I.I uh, . see---see anything sir", she says in-a frightened little voice.

"I know," he answers."Let's keep it that way. and save your life". ".'ok'.she says in a frightened whimper. THE ACTION II; Felonious dude number 2 [aka--- fd2] came thru the inside-exit door just then with the perv- hooded. He began to speak but was shushed quickly. Felonious dude [aka---FD] grabbed the head phones from his bag and placed them over the woman's ears. ---- 'FD' says; "If she recognizes your voice I kill her.and you for being dumb".

"Over here, we have business to conclude". Just then there is a ruckus and 'fd2' comes out of the darkness with the janitor in tow and his gun pressed against his head. "What' this"? 'FD' says. I found him hiding behind a small garbage bin 'watching the proceedings'. ['FD' smiles.he knows 'fd2' likes to use that phrase.pretty much the retards favourite phrase] "What' your name gook"?

'FD' asks. "Vince", he answers., nervously. "What are you doing here"? I was having a smoke break when you people came in.I couldn't sneak away because you blocked the exit. --------CRACK! [The gook hits the floor hard.out cold. 'FD' hit him on the side of the head with the butt of the knife handle] "G'me your gun buddy". ['fd2' hands over his weapon to 'FD'] 'FD' approaches 'the perv'; "Where's my money asshole"?

"I got 300 for ya., I figure I can pay the rest by know the way we do things in this country; the American way". "America is not a country; it's a pay me". [***] "Can't we work something out"? "I'm not a fuckin' bank. The woman is here and you owe me.this was not an easy thing to arrange so pay me". ['FD' is getting a bit pissed off, not like him at all.he is usually cool as a cucumber] I don't have the money".

CRACK! [The perv hits the floor hard, out cold.hood and all. Well the hood came partially off do to the whip-lash. His identity remained hidden from 'fd2'. .'FD' was secretive when it comes to 'fd2'] This time he used 'fd2's gun for the bludgeoning. "Asshole"! 'FD' walked to a distant sofa grabbing a cushion from it.and walked to the perv.

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Placing the cushion over his face; Pressing the gun into the cushion. 'POP.POP.POP'! [Perv took three to the head] "Jesus Christ, what did ya do that for, 'fd2'." says. "Keep us out of jail; Oh here is 300, I'll get you the other 100 after we're done here".

"Oh"! [fd2] 'FD' walks back to the same sofa and retrieves' another cushion; "Come here, I'll show ya how to do this in case you need to some day". ['FD' walks to the sofa again picking up another cushion.tossing it to 'fd2'.come on". ---'fd2' looks nervously at 'FD'; "Why two cushions"? ---'FD'; looks towards the woman; ", man .come on she doesn't deserve that", --- 'fd2' says.

'FD' walks to the janitor; "I'll show ya.then you can do the woman". [--'fd2's face went white, which was a pretty good trick since he is black] "Hold the cushion like so., see, here I'll show ya". ['FD' holds the cushion up in front of 'fd2'. whose face gets even whiter] "There, see .then you press the gun like so" --- 'POP., POP., POP'! [--'fd2' drops dead to the floor .Three to the heart thru the cushion] 'FD' puts the gun on the floor and taking his knife stabs Vince in the thigh.

Vince bolts upward to be greeted by another 'CRACK' to the head. Knocking him further into 'Never-Never-Land'. 'FD' goes to his bag, which actually is a small plumbing tool carry-all; and pulls out a vial. This vial has a dissolved-drug in it which will render the recipient unconscious for several hours.

Holding Vince' nose 'FD" waits till his mouth opens to breathe and pours in the small amount of liquid, clamping his glove clad hand over Vince' mouth.choking, and choking but eventually swallowing most of the liquid. "Sweet dreams gook", 'FD' says to an already battered Vince. . THE WOMAN; 'FD' looks over at her., she hadn't moved one centimeter. He'd killed or maimed everyone else in a few minutes; he could tell her knees were hurting her. He admired her for trying so damn hard to save her life.

He stood looking at her for a few seconds, head down - ass in the air; he had to admit she had a nice shape to her. 'FD' was not into rape so this was purely academic to far anyway he thought. A wicked grin crossed his covered face.maybe just once he thought.After all I got fucked out of my thousand dollars, well 700 anyway; we could call it trade, not rape.

