Hardcore gay Cristian is the recent man to find himself at the grace

Hardcore gay Cristian is the recent man to find himself at the grace
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It wasn't hard to pretend I was asleep when I heard the apartment door open and shut. I'd been on the verge of REM anyway when her entry had startled me awake, but I didn't want Veronica to think I'd waited up. Really, I hadn't waited up, because I'd had little reason to believe she would be coming home at all that night.

She was on a date. She'd told me I shouldn't expect her home, but had also left open the possibility that she might slip into bed with me later. I'd had nothing to do but try to distract myself with mindless television.

Usually, when V goes out on a date, I try to either be on a date myself, or I wind up entirely antisocial, staying home and jerking off. As much as I'd like to be able to say I'm totally comfortable with this nonomogamy thing you know, fully secure in our relationship and never jealous or threatened by her other lovers the truth is, I squirm a lot when she's out with someone else.

I feel more secure, and more distracted, when I too am spending an evening with someone in whom I have a romantic interest, but even that is usually insufficient.

Veronica got me into this whole "polyamory" thing when we first started seeing each other, about a year ago. I was so attracted to her, in every way imaginable, that I was willing to try anything just to be intimate with her. And she was insistent that any relationship be an open one. Neither of us had bargained for what lay ahead, however. Veronica had been independently bouncing from relationship to relationship for several years. Some of those relationships had themselves lasted years, and continue to this day, but she'd always been highly successful at keeping some distance between herself and her partners.

And though I was perfectly capable of falling completely and desperately in love with both women and men, after a few weeks with V, I had become comfortable with the idea that there would always be a ceiling on our relationship.

I liked the idea of having the freedom to see other people while being involved with Veronica, but I would have given up that liberty at any point, had she simply asked. While she never offered or requested monogamy, to the surprise of us both, Veronica and I grew ever closer. After about four months, we were spending five, even six nights a week at each other's apartments. A few months on, I got "let go" from my job just two weeks before the lease on Veronica's place ran up. She moved in with me "temporarily," for our mutual convenience while she sought a new place to live and I searched for new employment.

But before we realized it, the fiercely independent Veronica had lost interest in her hunt and settled in somewhat permanently. So now, here we were, with half of the commitment I considered ideal, and twice the commitment she would have preferred both unpredictably happy in our circumstances.

I had gotten used to the idea of seeing other people even while cohabitating with Veronica. And at times I even thought I was cool with her seeing others and coming home to me the next day. It wasn't all that often, mind you. Once a week sometimes, but usually even less. Really, there had never been any actual threat to our relationship posed by another of hers. And if I'm being truly forthright, I must admit I spent a month in an affair with a man I thought might be a more comfortable fit than my arrangement with Veronica.

The potential there had seemed more reliable, more stable. But the fact is, I have always craved and reveled in every moment I could spend with Veronica, so I always break off any relationship that has the potential to interfere.

After a brief pause at the door while she removed her coat and shoes, Veronica's feet made quick work of the six yards between the entryway and our bed, in which I was feigning solitary slumber. The mattress quaked a bit as Veronica crawled across it and gently lowered herself onto me, inadvertently pulling the covers tight at my sides as she supported herself with her hands.

I stirred, legitimately groggy, and heard a faint whisper in my ear. "Jeremy," she hissed. "Jeremy, wake up." "I'm awake," I replied, grumpy. "What time is it?" "It's late. Almost morning," said Veronica. Then she kissed my ear; a miniscule peck accompanied by her warm, humid breath. "How was your date?" I asked, bracing for any of a number of answers I didn't want to hear, ranging from "not terrible" all the way up to the dreaded "unforgettable." "I did it!" Veronica announced, as if expecting me to sit up and congratulate her.

"Jesus, Hon, do you have to announce it like that?" I protested. "Sorry." She sounded profoundly insincere, almost giggly. "I mean, for fuck's sake, who comes storming in, wakes up their lover, and announces they got laid? Besides, it's not much of an accomplishment…" I was particularly perturbed because Veronica had been out with the new guy she'd met and only seen briefly the week before.

I hadn't been able to bring myself to admit, even to myself, really, that he sounded like a terrific fellow. I wasn't sure of whom I was more jealous. "But this was more than that, Sweetie," Veronica began to explain.

"I did it!" Now I was fully awake, and had rolled off my side onto my back to face her. She leaned in to kiss me now, but I turned away slightly, offering only my cheek. "You did what? What is it?" I was intensely curious; I fully expected whatever she was about to say to instill in me mixed emotions of titillation and anguish. Veronica reached under the covers and lightly rubbed her hand on my chest. Then she pressed against my pelvis with hers, caressing my crotch with her hip.

I felt a slight jostle down below, but it was a case of my body operating autonomously from my mind, which was still burdened with concern. "My fantasy," she said. "I finally lived my fantasy." Oh, great, I thought to myself gulping privately and asking, "Which fantasy would that be?" Veronica lowered her face to my ear again, but didn't lower her uniquely raspy voice to adjust for proximity.

