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Hot ass milf  mmf zwischen verschiedenen Rassen
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Kathy sat outside the boardroom. This was it, she thought. After all the years of traveling for the company, after all the years of doing every trash job they handed her, after bringing her department in under budget and increased productivity, she was going to get her seat in the boardroom. A buzz came from the secretary's desk, and Kara motioned for Kathy to go into the room, giving her a thumb's up as she passed the desk.

Kathy winked back at her, giving her an all-knowing look. Kathy gave her suit one last check for lint or wrinkles, checked her reflection in the glass by the door, and went into the boardroom.

Kathy took a look around the room. A huge mahogany table dominated the room. Five men sat around one end of the table designed for 12. In the corner was a fully stocked wet bar, which the men had already helped themselves to despite the 10 AM meeting time. In another corner were a rich leather couch and matching chairs by a fireplace. The room exudes white male power, and Kathy was going to take her spot in the old boys' club.

Jay Green, chairman of the board, indicated to Kathy to take a seat at the far end of the table so that all could keep an eye on her.

Kathy sat down, straightened her notepad in front of her, and looked up and faced the board. "Gentlemen, thank you for seeing me this morning. I trust you are all doing well today." Alan Scarlet smiled and said, "Speaking for the group, I think we are all doing well, and quite pleased to have you here. You do know why you are here today, right?" Kathy smiled back at Alan and replied, "The company has the need to fill an opening on the board. There has been pressure from investors to bring more diversity to the board, in age and gender.

Your belief is that I fit that criterion, based on my years of service with the company and the performance of my division the last three years when all other divisions were bleeding money." She glanced at the men, all staring intently at her.

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"Also, I am sure that having a great set of tits sealed the deal for you guys, correct?" as Kathy pointed to her chest. The room broke out in howls of laughter. Wes Dark wiped his brow with a handkerchief and cleared his throat. "Ms. Hanson, I think-" "I'm sorry, but it's Mrs. Hanson, thank you. I have a great husband that I go home to each night," she interrupted. "Ah, that was a slip of the tongue, my apologies. OK, Mrs. Hanson, I think that the board agrees with your self-assessment, from your career, your department performance, and ah.

well, that you are a woman." "All woman, boys. All woman." "Yes, well, before we can officially make the offer, we need to seal the deal, so to speak." Kathy suddenly got a puzzled look on her face.

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"I'm sorry, but what do you mean by seal the deal?" Green raised his hand to silence Dark. "What Wes is trying to say is, within the confines of this office, there are a lot of private discussions. Discussions which cannot leave this room.

I'm sure you understand the need for privacy and confidentiality. Agreed?" "Yes, I have no issues with that." "So, we have been talking and we feel that there is one more task that needs to be done, to invite you into this boardroom and to help ensure your loyalty to us and the company." "Well, what form do you want me to sign?

I will sign it. I would think that 15 years of continuous service would be enough to prove my loyalty." Jack Kelvin had been biting his tongue and could take no more.

"Listen, Kate here's the deal. If you want the seat, you got to do some sucking up to us. Specifically, you are going to suck all of our cocks. Right now." "WHAT?!?!?" That is insane! That is sexual harassment. That is-" James Chester spoke up, "Toots, I personally oversee Human Resources, and anything you try to submit is going to get lost in my department.

Now I suggest that you get down under the table and get to work." Kathy sat at the end of the table shocked by what had just happened. She looked at the five men and they all had lecherous looks on their faces. There was no way this could be happening. there was no way she was going to do this.

there was no way. wait, there is a way!

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Kathy pushed back from the table and stood up. She brushed down her suit, taking her time while brushing over her breasts and ass. She knew they were all looking, and she took her time to organize her thoughts. She slowly started to walk around the table looking at the board members.

"All right, if that's what you really want, then let's get to business. But first, let's go over a couple of things. From now on, I address you as boys. Because that is what you are acting like. A bunch of boys. Afraid to let a girl into your clubs. A girl that happens to have big boobies!" And with that, she leaned in close to Chester, close enough that he could smell her perfume and a slight hint of her musk.

"This will be the only time I suck your cocks, boys. You understand. And no future women board members will have to go through this again. Because, obviously, I don't have a cock." As she continued, Kathy removed her hairpins and let her hair flow down to her shoulders.

"But before I get started, I have a few questions to ask each of you. Let's see, who to start with, who to start with. Hmmm.


Jay Boy, you're the CEO, obviously, we should start with you." Kathy stood behind his chair and draped her arms over his shoulders. She started to loosen his tie, but he shook her off.

So Kathy stood up and removed her suit coat, leaving it on his chair.

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"Now Jay, I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEE to give you a blowjob. And you would really LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEE to receive one, I'm sure. But I think it's a trick. You see, everyone knows that no matter how hot the woman is." and with this, Kathy took off her blouse and started to slip off her skirt, ".you need the help of the little blue pill to get it up. Isn't that right?" Green's face got bright red, and all the other members were trying to find someplace else in the room to look at, despite the hot woman standing there in her black push-up bra and matching panties.

