Pussy pounded ebony babe tugs fat cock

Pussy pounded ebony babe tugs fat cock
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Katie was returning her friend's red Pontiac Sunfire convertible who lived in the town over. It was a hot, clear summer evening, and the sun was nearly setting as Katie traveled down the dark rural highway. Her silky-smooth, shoulder length brown hair waved in the cooling breeze. She had just turned seventeen, and she was enjoying every moment of her freedom as a fully licensed driver.

As she approached a small town, she remembered her friend had wanted her to top up the gas tank with a twenty. Sure enough, she spotted a gas station, so she pulled in.

She stopped next to a self serve pump and got out of the car. She was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and a pink halter top that was V-shaped and tied up around the back.

She had never pumped gas before, but she was sure it wasn't hard. She opened up the tank and slipped in the nozzle, and tried to pump it. It wasn't working, and she couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong, so she called over the attendant. Brad, the attendant, was eager to help out.

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As he walked over, he took the opportunity to get a closer look at the gorgeous young girl. She was slim, had amazing curves and he noticed she had a perfect round ass that stood out from her tight short jeans. As he approached, he saw the tattoo on the small of her nicely tanned back, and as she turned around, he noticed that her naval piercing was the same bright blue as her absolutely amazing eyes.

"Is everything okay?" he asked. She hesitated, biting her lip, as she was a little embarrassed that she didn't know what to do.

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"I can't get the gas to come out." He looked it over, and noticed she hadn't lifted the lever up from the pump. He proceeded to pump the gas for her, as she stood there and began to let her eyes gaze upon this tall, rugged, handsome young man, about her age or a little older. He had gelled his medium brown hair with light blonde tips, which brought out the deepness of his green eyes.

She felt herself attracted to his large muscular physique. Quickly she realized they had been standing there in what appeared to be an awkward length of silence. She struggled to find something to say to him other than she wanted to feel his hard shaft press deep inside of her.

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"So, umm… how do you like working out here?" "It's alright. Can be boring though.

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You're the only customer I've had for a couple hours. By the way, I'm Brad." "Katie. Nice to meet you." And she shook the hand he offered. His grip was firm, yet gentle. After their hands separated a moment longer than necessary, Katie glanced up at the pump. "Shit! I only wanted to put in twenty dollars!" Brad released the nozzle, and the register stopped at just under $29.

He stood there, looking at her, trying to think of what to say. "Hold on," said Katie. She leaned over into the car for her purse, her silky red thong exposing itself over the top of her shorts. She grabbed the twenty and tried to fish around for other change. She didn't have a credit card, and her bank account was empty.

She let out a sigh as she handed him the twenty. "I can't find anything else." "Well," Brad paused, "any money that I fall short on I have to pay from my own pocket." "Oh no, really?" Katie stood there, in frustration and disappointment. "Fuck." How could she let such a nice, handsome guy like this suffer from her own error? Suddenly an idea sprang into Katie's mind, and she shot a wild look at Brad. "Well, just because I don't have any cash doesn't mean I can't pay you back," she said, biting her lip with a devious smile.

It didn't take Brad another clue to catch on to Katie's hint. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pressed her into the side of the car as he leaned in to kiss her.

The sun had set by now, and Katie eagerly awaited the touch of Brad's lips. The two were soon entwined in a deep, passionate French kiss as Katie began to lift Brad's shirt over his head, revealing the tattoos on his arms and shoulders.

She threw the shirt onto the front seat, and Brad slid his hands down along Katie's hips and under her ass. He gave it a squeeze, and then lifted her up onto the side of the car. Katie leaned in and began kissing Brad's chest and neck, exploring his body with her tongue. Brad guided her lips up to his and kissed her again, then started working her neck.

He kissed and licked it up and down, then gently sucked and nibbled on her earlobe. Katie let out a passionate moan. Brad's hands explored up from Katie's hips to her back, where he found the strings of her halter top. He pulled them loose, and gently lowered her over the side of the car into the back seat. He lifted Katie's shirt over her head, revealing her small, perky breasts.

