Extreme sex outdoors with cute blonde

Extreme sex outdoors with cute blonde
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Bold, strong and in control! The shock of your attire put me on the back foot long enough to seize control of the situation. I liked it, there was absolutely nothing for me not to like.

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You walked in, flowing hair framing that pretty face and lips that made me think of only two things. With a black lace choker, lingerie holding those glorious breasts high and tight, the cleavage was to die for, crudely thinking, a place I need to put my cock. Lace panties which emphasised your magnificent arse. The crotch was so small it was clear you were well groomed.

Delicious. You walked up to me, left leg up onto the arm of my chair, looked down, over those breasts and deep into my eyes. Momentarily distracted by the close proximity of your crotch teasingly close to my face I lost the staring contest, you had me like putty in your hands and I knew I was losing some game here. Turns out it was a game, you told me I could have you once and that would be it. I nearly lost control there and then, panic, desire and lust kicked in at once.

I stole a deep breath of you, inhaling hard to take the full measure of your sweet musty scent. You were wet, and getting off on this but I realised I needed some control if I was going to fully appreciate this "one-time" opportunity.

I took another deep breath but grabbed your ass. I gripped and I pulled in tight. Took my fill and then pulled you onto my lap. The force and control had an intoxicating effect, your eyes visually glazed in lust as I now challenged your control of the show. I kissed you, taking your mouth with mine, it was the most subtle of responses but every forward action brought you more and more into my control, you shrank back in willing submission.

I kissed passionately.

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My hands enjoyed the smooth contrast of the material and your skin, thighs were smooth and felt delicious. As my hands roamed across your body feeling every inch I was aware of the unfamiliarity of the touch. Nothing is as thrilling as the feel of a woman's flesh for the first time.

I released a breast from the confines of your bra. Pinched tight and firm a tiny pink nipple that was like a diamond. So firm and tempting. I moved to the top of your bosom, kissing and nibbling on your magnificent breasts, I moved to the side, the audible gasps and moans were encouraging.

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Your breasts were so sensitive, with a handful of flesh I slid my other one between your legs, you were already wet, I moved my hand and devoured the other breast. With a practised hand I undid the clasp at the rear and released your bra, you pulled my head deep into the cleavage and I welcomed the invitation. The sweat was delicious, your skin was delicious, every inch was the flavour of passion and I intended to eat the lot.


I lifted your hips so you would stand. Our connection was amazing, you knew what I wanted by the most gentle and subtle movements.

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Stood with your breasts heaving, I took a moment to appreciate your beauty. My hands on your bottom had told me that it felt as magnificent as is looked.

I wanted to explore some more. I turned you around, again by guiding with your hips. Grabbing again I devoured you, I kissed, I bit and ate. I could feel your legs tremble, it served to push your ass closer.

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I pulled the panties down and threw my face between your cheeks. I found my goal, the tight little nub was exposed just enough to reach. As I moved closer, the slightest hint of resistance, I knew what I wanted and I was already way ahead in this game. I moved back the moment you resisted.

I took a firm grip and pulled you back in. You tightened again on my approach so I squeezed, only a little bit but you released your clench and gave me access. The pleasure hit, I held you by your hips and you slumped forwards, ass pushed firmly back to get more of my probing tongue. I was able to probe deeper and in turn, you pushed back harder. Realising the pleasures, legs bent, slightly parted with your head as far down as you could.

I had enjoyed my time there and frankly, there are very few other places you could want to be.

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I did, however, have reason to sacrifice my little moment of bliss, I savoured the last few moments as I removed my pants, exposed with cock free I stopped, turned you around to face me and slid my hips to the edge of the seat. I had fantasised about those sweet lips since I first saw you. Kissing told me you had a petite mouth.

Without hesitation, you knelt and on your knees lent in and licked my shaft taking a confident grip. A few strokes and you took me inside. Oh mercy, it was as warm, wet and tight as I hoped. You were sucking me with such passion. I smiled and stroked your hair in appreciation as it was my turn to glaze over. The constant pressure over the whole of my shaft was like nothing I have ever felt before and I soaked that feeling up knowing I was going to reminisce about this moment for the rest of my life.

After mere minutes we both knew I was about to cum, I went to stop you. I didn't want to let loose right down your throat here and now.

Actually, I did, I really wanted to but I had other plans. I know you enjoyed what I did but not enough to guarantee a return ticket. I took your face gently in my hands and smoothly slid from the couch and took your wet lips, still slick with saliva and precum and kissed you deeply. You reciprocated and I held this position until I lay you down, my arm supporting your back to the floor.


Already between your legs, my cock was just against your saturated and well-lubricated lips. I felt hips gently nudge up and my cock pressed the tip inside your lips, I pressed ever so slightly harder than withdrew. You pushed again, frustrated that I was not inside but I teased for a few moments more, finding the balance between pleasant control with the promise of fulfilment but not so teasing that you could lose the mood.

Slowly I let you pull me inside, you allowed your hips to drop to the floor I continued to slowly slide deeper inside.

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It was delightful. Just like the touch of a stranger's skin for the first time, a unique feel inside.

I savoured the feeling and then slowly began to thrust in and out kissing you, your lips, your neck, ears and throat. Each new kiss was met with enthusiasm, clearly heightening the sensation more and more. In moments you were ramming your hips up to meet my thrusts, concentrating on meeting my rhythm. Quickly we were in sync, I was in time to your hips and I was clearly hitting a sweet spot for both of us. Now it was a race, could I make you unleash your satisfaction before I do.

Suddenly and without warning I felt you flood over my cock, it was a torrent, the grip was inescapable and the wet gush of your climax was sweet paradise, I felt one last clench and you screamed, contorted lifting your chest to mine, breasts mashed against me and a grip on my cock caused it to pulse more as I came deep inside, each pulse of mine gave a wave of pleasure.

It went on and on and on, eventually, your arms were losing strength so i put an arm under to support you and hold you high enough to kiss deeply as I savoured the final moments inside. You nuzzled into my chest, held by my arm and breathed me in. I lowered you and slowly withdrew, confident I had done enough. I moved to the side and gave an arm, you took it tuned with your back to me and pressed into my chest and groin. I put a bit of pressure in my arm and felt a reciprocating press of your hips into my groin.

Within seconds you fell asleep.