"You know, the one that gets you so excited. The one you always make me tell you about." I instantly knew what she was referring to.

She must have been with more than two guys at once. It was something she'd never done before, but claimed she'd always wanted to. And she was right, the thought of it always turned me on. But it was the fact that it was just a thought, I thought, that rendered it so arousing.

I sat up with a jolt, cocking my head against the headboard. "What?" was all I could manage at first. She was smiling devilishly down at me. I'd been at work when she had left for the date, so I was only now getting a look at what she'd worn out: one of her sexiest tank tops, bright green with narrow shoulders, cut low and curved at the neck; no bra, since she almost never wears a bra over her remarkably lively-yet-large tits; and the tightest pair of pants she owns a soft, black fabric, the top running below the gorgeous, fleshy lump which pads her tailbone and cuts down to the point where her ass begins to bisect.

Normally the mere sight of Veronica in any intimate position is enough to provoke my libido, but on this occasion the stirring in my loins was actually beginning to subside. "Baby…" she said, softer now but no less hoarse. "Relax. Relax and admit it turns you on. And just be happy for me." This was all too much.

I had bottled up my jealousy and lack of confidence many times. I wasn't always successful, but I usually gave it a better shot than I wanted to. This time I was reeling with pangs in my belly. It was a moment before I could suppress my gut reaction and look her straight in the eyes. "Well, I guess I'm happy for you, V," I said.

"But, shit, this is kind of freaking me out. I mean, that was just supposed to be a fantasy." "But it was a fantasy we both got excited about, right?" quipped Veronica. "Well, yeah, but, shit, it was our fantasy," I said. "That was the highlight for me." "You were never in the fantasy, though.

I was. And you still loved it." "Yeah, but…" I had to pause for a moment, collect my thoughts. A dozen feelings coursed through me; my brain was a mosh pit. I started another response. "But it wasn't…" Again I cut myself off. I had suddenly realized my primary concern was not that I was threatened, but that Veronica had done something crazy, and potentially quite dangerous.

I almost told her as much, but I realized it wasn't appropriate to voice those concerns in protest form. Veronica didn't take well to anything resembling admonishment, especially when the topic was sex. I returned to my unfinished statement.

"But the thing that got me off about that fantasy was that you were telling it to me, and it became our fantasy." Veronica and I had a custom of taking turns narrating X-rated tales to each other as we invented them in our heads, sometimes leading up to real-life sex, and sometimes during sex. "Well, why do you think I did it, Baby?" Veronica asked. I offered a puzzled stare. "I did it for the story." My facial expression might have changed at that point, but I hadn't obtained any greater understanding.

Veronica's hand was massaging my groin for a few seconds before I even noticed, lost in thought as I was.

She took advantage of my slightly catatonic demeanor and kissed me warmly on my mouth, immodestly ajar. Her tongue surveyed behind my teeth; I barely reacted at first, but after a few seconds I found myself involuntarily swirling my tongue around hers.

She gently bit my lower lip, tugged at it, stretched it, and let it retract.

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I could feel myself growing erect now in her hand, but my mind was still in a state of concern. "Toby and I went to Jester's," Veronica said quietly, referring to her favorite bar, in which I set foot only on rare occasions. "We had a few drinks, and we were flirting pretty heavy." Whenever Veronica's stories included the phrase "a few drinks" which really means she nursed a single beer for the better part of an hour while those around her became relatively inebriated "heavy" would accurately describe most of her subsequent interactions.

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"I innocently asked him to reveal a fantasy of his," she continued. That's Veronica: blunt and direct. "He didn't want to say at first, but I was pushy. Turns out, his fantasy is the same as mine. He wanted to be with another guy and a girl. I didn't reveal that right away, but after he pushed me for a while to tell one of my own, he asked me if I had ever wanted to be with more than one guy at once.

"Of course, I told him I already had been with more than one guy at once." Veronica stopped there to gingerly kiss my chin and lips again, now stroking my swollen penis to its peak rigidity.

She had been in several threesomes in her time, including more than a few with me and another woman; once with me and another man. "So he asked me, 'What about more than two guys?' I'm sure I blushed, but all I said was, 'It's an exciting idea.'" Veronica paused again for more kisses. I willfully responded with my lips, already surprisingly turned on, evidently somehow reserving my apprehension. Usually during our interactive fantasy orations, we kiss our listener often in order to conjure the next few moments of the scene we are presenting.

In this case, it was obvious Veronica was kissing me as a matter of much-needed reassurance, for my ego was endangered by the forthcoming details. I listened intently, now hanging on every word, as though the "fantasy" was merely another of her bedtime tales. "Toby told me he could arrange it, and I told him he had to be crazy. I said there was no way I was going to fuck a bunch of total strangers, that I preferred the fantasy to stay just that." V lowered her head and snatched one of my pierced nipples between her teeth, tugging at the jewelry with her tongue.

A slight shock ran from my nipple to my testicles, lasted a second, then dissipated as quickly as it had arisen. "And…" I prompted, now captivated in Veronica's retelling of real-life fantasy.

