Pattaya Walking street 2

Pattaya Walking street 2
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Introduction. To really understand what is going on in this story, you might want to read the first installment: Returning to School - Ellen. That story describes how our relationship went from being students and study partners into a very sexual relationship. I'm Greg, and I'm going to be the primary teller this story, which picks up where the other left off. ========================================================= I managed to get home just in time to meet a working group I was part of for my computer science class.

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My partners were a trifle disappointed that I wasn't entirely done with what I was supposed to, but I got caught up, we got everything done we needed to, and I went to work for several hours. When I got done with work, I was exhausted from the days (let alone previous evening) exploits, and went to bed early.

I knew I'd see Ellen in statistics the next day and thought about what a great night we'd had. I got to class a bit early and when Ellen came in our eyes locked and she came over and sat next to me.

We had a brief "had fun last night" and then the instructor showed up so we had to all get down to business. During this complex and boring class we were introduced to a new group project that involved a fair amount of research, a whole new computer program we all had to install on our laptops and learn, once we completed our projects then the groups were going to have to do presentations for the class.

So we all had to figure out who was going to be in our group (Ellen looked at me with raised eyebrows, and I just said "yes") so we chose three of the other students in the class that we knew were aggressive students and asked them to join us. Fortunately, they were interested in working with us and we made arrangements to meet in the cafeteria to work out logistics and start dividing up the work.

We met later that day, and set up our meeting times and place and got to work. It became clear pretty quickly that the computers issued by the school were only barely able to handle the program we had to use, and it was painfully slow. I'd managed to get a much stronger machine at home, and one of the rooms in the house had been getting used by by computer science project team for other work, so I offered my house as an alternative place to meet - which was pretty quickly agreed to.

Hence - the meeting place was changed, transportation and car pooling was arranged, and we all exchanged telephone numbers and school email addresses to help coordinate our activities and stay in touch. Ellen happened to be doing an errand in the next town over from mine the next day, and called to see if I minded her coming over earlier than the rest of the team, and I told her that was fine, but she'd have to hang out in the living room while my computer group finished up.

She showed up in a really pretty and sheer dress, and I gave her a quick welcome kiss and got her settled in.

I went back up to work with the group when my mom showed up from work to pick up her luggage, as she was leaving to a trip to Los Angeles to visit my aunt, saw Ellen in the living room, introduced herself after which they chatted for a little while. Then the taxi came to take her to the airport and off she went. Eventually, my computer group left and my friend Nancy (she's married, and also a computer science major) hung around for a few minutes to meet Ellen, and then the rest of the statistics group showed up and we got to work in the office on the second floor of my mothers very large house that had become a computer lab.

So Nancy took off, and we all got to work. After I got the software installed on the machine at home, we managed to get a lot more work done, so we spent time working on moving files from the teams laptops onto my home machine, doing the work, and recopying the results back so they could work independently. Then we figured out what research, etc., needed to get done, divided up the work and called it a day.

So Ellen kind of lingered behind and went to the powder room just as the others were leaving and soon it was just the two of us in the house. I called out to her and told her I was going to be back in the office and she hollered back ok. So I went to work on a program for one of my classes, and was sitting in front of my machine which faced the wall.

The room itself faced the west, and since it was getting later in the afternoon now the sun was shining directly into the windows.

Ellen eventually found her way back into the office, came over and gave me a huge and deep kiss. I asked her for a moment to finish and save what I was doing, and she went to the window and looked outside. When I turned around, she was at the window with the sun shining through her dress, revealing her figures every curve, her long legs, all the way up to that beautiful space between her thighs.

I said "all righty then" and she turned sideways to look at me. I gulped, as I could see the exact shape of her breasts with her nipples sitting on top, and I saw how they swayed when she'd turned and smiled. I got up and walked over to her and took her in my arms and we kissed deeply. I ran my arms down her back and indeed I felt no bra on her back. I traced further down, detected no thong or panties, and started getting hard.

