Interracial tgirl rimmed during sixtynine

Interracial tgirl rimmed during sixtynine
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Here is Summer Surprize 2. I hope that ll of you will enjoy. [email protected], my emial. Thankz. KISSES. "No really who won?"Her dad asked again.

"No one it was a tie." Emma said to her father. She sivered. "Ha," he laughed "I won and dont you try and say that it was a tie!" Emma rolled her eyes and sat on the small bench next to Adam, theyboth smiled and laughed.

He pushe up aganst her. She returned the push. All four parents looked over tho see them pushing eachother throught thier towels. Everyone laughed. Mr. Donger began to speak throught his laughing, " Is anyone hungrey?" He watched for reactions, the two ekids looked at thier stomachs.

"I'll take that as a yes!" He pointed to the shore. "When we get to the shore we'll have a BBQ t our cabin." Mr.Rogers looked up to the sky.

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"I think it might rain." Mr.Rogers said. "Well if that happens we can always go in lets wait and see how the weather turns out." The boat pulled up to the shore, Adam jumped over the side along with his dad and tied the boat off. Adam made his way through the water nd helped everybody off the boat, when it was Emma's turn he looked at her a smiled and she returned the smile. The wind blew.

"Dad Im gonna go on ahead and get changed this wind is brutal." He threw his towel over Emma. His dad knodded. "Hey Emma are you as fast on land?" "I dont know." "Alright just follow this path i wont stay to far ahead of you." "Ready. GO!" She dropped her towles and ran up the path, Adam close behind her.

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She huffed, "Is everything always a race with you?" "Sometimes, were almost there, I'm going to win." He pulled ahead of her. Emma tried to catch up but was cut short after she tripped on a branch that she hadn't saw. Adam turnedd to see how far ahead he was and saw Emma on her hands and knees, he ran over to her."Are you okay?" Adam kneeled down.


"Yeah i just tripped over that branch." "Here." Putting his hand out he helped her up. She took his hand."The house is this way." Adams house was close now and they walked up the path, he lead her to a door on the side of the large house.

He opened the door turned on a light and went to a dresser and puller out a pair of pants and a long t-shirt. "Here I didn't see you bring cloths to the lake this is so you can get out of thaat wet suit." The bath rooms over there." He pointed and turned on the light for her.


She went in and shut the door behind her she looked in the mirror as she pulled off her clinggy wet swimming suit. As she leaned down to pull the pants up over ass she noticed that a cabnet was open, she peked in it. What she saw took her back a little. It was a drawer full of porn magazens. She had seen plenty to know what they where. She threw the shirt over her head and pulled it down over her torso, as the cloth rubbed up aganst her semi-erct nipples she made a loud,"OOO" Adam from the other room hear her nd walked up to the door, knocked and said, "Are you alrigth?" "Yeah," She opened the door and ran into him.

He wasin just towl. She turned red.

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"Oh! Sorry I didn't know you where changing to." She looked away, her face was bright red by this time. "Sorry," He smiled. "Why are y." She was cut off. He leanded forward and placed his lips on hers gently. Her head tilted to the left and she began to kiss him back. Putting his arms behind her, he pulled her closer to him, they were now hip to hip.

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The towel was thin and Adams cock began to swell and push aganst Emma's upper mound. She tried to back up but Adam wouldnt let her so she stood on her tippy toes and got closer, this was more comfterble for her because his cock was now between her leggs.

She took her hands and placed them on his head and ran her fingers throught his black hair. He pulled away from her mouth. "Hey can we try something?" "What?" "I want to show you something." Emma looked at him confussed. He grabbed the seem of his towl and said," This." and he pulled the towl from his waist. Emma saw it and snapped her head away and turned her body. " So what do you think?" "I.I. never sa one other then in heath, but." Her vocie was cracking. "But what?" "It so big," She looed at it more closely.

So many things were running through her head. "Oh my god he so cute. His shinny black hair and strong medium sized jaw, those brown eyes.

And his body, his strong arms, abbs and that, its so big." She was pulled from her reality when Adam grabbed her arm and pulled her the bed and genlty lowered her to the bed. He layed on his side and began to kiss her more forcefully. she returned with the same force. As the kiss got more heated Adam began to run his hand up and down her body. His hand stopped at her chest and he started to grop her through his shirt.

She stated moaning into his mouth.

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He was liking the sensation that she was giving him so he started using both of his hands. He moved them from the outside of the shirt and made his way up her bare soft skin to skin to her silkky chest. She puled away from his kiss and pushed her head down into the bed. Pulling her shirt up he ran his lips and tounge up and found her nipple an began to flick it with his tounge, she moaned in approval.


She placed her hands on his shoulers and involentaraly pushed on them. He slowly made his way down her flat stomach and pulled the lose pants down, she lifted her ass so he could pull them all the way down. Emma had never done any of this with a boy, and she was lossing controll of her body with every passing minute, her natural human instinc was begining to take over.

Adam pulled the pants off and trew them off the bed and put his mouth just above her pussy. As he was breathing she cold fell the heat from his breath, then he began to lick up and down her slit, he put his tounge in between her lbia and found her small clit. He took it on his mouth and flicked it repetedly in his mouth.

Her back arched and she maoned loud.

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Emma's body began to get all hot and to remble with her first orgasim. Adam was becoming intoxicated and Emma was his drug. "Emma can I make love to you?

Please your amazing!" He asked polightly. "Only if you have." He held up a condom between his middle and pointer fingers."Okay." He rolled the condom over his rock hard cock and got into a push up position and placed his cock at the entrence of her pussy.

He inched his way towars her and when he finaly reached the point and his cock head was between her labia ad only needed a hard thrust to be in her he asked," I can do it fast and it will hurt for a minute or slow. Which do you want?" "Do it fast then." She screamed in pain and pleasure.She scrunchere her face and wispered, "Wait." "Sorry but you said fast does it hurt any more?" "Not really." Adam pulled out slowly and then thrusted hard.

This time Emmas face scrunched with pleasure, and she gripped at the beds sheets. Moaning he repeted the action, his breathing increased.

Her head was back and her mouth was open he started to speed up trying to go as deep into her as her could. Her body started to tense up. "Jez Emma you tensing up and making this feel amazing I'm gonna cum if you dont relax!" "I can't help it!It feels." She screamed in pleasure as her secon orgasim washed over her, Adam also came. His body went limp as he pulled out of her and fell to his side. Both breathing hard. Emma was numb and looking up at the black celing.

"Emma I kknow this is soon but, I lov you." "I love you too." Both fell asleep as they were. I hope that all of you liked it.

Now I must ask something of the readers. I can continue the story as it is or I can add a really surprizing Twist.I will let you decide.

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So in your coments say add the twist or continue with the romance. Thanks for reading. Love Fosterkat. KIZZEZ!!!!<3<3<3<3<3.