"And… he didn't give up," she continued, looking up at me, chin resting on my sternum. Veronica yanked the covers off me, exposing my naked body to a sudden jolt of chill air.

She began to grind the crotch of her soft, fuzzy, tight pants on my thigh, brushing my cock and scrotum with her hip. I placed my hands on her ass, one per cheek, and gently squeezed as I assisted her in rocking vaguely against my groin.

"He made it sound tempting. He's a sweet guy, you know. I mean, he's not one of those guys who does that sort of thing. He said he'd never done it. I mean, he doesn't come off that way." The story was beginning to digress. I had seen Toby once. He works at a copy shop I use. He's cute, and, yeah, he has a nice-guy look to him. Ironically, since Veronica usually dates much edgier men and women, I had been relieved to learn she was seeing someone who seemed relatively tame!

"Anyway, I told him if I were ever to do it hypothetically, of course," V added with a smirk, "I told him there would have to be ground rules." Veronica's hand slipped between my neck and the bed board and eased me back down onto the pillow. "I said, for starters, it would have to be someplace kind of public, so they wouldn't get far if anything went sour. I said it would have to be me who was in control, and that if that changed for even a moment, I would call the whole thing off.

I told him there could only be three guys. I also said," Veronica recounted with another grin, "that the other guys would have to be at least as cute as him, and that they couldn't be sleezy." I interrupted there: "Isn't a guy who would gang bang a total stranger inherently sleezy?" "Shhh'sh," Veronica reprimanded. "I'm doing the talking… "Also, I told him, the boys would have to be queer though not femmes and they'd have to at least touch one another. And I said they had to be totally sober.

Finally, I said, 'I have to have at least two orgasms for any orgasm enjoyed by the boys.' Toby giggled at that one, and said he and his buddies would try their best. I couldn't believe it, but he promised me he and his friends could meet all those conditions. And for some reason I believed him.

"So before I knew it, Toby was on his cell, and then we were out the door, hailing a cab. We went to a hotel the Best Western over by Jake's place and Toby got us a room.

He and I made out for a while on the bed. I was really nervous, but Toby kept insisting I would like his friends, that they were really hot, and really nice guys. When the other two arrived, Toby introduced us. It was pretty awkward." "What were their names?" I inquired.

"Sebastian and Louis." Veronica kissed my neck. "Were they cute?" "Yeah. Well, one of them was really cute. The other one was alright-looking. The cute one that's Louis has long hair. He's pretty tall and kind of thin, but muscular. I think Sebastian would have been really hot, except he had a goofy kind of goatee thing. Didn't really fit him.

When he took off his jacket, though, I noticed he had really nice tattoos all up his arms. Turns out they all had nice ink. "I asked the new boys if they'd ever done anything like this, and they both said they hadn't. Sebastian seemed really nervous. He must've asked me four times if I was sure I was okay with the whole thing. I told him I wasn't sure of anything, but that he could play a part in making me feel better. I told them I wasn't on display for them, I wasn't there for them to use, and that the point of the thing was for us all to have fun, equally." "Is that what you were really thinking?" I wondered out loud.

I was well aware that Veronica has a side to her that likes to endure a bit of what some might consider mistreatment now and again. "Yeah. I wanted them to have fun, but it wasn't conquest. And I didn't want to get treated like a piece of trash." I was glad to hear that, of course. "We talked about it for a bit, and Sebastian offered to make me feel more comfortable by just starting with a massage. I said 'okay' and laid on the bed, face down. He had good hands.

He pulled my shirt straps down, but didn't try to take off my tank top. "At one point, I asked them if they were all bisexual, and each one gladly admitted it in turn.

'Prove it,' I told them, and they did. I could barely see behind me, but Toby positioned himself behind Sebastian and started rubbing his chest while Sebastian kept massaging me. Louis unzipped Sebastian's fly and reached inside. I rolled over to get a better view." Veronica was pausing less frequently now, but still kissed me every other sentence or so.

"He started rubbing me, right here." Veronica placed my hands just above her breasts, where her shoulders merge with her chest. "Then of course his hands wandered down to my tits. It was all about my tits." Veronica has remarkable breasts.

I can't help mentioning them again not huge, but incredibly round and plump, almost more so when she lies on her back. "Louis had pulled Sebastian's cock out, and was stroking it.

He was totally hard already." "Was it a nice cock?" I interjected. Veronica paused. She seemed embarrassed, but then she fessed up: "Really nice." I couldn't help myself: "Nicer than mine?" "Different from yours," came her diplomatic response. "How so? Bigger?" "Yeah. Probably. But not huge. It was circumcised, though.

You know nobody's got much on you, Baby." "Were they all circumcised?" I asked, selfishly hoping the answer would be yes. Veronica had always positively raved about my uncut penis. "Yep." I sighed relief inside. "Now can I go on with the story?" nudged Veronica. I nodded shamefully. "Well, I was tempted to just watch the boys go at it all night, but I really couldn't help myself. At that point I was pretty excited, but mostly I was curious.

