Brutal fickt meine Freundin

Brutal fickt meine Freundin
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Jasmine showed the Colonel into the guest room, and let him look at the equipment in the draw and the items her father had placed in a box under the bed. She recognised many of the items, having learnt intimately how they were used and the sensations they caused. Some rekindled the sensations they had caused inside her at the time and, despite herself, she found her cunt moistening at the thought of them being used.

"Your father is a very special man," the Colonel told her, as he held up a clip she had often felt close over her nipples, and on a couple of occasions had been used on her labia and clitoris hood. Her clitoris now throbbed at the memory. Despite having had her cunt scoured tender, Jasmine still found herself excited by the prospect of participating with the old man and licked her lips as she knelt beside him to show some of her favourite devices. "Oh, you darling," he chuckled as she showed him the set of moulded penises, the first smooth, the second with ridges along its length, the third with soft rubber protrusions that looked like needles but were soft and forgiving, and the last, looking just like the previous one but with each needle made from steel.

"How perfectly delightful!" he gasped, turning the wheel at the base that altered how far each of the pins extended. He would be able to slide it smoothly in, then wind it in, forcing the needles into the flesh, or drive it in with the needles extended, scoring and ripping the flesh as he went. "What else have we here?" he asked breathlessly. There were restraints of leather, some soft and comfortable, others hard, or studded with metal spikes to force total compliance.

Ropes too, some smooth some abrasive and toys that could be used to bring on pleasure as much as pain. Only the Floggers, crops, canes, belts and whips were made for one purpose only, and the Colonel caressed each one, wondering to what use they had put to. What little bottoms had felt the hard sweep of the paddle, he wondered. What position had the child been in, who had last received the crop across their pert little bottom.

"Get me a little girl, a pretty one that is just developing," the Colonel told Jasmine, patting her hand urgently. Jasmine didn't dawdle, but walked briskly through the corridors to where the orphans were gathered, working at their small desks under the close scrutiny of their strict teacher Miss Evans.

Excusing her interruption Jasmine looked at them all, comparing one young girl with another and pushing four towards the far wall where she could compare them more easily.

They all looked pretty, but she dismissed one for having her hair shorn and another for having the largest bust of the three.

That left two who both looked back at her timidly, neither knowing whether their choosing was for the better or the worse. Unable to decide, Jasmine briskly told them both to lift their skirts and waited, hands on her hips, while both girls timidly obeyed, their eyes going past her to glance at the other boys and girls who were now watching, the older boys with large grins on their faces as the girls were forced to bare their little cunts. Jasmine compared their pubic growth, and then had them turn so she could compare their bottoms.

Finally, she knelt down and inserted a moistened finger into their little cunts and anuses, judging which was the tightest fit and which girl was the most timid. The decision made, she thanked Miss Evans and marched the nervous girl out of the classroom and down the corridors before pushing her into the guest room for the Colonel to admire.

"Oh yes," he breathed. He still knelt beside the open box, moving items to explore ever deeper but had stopped when the girl had appeared, her expression rushing between nervousness, curiosity and timid excitement. "This is Betty who we believe is thirteen. Say hello to the Colonel," Jasmine said as she began to undo the buttons of the girl's shift.

She could have just as easily pulled it off of her head, but slowly undoing the buttons always seemed to excite the men she found.

Betty, a pretty blond girl, smiled timidly, her cheeks blooming as her bodice became loose. "Sir," she murmured, her breath quickening as she saw some of the items in the box. "The Colonel has just returned from India," Jasmine told her, drawing the girl's bodice away. Her little breasts sprouted from her chest, the skin as smooth as alabaster and as pale as milk. Her nipples, still childishly small, were at their peek, just waiting to stiffen.

"My daddy died in India," Betty murmured, her eyes moistening as she remembered her mother getting the letter. She had only been four or five at the time, but remembered how things had got worse from then on.

"Many a good man did," the Colonel acknowledged, as he sat on the bed and waiting for Jasmine to finish undoing the ties at the back of the girl's skirts.

He knew how fiddly such things could be and took the opportunity to admire how sweetly her little breasts had begun to form. "Your father would have been proud of you, young lass," he told her, smiling as she blushed prettily, the flush of her skin creeping all the way down her upper chest, right to the rise of her smooth young breasts. Jasmine finally undid the knot of the tie and, loosened, the frock slid down the child's legs, pulling about her feet while she coyly squirmed, biting her lip as the Colonel looked upon her.

"Oh my, what a treasure," the old man sobbed. His eyes devouring the pretty little cunt before him, young pubic hairs darkening upon her font, still straight and slender in youth, all pointing towards her smooth edged slit in which the curved sheaf of her clitoris was just in view.

"Here, lay her down so I can see her better," he panted, quickly making room on the bed. Jasmine smiled encouragingly to the young girl and helped her step from her clothes and to the broad bed.

There, she quickly moved the pillow into the centre of it, then bade the girl lie on her back across it. Betty obeyed, knowing from her years at the poorhouse and now at the sanatorium what disobedience would mean.

She lay back with her loins raised high by the pillow beneath her and, when fingers touched her knees, she blushingly parted them. "Such a willing child!" marvelled the Colonel, watching the girl obediently spread her legs, spreading them until she had to reach down and hold her knees apart.


"That's the training Sir," Jasmine smiled, then quickly blushed as she recalled how quickly she would turn up her skirts and bend when her father instructed. The feel of his fingers pulling her flesh apart around her anus made her flood with heat and she swallowed and ran her nails along the girl's inner thighs, quickening the child's pulse and bringing a glow to her puffy little slit.

"She excites quickly," he observed, his excitement evident from the bulge in his breeches. "Most girls do," Jasmine admitted. "Convention prevents us from showing our true nature, father says," she told him, blushing as she openly admitted her own excitement. "Is she ready yet?" he asked, having eagerly watched Jasmine stroke the child's inner thighs, right up to their junction where her nubile young sex glowed with want.

