Alluring butt pirates Zack and Conner have passionate sex

Alluring butt pirates Zack and Conner have passionate sex
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Jason was sitting in class, not really listening to his Spanish teacher. Instead, he was eyeing her up and down, her great big breasts, and nice tight ass. She had a spanish look to her, with black hair and a summer-tan face, with sexy rectangular glasses. She was also pretty tall. By definition she was absolutely beautiful.

Man what he wouldn't want to do to- "Jason, how do you say 'pay attention' in Spanish?" An angry voice from Senorita said. "Uh.yo no se Senorita." The class laughed, but an immediate glare from Senorita shut them all up.

"Didn't think so, pay attention now, or I'm going to give you a detention. Yeahyeahyeah, he thought to himself. Same thing she says everyday, yet he still hadn't gotten a detention. Class went on, and Jason dick only got harder as he looked at Senorita more.

He watched as her boobs jiggled by the slightest movement, how perfect her ass was, and how those lips look good for sucking. She wasn't married yet!? He'd pay all the money he had just to get a handjob from her. Finally the bell was ringing, and the students were free from school for the day. When Jason got home, he threw his backpack down and immediatley went to his bedroom.

He lay down on his bed and immediatley started stroking it, he put a story in his head: "Oh Jason, oh Jason!" Jason thought of her voice saying it. "Let me fuck that young cock of yours Jason, it's so big!" This story went on and on in his head and soon, he was cumming all over a tissue he had. He breathed deeply and cleaned up the excess cum.


Too bad he'd never be able to do it with her. The next day went back unbearably slow, all of his teachers seemed to be in bitchy moods and he was begging for last period.

With luck it came, and Jason found Senorita in a very tight black shirt, that exposed her nipples through the fabric. She had black stockings on, high heels, and a loose fitting dress.The second he walked through the door, he felt his dick go stone-hard.

He covered it up the best he could, but could have sworn he saw his teacher glance down as he walked by. "Okay, I'm coming around to check that you all did your homework." Senorita announced to the class.

There was a shuffle for papers as Senorita started checking who did and didn't have their homework. When she reached Jason, she glanced low quickly and then looked Jason in the eyes. "Where's your homework?" She asked impatiently. "My dog ate it," Jason replied, and there was immediate laughter amongst the students.

"Very funny Jason. Well that is your fifth missed homework, so you will have detention today after school." She replied, smiling grimly or maybe even evily at him. He protested but she put her hand up. Then Senorita dropped her folder with grades and bent to pick it up right in front of him; showing her upper thigh. No way, Jason thought, adding this to a list of things to jerk off too later.

The final period bell rang again, and Jason went to put his stuff in his locker. He returned to Senorita's class five minutes later and sat down. He was the only one in there, and Senorita stared at him as he walked in. "Very good, I don't want to give you these detentions Jason, but you give me no other choice.

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Do you like being in trouble or something. Does it make you feel good to be naughty?" Senorita asked him. "No, more of the fact that I forgot to do it." Jason replied. He tried to contain the erection already building on his lower body. She was talking in such a voice that he had never heard.

"Oh, why of course. I just thought maybe you wanted extra attention or something? It sure seems like you want more attention than everyone else. Why would you, Jason, want more attention from me than any other student?" Senorita asked. Jason accidentally replied the first thought that came to mind.

"Well because you're hot!" Jason said. He immediatley felt stupid and felt heat rush to his face. He'll probably get a months of detentions for that remark. There was silence for a moment. Then Jason said, "I mean because it's so hot in this classroom.and.and." but Jason cut off. "I did the heat give you a hard on the moment you walked into my classroom for final period today?" Senorita asked slyly, Jason shuddered.

Oh great he thought. "Wh.wha.what do you mean?" He asked stupidly. She smiled at him. "There's no hiding that erection of yours.

I was quite impressed, might I add." Senorita replied. " that the type of statement I say thanks to?" Jason asked, and Senorita laughed. "Or can I say thanks.

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Because the moment I realized that I knew that I had to keep you after today." She said. Then she added, "I've been noticing for ages that you always are covering your dick. But why would you want to keep me from the fun. What do you even think of when you're in my class?" It coudln't hurt to keep talking so Jason replied, "Well usually I'm thinking about the rumors I've heard and try to picture myself being the one having sex with you." "What rumors," Senorita snapped.

Jason replied, stating he heard about how she had sex with many of her students. She looked outraged then said, "I've never had sex with a student, NEVER! I'm not saying I never will, given the fact I've been wet since seeing your boner, but I still have not done anything to anyone!" ".You've been wet since" Jason asked, feeling very flattered.

"Of course Jason, who wouldn't be flattered after seeing that beautiful dick of yours?" Senorita said, returning to her seductive voice. Then she added, "What do you picture I'm doing to you in your fantasies during my classes?" "Erm.usually I'm imagining squeezing your breasts.And tittyfucking you, blowjobs, handjobs, anal, and just sex.

It's great thinking of you, gives me something to do during your class." He said kidding, she laughed again. "So you imagine these things about me and you having sex.I see.That does explain a lot." She said. There was another moments silence and then she said, "Do you think these things could actually happen?" "No, why would someone like you do those things with me?!" He replied, she shook her head and got up from her desk.

She then sat down on his desk, only inches away from him. He tried to cover up his dick from her seeing, but she immediatley pulled his hands off of it. Her hands on his hand sent a chilling feeling down his spine. His blood pumped harder than ever in his dick.