You know that feeling you get when you're with a boy and you're about to check out his package for the first time ever?" "Yeah," I replied. "Well, imagine that times three! After seeing Sebastian's cock, I totally couldn't wait to see the other two!" I understood Veronica's curiosity. Hell, I myself couldn't wait to hear about the other two! "So I reached up and undid Louis' belt buckle. He finished the rest of the process, dropping his pants and underwear right down and stepping out of them.

His dick wasn't hard yet, but it was already wicked impressive." "How impressive?" "Like, scary impressive. Like, maybe-in-the-pussy, but no-way-in-the-ass impressive." I gulped again, from both lust and envy.

"I grabbed it right away," V resumed. "I squeezed it a few times, till it got kinda firm, then I reached for his balls and started fondling them. They were amazing, Jer. Totally hot. He was a bit harrier down there than I would usually like, but he'd trimmed it all really short and clean-like, so I didn't mind at all on him." Veronica had her hand on my own dick again, and now my hands were both inside her pants, still caressing her ass.

When I'd first snuck my fingers inside her waistband, I'd noticed Veronica was wearing a thong. In combination with her low-waisted pants and her midriff-length tank top, that meant people had been getting a view of the crest of her thong all night, as those underwear rose high enough to expose just exactly what she was wearing. "I pulled him closer and caught the head of his cock with my lips just before it sprung up. It didn't stand up that far, I think 'cause it was so fucking heavy.

Anyway, I pulled it down into my mouth and started to suck it." With that, Veronica slid down and took my cock into her mouth, just as I imagined she had Louis', embracing the apex with her lips and teeth.

"I told Sebastian to take my pants off," Veronica told me between nibbles. "As he was doing that, Louis lifted my tank top up over my tits and started pinching a nipple while I was licking his monster cock up and down like a popsicle." She mimicked the popsicle maneuver on me.

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"I ordered Sebastian to eat me out, and he had his bead between my legs before I finished the sentence. His tongue was going nuts down there. At first, he didn't seem to have any plan at all, and I was kind of disappointed, but then he gained a rhythm, and by the time he popped my clit out with his fingers and started tonguing it, I was bucking right along.

"So Louis is still standing next to the bed, I'm laying on it, and Sebastian has his face in my pussy. That's when Toby decided to join me. He climbed onto the other side of me and leaned over, sucking Louis' cock with me and playing with the same nipple of mine that his pal was working on.

"I ordered Toby to take his pants off, and he did. His cock was short but thick. His balls were hairless, and he has the nicest fucking ass you've ever seen. He was already rock hard when I took him with my left hand. Now I had two cocks in my hands. God, you know how I love that. It was fucking incredible." V took a moment to focus on sucking me off attentively before continuing. "The whole scene caused this rush to sweep over me; like nothing I've ever felt.


I'd wanted exactly this for so long, and now it was happening." Veronica stopped for a moment she stopped talking, and she stopped licking my penis. "I don't know quite how to say this, but I guess I should just come out and admit it. At that point, I decided I just wanted the whole thing to get carried away. I wanted the boys to take control, and I just wanted them to be rough with me. Really rough. I wasn't feeling scared anymore, just horny as hell." I didn't know how to take those last remarks.

I could understand the feeling of losing control, so I decided to bury my concerns once again and just go with the flow of the story. "I asked Sebastian if he wanted to fuck me, and Toby was like, 'We all wanna fuck you.' So I go, 'One at a time, please.' And then I added, 'For now, anyway.'" Those last three words were still resonating in my ears when Veronica took my whole prick into her mouth and sucked furiously on it for several seconds.

I sat up abruptly and found myself pulling her face from my cock, afraid I might come from the excitement of the last line she'd uttered. She smiled wide at me, but then went right back to sucking my sex, this time adding some anal stroking for my pleasure. After a minute or so, she removed her mouth from me and continued with the story.

"Sebastian took his shirt and pants off. His chest was plastered with tattoos, and his right nipple was pierced. He put on a rubber and spread my legs wide. "Toby and Louis were both kneeling on the bed now, making out with each other and shoving their cocks in the vicinity of my face.

I pulled them both toward my mouth, Toby's first. I soaked it up good with my saliva, then I started rubbing them both together.

It was so fucking wild to have such different cocks in my hands. I alternated dunking them into my mouth every few seconds. "Sebastian started to ease his way into my pussy. I told him not to be shy. After that, he plunged in all the way with one solid stroke. It felt so wicked. I really liked having his cock inside me. After about a minute of him being gentle but thorough, I yelled at him to start really pounding.

And he did. Wow, did he ever. "Sebastian was spanking me with his pelvis at a pretty wicked rate for a while. Toby had collapsed onto the bed, laying down toward Sebastian, and was taking in the sight and stench of that hefty cock sliding in and out of my cunt. I think that was more than he could handle, because in a few seconds he tensed up and started squirting cum all over my chest, not to mention Louis' cock, balls and belly.