Jasmine reached for her vulva and drew the leaves apart. Betty gasped with the jolt of pleasure it sent swirling up her young body and she thrust her loins up, her eyes wide with the shock of delight while the two adults gazed adoringly into her exposed little cunt, admiring the gleaming wetness and brightly toned pink flesh within.

"She's well and truly ready," Jasmine observed, licking her lips as she thought of the pleasure she would have, observing the old man take this young girl. "Good, but before that, I want you to warm that delicious little bottom of hers," he grinned. "As you wish Sir," Jasmine nodded, a new glow appearing to her skin as she considered this request. There was a stout chair in the corner, no doubt for holding children in various positions for treatment, but it suited the Colonel to draw it nearer the bed and sit on it to watch the proceedings.

"Do I have to tie you down, or will you be a good girl and take the spanking bravely?" Jasmine asked Betty as she rose and rolled up the sleeve of her uniform. Betty swallowed and gazed meekly. "I'll be good," she promised, her voice quivering with the rising fear inside her.

"Over you go then," Jasmine told her. "And be sure to present your bottom as you have been taught," she urged. "I think you'll find it more agreeable if you shed your restrictive clothing my dear," the Colonel told Jasmine, his eyes sparkling with excitement as young Betty turned onto her front and squirmed until her bottom was obscenely presented for the spanking.

Jasmine's face burnt and her eyes fluttered with her heartbeat as she faced the old man and slowly undressed for him, one heavily starched garment after another.

His eyes seemed to devour her, moving almost constantly as if in fear of missing some small part of her growing nakedness.

She turned to let him see her pert bottom, knowing that its swell would be just as arousing to him as her breasts. The Colonel groaned as if to prove the point, then waited for her to turn and face him, adjusting his cock to allow room for it to stand erect inside of his breeches. Unused to such blatant male display, Jasmine blushed and licked her lips.

Did he mean to have her also, she wondered, the thought making her spill with excitement. Overly tender, her sore cunt would react sharply to the steady thrusts of a male and her agony would bring on the most intense pleasure. She removed her clothes and stood naked, her thighs slowly creeping apart so he might have a better view of how tender her cunt remained from her father's punishment. "My word!" he gasped, his eyes widening as the fading but tender marks of the flower stems appeared, along the full length of her vulva.

"Who?" he breathed, almost speechless. "My Father," she told him softly, thrusting her loins forward so he could better admire how the stems had scored her rounded flesh and passed within them too.

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"My punishment for masturbating wantonly," she explained, her heart fluttering in the hope he'd touch her. Just one touch would ignite her pleasure, just one little touch. "Definitely a man after my own heart!" he chuckled.

"Don't let the child grow cold, spank that lovely bottom of hers!" he ordered. Naked, Jasmine turned back to the girl on the bed, smiling at her as she saw she'd been watching. Betty looked on Jasmine's nakedness and the older girl felt another thrill course through her.

"Ready?" she asked. Betty nodded shyly; her eyes brimming with unshed tears. Jasmine smiled and took up a position beside the bed, her thighs well parted so nothing would be hidden from the Colonel, then bent forward to place her left hand on the small of the child's back, pushing it down to pronounce the lovely curves of her bottom. Ready, and feeling the Colonel's eyes slide down to her exposed cunt; Jasmine lifted her arm high and swept it down hard to land firmly and loudly on the child's left bottom cheek.

"Count them, there's a good girl," the Colonel urged. "One," Betty murmured, her eyes sliding up Jasmine's parted thighs to gaze at her pubis and the small thatch of curls on it.

Jasmine smiled and raised her hand for the second, bringing it down hard across the child's right bottom cheek, grinning at the way Betty jerked and gasped, then softly murmured the count. The child's bottom was tight and resilient, quickly stinging her palm and yet just as quickly turning a rosy red. Jasmine began to squeeze and stroke the cheeks between hand strikes, softly complementing the girl on having such a sweet little bottom, urging her to lift it much higher and let the Colonel see how lovely she was.

As Betty panted and mewed, squirming with the sensations surging into her little bottom, Jasmine reached along her thighs and urged her to part them wider so that the Colonel could admire her little cunt and puckered anus. Her spanking continued, Jasmine's breath quickening with the effort as much as from the view she received each time her hand squeezed the child's bottom, pulling flesh from flesh so the little entrance to her cunt was exposed.

"That's good," the Colonel remarked after nearly five minutes of the spanking had elapsed. "Let her sit up now," he urged. Weeping softly, Betty dragged herself up until she half sat on her thighs, her hands rubbing franticly at her sore bottom while tears slowly made little rivers down her cheeks.

She looked delightful, gazing worriedly from Jasmine to the Colonel, her eyes dropping to their privates where the sight of the old man's bulging breeches brought a glow to her cheeks. "Now, what have we got to brighten those lovely little nipples?" the Colonel asked, his eyes fastened to the nubile beginnings of Betty's young breasts.

Jasmine was quick to offer two solutions; the braided cloth flogger that would bring colour to the little developing cones, tenderising the skin and making the nipples swell, or a bunch of dried flower stems, the same type her father had used on her pudenda.


The sharp but forgiving stems would score the skin and leave fine lines, dozens of them across both rising breasts. The raised nipples would take the most and caused a centre of fiery sensation the girl would not be able to escape.

"Oh yes. Let me help you," the Colonel urged. He stood and shed his clothes, grinning as he revealed a wiry body of completely pale flesh with a slender but long cock that stood erect from between a field of greying pubic hair. He went across to Betty, still rubbing her bottom, and sitting behind her, caught her by her upper arms and pulled them back, presenting Jasmine with the perfect target for the bunch of flower stems.

"Be brave!" He told the young girl, inhaling her youthful scent and bringing her bottom up against his cock. She whimpered, squeezing her bottom one moment, feeling his cock and panting hotly the next. All the while, her eyes stared at the naked young woman standing over her, a bunch of dead flower stems in her hand.

