Girl in the toilet seat

Girl in the toilet seat
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This is how I became a true voyeur, I had just turned 16 and was able to drive my car by myself. I decided to go school shopping for supplies and clothes alone. When I got to the mall I started at the department store where we always got my clothes.


There was this guy I recognized that used to go to my school but he was in college now. I smiled in recognition and he smiled back. As I pulled the curtain back to change I heard him go into the room across from mine. now the changing rooms did not have mirrors but at the end of the short hall was a three sided mirror stand. As I opened the curtain to go check out the fit he was in his stall with his pants off and curtain open.

I could not help but notice he did not have any underwear on. I could also tell he was well endowed.

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My mouth probably dropped to the floor and I immediately got an erection. As I was walked back to my cubical he smiled and leaned against the door frame then said "those jeans don't do you justice, go for the straight leg jeans." while he was laying with his cock and still naked from the waist down. I quickly got changed back and went to put the jeans back on the shelf. I decided to go go to another 5 and dime type store to get my school supplies.

About ten minutes later he came into the same department, stood next to me and said that he remembered me and that I had got even better looking. Then he smiled and said he was glad he saw me. Just as quickly as he said that he pud his items down and told me he had to go take a leak.

He walked over to the mens room which was at the end of that isle and want in. as he did he turned back to me and winked and with hi finger motioned me to follow. What was I going to do? Should I follow? What does he want? Why is he making me so hard? I put my stuff down and decided what the heck! I went into the mens room. It was rather small, just one toilet (no door), on urinal and one sink. As I got in he was sitting on the toilet, jeans down and shirt open. I went to the urinal and tried to pee but with no success.

My boner was preventing me from doing that. I hear rustling in the stall then he said it! "show me what you've got buddy!" I slowly stepped back and showed him my hard-on to which he took it in his hand and pulled me into the stall with him.


He stoked it with one hand while placing my hand on his with his other. His rigid cock felt so good to me and was getting wet with pre-cum. He rubbed his slick cock against mine and got it wet with his. We looked into each others eyes and he kissed me full tongue.

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It was an amazing feeling and I forgot where we were! Now before I go any further let me give you a little background as to how I know this person. When I was a freshman at a private school he was a junior and a sport jock.

Not football or basketball; but tennis, track, swimming and wrestling(the only contact sport he participated). He is about 6 foot tall with a slim build and you can tell a shaved body. He had carrot red hair that was short cropped and curly. He always wore tight jeans that showed his long cock very well. You could tell he was proud of it too!

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He made a point to strut in front of the lower-class men. I would go out of my way to watch him. A couple of times I thought he actually noticed me checking him out!

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We will just call him G. He is older now and his hair longer but still curly and has a mustache. He now has a hairy chest, I guess he no longer is on a swim team. Now as we were kissing he was pressing into me harder and faster, which I responded in the same manner. We ground like that for a long time. Then he and I entwined our fingers and started stroking out dicks together.

He was a slim 9 inch compared to my thicker 8 inch, both cut.

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It felt good to feel our two cocks together, the slick juices coating them. The intensity was amazing. Our breathing got heavier and my balls started swelling.

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I knew I could not last much longer. He then pushed his cock under my balls and started sliding it back and forth. The wet feeling under my balls was so good! I could feel his balls getting heavier and thicker. It was a hot sensation as I realized somebody could walk in at any time.

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But neither of us cared at this point. The passion had overtaken us, all that we wanted was to place each other and to have an orgasm He gazed into my eyes and gasped, "I can't hold back!" he kissed me with such force and our cocks were now soaked with both of our pre-cum!

Then it happened! We both shot our loads together onto each others cocks, balls and pubic hair.


Breathless we just held onto each other to keep from falling over. He laughed then told me that I was better than he had ever imagined I would be and that he had fantasized about it since he first saw me back at the school. But he was afraid to approach me there. I let him know that I wish he had, and that I am glad we ran into each other now. I also told him I fantasized about him too.

As we cleaned ourselves up he told me that he would like to see me again and we exchanged phone numbers. But the only time I ever saw him after that was in passing on campus when I went to college.

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Besides I found the love of my life shortly thereafter. MORE ESCAPADES TO CUM .!