Aurora Winters gets a facial after shoplifting

Aurora Winters gets a facial after shoplifting
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I stood outside Tim Hortons with a small coffee in my hand, sipping away on a cool windy day. I looked at the cars driving by me, just waiting for the white van to show up.

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Two men from Craigslist messaged me and asked me for a Sunday afternoon fuck. I agreed to my first MMF threesome. They called it a MMT threesome and were really excited to fuck a prostitute, and not only that but they wanted a "shemale" really badly. They told me to come to Scarborough, an area where I've been to a lot now for some "fun." There were lots of Indian people at the intersection of Brimley and Lawrence walking by shopping at the nearby stores.

I wondered how their lives were doing. It was almost Winter 2012, snow would be falling soon. I watched as a white Dodge Caravan pulled up towards the Tim Hortons. I quickly took out my phone and wrote down their plate number as they parked in the small parking lot beside the Tim Hortons.

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Two men came out, both brown males, around 30 years old, short black hair and brown eyes. They were both skinny and clean shaven. They both wore jeans and a long sleeved shirt as they approached me. The difference I guess between them was their height.

One man had a much deeper voice, he was 5'8. The other guy had a quiet voice and was only 5'6.

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Both of them stared at me as they approached me. "Hi, my name is Shirag." The quiet man said as he shook my hand. The other guy just waved as he said, "I'm Kumar." I shook Shirag's hand and introduced myself, "My name's Lizzie, you can call me Liz if you like." Shirag smiled after I said that. Kumar headed back to the van while Shirag and I stood and talked.

"So how much do you charge?" Shirag asked me while smiling. I thought about what to say but I already knew my decision. "Why don't we discuss money once we get there," I suggested. I knew that if we discussed in public, there was also a chance we could be seen and caught by the cops which is the last of my worry. I haven't seen one police car so far in Scarborough, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

I placed my coffee on the floor, then Shirag and I walked towards their parked white van. "We're gonna head to my apartment," Shirag said as he opened the back seat door for the van. He motioned for me to enter which I did and sat in the backseat. Kumar had already started his the van and we watched as Shirag got in the shotgun seat and put on his seat belt. "Hey Liz," Shirag said as he took out something from his vehicle compartment.

"Put his on, just until we get there." He held out a blindfold and handed it to me. They both watched me as I put it on to cover my eyes. I've never worn a blindfold before, so it was kind of scary and also exciting; the fact that they had me to themselves was a turn-on.

They began to drive the van, if I knew the area of Scarborough well, I probably could have imagined myself knowing where they were taking me. But I didn't so I was basically hoping that these guys weren't rapists or killers or whatever. It was a 5 minute car ride until I felt the van begin to back up and park. When we arrived, the two men exited the van and opened the back door and held my hand to have me exit, "Watch your step," was what I thought Shirag had said.

They held my hand as I walked blindly and led me inside some sort of lobby.


I was first in the parking lot, then I think I was in the lobby of the building, then I felt my heels hit something soft, most likely some sort of carpet and next thing I know, Shirag says, "You can take your blindfold off." I took out my blindfold and found myself in a bedroom. There was one big bed with a colorful blanket and white sheets on it. There was a computer, t.v, cabinets, fans, clothes basically it was someone's room.

Shirag took out his wallet, "How much do you charge?" He asked again, this time inside a building instead of outside. I thought to myself very quickly of the situation. I was inside their home already, that should bump up the price. I was a transgender woman which they wanted to fuck, that increased the price as well.

They seemed to like my co-operation, my body, and the way I looked and acted. This would increase the price even more. "$200.00 per person would be fair." I said aloud. Shirag nodded and opened his wallet full of large stacks of bills. He counted $200.00 for himself, then he counted $200.00 again for his friend.

I took the money after thanking him and put it in my purse. When Kumar entered the bedroom, closed and locked the door, I knew it had begun. Kumar came up, held my face very gently and began to kiss me on the lips. He then began to put his hands around my boobs and began to squeeze them through my shirt. Shirag came over and began to lick my face all over.He slowly began to bite my ear very tenderly. I was feeling so much pleasure right away from these two dudes, even before we had gotten nude.

They began to remove my clothes and kissing me all over my body, making sure to kiss my nipples and stomach as they went further down.

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Shirag pulled down my skirt and then my panties exposing my 7 inch hard cock to them. Kumar continued to kiss my lips and Shirag began to suck my cock until it was erect.

They then laid me on the bed and hopped on top of me.


Both men began to suck my cock, licking it and spitting it, and drooling all over it. They were working very well together to make me cum. Kumar then put his mouth over my cock and began to deep throat it, I could feel my cock going all the way inside his mouth towards his throat, feeling the sensational feelings of his tongue all the way through.