She pulled my hips to hers and ground them together. I reached around and slowly gripped both of her ass cheeks with my hands, then one hand went up her side and gently cupped her right breast and rubbed her hard nipple between my forefinger and thumb through her sheer dress. She was indeed completely naked underneath, getting very warm, and her breathing because deeper as we kissed. I noticed her hands moving over my body and then one of them moved around to cup my hardening cock through my jeans.

I moved her hand off and told her my mother would be coming home and we had to cool it until she left. Ellen smiled at me, and said "Your mom came home while you were with the other group upstairs.


We met, introduced ourselves, and chatted about her trip. She picked up her bags and when the taxi showed up early, she asked me to say good-bye to you for her, and left for the airport. We're alone…". I told her to wait just a moment while I locked up the rest of the house, because otherwise we might have family showing up (which happened all the time, and since they had keys to the back door I locked the inner doors separately so they couldn't walk in on us).

I blasted downstairs, did what I had to, and back up. When I walked into the room she had unbuttoned much of her dress and was standing there with the sun at her back, revealing herself to me. She walked over to me and put her arms around my back, and kissed me hard and deep. I pushed her back to the day bed and pushed her down onto it, and got onto my knees before her.


I reached up (still kissing her), undid the remaining buttons on her dress, and opened it thereby revealing her nakedness to me.

I tugged her a little towards me, and she cinched her beautiful ass to the edge of the day bed, spread her legs, lifted them, and simultaneously put one over each side of my head and shoulders, and used them to draw me to her beautiful pussy.

I took the hint and slowly leaned in savoring the moment. My eyes were transfixed on her lips that were already opening, and ever so obviously wet. The intoxicating aroma of her sex made my mouth water as I got closer. She ran her fingers through my hair and directed my lips to her pussy as I stuck my tongue out and dug it in between her lips as I looked up at her. She arched her back and sighed with pleasure as her body tensed.

My tongue worked over her pussy, alternating between sliding up deep into her, around her lips, and up and around her clitoris - I sucked the juices that were flowing out as her hips gyrated. Her breathing became more labored, and she gasped when I surrounded the hood of her cleft with my lips, and slowly sucked her into my mouth. I increased the suction on her clitoris and watched as her body responded and went into gyrating convulsions.

She started to shiver and tensed. Her legs pulled my back in while hands pulled my head into her, groaning louder and louder until she came hard, with her pussy pushing up to my mouth while I drank her juices. Ellen calmed, panted, and allowed the air to escape her lungs as she leaned back and let her legs relax around me.

I slowly leaned back up and took off my shirt. Then she sat up as I stood and unbuckled my jeans. She pulled down the zipper, helped me out of my pants, slid my briefs off, tossed them aside, pulled me towards her and started to run her lips all over my body. Just as she started to run her tongue over my cock I pulled her up and led her outside the office and towards the third floor where my much larger bed was.

I opened the door and she started up the stairs towards my room, when I pulled her around and we kissed and embraced, with her one step above me on the stairs. My cock was now very hard, standing almost vertical, and pressed between us as we rubbed our bodies together. My cock was now at the same basic level as her pussy and I knelt just a little to work it between her legs.

As I straightened back up, my cock found the opening between her folds and slid in. She cooed as I pushed it all the way and she held onto me for dear life. I began moving up and down, fucking her in the stairwell, the echos in it amplifying the sound of our sexes meeting each other, our kisses, and moans.

Ellen moved one hand to the bannister, and the other against the wall to stabilize herself. Her body responded so that her pussy met my cock.

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I could feel the wetness of her pussy and my balls were getting soaked as I slid in and out of her. My balls began to churn as her inner muscles squeezed my cock and responded to me. I tried to make intensity of the moment last, but that simply didn't work: I quickly blasted several jets of sperm into her and she came. We stood there for a while as my cock stayed hard, deep within her, and we both felt our combined fluids dripping down our legs onto the stairs.

I finally pulled away from her. My still-hard dick also came out, so I turned her around and gave her a little slap on the ass to encourage her to get up to my room. We got to the top of the stairs and I turned her into my room.