Jasmine swept the stems across Betty's outthrust breasts and watched the sore and red lines appear while Betty squealed and squirmed, her eyes widening in shock at the pain that soared into her. "Now, now," urged the Colonel, his grip tightening on the girl. "Go on, grip my cock lass!" he urged. Betty did so, whimpering and shaking as she watched Jasmine draw her arm back. Then the plant stems had once more scraped across the swell of her two breasts, scoring the tender flesh, scrapping her tender nipples.

She wept as the darts of flame punched into her nipples, her breasts feeling bloated and sore, and her sore bottom continuing to send a deep itching flame into her. "Go on, Go on!" the Colonel urged, pulling the girl against him so he could look over her shoulder and admire the fine score marks across both her little breasts. Jasmine needed little urging. She swept the stems down across Betty's breasts once more, grinning as her aim scored the underside and made Betty catch her breath and arch before a high-pitched scream escaped her.

The Colonel grinned and held her against him. With her arms held, her lower body contorted to left and right, often up against his cock where the feel of her struggles served to heighten his pleasure. He nodded for Jasmine to continue so she didn't wait for the wailing girl to quieten, but struck again, aiming across the middle of the smoothly rising breasts, scoring deeply and bringing fresh wails and frantic attempts to escape. "Now two or three quick ones across her belly!" he urged.

He put his hands around her body, one above her little breasts, the other low, holding her pelvis to close him and presenting the weeping girl's flattened belly to her. Jasmine licked her lips and bent her arm back. Dizzy with excitement, she swept the stems down and scored the lovely surface of Betty's belly. The Colonel looked euphoric as he fought to hold the squealing and struggling young girl and given the opportunity, Jasmine wielded the stems yet again; adding to the score marks that appeared on her otherwise smooth flesh.

Betty hardly fought the last one, exhausted as she was. Her whole body hurt and she was only semi conscious as she was laid down on her back across the pillow and her thighs pulled wide apart again. With her eyesight made fuzzy by her weeping, she saw the figure of the Colonel rise above her, a look of delight on his face as he looked down at her struggling body. "No more," she whimpered, "please." The Colonel stared down at the child's lovely young body, her budding breasts made beautiful by the hundreds of lacerations that scored the tender flesh.

He'd never seen nipples stiffen and darken so quickly and groaned with pleasure at seeing them. His left hand took both the girl's wrists and held them over her head against the bed, flattening the little cones and making her look much younger still. He fondled the child's torso with his right hand, tracing the many feint lacerations and groaning as Jasmine took his aching cock and steered it towards the girl's now open cunt.

"Now!" He heard her urge and he looked down at the wet face of the young girl and thrust. Hot little cunt surrounded him, squeezing and burning, threatening to strangle his cock while her face mirrored a new type of pain. He never wanted to forget the look on her face and thrust again in an effort to extend it. He thrust himself deep into her cunt, and then rocked back and forth, groaning in delight over the contorted face of the agonised child.

Jasmine gripped Betty's ankle and slid astride it, biting her lip as the girl's toes pressed into her sore vulva. She whimpered and, seeing the Colonel thrust harshly into the child for the second time, pushed herself downwards, welcoming the pain it brought sweeping up her body.

"Yes, yes, yes, YES!" The Colonel cried, too excited to last long in the vice like sheaf of the young girl's cunt. Jasmine closed her eyes and bit her lip, shuddering on the explosion of her own pleasure and gasping afterwards as the growing pain forced her off the girl's toes.

****** The orphans looked nervously at each other as Doctor Croft entered Miss Evan's classroom with a thin and pale woman, who held a little bag tightly in front of her. Her pale blue eyes looked keenly at all of them. "Dear me," she whimpered. "So many to chose from!" she complained. "Is there any trait you're particularly interested in Miss Haigh?" asked the doctor with a comforting smile. "Well," she said, and licked her lips as she glanced around the classroom again. "Would you have any children that are related?" she asked.

"A brother and sister perhaps?" she asked breathlessly. Samuel smiled and looked for the two children who he knew would be sitting together. "Eve? Edward? Stand up please" he called. The boy and girl stood up and face him, their faces unusually pale as they waited to discover what the doctor had in store for them.

"Eve is nine, her brother is thirteen," he murmured, smiling at the look of adoration the woman was giving to these attractive orphans.

"Oh, they'll do perfectly!" she beamed. Samuel pointed to the pair and led them off to the surgery. Lily had escorted the Reverend back to their private rooms and had arranged for Joseph to be taken to his bed and left there to recover, so the surgery was empty when they arrived. An antiseptic smell was all that remained of earlier activities as the doctor placed brother and sister against the far wall and had them stand together while he prepared the camera. Miss Haigh watched with great interest, moving constantly, filled with nervous tension as she waited in eager anticipation.

The camera prepared, it flashed and it recorded brother and sister standing beside each other, the girl no taller than her brother's shoulder, their drab clothes leaving their arms and legs bare. Samuel removed the plate and replaced it with a new one, then turned to smile at the timid looking pair. "Remove your clothes," he ordered.


Edward may have remembered a time when such requests were considered dirty and never to be obeyed, but Eve didn't. She proceeded to take off what few clothes she wore, her calm acceptance silently urging her elder brother to do the same.

Soon they were both naked and being urged to stand straight and look ahead of them. The flash went off again, recording their likeness for posterity. "Side-on now please," Samuel called. The children turned in the same direction, Eve in front of Edward. "Edward, make your cock stiff," Samuel called.

He blushed and looked from his naked sister's bottom to Miss Haigh who was watching everything avidly. His cock shrunk still further, and lay flaccid over his ball sack, making him tremble, as he feared a whipping for not obeying.

"Eve, help your brother please," Samuel, asked. The girl blushed and turned to look at her brother, licking her lips as her attention dropped to the focus of everyone's attention. ""I don't know," she told him, blushing hotly.

"Come now child," Miss Haigh said, interrupting Doctor Croft and rushing forward. She knelt between the pair of them and gently took the girl by her wrists, pulling her towards her elder brother and guiding her little hands around his shrunken little cock. "Pull gently with one hand, and stroke him with the other," she instructed. Eve nervously swallowed and darted a glance up at her open-mouthed brother, her fingers coming into contact with his privates. "That's a good girl!" Miss Haigh urged, her voice full of awe as the little girl did as she was told eager to avoid being punished herself and began to masturbate her brother's cock.

