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I woke up in the back of my work van because Randy was tired of driving and wanted to swap out with me. Tony thought I was still sleeping, so he volunteered to drive the rest of the way. It was only a couple hours to my hunt camp and now that I was awake, I wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon.

I leaned toward the front of the van to make small talk with the guys when Tony asked me for a drink out of the cooler. As I went to the back of the van to get him one, I noticed our two captives hands cuffed behind their back and their necks tied with a chain noose to the roof of my van.

I tossed Tony's drink up to him and sat back to admire our handy work. Both Troopers Thompson and Carson had stopped fighting in their bonds and appeared to be conserving their energy. In the awkward position they were standing in, I knew they couldn't get too comfortable. I took a flash light from one of the trooper's gun belt and shined it on my captives. Damn my good looking little female trooper had a nice ass! My dick began to get hard as I started thinking about how I was going to fuck her soon.

I imagined how I was going to break her physically and mentally and I knew I was going to enjoy every moment of it.

Visions of me having my way with her entered my head as I thought about the ways we were going to gang rape this bitch that gave that ticket a few weeks earlier. Then I remembered that I had to wait. But I pointed the light towards Will Thompson and I could see the cum and fluid that was leaking out of his ass making the crack of his uniform pants moist.


I may as well talk with him one more time before our arrival. I stood up and removed the headphones from Trooper Thompson's ears and told him to behave. He stood there still. I undid the pad lock and removed the chain from around his neck. I pulled him down to his knees as I sat down in the seat in front of him. I whispered in his ear, "How's my little bitch doing? Did you miss me?" Since I hadn't removed the tape from his mouth yet, he didn't try to answer. I pulled the tape from his mouth and he instantly started to beg to let him and the other trooper go.

"Please, I swear we will not come looking for you. Just don't hurt us and let us go. We'll tell them you went the other way and we will make up a different identity for you.

I promise." he whimpered. I grabbed his bleach blonde hair and told him "I'm not worried about anybody looking for us… But your pathetic begging is starting to make my dick hard. I'm ready to see if your dick sucking skills got any better." He started to cry again and said "please don't".

I slapped him hard in the face and pulled my dick out of my jeans. I smacked him across his face a couple times and told his to open up. He kept his mouth shut as he started to cry harder. One more slap and he opened his mouth.

I could tell he hadn't learned anything about cock sucking yet, so I grabbed the back of his head and face fucked him for a couple minutes until I came in his mouth. Before I pulled out, I told him not to spill a drop. After I re-secured him to the roof, I could see him crying. I couldn't wait for his fine little partner to join our fun! The hunt camp we were headed to was an old cabin deep in the Alabama woods. The property had been in my family's name for years and I inherited it when my father passed away several years back.

It is a single-story 3 bedroom house with a small two car garage and a fairly good sized barn in the back. The barn has a little upper floor that I converted to a kind of mini apartment.

This is where our "guests" were going to be residing. When we arrived at the hunt camp, we figured we would take bitch-boy in first. He had pretty much already been broken, and as we took him inside and secured him to a cable that ran from a winch on the ground, up to the ceiling and back down, he offered no resistance.

We arranged him the same way he was in the van, a chain locked around his neck, but this time we removed the tape from his eyes and mouth and left the headphones off. I took my iPhone out and took a picture of the young trooper.

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I made him look at the camera and then called him a little bitch for sucking our dicks and taking it up the ass earlier. The look of defeat on his face was priceless, so I took some more pics before putting a hood over his head unhooking him from the ceiling and chaining him to my tractor on the other side of the barn.

Trooper Carson, on the other hand, was a true fighter. She tried kicking and head-butting and scratching the whole time. Tony, Randy and I just laughed at her attempts, which really pissed her off.

It was her turn to get her picture taken. We chained her neck to the hoist, like we did Will's just a few minutes earlier, removed the tape and headphones and stood back to look at her. For the first time since she pulled up to check on her partner, I got to look at her in the light. When she saw the way the three of us were looking at her, she froze. I'm sure she knew what was coming. I took her picture with my iPhone and sarcastically asked her if she had ever modeled before.

She didn't answer. "I don't know what you want from me or Trooper Thompson, but you should know that you will NOT get away with this." She said sternly. We all laughed. "That's the same thing that your partner said… Just before he sucked our dicks." I said laughing. When Debby heard that, we could tell by the look on her face that my words sank in. "Here is the deal, Trooper Carson; you are going to be our entertainment for a little while." I said as I approached her.

I ran my fingers over her beautiful face and started stroking her hair. "I think you know what we are going to do to you, don't you?" I moved my hand to the back of her neck griping firmly.

"You can go ahead and fight us if you want. Hell, it'll actually make us cum faster. But if you do fight us, understand you WILL get hurt, and we don't care. We are going to fuck you whenever, however and wherever we want." "Please, just let us go…" She searched for more words, but could not find any.