She held my hand and led me to my bed that she started to crawl onto all fours, but I held back, let go of her hand and held her hips while I guided my cock into her from behind. I could see the lips of her sex open with our mixed fluids still dripping out, and I slid in easily. When I was balls deep in her, I could feel her inner pussy muscles squeezing my shaft as she sighed.

We instinctively started to move together as I ran my hands up her back to grasp her hair, and lightly pulled her head up, and watched her back arch pushing her ass further up. I ran my hands together over her shoulders and under her body to cup her breasts, squeeze her nipples, and start thrusting into her.

Her body moved to meet mine and I watched its wonderful shape respond to the waves of pleasure that took control of her instincts. I watched as my shaft slid in and out of her, and the lips of her pussy seemed to be trying to grasp my cock as if trying to not let it escape.

Her hips gyrated around in circles as if she was trying stir her insides with my hard cock. She was groaning sensuously and breathing harder and deeper when she tensed and gripped my cock again with her pussy muscles. I continued to penetrate her despite the pressure building up in her pussy when she shrieked, came powerfully, and collapsed on her elbows.

She crawled forward pulling me out of her and slowly turned over, panting. I climbed onto the bed next to her and observed my handiwork with a certain amount of satisfaction. She turned to me laying on her side, smiling. I gazed at her long, lean shape, and beautiful breasts.

I was still hard and my cock was slowly dripping pre-cum and wet from being inside of her. I reached over and ran my fingers over her body. I saw the goose bumps come up on her, so I pulled her on top of me and felt her impale herself with my cock until she could go no further, propped up with her hands on my shoulders.

She leaned down as she slowly moved her hips, nipping my cock with her pussy, and brushed my chest with her breasts and nipples as she ran her lips and tongue up my neck. Her ass tightened as I grasped it with my hands and felt her muscles respond to my hands.

She straightened up and began to move up and down slowly on my shaft. I looked down to watch my cock appear and disappear as she fucked herself. I moved one of my hands around to her pussy, and wetted my thumb with her juices as they trickled between us. I then moved my thumb to her clitoris and applied my thumb to stimulate her cleft as she moved up and down.

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She shuddered and began to move faster and faster as she was building up to her next orgasm, and I was building to mine. Her breasts were heaving beautifully, and watching her body reacting to my sex and the additional stimulation while I rubbed her clitoris was turning me on while I was building up to my own orgasm.

My balls were now soaking, and the gripping of her pussy and the shaft of my cock put me over the top as I felt several pulses of man juice shoot into her. A second or two later she came and thrashed so hard that my over sensitive cock needed a rest, so I held her hard to calm her. She collapsed on top of me and I held her as she rested her head on my chest and I ran my hands over her back as our combined liquids seeped out of her.

We rested that way for a short while, and she slowly rolled off of me. She playfully nudged me and told me to turn over, because she wanted to give me a back massage. That sounded good to me, so I turned over and stuck a pillow under my chest and she straddled me, and started to work my muscles around my shoulders.

She carefully kneaded each set of muscles as she slowly, and deeply moved down my back. As she moved down my back, I could feel the wetness of her pussy on the back of my right leg, which she slowly rubbed against me as she worked me over. She eventually started working my ass, and followed by rubbing my legs all the way down to my toes, and then started working her way back up again.

When she got to the back of my knees, she started working on me not only with her hands, but now her tongue and lips as well. She reached in between my legs and spread them, and then started kissing the insides of my legs all the way to my upper inner thighs. Then she ran her tongue around the back of my balls, and up until she was licking my ass. I was now hard as a rock again, and her tongue was pushing into me as she aggressively worked me over.

She continued rubbing her pussy on the back of my leg, and I could feel her wetness running down my leg onto the bed. Ellen gradually moved up my body, keeping herself barely above me, and massaging my back with her breasts while running her nipples all over me as she worked her way back up to my shoulders. She leaned down whispered for me to turn over and she lifted herself up to let me do so. When I turned over she knelt down to continue massaging my body with her breasts.