With the accompaniment of a shocked gasp, the boy's cock began to lengthen and harden, drawn on by his younger sister's timid stroking, and all the while Miss Haigh was there to encourage and suggest. Only when the boy was fiercely erect did she step back and smile, allowing the sister to continue stroking the slender long stem, the flash of the camera ensuring the moment would be captured forever.

"Now Edward, come and lie on the table," Samuel called, patting the adjustable surface and pulling the camera back to a new position. Edward got on the table and laid back, his erect cock now lying flat along his belly.

Samuel lifted it and drew the foreskin right back, smiling as it made the boy gasp and jerk. "Tender, eh?" he asked, his nail sliding over the exposed tip.

"Yes Sir," Edward nodded. "Perhaps it needs cleaning?" the doctor suggested. A squeeze behind the glands brought a drop of fluid to the tip and Edward swallowed a little nervously as his sister peered over his side to continued looking at what was being done to his cock.

Miss Haigh watched too, and she became breathless with excitement, as the doctor picked up a long and slender tool and held it up for her to examine. A little thicker than fine wire, it was made of rubber and was quite flexible, but its surface had been roughened to become abrasive. "Lie perfectly still now Edward," Samuel cautioned him. Placing the pointed tip at the eye of his cock he slid it inwards and the boy gasped and tensed, his eyes wildly looking upwards at the doctor as the urethra cleaner travelled inwards, along the whole length of his hardened cock, leaving a small piece sticking out.

"There!" Samuel exclaimed. Across from him, Eve peered over his loins to stare with big round eyes at his now rampant cock, with the stem of the cleaner sticking out from it. "Would you like to draw it out Eve?" he asked pleasantly. Eve licked her lips and looked between the smiling doctor and her brother's awfully rude cock. However, it gave her a pleasant tingle down below to look at it and think of him doing it with girls. It made her tingle even more to think she could hold it and actually draw the slender doctor's tool from it.

She nodded and reached for her brother, her breath quickening as she felt the heat of it burn into her palm. With her other hand she took a hold of the tip of the medical tool and gently pulled. Edward let out a howl and gripped the edge of the table to either side of him as the roughened rubber began to act like barbs, gripping into his urethra and scraping along the tender inner walls. Miss Haigh stepped closer and took Edward's hands, cupping them in her own and pulling them to her chest while she gazed down at him lovingly.

"Be brave!" she begged him, her breath shortening as she led his hands over her breasts and let him feel them through her clothes. Edward sobbed, excitement and dread flowing through him and battling in his gut. He softly squeezed the largest bust he'd ever squeezed and dreamt of his dead mother.

Then the terrible burning engulfed him again as the rod was pulled outward by his little sister and his grip tightened as his body contorted in agony. "Yes, yes, bear with it!" Miss Haigh gasped, her legs weakening as the young boy in his agony mauled her breasts. "All the way out," Doctor Croft told Eve, stroking her hair lovingly. Glowing with the doctor's approval, Eve ignored Edward's contortions and pulled the rubber stem fully out, its departure letting Edward fall back onto the table, exhaustion overcoming him.

"Well, that was excellent!" Samuel smiled. "Now, shall we have a look at you, while your brother recovers?" he asked the young girl. Eve blushed and looked at her brother, his cock still sticking up rampantly. "Will it hurt?" she asked. "Oh, not necessarily," he chuckled. He wheeled a second examination table over and helped little Eve to climb onto it before lifting the end at an angle and then attaching what looked like stirrups at the other. Miss Haigh pulled herself away from caressing and teasing Edward's cock into jerking and weeping pre-come, to come over and watch as Doctor Croft arranged little Eve on her back, her sweet little bottom now raised up by the platform at its end.

He then took her thighs and raised them over her head, sliding the stirrups over each ankle to secure them above her. It left her bottom and cunt raised and exposed, its bright pink inner flesh peeking from half parted labia. "She's so exposed!" Miss Haigh breathed. Samuel rolled a stool to the foot of the table and invited Miss Haigh to sit on it, presenting her with the Eve's fully exposed cunt, anus and bottom now perfectly positioned for a detailed examination.

"Glorious!" she breathed, her eyes drinking in the beauty of her the child's labia, widely parted bottom, fragrant young cunt and winking little anus. Doctor Croft retrieved two small leather belts, each about eight inches long and half an inch thick from which slender cords hung along its length, each about six inches long but adjustable, each with small clips at the end.

He then attached them to each of her thighs and smiled down at her face as she watched with curiosity. Miss Haigh was watching also, waiting excitedly to see what was to occur. Her face shone above the glow of Eve's fat little vulva, her eyes sliding over it, from the stem of her clitoris down to the deep crevice of her little bottom where her anus timidly twitched. Samuel took the first clip and adjusted the strap that held it to the leather garter tightly fastened to Eve's upper thigh.

Once adjusted, he took a gentle grip on the fatty lip of her sex and pushed the clip over it, releasing it onto the tender love lip. Eve gasped, her eyes widening as she felt the grip of the clip on her labia.

And as she shook, absorbing the swelling pain, Samuel took the other fleshy wing and attached a clip from her other leg to it. Eve cried out and shook. A move of her slender young thighs and the clips pulled on her baby-like labia, drawing them outward and away from each other.

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Miss Haigh groaned, her eyes held by the exposed little mouth to the girl's little cunt. Her virginity had already been taken, yet the little passage was still that; little, the smoothly fleshed mouth gleaming pink.

Samuel took hold of each quivering knee and slowly drew them further and further apart. The clips tightening on the soft flesh of Eve's young labia and stretched them apart. Eve whimpered and arched, trying to reduce the stretch but failing to do so. Miss Haigh leaned in to stare avidly at the painful distortion of such young flesh and the growing expanse of deep pink interior now spread for her pleasure. The doctor adjusted the leg harness to hold Eve's legs apart, then walked round to enjoy the view with Miss Haigh for a while.