I moved behind her and removed the handcuffs. Then I unlocked the chain around her neck. As she looked around, she knew she was surrounded and trapped. "Trooper Carson, why don't you start by taking off your shirt?" Randy and Tony both yelled "Hell yeah!" She stood still as I circled around her closely. I walked over to her partner and kicked him hard in the stomach. She screamed for me to leave him alone.

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I told her "Anytime you disobey us, he pays for it. You hear that Willy? If she fucks up, you pay!

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But keep in mind Miss Carson, if he fucks up, you pay. So be careful" "We're waiting" I said as I approached her. Grabbing her ponytail I whispered in her ear, "Here is your choice bitch. Either you take off your clothes, or we are going to rip and tear every stitch off your fucking body. Now, think about this. If you take off your clothes, you can put them back on. If we rip them off of you, you'll be wearing your birthday suit when we dump you and your sissy boy partner off.


Got it?" She slowly began unbuttoning her tan uniform shirt. When it fell to the floor, I told her to take off her socks and boots. She complied without resistance. I could tell the floor was cold on her feet. "Now your pants." I said. She sighed as she unbuckled her belt; unbuttoned and unzipped her tan pants and let them fall down to her ankles.

After she stepped out of them, she was standing in nothing but her panties, her bullet-proof vest and sports bra. I could already taste her tan shapely legs just by looking at them.

She was so fucking hot in panties and her vest I said "damn, does anyone else wants to fuck her just like this?" The guys both laughed. "Ok, babe, get that fucking vest off, I want to see some titties" I ordered. The other guys approved by hooting. She un-fastened the Velcro from the left side, then the right. Pulling the vest off over her head we noticed she had on a white sports bra which hugged her absolutely perfect tits.

Her nipples were standing straight out catching out attention. "Trooper, do you know why we pulled you over?" I asked… "For driving with your high beams on bitch!" the guys busted out laughing. The young trooper looked like she wanted to cry, but I think she was too mad to let herself. "What size are those tits?" Tony asked. "Fuck you bastard!" she spat at him.

"That's exactly what you are going to do in just a little bit." He replied. I walked over to sissy boy chained to the tractor and started slapping his hooded face, back and forth. "Remember the rules cunt?" I said looking at Trooper Carson, "Take your fucking bra off".

She stood for a second not moving, but when I raised my hand to hit her partner, she moved her hands to the bottom of her sports bra and slowly lifted it up and over her head. "God damn those are some nice tits" Randy said. "You know what's going to make 'em even nicer? My dick running in between them".

Tony said with a grin on his face. By now we were all three rubbing our cocks in our pants in anticipation of her removing the last little piece of clothing she had. "OK slut, you know what comes next.

Get those fucking granny panties off." I ordered. She took a deep breath in and pushed her underwear down below her pussy revealing a little dark, trimmed 'landing strip'. She continued sliding the back of her panties past her butt and below her knees and let them fall to the ground.

She stood there not knowing what to do.

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Wanting to run, I'm sure, but knowing she would never make it past us. After about 20 seconds of staring at her I said, "Ok bitch, get over here". Knowing she didn't have any other choice, she hung her head and began walking. "Stop" I said, "Get down on your hands and knees and walk to us like the little piggy you are." Both the guys started laughing. The guys were cheering, "Come on you little fucking piglet".

She got down on all fours and started crawling toward us.


When she got to me I told her, "Now pull down my pants". She reached up and unbuttoned my jeans then slowly unzipped them. Just before she was going to pull them down I stopped her and said, "Put your hands behind your back and use that mouth of yours. And you better not bite me when you do it!" Watching her working from one side to another to get my jeans down was a real turn on. My boxer briefs were next and I could tell she was trying to be careful to bite only my underwear and not me, she's a smart one!

She was able to bite a portion of my fly and started tugging. My dick was about to burst out of my shorts anyway, so I'm sure that was helping her. As soon as she got the top of my shorts just below my dick, it sprang out bouncing off of her forehead coming to a rest on her face. The guys were really cheering her on now! "All the way bitch, let's go" I told her.

Once she pushed them down to my ankles she looked back up at me and said, "Please…" I told her, "well, since you asked so nicely, ok… I'll let you suck my dick". She finally started to cry as me and the guys were laughing at my joke. I told her to leave her hands behind her back and to start licking my dick. I was going to have her take the other guy's pants off the same way she did mine, but they were so excited they started stripping down before I had the chance.

I told her that her tongue felt nice but I don't think she really appreciated the comment. I said, "Ok, open up whore!" as I grabbed the back of her head and start thrusting in and out of her hot little mouth. She tried pulling her head back after the second thrust but I stopped her. "You wondering what that taste is sweetheart?" I asked. "It's your partner's ass. Now you better get to cleaning it off." Looking at the other guys I said, "Well, you guys gonna get your dick sucked or what?" That was all the prompt they needed.