"Hm, I think I would do those things with you Jason. Come to my desk." Senorita said, greedily staring at his dick. He felt like he was entering one of his fantasies, and was sure that he was dreaming. She shook her ass as she walked, and turned her head slightly to look at his dick. She smiled and sat down on the edge of her desk.

"So you have masturbated to me I presume?" Senorita asked, and Jason nodded. She smiled and unclipped his belt. She then said, "Well what are you waiting for, I thought you wanted to feel my breasts?" She said, in the most seductive voice he had ever heard.

He slowly moved his hands towards her boobs, but she rolled her eyes and grabbed his hands; shoving them at her tits. "They feel nice, don't they?" She asked. Jason nodded again, grinning at what he was doing.

Then she added, "How would you like to see them?" Jason replied, "HELL YEAH," and Senorita laughed. She took off her black shirt. Senorita had a pink and black bra on, and Jason's eyes bulged at the sight. He always knew that she had big ones, but didn't know they were that big! Those were at least double d's! Jason's dick was trying to inch its way out of his pants.

"Excited are we?" She said, smiling. Jason didn't wait for her command immediatley began sucking on her breast. They felt so good inside his mouth, and she moaned softly.

He licked her nipples, and they got harder. He continued licking and sucking until Senorita told him to stop.

"Did that taste good Jason," Senorita asked, staring at him through her sexy glasses. Jason nodded, and she said "Well now it's my turn, sit up on the desk." Jason got up and sat on her desk as she got up and took a knee on the floor.

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She then undid his zipper, and pulled his boxers down. She gasped softly at the sight. "My god Jason, how big is that?" She asked him. He told her seven and a half inches and she immediatley began stroking his dick. Her soft hands felt so good on his dick and around his balls that he had trouble not jizzing from the start.

She went in the same motion, and he could feel the cum building up in his shaft. He began to breathe deeply but she stopped. "I told you I wanted a taste Jason," Senorita said seductivly. She began licking his shaft, and stared up at him while sucking. He watched as she went up and down, but she did not take her eyes off his. This only made him hornier and had to maintain great self control not to cum on the spot. Her mouth was very warm, and he pumped his dick harder than ever. Jason began bringing her head down by the hair and deep throating her even farther.

She then stopped and kneeled higher. She placed his dick between her boobs and began titty-fucking her. Her big breasts felt great around his dick, and she began blowing him while giving him the tit-fuck. She placed his hands on her boob and he squeezed and played with them to his pleasure.

Soon after, he jizzed his first load. "Okay so you've had your bit of pleasure now it's mine. I want you to finger me, Jason, do it!" She said. She had obviously been containing herself since the start. Senorita took off her lower dress, and showed off a black thong. It was very tight against her skin and flashed her ass off better than he could have imagined.

She then sat down on her desk, and put Jason's fingers in her vagina. It felt very wet, and he pushed his fingers in and out. He kept this pattern up, and she was soon moaning very hard.

He then placed his tongue in her vagina and began licking all around. She yelled for him, begging him to stop but he continued. He tickled her with his tongue, making certain rhymic patterns. She screamed and moaned, and Jason felt her juice coming out of her and towards him. He licked it all up, which seemed to satisfy her deeply.

"Time for both of us to have some fun, I think." Senorita said, happily. She opened up her legs, and Jason immediatley thrusted his dick towards her. It felt really warm and comforting, and he began to thrust.

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It felt like a lubricant. "Oh Jason, oh Jason!

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Yes Jason harder, harder! Don't stop!

Don't stop!" Senorita screamed. Jason kept going hard, then soft, in a way of increasing her want for his cock. He felt his cum build up again, as Senorita's orgasam went to full blast.

"OH JASON YES TREAT ME LIKE A SLUT OH YES! OH YES YOU'RE HAVING SEX WITH YOUR TEACHER! YES YES OH I LOVE THIS OH MY GOD! HARDER HARDE- Ohhhhhhhh yesssss.oh my fucking god yes." Senorita said, while screaming and moaning. Jason then turned her over and onto her stomach. Jason immediatley began thrusting into her tight ass. He thrust harder and harder, as Senorita's moans came back again. After her third orgasam, her shoulders fell and her body weakened a bit. Jason could feel his cum building up harder than ever, but his sexy teacher must have sensed this and pulled him off of her.

She then got on her knees again and sucked his cock until he cummed on her lips and breasts. She drank all that she could and smiled happily as she did so. Jason sucked her boobs a little more, but Senorita noticed the time and realized that the detention was almost over. Jason kept feeling her breasts, and he brought her to him for a kiss. After a little tonsil hockey, the two got dressed, but not before playing with one another a little bit more; Jason feeling her boobs, and Senorita squeezing his dick.

"Jason, I'd prefer you don't go around telling anyone that you had sex with your teacher. I could be fired and put in jail you know." She said, after they had finished getting dressed. "And afterall, if I was fired we wouldn't be able to have anymore fun, you wouldn't want that to happen would you?" She asked, strictly.

"No of course not Senorita. Why would I want anyone else knowing. They'd probably want to share with me, and I'm not a very good sharer." Jason said, smiling. "No, nor am I. Keep that cock healthy Jason, I'm expecting it again." Senorita said, glancing down at where his dick stood. " 'Course I will, tell me when I should skip my homework again, that way we can have some more of these 'boring' detentions." Jason said, grinning.

He kissed her once more, gave her boobs a squeeze and then the bell rang. Jason left the room, and Senorita stood there and then sat on her desk.


She thought of everything that had just happened, and went wet once more. Yes, she thought, we do need to have more of these detentions.