Big curves excite dude so he starts fucking our chick hard

Big curves excite dude  so he starts fucking our chick hard
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It has been a long day for both of us.


Work was long and hard and we are both getting ready for bed. You change into your pajamas. you are wearing a white tanktop and a pair of light grey form fitting pajama pants. I am wearin a tanktop and a pair of green boxer briefs. You walk up to me and hug me close and somewhat relax into me as it feel like its been a long time since weve been this close.

you look up and say youre gonna go to the bathroom and get ready for bed. You turn to walk out of the room, but i stop you. i stand behind you licking and kissing your neck and ears. I run my hands across your chest and feel your nipples poking thru the very small tanktop.

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You are getting turned on and show me this by pushing your ass back into my crotch and slowly grinding. i reach my hand down and rub your stomach and carress it in circles. I work my way down in between your legs and feel how warm you are.

Your hands reach behind and pull my ass into to pull my hardening cock into your ass. i can feel your desperation in your grinding as i begin rubbing your crotch through your pants and panties. as im doing this i kiss your neck up to your ear where i take a gentle nibble and softly whisper.


"I love you", at hearing this you let out a slight moan a relieve the pressure that had been building on your bladder. First a trickle runs down and darkens a line down your leg.

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your crotch darkens and begins to spread rapidly. You are wet from the waist down as is my hand and the wetness quickly spreads to your ass, my crotch, and down your pant legs. As you are pissing you turn around and say "I know you do, I love you too, oh so badly." We kiss passionately as I grab your pee soaked ass.

When you stop finally i slowly peel off your clingy pants and kneel down in front of you kissing your pussy through your soaked panties. I pull these down as well and lick up every drop left behind.

You still have a lil bit left and suirt just a small amount onto my tongue which is cleaning ur pee and casuing you to shudder. You sit down next to me on the floor since your knees are now weak. I take your soaked clothes and wring them out over us as we are kissing so we can taste each others saliva and your pee like a warm rain over top of us. I have a raging hardon and remove my soaked shorts.

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You tell me to standup. You begin licking your pee off my wet hardon. You look up to me and say "its your turn now". with that being said i relax myself and begin peeing as well. you have me in your mouth as i go and cant hold your mouth on me any longer as your mouth is full and it keeps coming. I shoot out of you like rocket and the remaining stream blasts your face and hair. I finially stop and lay down next to you.

We kiss slow and gently, taking in every wet inch of each others mouth. I run my hands down your wet body. I begin by toying with you with the head of my dick by rubbing you in circles.

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I slowly enter you and push in only about half way and stop. I realized that i too still had a lil more left in me and continue pissing while inside you. you moan as your insides fill with warm fluids and i continue pushing forwards.

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The pee inside begins spraying out with each push. I start out slowly at first, gradually building up speed and then stopping, making you crave more. I pull all the way ot and slowly fuck you with my head only until you claw at my back and force me all the way in causing the rest of the pee to spray out.

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I begin ramming deep and hard in a rapid motion. Both of us begin twiching and shaking as we are nearing orgasm as i pound harder and faster. finally i freeze up and begin clawing at the floor as you wrap your arms and legs around me as tight as a boa constrictor does its meals. you force me to cum hard deep inside you. We hold this pose for a minute and both crash onto the floor.

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we look over at each other and you say "honey, i think were gonna need a bigger mop". i laugh and you curl up next to me as we lay motionless on our piss soaked floor. the end