Then he produced a rubber tube, small and thin and dipped one end in grease before putting it to Eve's opened slit. Under Miss Haigh's close scrutiny, the doctor carefully probed Eve's sex flesh, the child's whimpering and squirming making it hard for him to find her little urethra.


Once found though, the tube was slowly pushed home, Eve panting with a short quick breath as she felt it pushed into her. Pushed into her bladder, her rich urine slid past her defences and ran from the far end of the tube, slowly filling the jar the doctor had prepared. Amazed, Miss Haigh took a hold of the tube and gently drew it back and forth, watching Eve's bright flesh being drawn in and out with the tube as it clutched at it, the flow of urine slowing as the tube was drawn from her bladder, then growing again as it returned.

Miss Haigh played until the flow of rich urine ceased, then let the doctor draw the tube out. He was left with half a jar of strongly scented water which he lifted, first to smell it, then to sip a small amount of it, swirling it around in his mouth before swallowing.

"Would you like a try?" Samuel asked his guest politely. Miss Haigh looked at the rich liquid and then licked her lips as she considered the question. Violent emotions made her shake, but at last she quickly nodded and took the small jar. There was a moment of hesitation, a last chance for the left of her brain to battle with the right.

She tipped the jar back, sipping the liquid and jerked by the flash of the camera. Then the strong flavour was filling her mouth, producing saliva and causing her swallow repeatedly. The taste remained with her, faintly metallic, faintly oily and very acidic. The doctor watched her cautiously. "What now Sir?" she asked. Samuel smiled with relief and lifted one of several glass columns with a rubber plunger at one end. Eve, watching, couldn't say what it was for, but the sight of it alone made her whimper, gasping when her jerking pulled the clips on her stretched labia.

There were several on the tray to chose from, and Samuel selected one and tried placing it over the little girl's clitoris hood, only to find it too small. So he returned it to the tray and picked up the next, smiling as it neatly covered the little fleshy protuberance. Holding the end firmly to her flesh, he drew back the plunger and smiled as the young girl caught her breath and Miss Haigh gasped.

The vacuum that he'd created by pulling the plunger up, had sucked Eve's tender clitoris further into it, swelling the tender morsel as well as filling it with blood, tenderising it still further.

The vacuum held it in place and allowed Samuel to take up a smaller one. The child's pinched back labia gave him a perfect view of her slit, now spread before him, so it was an easy matter to find her tiny uterus again and, covering it with the syringe, pull the plunger to draw her flesh into the cylinder.

Wide eyed, Eve panted and shook. She wanted to stretch, yet knew she couldn't. She wanted to push her crotch up, but couldn't. She wanted to madly rub the flesh pinched by the clips, and couldn't. And now new feelings were starting to swell from the flesh imprisoned by the glass cylinders, drawn out by the vacuum. "Please," she whined, unsure of what she was pleading for. Samuel smiled and, taking two of the larger cylinders, fastened one over her soft little pink nipple, offering Miss Haigh the other.

Grinning excitedly, Miss Haigh took the device and pressed its open end to the other little nipple bud, and then slowly pulled on the plunger, sucking the tender morsel of flesh into the glass while the girl stared at it and panted. "Do you like that, do you?" she asked the child, her excitement swelling as she looked between Eve's thighs and saw how disfigured her little innocent cunt had become.

Eve nodded, and begged to be caressed by the woman, blinking as the bright flash of the camera went off again. "This is marvellous!" Miss Haigh told him, half standing in order to feast her eyes on the young girl, her thighs bent up and her body on show, her cunt disfigured and widely spread by the clips and the vacuum flasks.

"Well, there's one area we've not touched yet," Samuel reminded her. Miss Haigh caught her breath and sat down again, her hands framing the anal groove of the young girl while she stared excitedly at the little pink anus the doctor was referring to.

"What are you going to do?" she asked. Samuel wheeled the other table over, as her brother had recovered enough now to look across at his sister's exposed body and lick his lips. Miss Haigh watched as the young boy's cock began to erect again. "You dirty boy!" she told him. She fanned at her face with her hand and watched his cock reach its full extension.

"We should do something about that doctor," she told him. "Let's attend to Eve's little bottom first," he suggested, bringing a tray over to her. "Oh, my!" Miss Haigh gasped, staring at all the dressmaking pins that were neatly laid out on the tray beside a small burner. Samuel smiled and lit the small burner with a match. "You may use the pins either hot or cold," he explained. "The reaction to the child is similar, but the affects are a little different," he told her.

"The cold will stab the flesh and the wound may bleed slightly. The more deeply inserted, the more it is likely to bleed. Using the hot pin will seal the wound even as you make it. "Well-heated pins will pass into flesh much more easily too," he explained, offering her a soft leather glove.

Miss Haigh took the glove as if in a trance and slowly drew her hand into it while watching the doctor take a pin and hold it over the flame. "However, if it hot, it should be very hot," he cautioned. Eve, wide eyed and shaking whimpered and sobbed, wanting to escape and yet forced by the clips on her labia to stay still.

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The pin glowed and Miss Haigh watched it as the doctor moved it close to the girl's outthrust bottom. His free hand framing a perfect area of smooth skin, he placed the tip of the pin to it and pressed.

Eve flung her head back and screamed, tears bursting from her wide eyes as the pain seared into her. Her shaking legs pulled tightly on her labia, distorting and stretching them. "Oh doctor!" the woman gasped, and all flustered, picked up a pin and hastily placed it over the little burner, her hand shaking excitedly. "Wait till it glows," he cautioned, knowing she was eager to drive the pin into the quivering and weeping young girl's bottom. Miss Haigh couldn't stop from panting, nor halt the quiver in her hand as she held the pin over the flame and waited for it to begin to glow.

Eve was waiting for her, the young child weeping and quivering, one pin already sticking out of her bottom. The pin began to glow and Miss Haigh swallowed and drew it over to the child.

