Naughty Ts Khloe Kay enjoys sucking and fucking stud Dante Colle

Naughty Ts Khloe Kay enjoys sucking and fucking stud Dante Colle
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My first sex story! Enjoy and feel free to leave criticism/message me! Name: Claire Age: 21 Description: Around 5 foot 6 inches tall with black short hair and hazel eyes. She has a very athletic frame, 32 C breasts that look smaller then they are due to a very perky shape. Another day in late spring, she finds herself having a day off from work sprawled out across the sofa.

The sun beaming through the bay window of her flat and a failed air conditioning unit made sure she stayed there. Quite frankly, she might as well have been in a fan-assisted oven.

Being utterly lazy, most of the time, today she decided on just a tee shirt and a pair of plain black panties, both of which drench by her sweat and clung to her skin. Somehow she had managed to sleep comfortably through the heat, especially since her hand had fell into a half melted bucket of ice cream by the side of her sofa.

Waking up in the early afternoon she looked round with a rather contented gaze, bolting upright when she felt the lukewarm liquid on her hand, which used to be ice cream. "Shit!" Quickly waking up she picked up the bucket and rushed to the fridge, frowning as she threw it into the freezer she quickly went to wash her hands, and flopped back onto the sofa, and simply sat there looking out the bay window into the empty flat across the road from hers.

She actually knew the girl who lived there; she waved to her every morning from her flat, and usually talked to her at the convenience store where the girl worked. Cindy, she's called, she was closer to 6 foot tall and had long auburn hair and green eyes, and her figure!

Claire felt almost instantly aroused from thinking about it. Her full breasts, those perfect curves and an ass she just wanted to reach and squeeze every time she saw her.

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It's no secret that Claire is a lesbian, if anything she's quite open about it, stopping short of bragging about it. She'd often tried to flirt with Cindy but never found it appropriate at her work place, and despite being flirty and rather out going, she found herself too shy to go round.

She closes her eyes and lets herself drift off into a daydream, her hands tugging at the hem of her tee shirt; still clingy to her skin she found it very uncomfortable for her new thoughts.

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Biting her bottom lip, her fingers gently prize the shirt off her stomach, rolling it up to just under neath her breasts. She let her fingers wander up and down her stomach, tickling and stroking herself while straying nearer and nearer towards the edge of her panties. Her thoughts now filled with nothing but Cindy, she lets out a soft moan and runs her fingers back up her stomach, her breath getting shorter and shorter as her hands gently cup her breasts through her T-Shirt, in her mind she could only wish that it was Cindy's hands and not her own.

She gently tweaks her nipples through the cloth of her shirt; her nipples quickly become erect, clearly showing through her top. Sitting up right she pulls her top off, letting out a sigh of relief she flops back on the sofa, resting one foot up on the sofa and sprawling the other across the floor, she slips back into her day dream legs wide apart. She runs her hands up to her neck and brings them back down slowly, her sweat making her skin glow and stick slightly.

She needed to cool down, and she had just the idea. Again she darts to the fridge, nearly tripping over one of the few discarded pizza boxes lying around she flings the freezer open and grabs the ice cream bucket, slamming the freezer door she races half naked back to the sofa. She sits there, staring at the still melted, if not much cooler, ice cream.

The idea races through her head, squirming she rests back against the sofa, pulling the existing spoon from the bucket she eats a scoop, before finally deciding, her breathing returns to being short and sharp as she takes another scoop of the ice cream, and holds it over her nipple.

Biting her lip she shakily tips the spoon, pouring the ice cream onto her nipple. It sent jolts through her, the cold liquid causing her nipple to stiffen more, she gasps and smiles to herself, dropping the bucket to the floor and sucking the spoon clean, she rubs the ice cream over her nipple, twisting, teasing and flicking at it, moaning deeply, then a second thought comes to her. Lifting her legs up into the air she grabs her panties and slips them off, the crotch sticking to the moist lips of her pussy she throws them across the room, grabbing the ice cream bucket again, she gets another spoon full, opening her legs wide, bearing all to see, she tips the liquid over her hooded clit.

The sensation causes her to cry out in pleasure. Her hips bucking madly and arching her back, she closes her eyes and returns to her fantasy, dropping the bucket and the spoon, diving her fingers straight down in the mess of pubic hair and ice cream, rubbing furiously at her clit. Her other hand reaching down further, gathering what she can of the ice scream she leans back into the sofa, her fingers now slick, she slips a finger immediately into her anus.

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Her fingers rapidly increasing in speed, circling her erect clit rapidly she slips a second finger into her ass. Her mind racing with thoughts of Cindy, imaging what she'd look like naked, whether she'd like anal and whether she'd like even dirtier things.

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All the while she was furiously masturbating she had forgotten two crucial things, One, her curtains were open, two, her sofa was in the right place, so that she could see out of her window, but that means Cindy could she exactly what she was doing.

And she did see.


"Cindy! Cindy! Oh god Cindy!" Claire had moved up to three fingers. Although it was quite dry she loved anal sex, and had moved herself into a doggy style position on the sofa. Her fingers moving in and out of her ass, twisting and pushing deeper. Her mind racing with thoughts of Cindy shoving her hand into her ass.

Oh she wanted her. All of her. She was now panting for breath, trying to force a fourth finger in. Cindy crossed the road quickly, what she had seen had actually quite disturbed her.

What had compelled Claire to do that? She had seen her half naked a few times glancing across the street and thought nothing of it, but this was too much for her, and she wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

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She quickly jumped up the stairs towards the third floor and headed towards what she thought was Claire's flat the next thing she heard just made her stand still and blush. "Cindy! Cindy! Oh god Cindy!" The muffled sound of Claire's voice could still be heard in the corridor. All Cindy could do was feel a bit dumbstruck, she wanted to just go and hope it doesn't happen again, but she also wanted to find out what was going on.

The edged nervously towards the door, the thought of 'this is wrong' kept flashing across her mind, but as she kept hearing her name being called out in ecstasy, her heart's pace quickened and she reached out for the door knock, but she stopped.

She just wanted to go home and ignore it, she had a boyfriend, and she's not exactly timid. And yet the sound of this girl screaming her name just made her so curious, she wanted to see, she wanted to know. Her hand moved from the door knock and moved towards the door handle. She decided, she'd just go home and talk to her about it later.

Then she realised what she was doing, her mind saying one thing her body another. The image of Claire's half naked body flashing suddenly into her mind, the image of her pouring ice cream on herself just a few minutes ago, and now she couldn't help but barge in. So there she was, dumb struck and blushing like crazy, her heart thumping away at the sight of Claire, bent over her sofa, fisting herself, looking just as confused as she was.