Play in Chess with GF

Play in Chess with GF
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I had slept naked and when I awoke the next morning; cum was still oozing from me. It was the result of being repeatedly fucked in the ass; all part of my training to become a brothel worker. I could have coped with my aching body, but my ass was suffering from a massive hangover due to the cock and fisting onslaught of the previous night.

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Robert and another guy helped me up and lead me to a warm bath that someone had prepared. "After your bath it's breakfast; another day means more training". "What am I doing or what's being done to me today?" I asked. "You will see in an hour." I was feeling a little better after my bath and after eating even more so. I gingerly walked back to my bed; to rest my aches and nervously wait. Robert and his crew turned up; fortunately minus the angry one from the earlier session.

I sat on my back watching as they all took their cocks out for me. "Ok on your knees, Kim." I dropped to my knees; then as they surrounded me I started playing with two cocks; while watching the other two slowly jerk theirs. They deliberately left it to me to decide what to do next; so I took one in my mouth while stroking two more. Robert sat down and soon the two I was fondling joined him; all waiting their turns to face fuck me.

Soon a cock was deep throating me, making me gasp for air and think about my situation before releasing his grip.

Saliva dribbled out of my mouth as I coughed and fought for every single breath of air. This went on until he finally held me tightly to his groin to blow his considerable load inside my throat.

As he pulled out I think I pleased and surprised him when I licked my lips.

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Robert then came over; I looked at him before gobbling down on his big fat cock. He too made me gasp as his cock went all the way down my throat; it was even bigger than the first guys.

He pulled it out only momentarily so I could gasp for air; before stuffing it back in my mouth. I was leaving a saliva mess all the way down my tits and chest as I sucked his cock. Eventually Robert twitched and holding my head shot another load down my throat. I was choking on his cock and desperately needing air when he released me.

"Very good" he said patting my head as my eyes streamed with water. It was the same scenario with the other two; little air to breathe, but lots of cum to swallow. They then dressed and told me that they would resume again after tea. Only two of them returned for the resumption of training which consisted of further blow jobs for each of them.

To my surprise and delight they then arranged for a professional massage for me; I can not describe how good it felt; and I slept like a baby that night. The next morning four guys suddenly woke me and each of them fucked me in my pussy while wearing condoms. After each fuck I was made to remove their condoms before licking them clean. This was to prove quite a day for having my pussy fucked; because after tea six guys then came to my bed; and the exact actions of fucking and sucking took place again.

The next day saw a return to the more extreme anal training; four guys hammered me in the morning; followed by a further six at night. It was not for the faint hearted; these guys were not one minute wonders; they really pounded you with long thick hard cocks. Then the following week I was given the same amount of ass and pussy fucking; only this time I also had to suck a cock while being fucked by one. On Wednesday nights I would have a full body massage; which I really needed and enjoyed.

One day I was told something amazing; it was the reason why I was so horny at times. The drinking water in the bottom bedroom area was spiked with GHB (date rape drug) I was told by one of the girls. Not enough to make you overdose, but certainly enough to trick your body. New Year Eve. It was December 31, 1998. I had successfully completed my training; and it was now time for my initiation. I was told tonight I would be performing special orders, but first I was to remove all my clothes; and wear a thick leather collar around my neck.

Some of the girls watched me in silence, which made me feel very anxious as I prepared to make my first trip up the stairs. I had known for a while that the bottled water had traces of GHB in it, the drug associated with date rape. I think I drank 1½ -2 glasses of the water then I was handed a pill by one of the girls.

"Here, this will help." she said with a comforting smile. I slowly made my way up the stairs knowing this would be my first night of paid sex; and it would be a huge test. During training I had been told my only concern should be the pleasure of the customer; and the word "NO" had been removed from my vocabulary.

One of my minders met me at the top of the stairs to tell me "Lean against the wall with your arms up" He spread my legs and greased up my asshole with lube, I loved the feeling of his fingers in me; and quickly became wet.