Eve began to cry and beg. Both excited her even more and her breath grew shorter as she poised the pin above the inward curve of one little bottom cheek. "Quick, before it cools!" urged the doctor. Miss Haigh put the hot tip to Eve's bottom and sobbed with delight as her fingers pressure pushed the red hot tip into the girl's flesh. The child screamed once more, her jerking pulling her labia right out before her sanity returned and she screamed.

"Nicely placed," Doctor Croft observed. "Now try one a little further into her anal groove," he offered, his hands pulling the tight young cheeks further apart. Eve sobbed uncontrollably and swung her head from side to side, the only movement she could make without hurting herself.

Miss Haigh took another pin and held it over the little flame, her hand shaking with excitement as she waited impatiently for it to begin to glow. At last, the end of the pin glowing a brilliant red, Miss Haigh brought it to the weeping girl's bottom and looked at the area of flesh the doctor was holding stretched for her. "No, no, pleeeease!" Eve cried. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Miss Haigh plunged the hot pin into the little girl's bottom, just an inch from her anus, then looked up along the child's body to watch her darling little face contort with the pain, her ears ringing to the girl's wails of agony.

As the child screamed, Miss Haigh swept aside convention and gathered up her dress, her hand seeking the earliest opportunity to slide beneath, three fingers immediately pushing into herself, reducing her fierce need. Samuel smiled and picked up the moulded leather sheaf that had been lying to one side, waiting for the right moment. Like a corset, it was laced along one side, allowing the delicately made leather to be slid on while loose. He slid it delicately over Edward's cock, and then gently pushed his balls into the leather pouch before closing the laces along the lower half of his cock.

As he tightened them, so the boy's eyes bulged as he felt the small pins dig into his ball sack and the lower half of his cock.

The exposed upper length of his erection bulged, swelling with the fierce sensations surging into the base. "Come on boy!" he urged, helping the lad to stand, then drawing him the short distance between his own table and where his sister lay, weeping hysterically as she begged them to stop.

"Let's see you fuck her," Samuel told the boy. Edward swallowed and looked down at his little sister's cunt, her pinched and pulled apart labia now swollen and tender, nearly as bright as the exposed flesh within. His breath quickening, he moved the glass cylinders aside. his heart beginning to pound as he saw how her flesh had been drawn into them. Amazed, he looked down at her little cunt.

She was tiny, only nine, but to refuse the bidding of the doctor would mean far worse than anything they had received so far. "Do you need some help?" Miss Haigh asked him, one arm under her skirts.

Quisieras Pasar Por Mi Camita

The other rose to stroke his cock, then draw it downward, till it pointed at the little virgin cunt in front of him. "Go on!" she urged breathlessly. With the pins in the leather sheaf causing an agonising heat to invade his cock, Edward put all thought aside and plunged his cock forward.

His little sister yelped and he grunted, the pain of missing his mark bringing tears to his eyes. "Ops, sorry darling," Miss Haigh giggled breathlessly, her face glowing as her arm moved steadily back and forth under her skirts. "Try again," she urged, the hand on his cock making him wince as it pulled it more firmly downward. More cautiously, Edward drew forward, a gasp escaping him as his tender cock head met the hollow of his little sister's vagina and pushed her unforgiving flesh inwards.

The flash of the large camera went off and Edward fought for breath and pushed more firmly inwards, crying out over his sisters squeal as the head of his cock was suddenly thrust into her and was squeezed tightly by her vaginal muscles. "Yes, yes, and again!" Miss Haigh urged. Sobbing with the new sensations flowing along his cock, Edward pushed. While his sister whined, her head thrown back, he felt his cock embed itself in her tight and hot young cunt, filling it with just half his cock, the rest suffering the leather sheaf.

"Oh, what a sight!" Miss Haigh breathed. On her perch, she could see it all; the boy's tight bottom, his cock held by the weeping girl, his very own sister. Swallowing and panting, Edward began a slow movement, pulling and pushing against his sister's unforgiving sex. He moved as far as his flesh would allow, pulling at his skin and groaning as the tension added to the fierce sensations rising into his body through his cock. His movement increased, spurred on by Miss Haigh's urging and the sticky wet fingers she trailed up and down his bottom, tickling him underneath.

"Are you there yet? Are you, are you?" Miss Haigh asked, her eyes twinkling in her bright face as her own hand quickened pace. Edward couldn't talk and could hardly breathe as the flash blinded him and his sister's weeping no longer meant anything to him. Only the need in his cock mattered and he worked ceaselessly to satisfy it, quickening his pace, lengthening his stroke despite the pain it caused him.

He jerked powerfully now into his sister's tight little cunt, until the pain reached a new level and, with a strangled cry, his orgasm took possession of him and he could only jerk forward when it ordered him so, shooting his seed into Eve's little body. Miss Haigh drew him out and lifted his cock to nuzzle it lovingly with her lips.

Samuel took one last picture, capturing her act while, beside them; Eve's little raw cunt wept a mixture of seed and blood onto her pin-covered bottom. ****** Lily Croft marched the two little tarts along the corridor and thrust them, one at a time, into the room she and Mrs Emma Weldon had chosen for their punishment.

Arms folded under her large bust, Mrs Weldon stood at the far side of the room next to the two chairs that had been placed two feet from the wall.

With a stern face she looked them over, while behind them, Lily Croft closed the door and bolted it shut. Anne, was fourteen, nicely developed, with shapely breasts, a small flat waist and a pert bottom that was made all the more fuller by her nicely curved hips. Rachel was only nine, and her face was a picture of remorse as she stood nervously looking at the stern women.

It was not difficult to see why Anne had chosen this little tart for her pleasures. "Remove your clothes, NOW!" Emma Weldon shouted, and smiled as the girls cringed, then hastily obeyed her.

The women watched in silence, enjoying the spectacle as the girls nervously removed their clothes and stood naked, Anne fighting the urge to cover the little down of hair that graced her pubis. "We have it on good authority that you are having an unhealthy sexual relationship," Mrs Weldon told them; watching them both pale and lick their lips nervously.

