Bondage wrestling bing video gay The skimpy twink is dangling there

Bondage wrestling bing video gay The skimpy twink is dangling there
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I thought it was my lucky day.

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Britney Stevens, the prettiest cheerleader at Anderson High, was suddenly showing an interest in me. Perhaps it should have been obvious that something was going on, but girls normally don't usually notice me.

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It was a nice feeling. Ignorance is bliss. She offered to give me a ride home but we stopped at her house first. Maybe if I hadn't been so excited to be near a girl like this, I would have realized sooner that this was a bad idea. I foolishly followed her in, admiring her long blond hair that went down to her well shaped ass. "You can have a seat Matthew, I'll be right back." I sat down on the couch, peering around the room, looking over the many family photos across the wall.

To my surprise, Brad and Andy walked through the kitchen into the living room. "Did you enjoy spending time with my girlfriend," Brad said to me as he sat in a chair across from the couch.

"No comment? Well maybe you can answer this, are you or aren't you going to do the history report for me? I know you said no earlier, but I'd strongly advise that you reconsider." Andy smirked as I stumbled with my words, "Well, I.I.don't really think that I should be doing your report.

It's not that difficult. I'm sure you would do fine" "I never said it would be difficult fuck face, but I have better things to do with my time then deal with that shit. Are you going to do it or not faggot?" Andy flipped my shoulder length brown hair up and down, laughing, "Why do you have that girly hair, trying to be a girl?" I pushed his hand away, "I'm not going to do the report.

You can do your own Brad.

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Maybe I should go." As Britney walked back into the room, Andy shoved my back onto the couch before I could get up and leave. Panic was starting to set in. So many things could happen in this situation.

"I should kick your ass right now you piece of shit. Fucking fag. If you want to look like a girl maybe you should act like one." "I just want to leave, please just let me go." "No, fuck that.

Look like a girl, you are gonna suck dick like one. Get over here!" Brad grabbed me by the hair and pulled me forward, quickly unbuttoning his pants. He dropped them, revealing a 7 inch thick cock.

My mind was racing so fast and there was little I could do. "Hey baby, why don't we give him some lipstick? I'll paint his lips bright red," Britney smiled. She traced my lips while Brad held me as still as he could while I struggled, smearing some of the red.

"Well aren't you a pretty little bitch, now open wide." I tried to fight it but he just kept pulling on my hair harder until I opened up my mouth. The hard shaft slid across my tongue until it hit the back of my throat. It slid back out before quickly being jammed deep, making me choke. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you have done this a few times!" Britney giggled as she watched from the couch, lighting up a cigarette.

She deeply inhaled, blowing smoke into the air. "If there was any doubt he was a fag, there isn't any now. He's sucking like a fuckin pro.

Hey, bitch, don't forget about my dick," Andy said as he removed his pants. Brad pulled his cock from my throat, allowing me a moment to breathe.

I gasped for air as saliva dribbled down my chin. Andy moved towards me, pushing his penis against my lips. It wasn't quite as big but it filled up my mouth when he started fucking my face.


I tried to pull away but neither of them would let me. They took turns sliding themselves down my throat. They'd jam their heads into my cheek as hard as they could as their balls hit my chin. It was humiliating and I kept hoping it would end soon. "You have done such a good job faggot that I'm going to give you what I know you have been craving. Are you ready?" "No, please don't. Just stop." Brad pulled my hair and yelled, "Shut it, i'm giving you what you fuckin want!" He placed his hand behind my head, pulling me forward against my will.

It was hard not to choke with his cock so deep in my mouth. He held it there, sliding it a bit. A moan escaped his lips as hot cum spurted into my mouth, coating the back of my throat. I gagged, causing some of it to fall out of my mouth, onto my face. "Fuck, bitch, you give a great blowjob. Finish Andy off you cock sucker." Andy gripped the bottom of his shaft and thrusted forward into my mouth.

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Minutes passed as he fucked my mouth harder with each thrust. I wanted it to end so I gave in and started sucking like the women I see in porn movies.


"Jesus, you really love sucking that don't you. Keep it up fag. Got a big load." I grabbed onto his shaft and stroked it as I licked around his head, tasting the salty pre cum. His moans were becoming more frequent. It wouldn't be much longer. " it comes.

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Open wide." I closed my eyes, knowing that it was finally over. Cum shot onto my face, slowly sliding down.

Another shot hit my lips before falling down onto my tongue. "Have you not had sex in awhile Andy? Jesus fuck. Cum everywhere," Brad said in disbelief. "Come on babe, I think we taught him a lesson. He will think twice before saying no again." I stood up and walked towards the door, reaching for the handle. Britney shouted towards me, "Sorry sweet, but you should have just done the paper." "Next time, it's going to be worse. So no bullshit, do the fuckin papers. Give em to us tomorrow before class.

Now, fuck off." Luckily my house was only a block away, but it was still embarrassing to walk the street in daylight with cum on my face. I walked as quickly as I could, afterall I now had 3 papers to write.