Brad climbed into the car, lying on Katie; slowly dry humping as they kissed some more. She could feel his boner pressing against her through their clothes. Brad's large hands fondled Katie's tits, squeezing and toying with her rock hard nipples. "You have amazing titties," he said with a smile.

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With that Brad undid Katie's shorts and pulled them off, tossing them to the floor. His hand slid between her legs, and began to gently massage her pussy through her silky thong. Meanwhile, he leaned in and started gently sucking on her nipples, and Katie let out a soft moan.

Katie began fiddling with his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. Brad pulled down his pants and boxers, and Katie sat up and stared at his large, hard cock.


She lightly wrapped her fingers around it, and leaned in and gave it a little kiss on the tip. Pre-cum oozed from his dick, and Katie licked it up and flicked her tongue around the head of his cock, and then up the shaft like a lollypop.

Then she opened her mouth, and slid his cock in, bobbing up and down, letting Brad fuck her face. Meanwhile, Brad was still massaging her wet pussy, and he shifted her thong aside so he could rub her swollen clit. As soon as his skin touched hers, Katie let out a loud moan.

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He rubbed her little knob a little longer with his fingers, then explored down towards her tight hole. He slipped a finger into her slippery wetness, letting his thumb rub her clit. Katie slowly rode Brad's hand, as she sucked his cock.

Brad's fingers inside her pussy got Katie breathing hot and heavy, and all she could think about was riding his meaty cock, pressing deep inside her juicy twat. She gave his cock a deep suck, then lifted her head and kissed its tip.

She sat up, and leaned over to the front seat for her purse. She fished around, and then returned to the back seat, condom in hand.


She looked up into Brad's eyes, her deep blue eyes twinkling. She opened the little package, and pinched the tip as she put it on the head of his cock. She leaned in and slid the rubber down his shaft. Katie leaned in and kissed Brad on the lips once more, then lifted her leg over him, straddling him. She adjusted her thong over to the side more, then guided herself down onto his cock, letting it slide deep into her velvety moist tunnel.

Both Brad and Katie gasped as the electricity shot through them, sending pleasure to every point of their bodies. Katie started riding him slowly, but soon she was thrusting hard onto his cock, as Brad fucked her, his hands on her ass. The car was bouncing up and down, and both of them looked up at the stars in the now clear night sky.

Katie was moaning repeatedly, and as she slammed hard onto his cock she could feel her orgasm approaching. She fucked him harder and faster, as her moans got louder. Soon enough she reached her climax and her back arched as she screamed in ecstasy.

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Brad was grunting and groaning from under her, and he felt her juices run out down his ball sack, onto the seat of the car. When her convulsions subsided, she leaned in and kissed Brad again, and began licking and sucking on his neck. Brad moaned loudly, and slammed his cock into her harder then ever.

Katie continued to play with his neck as he panted and fucked her like crazy. Brad couldn't hold on any longer, as he let out a grunt and flooded the condom with his hot, sticky goo. His hands firmly squeezed Katie's ass and she moaned again, as she slowly rode his cock a few more times. Soon enough, she climbed off him.

She giggled a little before saying, "well, was that worth nine dollars?" Brad laughed. "Fuck yes!" He pulled off the condom and threw it into the dumpster beside the pump, then pulled up his boxers and pants.

Katie straightened her thong and put her shorts back on, then reached for her shirt and put it on. Brad got out of the car and grabbed for his shirt. "Oh, shit!" Katie said, looking at the little dark spot on the seat. "This is my friend's car, I'm gonna have fun explaining this mark to her!" "Say you spilled juice on it or something." "Oh, I think I'll tell her the truth." Katie climbed into the front and turned over the engine.

"You think I wouldn't tell my best friend about the wildest sexual adventure I've ever had?" They both laughed, then kissed each other and said their goodbyes. "Thanks for filling us up!" Katie said as she drove away.