OR more accurately.I could call it trade. 'FD' smiled at his whimsical thinking. He took off his goggles and looked into her purse, finding her wallet he checked out her ID. 'Jenny'. A common name you have Jenny 'FD' thought. 'FD' took the head phones off Jenny; "Stand up".

Jenny struggled a bit but got up. "Come". ['FD' took her by the arm and led her to a different sofa some 20 feet farther away from the bodies, hood still covering her head] "Turn around, lift the hood, and drink will put you out., starting in about twenty minutes, plus or minus".

She did exactly as she was told without question, pulling the hood down again. 'FD' smiled; he'd noted she kept her eyes closed with the hood up. Yes, he had to admire her alright. "Leave your skirt on but take everything off under it.and give them to me".

She sort of sighed., and then started to do as asked.'FD' watched at first as she tried to take off her under things. He put a hand on her to steady her; she was shaking so badly he could see her knees vibrating. --- "Thank you"!

She said. 'FD' led her round the end of the sofa; "Lay across the arm-of-the-sofa with your head on the cushions, arms stretched-out, hands holding onto the cushion so I can see them at all times". She hesitated. "You know",--'FD' said."head down, ass in the air".

"My children", she answered. "I'll let the cops know"--- 'FD' said. She bent over the sofa arm as 'FD' had instructed, skirt up and her bare ass open to his view.legs spread wide. 'FD' went to his plumbing carry-all and retrieved a strap; "WE don't want any mistakes". [She did not move as he fastened the 'cable tie' about her neck tightening it so the hood would not fall away from her face] 'FD' looked at her.

Legs spread wide.beautiful legs spread wide.long.heavier as her thighs became neighbors too he hips, but still sexy.a milf for sure this one.thirty three or something like that. A nice wide crotch on this woman when her legs are spread like this, perfect to dine there he thought, a nice big bum-hole 'FD' noted. He started by taking off his mask. Reaching out to both ankles he began to gently rub her legs.

She was nervous of course and was still shaking when 'FD' touched her. --- He kissed first the back of one knee and then the other knee.kissing her softly, licking her legs as he moved up.her thighs.her thighs.mmmm. Her shaking stopped by the time he reached her pussy. --- A darting tongue tastes her lips.probing her.finding the opening.slipping in. Licking.reaming.plunging in an out.burrowing.tongue fucking; eating her pussy. ---'FD' wets two fingers, gently rubbing her anus. She squirms.NOT her thing.that makes it so much better.

Standing, dropping his pants; "I want a good fuck"! [He slips it into her from easy entrance] 'FD' starts fucking, in's and out's.and a little grinding to feel her wide open crotch. Soon she is moving her ass.trying with all her being to give him a good fuck. She says something, he does not pick-up on it but says yes anyway. She pushes herself up off the sofa levelling her body. Moving her feet closer and pushing back so her thighs are not up against the end of the sofa.

Bending at the knees a little; 'THE WOMAN' begins to push back into him, too fuck him with all that she can muster, her life depends on it. He counters every move she makes.soon she gets the hang of it and they fuck.

In what may have seemed like an eternity to her, but was only a minute or less 'HE' cum-s inside her. [A mistake, no] . 'FD' moved about looking for anything that should not be left behind, remembering to get the 300 off 'fd2'. Clean as usual; for this rape was an anomaly for 'FD'. Soon the woman, Penny., is asleep with the help of 'THE' drug. He removes the hood and covers her with a blanket, of which there are many in this basement.

--- That expression., 'Living better thru modern chemistry', definitely applies here 'FD' thinks, again amusing himself. 'FD' dons his baseball cap, checks his coveralls, gloves on., and picks up his carry-all, balaclava, goggles and knife all stowed neatly inside out of sight.

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Good to be a plumber. HE looks at Penny. leveling the gun; ---'POP., POP., POP'! He is amused by the hair on her head as it fly's about in response to the impact of the bullets. He throws the gun into a corner, and walks over to her. Kissing her head; "Thank you". He glances at the three holes in the back of the sofa, just above her head. 'FD' leaves via the rear emergency exit, entering the alley behind the Library. Looking up as he stretches he sees a man looking outta window from one of the room' in the Hotel which backs on to this alley.

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'FD" walks away. Walking thru this city's downtown core he is keenly aware of all the beautiful mothers. . [***] -- A line from the movie; Killing them Softly. {Giving credit where credit is due}

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