Since they were good enough to let me use her mouth first, I pulled out of the mouth fucking and got behind her. Grabbing her pony tail I would push her head into one crotch then pull it back and move her over to the other crotch and push it into it.

The guys were loving it. Using her own pony tail I was using her head as a fuck toy.

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I would pump her head a few times then hold it as hard as I could into one crotch, then let her come back for some air, switch sides and do it all over again.

The gagging and slurping sounds she was making was priceless! After about 20 minutes of taking turns throat fucking her, we drug her over to a work bench and laid her on her back.

We were all groping her squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples and playing with her pussy. Tony finally looked at me and said, "bro, if you don't fucker her I am!" With that, I jumped up on the table and she began to kick and fight again. Tony grabbed both of her hands while Randy grabbed one of her legs and I pushed the other one out of my way. I spit into her pussy one time and then pushed my head in. I started working in and out until finally I was all the way in. She was openly crying and yelling cuss words at me.

God she felt great! I started squeezing those titties of hers while I was pumping into her pussy. Even after using bitch-boy over there as a cum dumpster, I still only lasted a couple minutes before I was ready to blow my load. I pushed as hard as I could inside of her dumping every drop I could muster. She stopped fighting and just laid there and cried. As I climbed down Tony was fighting Randy for the next spot.

Since most of the fight was out of her, I pulled her body back towards the end of the table until she could tilt her head far enough back for me to stick my dick in her mouth. I reminded her that not only would she pay, but her partner would too if she felt any teeth. She just closed her eyes as I pushed my dick into her warm mouth and told her "clean it bitch".

She just held my cock in her mouth without doing anything, so I pinched her nose shut and pushed my dick as far as I could until I knew she couldn't breathe.

I said "as soon as you start using that whore tongue of yours to clean my dick, I'll let you breathe again." Her face started changing colors and veins started popping out of her neck and forehead until finally she passed out.

Tony didn't care, he kept fucking her until he too came inside of her. Without wasting any time, Randy replaced Tony and started fucking her too.

After a coupe slaps to the face, she woke up gasping for air. Tony and I took turns fucking her mouth while Randy was blasting his cum inside her just like Tony and I did just a few minutes earlier.

Trooper Carson laid there on my work bench with cum oozing out of her pussy and her mouth, gasping for air. Even after just fucking her, we couldn't keep our hands off of her. I got an idea. I walked over and let our little bitch-boy, Trooper Thompson, up and led him over to the table.

As I took off his hood, he saw his beautiful partner laying there used and broken and I heard him say "oh my god". I looked at him and said "Yeah, she's pretty fucking hot, huh?" "Please just let us go" was all he could say.

I laughed and took his handcuffs off. I told him he had 30 seconds to strip nude or she gets punished. He was quick about it and stood there with his hands over his little dick. "You see, we kinda made a little mess of your partner, don't you think? I think seeing as you are her partner and all, you should help her out and clean her up… With your mouth"!

He looked at me with complete hatred. As he stood there in disbelief at what I told him to do, I walked over to our little cum dumpster and slapped her face as hard as I could.

He started to protest and I reminded him, "Remember the rules bitch! Now get over here". He approached the table and the three of us guys started cheering "Wi-lly, Wi-lly, Wi-lly". I pushed his face right into her cum soaked pussy and told him, "You have one minute to clean this bitch off, or you aren't going to like your punishment!" As Will licked and sucked the cum out of her it was almost more than I could stand.

After one minute I went to check on his progress and saw that he had eaten every drop! I yelled, "He did it boys!" and pulled him up and told him to lay down on the concrete floor.

I picked Debby off the table and laid her on top of Will in a 69 position. I told her to start sucking his little dick and I told him to keep sucking the cum out of her pussy. Being the good host I am I went to the fridge to get some beers. When I came back Tony was fucking Debby doggy style while still making Will use his tongue on her pussy and Tony's dick.

Randy said, "man, I haven't had this much fun in a long time." I had to agree. After Tony came inside of Trooper Carson I rolled our two little hostages over so that Will was now on top. As Will was straddling Debby's face, I made her clean off the dried cum and shit out of her partner's ass, then go back to sucking his dick. I told her she was going to have to work on her cock sucking skills since she could only get him half hard.

The guys laughed. After a few more minutes of watching our little captive troopers being forced to fuck each other, we picked them up and took them over to a garden hose outside and hosed them down. We made them wash each other, paying special attention to their private parts. After rinsing them off, we took them back inside and laid them down on their own separate work bench and tied them spread-eagle with handcuffs, leg irons and chains with padlocks.

After we were satisfied they were secure, we duct taped their mouths and left them naked so we could go inside and drink some more cold beers. Before going to bed, we went out and checked on them and they were both sound asleep. To be continued…