And when I say squirt, Jer, I mean he really squirted. I never would have guessed such a small penis could pump so much come so fucking hard." Veronica rose up onto her knees, her body upright, and pulled her shirt off over her head.

I gazed for a moment at her stunning breasts, especially fond of the tear drop shape they took when her arms were momentarily above her head. Next she removed her pants, leaving only her thong on. Finally she straddled my face, her calves embracing my head like a vice, the wet fabric of her crotch smothering me with erotic odors.

I chewed on Veronica's pussy lips through her underwear while she carried on with the story. "I kept stroking Toby's cock long after he was done squirting. Hell, if nothing else, it was nice to have something to hold onto, because Sebastian was really hammering away at my snatch. Anyway, I was psyched to see that Toby kept his had on, even after all that ejaculating.

Fucking wild, eh?" I could only manage a muffled grunt of approval from my busy lips.


Veronica relieved me for a second while she reversed positions. Now her asshole was poked by my nose still through the narrow cotton of her thong and she was leaning down to continue sucking my cock.

"Sebastian was leaning in now and we were kissing and sharing both other boys' penises. I'm yelling 'Fuck that pussy!' and really yanking on Louis' gigantic balls, one at a time. The fucking things were a real handful, Jeremy, I'm tellin' you." Veronica managed to procure enough pre-come from the tip of my dick to lubricate my anus sufficiently for the insertion of a finger.

I winced as it entered, but presently the pain turned to exciting stimulation. All I could picture were those big testicles in my sweetheart's hand, mere hours ago. I felt myself about to come again, so I clenched my PC muscles with all my might and let an orgasm rip through my body, hoping not to lose much sperm, and thus maintain my erection.

The plan worked; my dick stayed hard, only slightly weakened. Veronica said she was happy to see I was enjoying the story so much. Then she increased her gyrations on my face as I snapped and sucked with each pass of her luscious pussy, my hands firmly on her ass as she writhed.

"I got the impression Sebastian was about to come any second, so I told him to pull out. I announced that everyone was going to have to shoot their loads on my face and my tits.

So while they were feeling like porno stars, I was just making sure I didn't get pregnant. Sebastian peeled off his condom and obediently jerked himself off right onto my face. I licked whatever come I could reach off my lips and smiled at him. Toby kissed me passionately and lapped the rest of his friend's come up off me like a fucking dog. "I was disappointed that I had to remind the boys of my most-important rule. I told them they'd better start making me come or there was going to be a foul.

They assured me they hadn't forgotten, and they hadn't gotten selfish." Back in the real world, I couldn't withstand any more physical suspense.

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Ever since Veronica had positioned her crotch on my face, I had been thinking of all those cocks filling her pussy, and how bad I wanted to come in contact with it directly, as if through it I could vicariously enjoy some masculine flesh. I unclasped her underwear at both sides and deftly slipped them off, tossing them to the floor.

I burrowed my face into her sloppy mound, letting myself imagine that those boys had been fucking her bareback, and had unloaded into her sweet cunt, only for me to taste later. "I think Louis was stoked to finally have a shot at my pussy. He climbed off the bed, and then back on, between my feet. He was leaning over me, that giant fucking cock in his hand, about to put on a rubber when Toby went and shoved him out of the way.

Toby said, 'I'm gonna fuck her now, Lou you can find another hole.' At first I thought they were actually fighting over me, and I was a bit disappointed that Toby had won I'd been anticipating Louis' beast in my cunt. Toby dragged my hips toward the foot of the bed. He'd already put a rubber on, so he just started fucking me, his feet square on the floor.

His dick didn't quite fill the void left by Sebastian's, but it spread me plenty wide, and he worked it pretty well.

Soon I was right back in the groove. "I had my eyes closed for a while, so I hadn't noticed what Louis was up to until it was happening.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but there he was, holding Toby's hips from behind while Toby hunched over me. I guess he'd taken Toby's hint about finding 'another hole.' You should've seen the face Toby made when Sebastian started pushing that thing inside him.

I go, 'You gotta be fucking kidding me' I said that out loud and they both flashed me cautious grins. I was like, 'I gotta see this.' I pulled away from Toby, who'd fallen still inside me and barely seemed to notice my sudden absence. "Sebastian was collapsed on the bed next to me, I think half asleep, so I grabbed his hand and yanked him down to the foot of the bed with me. We watched as Louis slowly but surely plunged that whole fucking cock, inch by painful inch, into Toby's ass.

I've never seen anything like it. He couldn't go quite all the way in, but he went way far. And he was only lubed with spit and whatever was on the rubber!" I gripped Veronica's delicate clit-hood with my lips as she spoke, more in phrases now than complete sentences, unable to ignore the sensations between her thighs while she jerked me off.

I used my teeth as best I could to nibble gently at her stiffened, swollen clit. "I watched for about two minutes," said Veronica, "but then I couldn't take anymore. I climbed back up on the bed and got on my hands and knees. I wanted some of what Toby was getting, even if I couldn't handle the real deal.