"You are now going to be severely punished for your appalling wantonness!" she spat, the girls both cringing, and little Rachel's gentle weeping now becoming a full crying bout. Pleased with the reactions of the two condemned girls, Emma breathed in and let her eyes wander more freely over their young bodies. It had been a long while since she'd had the opportunity to release her pent up sexual tendencies.

The girls looked perfect to rekindle her pent up sexual passions; Anne was ripening very nicely, and little Rachel although immature was very willing to please. "Anne, you will be first," she told her. The child swallowed and looked towards the waiting chairs, no doubt wondering what position she would have to attain, and how badly the women intended to punish her.

Emma moved over to stand next to the chairs and checked that they were anchored securely. "Come here you disgusting child and stand astride this chair seat, and bend forward, with your belly on the chair back, and your arms flat up against the wall," Emma ordered harshly. Although punished occasionally, Anne had never had to take up this position and therefore couldn't know how the seat of the chair would force her thighs so far apart, nor how, in order to put her arms flat against the wall, she would need to dip her lower back, pushing her bottom out and so indecently apart.

Biting her lip, Anne whimpered, her face burning as the position she was now in pulled at her vulva, widely exposing it. Her bottom too had parted and the cool air of the room flowed intimately over her sensitive anus.

With a gasp she clenched herself, and burnt as the women laughed at her embarrassment. The women went across to the punishment tools that were displayed on the wall and took their time to select suitable instruments.

They discussed the merits of each one while the girls looked on, tears running lovingly down their pretty faces, and swung them through the air to hear the whistle they made. They both chose canes, each quite thin and flexible.

They both stood to either side of Anne's lovely bottom and tapped the smooth curves with the cane's tips, grinning as her shaking grew. Then they both raised the canes and, as one, delivered a sharp sweep to the girl, one aiming high, the other low. Anne squealed, the dual blow sweeping like fire through her bottom, filling her with the burning pain before dampening to leave just the awful itching burning aftermath.

"KEEP STILL!" they chorused as Anne girl tried to put her hands on her bottom. She whimpered instead, unaware of how exciting her young bottom looked, the little cheeks criss-crossed by brightening lines of tender flesh.

Breathing deeply, both women glowing with their excitement, they tapped Anne's little white bottom once more, each aiming a little lower than their last strike, the preliminary tapping making Anne quiver and mournfully weep. Then, with a nod, the ladies drew their canes back, and swept them down for another dual strike on the Anne's burning bottom.

Anne's head flew back as she screamed her agony to the ceiling. It also arched her back and made her bottom even more delectable. Two new lines swelled across her rear, both tender and sore skin begging to be caressed and tendered.

Below it, her cunt squeezed up against one leg, then the other as she tossed from side to side in an effort to rid herself of the insidious burning sensation. "One more, don't you think?" Emma asked Lily. "One more would complete the picture," Lily agreed, looking at the four stripes and the space between them. Anne sobbed and begged them not to.

They ignored her, ordering her to straighten her thighs and make sure that the whole of her lower arms were against the wall. Not until the sobbing girl's bottom was well presented to them again, did they begin tapping her bottom preparing themselves as much as the child for the next harsh strokes. Having done it twice before, the women raised their canes in near perfect unison, hesitating at their peek for one final look at the wailing girl, waiting in agony for her final strike.

Then the cane's descended, each whistling through the air to land sharply upon Anne's bottom, one low, where the swelling flesh was soft and tender, the other across the very apex of her bottom, where the cane could cut deeply. A strident cry filled the room, and now the women let the squealing girl grasp at her bottom, taking pleasure from watching as the girl kneaded the cheeks, often pulling flesh from flesh to unknowingly delight the women with glimpses of her clenched anal flesh and her bright pink vaginal mouth.

As the immediate flare of pain subsided to the inescapable burning in her bottom, Anne made to step away from the chair and was stopped. "No," Emma told her, the rod tapping her sore bottom again.

"Stay in position and remain silent. We haven't finished with you yet my girl!" "Rachel," Mrs Weldon called. Across the room little Rachel, stood crying with her fists clenched nervously together, pressing them to her mouth as she watched Anne's caning. "Yes, Ma'am?" she whimpered, hardly able to talk through her fear. "A little to young for the cane, eh?" Emma asked Lily, rolling up the sleeve of her gown. "Oh, I quite agree," Lily nodded; doing the same and smiling at the nine year old as she began imagining how nice and tight that little bottom would feel against her hand.

"Same position child, and be quick about it!" Emma called. Rachel walked to the chair and nervously straddled it, her smaller, leaner young body having trouble spreading her thighs enough to stand astride the seat. Nor was she tall enough to lean up against the wall in front of her as Anne was doing, but had to lean fully forward and put her arms over her head before she could reach the wall.

The women placed their hands on the young girl's shoulder blades and caressed her pert little bottom with the other. The little cheeks had fully parted, exposing the little farthing-like ring of her anus. Below it, smoothly curved, lay the hollow of her sex, the delicate opening to her vagina.

Leaning to their side, the women plucked and pulled on young tender flesh, smiling as they girl gasped through her tears on feeling her cunt drawn open. "Obviously well used to being handling," Lily suggested. "Then we shouldn't be worried if our fingers accidentally smack such a naughty little cunt!" Mrs Weldon answered, her eyes gleaming with forthcoming pleasure.

Hands rose and swept down, one immediately following the other, one upon one cheek, one upon the other. The girl squealed but could do little else, held captive over the chair as their hands continued their constant spanking of her pretty little bottom. Very soon Rachel's little bottom was glowing a lovely deep pink, but still the women continued, their faces showing their attention as they worked to ensure the complete curve of the bottom was brought to a burning red.

Rachel's squeals and cries had died too breathless weeping, her tired body succumbing to the women's positioning. The remorseless spanking continued, one hand, then the next, and each one bringing a start as fresh sparks shot into her spine. Otherwise, her whole bottom burnt, hot coals inescapably put into her rear by their spanking. Grinning, Lily turned her hand and brought another sharp slap down, her fingers now slapping the child's vaginal mouth and bringing a fresh, sharper start to her bent form.