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Shirag raised my left knee and began to massage and suck my balls. They were doing it so tenderly and quickly I felt my balls about to burst. I could feel the rush of semen from my balls ejaculate mixing with the sperms and cumming out right into Kumar's mouth.

"Oh Fuck, Oh Shit, I'm Cumming!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, grabbing the blanket below me and squeezing it as tight as I could while I had the biggest orgasm of my life.

I shot stream after stream, load after load of white sperm into Kumar's mouth. He tried to swallow but a lot of my sperm came out from his mouth and onto the bed in between my legs. It was such an amazing sight. "Now our turn." Kumar said smiling with sperm in his mouth. I went on my knees in a doggy position and Kumar and Shirag went around me.

Kumar was in front of me taking off his clothing exposing his hairy body and 5' circumcised dick. I didn't really care who I was fucking, they paid for a fuck, and I would try my best to have fun.

I began to suck Kumar's cock stroking it while sucking his exposed head. This was the first time I sucked a circumcised cock, it was much more harder to stroke the foreskin but I knew it meant he was cleaner compared to an uncircumcised. I spit, rolled my tongue around, and used as much spit over his cock sucking it while he held the back of my head and slowly pushed his cock in my mouth. I thought Shirag would remove his clothes and fuck me from behind but he actually went behind me towards a cabinet and began looking for something.

I sucked Kumar's dick harder and harder, faster and faster, rolling my tongue around the head of his cock vigorously and rapidly. His groans began to get louder and louder and I felt his dick twitch. "Shit, stop, I don't wanna cum." Kumar said. I opened my mouth and backed my head away from his cock.

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His dick was erect, staring right at me, shaking. Then all of a sudden, "Oh FUCK!" Kumar shouted as his dick shook, then shot his sperm right onto my face. It went on my blonde hair, my forehead, and my nose. The feeling of cum on my face felt so nice, like applying warm lotion on my face. It was really warm. "Fuck Me!" Kumar said. I grabbed a napkin from beside the bed and wiped off the cum off my face.

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Kumar laid back on his bed and breathed heavily with his eyes closed, his dick was slowly becoming limp but was still having spasms. I turned around looking at Chirag as he was looking in the cabinet for something. "Dam, I think I forgot to buy condoms." He said turning around and seeing the mess Kumar made on me. He smiled but when he saw Kumar's limp dick, he said, "What the fuck man, why did you cum?" "I've got a condom," I said to Shirag.

I got off the bed and headed over to his cabinet and opened my purse. I took out a condom and began to open it.

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"Fuck my life," Kumar said looking disappointed, "I couldn't fucking hold my cum in, can I fuck you afterwards?" "Nope, you cum, and the fun is done." I said. Shirag nodded and took the opened condom from my hand and then placed it on the bed.

He then began stripping off his clothes. He was a skinny guy like Kumar, but he had a lot more body hair than Kumar, a big turn off. Luckily, he was already hard and horny. His dick was like Kumar's, circumcised and about 5' long. He laid down on his bed beside Kumar and put on the condom on his dick. I went on the bed and in between his legs. Kumar watched in a disgusted view, sadly he would have no fun tonight as his limp dick sat there.

I held Shirag's dick and guided it in my asshole very slowly. The lubrication from the condom helped push it in. "Oh fuck!" Shirag and I moaned as his dick went further into my asshole. I slowly began to ride his dick very slowly as Shirag put his hands and rubbed my stomach.

Kumar also got on his knees and began to suck my now erect dick. We created a rhythm together as Kumar would suck my dick while I stood still on my knees, leaving Shirag to fuck me at whatever rate he chose.

He chose to fuck me faster and faster, harder and harder until his dick completely fit into my asshole. The feelings of sensations were running throughout my body, I couldn't breath at some points. I could feel my balls tightening as I heard Shirag scream, "I'm Cumming!" "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming also!" I said aloud with Kumar trying to deep-throat my dick once again.

Shirag squeezed my boobs as hard as possible as he froze, pumping sperm right into the condom in my asshole. Kumar pulled his mouth away and gave me a hand-job until my wet dick began to twitch. I felt my balls tighten and I shot wads and wads of sperm right onto Kumar's face just like he did to me. He was smiling as the shots landed on his nose, mouth, and then his chest. He came up and kissed me on the lips, a small kiss which sealed the deal. ~~~ "It was our first time fucking a prostitute." Shirag said as he and Kumar were driving me back to Tim Hortons.

I was again blindfolded but they said I could remove it a few minutes after the car ride had begun, knowing I was not a cop, just a normal girl. "Kumar's an idiot for cumming so fast, I think he needs to get a Viagra pill or something." Shirag teased.

Kumar was not happy however, he seemed pissed off that he came so quickly. But rules are rules, and you've got to follow them. ~~~ Want more stories?