Toby took the cue, and this time he went up my ass; first with a finger, but next with his pint-sized prick. I was writhing in ecstasy at that point, totally lost in the moment, rubbing and smacking my cunt while he humped my asshole. I could sense Louis ramming Toby from behind; I was the recipient of these, like, secondary strokes.

I told Sebastian to be a dear and play with my clit. It wasn't long before I had my first orgasm of the night. It was a pretty good one; lasted a while, although it wasn't the strongest. "Toby had his hands on my tits most of the time, and I swear we must have kept that position for a good ten minutes.

I just never got tired of it, and apparently neither did they. By then, Sebastian was back in the game. He stood up on the bed and I sucked his nice dick while Toby continued to give his to me up the ass. At one point, Toby gave me a nice pat on the butt, and I found myself shouting, 'Yeah! That's it, you fucker! Spank that ass while you fuck it!' He kept spanking me harder, and I kept telling him 'Harder!' I came two more times in that position. It was un-fucking-believable." I recalled numerous occasions on which Veronica had shouted that exact phrase to me.

But by now I was beyond any occasion for jealousy. I was completely entangled in Veronica's story. I climbed out from underneath her and grabbed the bottle of lubricant off the nightstand. "V," I said to her, "I want to fuck that ass myself." "Oh, shit, Baby, I don't think I could handle it right now," she told me.

"It's really too sore." It was too dark in the bedroom for me to appreciate the red hue I was sure her ass had taken on from all those slaps, but the lack of light was lending too well to my imagination for me to spoil the moment in order to take the better look I desperately wanted. "But you can fuck my pussy," Veronica added. I didn't hesitate; I grabbed a condom off the nightstand and rolled it on effortlessly.

A second later, I was deep inside V's warm pussy as she straddled me, still facing away. The story continued while I slowly pumped in and out of Veronica's cunt. She was moaning a bit now and again, in between phrases, but the story went on. "Toby announced he was going to come, and I said 'Don't you fucking dare!' So he stopped thrusting, then he pulled out, but not before slapping my ass a few last times and calling me 'you cunt.' I rewarded his use of foul language by calling him a 'piece of shit faggot.' The guys said nasty shit to me on a few occasions, but their sincerity didn't quite match my level of enjoyment of it.

I'm glad they found the language awkward, but I was loving being talked to like trash even by total strangers. I just fed it right back at each of them." Veronica knew it would bother me a lot that she had let other men speak to her in a way I never quite dared to even when she requested such treatment. She liked to be called all sorts of names during sex, but my feminist conditioning had rendered the terms unpalatable. Still, it got me off that Veronica had enjoyed the profanity. "So Toby pulled out of my still-hungry ass and ripped off his rubber.

He couldn't move toward my face, since Louis was still pummeling him from behind, so he jerked off and shot another fierce load all over me, even managing to hit my face from between my fucking legs. And when his jizz hit me, it felt like getting shot with a squirt gun. "Louis was by this point just brutally having his way with Toby's rectum," Veronica said as she rode me.

"I mean, he had total control over the kid, and was just fucking skewering him. I just watched them for a while. The harder Louis fucked him, the softer and smaller Toby's dick got. Maybe he could've kept hard for another round under normal circumstances, but I think the pain was just too much.

He sure was grunting like it hurt, even after all that time or maybe especially after all that time. But he seemed to love every second of it. "Louis stopped suddenly, and with his cock still crammed up Tony's ass, he looked right at me and asked if I wanted a turn. I didn't know what to say. Of course I wanted him inside me." Veronica sharply moaned as I fucked her more powerfully, perhaps trying to compete with the scene in my head.

"I'd been daydreaming about it ah! for minutes. I'd been imagining that mmph! Toby's cock had been Louis' cock uh! while I was taking it up the ass. "Baby," Veronica said, turning her head around toward me, breathing heavily.

"You're gonna have to stop for a second so I can talk. That feels way too good…" I slowed my pace, and then I just held myself buried inside Veronica, catching my breath, while she persisted to weave her story. "Toby managed to pull himself off Louis' stake, and he collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted, but wearing a permanent smile. Louis changed rubbers, and then he approached me. He held me with his muscular arms for a minute while I ran my hands up and down his torso.

His coated dick rubbed against my belly. I squeezed my tits together so he could titty-fuck me for a minute. I think I was buying time before he buried that fucker inside me. I mean, just the feel of it in my cleavage shivers through me." Veronica rose upright, her ass pulling my cock most of the way out of her as the angle changed, and she leaned her head back to place her cheek against mine.

I wrapped my arms around her chest, holding her close to me. "Louis and I kissed a bit, and he reached around and spread my ass cheeks apart. I was feeling totally loose from Toby, whose cock was pretty fat. But I really didn't know if I could handle Louis in there.

I mean, I've had even bigger dildos up my ass, but that's different. Still, I was too excited to be afraid. Whatever had come over me had removed all inhibition. "Louis said he wanted to face me while we did it, and I said I thought that was a good idea.

If he was on his back, I could have more control. So he laid down on the bed, and I climbed on top of him.