I was making little moaning sounds as the pill and water increased my normal desires to make me feel ready for any amount of cocks. "Well Kim the time is now, let's find out if you're up to being a fucking good whore" with those words he slapped my ass and left me there alone. I must have stood there naked and lubed up for another 10 anxious minutes before the door finally opened "Well, well, our slut has arrived" although he was smiling it was a complete stranger that led me inside.

The wetness was trickling down my inner thighs as I looked around the darkened room. Despite the poor light I could clearly see a group of 12-15 standing naked men drinking alcohol and taking refreshments. My eyes soon adjusted to the light: and I discovered there were also 4 girls serving drinks. They were wearing skanky French maid uniforms with corsets that helped to expose their breasts. Their very small skirts clearly revealed they were not wearing underwear; and high heels made their asses stick up.

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I continued to look around until my boss Madam Stephanie made an announcement; "Well all you lucky horny guys, here is what you have been waiting for; Veronica, our newest addition; your New Years Fuck toy". They all cheered as I tried to smile, but secretly I was feeling ashamed by the words. "Oh and another thing I should of mentioned; NO HOLES BARRED!" Stephanie added with an evil laugh. The introductions were considered over as a group of guys started groping my tits, feeling my wet pussy, and slapping my ass.

One guy splashed champagne over my body making me wet and slippy for their wandering hands. Someone moved a finger first around my mound; and then inside my pussy. Almost simultaneously my ass was pried apart and being manipulated by inquisitive hands; I moaned at the pleasure of it all.

"COME ON GUYS! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?" I literary yelled out at them. That's when I was roughly pushed down on to my knees, when I looked up all I could see near my head was cocks. They all seemed to be so big and hard; I licked my lips in anticipation as I craved them.

After grabbing me by my hair someone then forced my mouth open; and fed his cock in it. He was rough forcing it deep down my throat; my eyes rolled as I gagged; when he pulled out I coughed for air.

Almost immediately I was again grabbed by the hair; a different cock now filled my mouth and was fucking my face violently. He was ball deep causing tears to run down my cheek; I was breathing through my nose, as my gag reflex kicked in. I could feel his cock swelling as it explode it's thick load of cum inside my mouth and throat. Forcing my face into his groin he said "Fucking swallow it or choke"; once he released his cock my coughing brought saliva and cum spewing from my mouth.

I must have looked a right mess as it dribbled out in globs from bottom lip. It was only to be a short respite; as I was fed yet another cock. Another face fucking ended with yet another thick load dumped inside my mouth; inevitably coughing which produced more strings of cum and saliva followed. The face fucking seemed to be over and I was allowed a short time to recover before being pulled up to my feet.

Cum mixed with saliva was still dribbling down my chest as I was guided to; and then thrown on to the stage.


I was attempting to stand up; but only got to my knees when I felt hands on my waist stopping me. It was then I could feel a thick cock trying to breach my very moist pussy for the first time; I wiggled my knees apart desperate to accommodate it. That first feeling of a cock finally feeding my hungry pussy was amazing.

I loved the fact that it was fat; and stretched me wide apart as it slid inside going deep and hard. I let out a moan as he instantly started fucking me; it was incredible as each thrust almost took my breath away. "Mmm.

OH FUCK! Mmm" I bellowed out. I screamed out again, but when I did a cock was stuffed in my mouth. It was totally intense as my tongue and mouth was gladly working it; due to the fact that the cock in my pussy was driving me insane with lust. Someone started teasing and pinching my erect nipples while another was rubbing lube in to my ass crack and hole.

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Madame Stephanie then spoke with the microphone again; "Wow boys, looks like you're having fun; just look at the whore!" she announced stirring the group into a frenzy. It was then I heard a chant from some of the guys "SLUT, SLUT, SLUT" but it was either drugs or my own lust making me want to perform for them.

Then the guy who was stretching the hell out of my carnivorous pussy pulled out to start probing and prying my ass cheeks apart with his cock. It made me suck the cock still in my mouth with more relish, because I knew full well what was going to happen next. When he breached my tight anal entry it felt so good; I tried to moan only for it to be stifled by cock. He must have loved anal as much as me; because within a minute he had transferred his cum from his balls to my ass; caressing my kissing my neck before pulling out.