"That's not true," he said. "There is nothing to those rumors." Kathy reached down and unzipped Jay's trousers. A little fishing around and she brought out a rather limp dick. "Jay, I am standing here with my tits in your face, my pussy getting wet, and your dick looks like a piece of last week's spaghetti." Two of the men stifled laughs, but she didn't turn around to look.


Their time would be coming. Kathy tried massaging the dick but there was no response. Mr. Green, the CEO of one of the largest companies in the country, had a lifeless dick. "Jay, I would like to give you what you are asking for, but I don't think you want to play. And sure I could suck on it for awhile, but I am watching my figure and trying to avoid the pasta carbs." With that, she turned around and looked to choose her next target. Her eyes fixed on Jack Kelvin. There, he's next.

Kathy strode around the table, making for quite the figure in her heels, bra and panties and flowing hair. "Oh Jackie Boy, what about you big boy? Think you can handle me?" She sat down in Jack's lap and pressed her bosom into his face. "Dagnabbit woman, you are going to suck my dick!!" he yelled, as he tried to push Kathy to the floor. "OK, but I hope I can do it as well as Terry," Kathy remarked as she started to unzip Knight's pants. Chester snapped up. "Who's Terry? Your wife is Melinda and-" Kathy turned around to face the room.

"Oh, don't you boys know? Jackie Boy has been getting blow jobs from Terry Morris down in accounting." Chester was puzzled. "Terry Morris? Have I met her?" At this, Kelvin's face went purple. Kathy smiled at the room. "Not her.

Him. Terry is a boy, about 22 or 23. Really nice guy. Isn't he Jack?" The room was silent as Jack sat there with his head hung down and his dick hanging out of his pants.

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Kathy could smell the blood in the water, and knew that this was the time to make her big move. She climbed up on the table, so everyone had a clear view of her body, from her hair down to her heeled feet.

She knew that the rush was getting her so wet and that it was probably visible through her panties, but she didn't care. "You see boys, you need to learn a lot about IT, which is why you are promoting me.

Because where I sit at in IT, I see everything. EVERYTHING!" "Jack, I see your e-mails to Terry. The photos you attached.

Would you like me to share those photos?" Jack Kelvin shook his head no and looked away. "Jay, I see the e-mails to your pharmacist for the Viagara. I see you trying to submit this as a reimbursable health expense. Really? Is the company paying for Viagra now? Jimmy, you are in HR, does the company pay for Viagra with our benefits?" "Ummmmm, no." "Well, guess that's a perk for being CEO." With that, Kathy kicked off her heels and send then flying across the room.

"Then we have Alan Boy" as Kathy swung around to face Scarlet. "I bet you could get a hard on, right?" Scott stood up and dropped his pants, showing his stiff cock to the room. "Get down here before you screw up your job with this company." Kathy faked mock horror.

"Lose my job with this company? Oh my. yeah, that would be a real shame if I screwed up my job with this company. By the way, you probably do want to fuck me from behind?

Don't you? Because you are fucking all the other guys in this room from behind!" "WHAT?!?!?" screamed the four guys, as Scarlet got red in the face. "Oh, you guys haven't felt the ass job? Guess he used lots of lube with you to ease the pain.

Alan has been giving company secrets to Aerotek. In fact, they are going to be doing a product launch in two weeks of a new device.

And when our device comes out in three months, we are going to look like a second-place finisher." "You Bitch!!" "See, even if you are using Yahoo or Hotmail, you are still using our network and our computers. I SEE EVERYTHING!!!" with that, she could feel Alan's dick withering in front of her. Hmmm, what to do about that. Kathy reached for the intercom. "Kara, could you come in here please?" Jay piped up, "She doesn't need to come in here right now, this is a private meeting." "Not anymore, Jay," answered Kathy.

"This is my meeting in my office. And you guys are my play toys." The door opened and Kara slid in. If she was surprised to see Kathy and Alan naked, with Jay's dick hanging out, she did not show it. Kathy started, "Kara, you understand that what happens in this room stays in this room, right?" Kara nodded.

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"Kara, have you ever had any sexual intercourse of any kind with any of these men?" Again, Kara nodded. "Which ones?" Kara answered, "All of them, ma'am. Though not at one time." A red blush spread across the room. Kathy went on. "Kara, how long have you be free and clear of that STD?" "About two weeks, ma'am. Thanks for asking." "Kara, Alan's dick needs some attention. He is having a bad day. Would you mind helping him out?" "Not at all, ma'am!" With that, Kara walked over to where Alan Scarlet stood, took off her blouse and bra and knelt down in front of Alan.

"Kara, I'm curious. Why did you take your top off? Remember, nothing leaves this room," reminded Kathy. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but something does leave the room.

Semen stains. Rich boys won't pay for my dry cleaning." With that, she leaned over and placed Scott's dick in her mouth. He looked down in a mix of disgust and pleasure, not quite for sure what he should be doing. Kathy turned her attention back to the room, focusing on Chester.