I loved the idea of having a cock up my ass that had just been up a man's. I propped myself above that sweat-lubed dick and eased my way down onto it. I really wanted it to hurt like hell. I wanted it to absolutely punish my ass. But for some reason, I couldn't get it to budge at all. I felt like my hole popped right open for it, as loose as I was by then, but either it was too dry or I was trying to impale myself on something too wide.

I hocked up a big wad of saliva and drooled it down onto Louis' cock. Then I tried again, but still it wouldn't budge. "Toby told me not to worry.

He said some joke about how it didn't make me 'less of a man' just because I couldn't take a cock that big. I didn't even laugh. I just wanted to take that thing. I wasn't going to give up. Sebastian said if it was any consolation, he didn't think he could handle any more than a finger. But that just made me more determined.

I wanted to show him up. I told them all I knew I could do it. I tried again and again, but I just couldn't take him." "Holy fuck," I muttered. "This guy must be huge." "Yeah, he is," said Veronica. "But it wasn't just that. Something in my head was preventing me from being able to lower myself onto him. So Louis said, 'Look, if you really want to do this, you're gonna to have to let me do the pushing.' I thought for a second, but my resolve got the better of me, so I agreed.

Louis rolled me over onto my back and pushed my knees right up against my tits. He spit a couple more times on his cock, rubbed it all in, and then he put his arms at my sides and leaned over me.

Then Sebastian interrupted and told Louis to wait. He dug three or maybe four fingers deep into my sopping snatch, then effortlessly stuffed them right up my gaping asshole.

It was then that I realized I was wide open for the world to see. "Once I was as lubed as I was gonna get, I braced for the penetration, and Louis roughly forced himself right inside me. It hurt so fucking much, Sweetie. I'm sure I squealed, but I can't remember clearly. He stopped once his head was past in, and he asked if I was all right. I took a deep breath. I told him to 'Keep it coming,' and he did. He went really slow and cautious, but I was beyond all that by now.

He was probably only halfway in, and I thought that was all I could bear for the moment, but I didn't let myself tell him to stop. He slid in and out, stepping back to inspect the damage and drool onto his cock every few strokes, nice and slow.

It honestly didn't feel that great for the first minute or so, but once I grew accustomed to having him inside me, the sensation changed. "There was enough space between Louis' pelvis and my cunt for a whole head, so Sebastian dug his face right in and started licking my clit. He stuck a finger or two in now and again, and that's when I really started loving it.

I found myself telling Louis to go deeper and faster. I was really impressed by his stamina. He was the only one who hadn't come yet, but I figured with a cock that big, you only get one shot per session. I came again really hard this time, and really loud and I think that's what finally drove Louis over the edge. He said he was going to come, and then he pulled out and literally tore the dirty rubber off, tossing it onto the back of a chair where it stuck with a smack.

His head popping out of my hole set off a second, kind of gentle climax in me, and I could feel everything pulsating while I watched him stroke himself and start to climb up on the bed. "That's when…" Veronica stopped and looked down at our bed for a moment.

"When what, V? I'm dying here," I said, my cock raging hard, thrusting inside her. "Baby, you're going to be so mad," Veronica said, "but I have to be honest with you." I couldn't imagine what she could say that would upset me at this point, so I just listened earnestly. "Well, that's when I told him to empty his load into my asshole." She paused again, and this time I leaned back, away from her.

It was against our strictest rule to have sex that unsafe with other partners. We had both been tested repeatedly and regularly for STDs, so we were allowed to perform whatever acts we wished, however we wished but only with each other. I swallowed my response, along with all my other negative feelings. "Go on," I told her. I suspect there was still a great deal of arousal in my tone.

Q Riko chupa mi verguita

"So I held my legs at the crooks of my knees, staying totally exposed for him. Louis leaned back, aimed, said 'Here it comes, Bitch,' and then he hosed down one side of Sebastian's face and my whole fucking crotch. I could feel spurts of jizz hitting me everywhere. Even after traveling all that distance through his dick, his sperm was squirting almost like Toby's. I could feel it splattering on my insides, and then drizzling and sloshing around in my rectum.

It was such a high, it actually extended the low-grade orgasm I'd been having ever since he pulled out like twenty seconds earlier. It was super-low intensity, but it just went on and on. So did his. I can't tell you how much come must have poured out of him.

At least nine or ten streams though, I swear to god, nearly all of it splashing up against the insides of my open ass." That was all I could handle. I bent Veronica forward again, pulled my cock out of her cunt and replaced it with a finger. Then I tilted down, my face to her ass, and shoved that newly slippery finger right into her asshole.

Veronica squeaked loudly, but she didn't protest. She felt tight as ever as I swished my finger around about one inch deep in her anus and then beyond. I inserted another finger and slowly pried them apart. Veronica was yelping now. "Oh-okay, okay," she said, encouraging me, knowing what I was after. I started licking the insides of her anus, between and around my fingers as I pried it wide with all my might. She moaned loudly. "Suck it all back out, Jeremy" she whimpered. "What happened next?" I managed to ask between laps.