The guy in my mouth could not last any longer; and it was with a horny groan that he blew his load of what was sweet cum in my mouth; I gratefully licked my lips as he left my company. I was then being handled by two new guys one of them slid his cock into my freshly fucked ass. Then gripping me tightly manoeuvred himself on to his back with me on top; with his cock still buried deep inside my ass.

It was then that his mate pushed his big cock inside my sloppy wet pussy. I had two rock hard cocks inside me slowly grinding away; words can't do justice to what it felt like other than to say it was deliriously awesome. As I laid back on the guy at the bottom my lust became totally absorbed in the situation; as I moaned and was talking in erotica.

My mind and body had conceded to the sheer pleasure of being fucked. "Oh yeah fuck. I love what your cocks are doing to me, mmm. Shove them cocks in nice and deep, mmm fuck yeah." I had completely lost my rational thinking to moaning and mumbling words. I briefly opened my eyes and scoped the room; one of the French maids was on her knees giving a blow job to someone on a sofa; his eyes were closed and clearly enjoying it.

That's all I could remember seeing as a new guy approached saying "I think it time for you to suck my cock." I had no intention of fighting his words as my mouth opened to welcome his fat cock.

Looking up as he roughly fucked my face with his legs spread either side of my body; I seemed to recognise his face, but in those moments it was impossible to concentrate on such things; all that mattered to me was that he had a cock; and it was in my mouth.


"That's it you dirty whore, suck me off." Along with me he seemed to be lost in the thrones of lust; with a cock in my ass cunt and mouth I most certainly was with my orgasm building. Instead of letting it take over me I must have been crazed or something when I reached out with either hand to grab two cocks so I could jerk them. I had never felt so greedy for cocks; and with 5 consuming me I must have looked demented to the people watching. The guy using my mouth pulled out to spray his cum directly on to my face; it really turned on one of my hand jobs as he immediately gasped and sprayed his own cum over my neck and tits.

I could feel the heat of the cum even on my eye lids as I continued grunting and moaning. Then it hit forcing me to arch my back; it was the most intense massive orgasm imaginable. Wave after wave was flowing through me like a pleasure giving taser gun. "Don't stop fucking me, fuck my filthy whore brains out! Oh god this feels so good!" I was deliriously mumbling. The effects of my orgasm were still strong when the guy in my ass twitched and grabbed hold of me by my tits; before blowing his load in my ass.

I was delirious in pleasure when they called me several names including cumbucket pig, filthy whore and various kinds of slut.

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That didn't deter me however; in fact it both spurred and turned me on. I could not have been feeling better when the guy in my pussy and the remaining hand job blew their loads both up and over me. After that I was left alone for about 10 maybe 15 minutes; during which I rubbed the cum from my face and much smeared tits and body.

I was still feeling horny beyond belief and could not resist licking my hands and fingers until they were completely clean of cum. Over the remainder of my first night the guys took their turn fucking me in all my available holes. I lost count of the number of blow and hand jobs I gave; and also the amount of orgasms I received.

One thing I clearly remember was them attempting to stuff two cocks in my pussy at once; it made it bleed a little as it was over stretched. When it was all over my head was still spinning with excitement; my pussy and ass were still twitching from being overused and orgasms; cum never seemed to stop flowing out of both holes leaving puddles.

My jaw was sore and I felt bloated from more than several deposits of cum in my stomach. When the guys left I was a sticky cum filled mess in the middle of the floor. Despite the long fucking I had just participated in I was still mumbling "I want more cock, more cock." I lay there, rubbing my mound and caressing my cum stained tits.

Madame Stephanie was now stood over me although I did not know this until I opened my eyes. "Kim darling 14 guys are worn out by you; and you still want more!" she said clearly very pleased with me. "Mmm, what can I say other than I'm a dirty slut." I said giggling and still rubbing my mound and my tits. That's when one of my minders came in; he threw me over his shoulder; and carried me to a nice warm bath tub. More next time.