"Jimmy Boy, you go through employee files, looking for dirt. You have been getting sex on the side for years, and paying for dinners and hotels out of your expense account. My guess is you were the one that suggested this "Deal" to the boys because you haven't got anything on me yet." Kathy turned to Dark. "Wes, Wes, Wes, Wes. You are anything but normal. You realize I can see every website you go to? C'mon tell the guys what you find so fascinating about donkey porn? And does your wife know about your three mistresses?" Kathy surveyed the room.

She had defeated the five men. She finished removing her clothes, but there was not a hard dick to be found. "Damn," she said to herself. Then an idea came to mind.


With Alan moaning in pleasure, he started to shoot his load onto Kara's chest. Kathy nodded towards Kara and said, "Help yourself to anyone else." Kara looked around the room and decided to have to some fun with the CEO's limp dick. Kathy jumped down from the table, her tits flopping up and down.

She stood by the still-defeated Green, who was wishing he had a blue pill with him so he could really enjoy what Kara was trying to do, and to put Kathy in her place. Kathy leaned over, grabbed the phone again, and dialed an extension. "This is Jerry," a voice answered from the phone. "Jerry, this is Kathy. I am going to need you for 30 minutes in the executive board room.

And you have five minutes to get here. Now." With that, Kathy disconnected the line. "OK boys, it's time to talk surrender, and we are going to talk about my new deal.

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While we do this, get your limp noodles back in your pants, you are embarrassing yourselves." "First, Alan, you are going to be terminated at 5:00 today. The company will slap an injunction against Aerotek to keep them from releasing their device.

You will be charged with corporate espionage, will probably be slapped with a fine and a short stay someplace uncomfortable.

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Enjoy that! His replacement will be another woman. I suggest you look at Tracey over in Accounting." "Second, thanks to Jack, Terry Morris has a job for life here.

Any personnel decisions involving him in the future must be signed off by me. Understood?" "Third, Jimmy, given the fact that Alan is being sacked today, you will have a two-week window before we accept your resignation.

There will be no more forced relations between employees." "Fourth, Jay, you have one year until you retire. And you will, whether you want to or not.

And I am going to be named your successor. You can name me now, or you can name me when your announce your retirement. But after today, the job is mine. Any questions?" The room was silent. A brief knock came from the door, and in walked Jerry from IT. Nice chap, and did not seem the least bit puzzled by his director standing naked in a room of older men, while the secretary tried to give the CEO a blowjob.

"Boys, meet Jerry. He's been with me for 5 years in IT, and he knows as much about the company as I do. Maybe more. He is coming up to the executive suite as my assistant. Oh, and boys, he has a cock that puts all of you to shame." With that mention, Jerry slid off his trousers, revealing a cock going from 5 to 8 to 10 inches fully rigid. "See boys, Jerry likes to see me naked. Unlike you.

Jerry appreciates a good blowjob, but what he likes, even more, is a good fuck." Kathy went down to her end of the table. She moved the chair away and leaned over the table so that her tits were pressed flat against the rich mahogany. "Jerry, don't worry about any lube. Sacking the boardroom has got me all wet and horny. Now let's show these boys a good time." "Yes, Ma'am," said Jerry, as he guided his tool into Kathy from behind.

Her pussy was overflowing with juices, and it felt so warm and tight in there. He started to move in and out to his own internal beat. Kathy grunted a few times. "Oh yes, Jerry, right there. right there. RIGHT THERE!!!!!" Kathy moaned, as the five guys watched on with bewilderment. Kathy was being fucked in front of them, something they had all wanted to see, but didn't think she would agree to go along with. "Boys." Kathy gasped, as her body spasmed with orgasm contractions, "I know your secrets.

and. OH OH OH OH OH. and. now you know mine. RIGHT THERE, HON. Jerry and I have been fucki- . YES, YES, YES. fucking for five years. I. I hope this . FUCK YES, MAKE ME YOUR COCK SLUT. I hope we have a deal now." The guys all nodded their agreements. Jack and Jim had pulled out their dicks and were masturbating furiously.

They didn't care anymore. Kara came over and removed the rest of her clothes. With one hand she started fingering herself, and the other hand (and her mouth) went up to play with Jerry's balls and Kathy's clit.

Both of them moaned loudly. Despite their racket, they could hear the squishing sounds Kara's hand was making in her own pussy. Jerry's pounding got harder and faster. Both he and Kathy were reaching the climax. Kathy's body flushed red, and her body orgasmed as hard as she ever has. This was going to be a memorable day. Kathy surveyed the carnage. Jerry's limp dick fell out of her pussy. Kara immediately got up on her knees and started working to get it back to life.

Give him 10 minutes and he would be good to go again. Alan and Jim had messed up the table with their thundering orgasms. She already had some ideas in mind for that spunk.

Maybe they could put some of it into Kara, getting her pregnant. Wouldn't that make the headlines trying to guess which executive had knocked up the secretary? Kathy managed to stand up straight by leaning against the table. Her tits were flushed with sweat and the rush of the orgasm. "Boys, I accept your offer to join the board. Now please clear out of my new office space. Jerry, Kara and I have some more work to do here," she said with a dirty grin.

"Oh, and do remember. It's Mrs. Hanson to you. We all have our secrets."