Veronica tried to recapture her breath and regain some composure. "Then Toby came back around, with the same idea you just had, and started rimming my gaping-wide anus. I found myself transfixed by the slurping sounds he made as he was actually drinking Lou's come back out of me! Toby was hard as hell again. Fucking trooper, that boy. He fucked my pussy for a few minutes, without protection, at my insistence. Then he popped his dick back inside my asshole.

It was so sore, but now it was completely re-lubed by my cunt juices and all that jizz from Louis. "He just started pumping my asshole like a fucking maniac with that fat little dick of his. It still was no substitute for his horse-dicked pal, so I started chiding him again: 'C'mon you little fuck!

Harder! Fill me up with that come of yours.' So he says, 'Take this, you fucking slut,' and he then he was hammering away at my aching asshole like he fucking hated me like it was his life's mission to exact vengeance for something horrible in his past.

I don't think he could have come then if he'd wanted to. His face was contorted in what looked like rage. I was loving it. I didn't think he could hurt me with that cock of his. "That went on for so goddamn long. The other guys took turns rubbing and slapping my cunt.

They kept chanting these nasty, disguised compliments to me and cheering Toby on while he went psycho on my swollen hole. Sebastian was like, 'This fucking whore fucks like it's all she knows.' Louis was egging Toby on.

'Fuck her, man. Fuck the bitch good.' They got wicked rough with their hands on my pussy. Louis fingered my clit like an expert for a while, but then he got back into character and just poked and smacked at it. "I started pretending they were gang raping me. I had a bunch of little orgasms just thinking about that. And I don't think I've ever been fucked in the ass that long.

Toby just kept going. My ass was on fucking fire. "Finally, Toby came a third time. I swear it was at least as hard as before, but he broke another rule by not pulling out of me at first. I could feel his jizz tickling the walls of my rectum as it squirted in sharp streams. Then he popped his dick out and fired a shot that skipped off my belly and splashed against my chin.

Then he showered my marinated pussy with still more come." I was jerking myself off savagely now, so excited by the maddening levels of taboo being portrayed to me by my lover, now pulling my fingers from her ass to lick them, reinsert, remove, and suck them clean each time.

After a minute of this silent procedure, Veronica turned to me and said: "You know you want to do it, so just do it. I fucked up big time, so my ass hurting is just a lesson to me." I didn't need to be offered twice. Rising to my knees, I stuck my bare cock up Veronica's ass and humped with all my might. She cried out each time I thrust, but that only made me stroke harder, faster and farther. At last I came, this time holding nothing back, and squeezed streams of seed into V's tattered asshole.

After pulling out, I headed back down to slurp up the payoff, Veronica adjusting herself so gravity could help me drink in the juices.

I've never been particularly fond of the taste of my own semen, but on occasion the adrenaline still gushing through me inspires me to seize the moment. This time I savored every drop, the aroma of my sweetheart's overused rectum only adding to the pleasure.

When she decided I was done, she turned around and we sat facing each other. "After Toby pulled out," Veronica told me, "we each took turns sucking and licking his glistening, dirty cock. I was first, of course, but then Louis and Sebastian took turns pushing me out of the way." "And that was it?" I asked, fatigued. "Finished?" I asked. "Hell no," said Veronica. "That was barely half of it. But that's good enough for now." We lay on our backs in silence for several minutes, V's head resting on my shoulder.

She was waiting for my reaction. I'm not sure what she expected me to say, but she didn't seem surprised when I finally voiced my thoughts. "You know, V," I said. "I was just wondering one thing." "What's that?" said V, trying to sound suddenly innocent. "Did you really come home expecting me not to break up with you after a night like that?" "I guess I hadn't thought about it," came her response.

"Well, I for one am glad it didn't really happen," I declared. Veronica turned toward me, smiling. I stayed facing the ceiling. "What part gave it away?" she asked. "Well, I had my suspicions the whole time, but I guess it was the part where you let Louis come in your ass." "Yeah," said Veronica, "I really never would break that rule." "But to tell you the truth, I sort of knew all along.

I mean, you wouldn't dare leave me out of a night like that, would you?" "No, I suppose I wouldn't," V responded unconvincingly. "Hey," I said, "wasn't that my fantasy, anyway?" "Yeah, you told it to me last Spring, but I've been telling it to you ever since, give or take a few parts." "Well, I like what you've done with it.

So what really did happen tonight?" I implored. "Up until the part where Toby offered to fulfill my fantasy… That was all true. But he's kinda too shy, I think, and probably he doesn't even have friends named Louis and Sebastian." "My compliments on the names, by the way," I interrupted.

"Thanks," said Veronica. "We actually just went back to his place and watched a movie. It was lame. We both fell asleep, but I woke up after a few hours and came home for some action." "Sounds boring… But I guess that means you really haven't had come yet tonight, eh?" "That's right," said Veronica, rolling over on top of me.

"Well then," I said, "I'll just have to let you in on what I did tonight…"