Emma grinned and did the same to then lick her lips as the weeping girl jumped and gasped. "What a dirty little tart!" Lily breathed, slapping at her little cunt with her fingers and watching the child jerk, then breathlessly gasp and shake.

"Filthy little tart!" Emma agreed, her own fingers coming down to slap against that same little opening, brightening the soft flesh and bringing a gleam to it. Lily's turn, then Emma's again. Both women became increasingly familiar with the young girl and the slapping of her lower bottom so their fingers could graze her little cunt and bring it to stinging alertness.

Soon their familiarity grew and their hands were landing fully on the little girls cunt, flattening her rounded vulva with the force of their slaps, wetting their palms as the squealing girl lost control of herself and peed down her legs, crying fitfully for her dead 'mummy'.

Breathless with excitement more than exertion, the two women stopped and looked at their handiwork, licking their lips as they admired the blazing vulva sitting roundly beneath the glowing sphere's of her little bottom. Their attention turned back to Anne and the older girl cringed in fear, whimpering with the terrible thought that her cunt would now receive the same treatment. "Come here girl, and bring that cane with you!" she was told. Anne hurried to obey, falling to her knees in front of Mrs Weldon and begging sobbingly not to be beaten any more.

"Shut up, or I will!" she was told. Anne whimpered and clung to the woman's skirts, shaking as she offered up the cane. "It's not for me girl. You are to use it," Anne was told as she was pulled to her feet. Mrs Weldon pointed to Rachel, still weeping and shuddering from her treatment and grinned as Anne went pale. "You are to give her six cuts.

They had better be good ones girl, or we will begin again on your own bottom, and continue to do so until you get it right! Do you understand me girl?" she was asked.

Anne swallowed and stared at her little friend's already burnished bottom, her rounded cunt now puffy and red, the tender flesh burning as brightly as her bottom. She nodded and was dragged into position behind her friend. "Make sure they're hard ones my girl, or else!" Emma threatened from one side. Anne sobbed silently for her little friend as she raised the cane and measured it against her bottom. There would be no fondling under the covers after this she thought.

Rachel turned her head to look at her, her face stained with tears, and looked away as Anne raised the cane. "I'd not take too long if I were you, either," she was warned by Lilly. Biting her lip, Anne swept the cane downward, wincing as it struck a harsh blow over her friend's bottom already made tender by repeated spanking.

She cringed still more as Rachel screamed and danced in agony, the skin rapidly rising along the line of it's landing. "Again," both women called, almost as one. While Rachel cried and madly begged forgiveness, Anne blinked the tears from her eyes and measured her friend's bottom for the next blow. The women watched in breathless excitement as Anne raised the cane, then brought it down in a sharp slicing motion that wickedly cut into Rachel's pert little bottom.

It was delightful to watch, every single moment bringing new pleasures to them. Rachel was still crying, her begging lost in her uncontrollable wails while the cane rose again. Anne looked lovely, her body sculptured by titan as she held herself poised for a moment, her arm raised.

The cane whistled. Anne's young body swung with the grace of a tennis player, and Rachel screeched afresh as it landed and brought a fresh welt to her marred bottom. Fresh urine spurted from her as she once more she lost control of herself. It gleamed on her slender young thighs while her little bottom rotated in an effort to dispel some of the pain. Knowing there would be no relief, Anne swung the fifth down, sobbing as she felt forced to doing it as hard as she could and shaking as Rachel shrieked and danced.

Spots of blood now appeared on her little behind. "One more," she was reminded. Rachel was blubbering, half senseless and Anne was weeping at the terrible scoring she'd caused. Yet one more strike remained, and it had to be as fierce and unforgiving as the others. She swung blindly through her tears and felt the shock of it landing, then Rachel's terrible shriek as the pain engulfed her for yet a sixth time.

"Yes that should do nicely," Emma murmured, her eyes fully on the little bottom in front of her, little pert cheeks reddened by a hard spanking, then scored by the firm application of the cane for six nicely spaced cuts. "I think I'll just sit on this one's little wet face for a little while," Lily murmured breathlessly, taking Rachel by her hair to pull her back from the chair.

With Rachel still crying, Lily laid her on the ground, then quickly lifted her skirts about her knees to help her squat, firmly placing her crotch on the little girl's wet face where she could feel the child crying into her overheated cunt. "Oh yes!" she sighed, trembling as her first orgasm burst through her, holding herself as she waited for the next, and the next to claim her.

Emma smiled without humour at Anne and moved on her. Weeping, Anne shook her head and moved cautiously backwards, begging to be let off. "Now, now," Emma threatened. "You don't want another caning, do you?" she asked the child.

Anne wept, knowing there was no escape, and let herself be caught and pulled towards the nearby table. Visions of having her face sat upon like Rachel went through her mind, right up to the point when, having been pushed back onto the table, her legs were lifted and pulled urgently apart. Without warning, the woman's head was between her thighs, her thick and course tongue delving between her lips, turning aside her soft curls to draw her labia apart and slide along her slit.

The sensations took her breath and, even more, transferred the urgent heat in her bottom from pain to pleasure. With a loud whimper, Anne found herself pushing he crotch upward into the woman's face, hating and loving her at the same time. With a sob caused by the intense pleasure spiralling up her belly, Anne ignored the possible repercussions and reached down to twist her fingers into the woman's hair, forcing her nose, mouth and chin into her young sex.

A breathless cry escaped her as the huge tongue slid knowingly over her anus, then slid on to enter her cunt, dragging her thick wetness from her. Her feet found the table edge and levered her crotch upwards. Her hands pulled at the face with manic strength, willing it to take all the pain away by working harder on her cunt.

Her pelvis jerked upwards of its own volition, up and down as if mounted by one of the boys and the tongue drove forward to slide across her clitoris. Anne's body strained with the powerful release of pleasure soaring through her skeleton. Head flung back, she keened with the monumental release, soaring high, the hands gripping her bottom only serving to extend her delight, on and on until, too exhausted to think, she collapsed on the table and fought for breath.