As she moved further south, she took one of my hands, and massaged it in hers, and then took my fingers each into her mouth and gave each of them an individual blow-job as she rubbed her pussy and clitoris on my now wet leg. She worked herself into a frenzy, and suddenly pulled herself up and after positioning my cock vertically to her opening, slowly impaled herself.

Her inner temperature was very hot, soaking wet, and very tight. I could feel her inner muscles working my shaft as she quickly picked up the tempo until her pussy clamped down hard, almost squeezing me out of her while she thrust down. She came hard and moaned deeply as she collapsed on me, panting and drenching my balls with pussy juice. We lay there for I don't know how long, before I rolled her over to my side and put my arms around her with her back to me.

My cock was still hard, and I slowly slid it into her as we lay there just enjoying the sensation of being coupled. I reached up to cup her breast and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, which caused her to tighten up on my cock. I started moving my cock in and out of her, and could hear the wetness of our bodies as we slowly picked up the tempo.

I had slipped out of her and quickly reinserted myself, which happened a few times when I pushed myself back into her and felt a new tightness as she gasped and pushed back on me. I looked down between us and realized that the head of my cock was lodged in her ass and she was pushing back on me to keep it there, and whispered "don't stop - just take it slow…". I lay there for a moment, felt her ass slowly relax, and slowly pushed my cock into her as she pushed herself back to me.

The tightness and heat, combined with the extraordinary view of my dick slowly planting itself firmly in the rectum of her glorious ass had my head swimming.

I continued rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as she reached down and started to finger her pussy.

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I was soon embedded all the way to the hilt when she inserted her fingers into her pussy and I could feel them against the shaft of my cock inside her. I started moving my cock in and out of her ass as one arm held her angled slightly away from me so I could watch, while the other continued working her nipple and she continued pleasuring herself.

In a few short moments we were both thrashing like animals, when her sphincter grasped my cock and I felt several jets of seed shoot inside of her when we both came. We remained still as my now worn out cock softened and eventually popped out of her ass.

The both of us were drenched in perspiration, wet spots were so numerous that the bed had become unpleasant. Turned herself over to me, her eyes were glazed over. We embraced and kissed deeply. When we'd cooled down, I suggested that we take a shower and find something to eat. We got up and went downstairs into the bathroom, where she had left her large purse which was still open at the top. I could see from my angle that her panties and bra had been stuffed in there, and she saw me smile when I looked in and grinned at me.

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I told her I'd thought she'd shown up fully clothed. Ellen said that after discussing my mothers trip she just was leaving for, she knew we'd been alone in the house, and waited until our classmates to leave before removing any optional clothing. I replied that as far as I was concerned, for her all clothing was optional, and in fact, unnecessary. I reached into the shower stall and turned on the hot water and we each stepped in. We cleaned each other thoroughly, and enjoyed the feeling of each others soapy body against one another.

Ellen then got on her knees while the hot water flowed over me and made love to my cock with her mouth and tongue. After we got out of the shower and dried each other off, we changed the linens on the bed, put on t-shirts and sweats, and made a light dinner. We then went and parked ourselves in the den on the sofa and cuddled under a blanket with the TV on.

Occasionally throughout the rest of the evening we satisfied each other as new lovers are prone to, either making it clear that a sexual demand needed to be remedied, or by simply offering the other an unbridled pleasure of the flesh. Eventually we made our way back to the bedroom, where we fell asleep in each other arms. Eventually, we had to come to a mutual agreement to try to not screw each other into submission. Both of us were in school and working nearly full time, and still had our responsibilities to fulfill.

That determination, however, didn't come until both our school and professional work started to suffer for it. We became a real item, enjoyed each others company, and made wonderful and constant sexual demands on each other which frankly, wasn't that much of a burden. I would drop by her place to visit where she met me either naked, in a cute negligee, or other very small garment at the door. As often as not we didn't make it to the bedroom before we were seeing who could make the other come first, or most.

In the end, we both did very well and graduated with honors. Lamentably, our work after graduation took us into different directions, and our romance slowly fell apart. But we had a great time, still see each other occasionally, and remain friends. End.