Tempting Exgirlfriend Point Of View

Tempting Exgirlfriend Point Of View
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Cumming at the poker game Jim was an average fifteen year old teenager, his grades were fair and as every teenage boy he is always horny. Jim's mom and dad have a large house in the center of the town, since his dad got a promotion he travels two or three weeks a month.

His mom Joann is always fighting with him about being out of town, things are not as smooth as they should have been. Jim's two best friends are Bill and Juan. Recently the three boys have taken too playing cards in the garage after dinner. The real motive for this is they have started smoking pot and with the door open and a fan running there is almost no smell. Joann is a short red head, 5'1", 135lbs and as her friends kid her most of the weight is in her tits.

She has a 42c, on a small frame like hers they are accentuated. Her nipples are large and at the slightest cause the get rock hard and stick out almost an inch.

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She admits they are very sensitive and always enjoyed have them plated with, an occurrence which hasn't happened in a very long time. She pulled in her driveway just as the boys were getting home from school. Jim walked up to the car window, "need any help getting this stuff in mom"?

She smiled "yes I do thanks". The three boys had the groceries unloaded in nothing flat. "Thanks guys if you give me a few minutes to put this stuff away I'll make some snacks for you". All three boys gave her the thumbs up sign and headed for the garage. In the garage as they set up the card table and chairs Juan looked at Jim, "bro I'd love to drop a load in that pussy." Bill chimed in with "can you just imagine blowing a load down her throat".

Jim looked at his friends with a snicker, "not that either one of those things is a bad idea. I know she always horny since dad started traveling but I have no idea how to get some". The garage door opened and Joann stepped out with a plate of pizza snacks and ice tea.

She placed the plate and glasses on the table, "are you guys going to play cards tonight"? Jim answered "yes mom is that a problem"? "No honey I just think you should be going out with girls or something". Juan gave her a sly grin "we much prefer older women girls our age are so stupid and immature, they don't know what they want".

Joann was taken back but pressed on "what type of women do you look for"? Bill spoke "we all agree a woman just like you". She gave them a sexy smile and turned to go back in the house. Once in the house she closed the door but hesitated there for a moment listening to them. "I would fuck her brains out", both guys laughed.

"The fact is she's my mom and if anyone fucks her it should be me first". Juan chucked, "that's ok I love sloppy seconds". Bill said "matter of fact I love thirds". Joann was standing next to the door blushing, my god she though, they want to fuck me along with doing a lot of other stuff. I am horny and young cock stays hard forever but. She shook her head and headed for the kitchen but not before she heard one of them say she's a number one MILF.


She went to her bedroom and closed the door; she opened her laptop and typed in MILF. She sat for quite a long time looking at women her age getting fucked by young boy and they seemed to be totally enjoying the experience.

After a little while she realized her panties were moist, I can't believe this I'm thinking about having sex with my son and his friends. I must be loosing my mind where is that damned vibrator she thought.

Her upcoming sex section was interrupted by Jim calling to her, "what is it Jim"?

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"Can the guys stay over tonight"? She hesitated but after a couple of please mom she finally agreed. Both boys left to get their stuff, saying they'd be back at 7.

Jim and Joann sat down to eat. She was terribly frustrated so she opened a bottle of wine. Half way through dinner she asked Jim to open another bottle, as he did he poured her a glass and put some in a glass for himself. The wine was doing its job and she was relaxed, she just shrugged as he sat back down. "Honey earlier I heard one of the guys call me a MILF, what exactly is that"?

She had a wicked smile on her face as her son started to squirm in his chair.

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"Mom the guys are assholes don't pay ant attention to what you hear". "But what does it stand for"? Now Jim sat straight up in his chair, "mothers I'd like to fondle happy now"!

She looked into his eyes "Oh so that's nice, can I look it up on the internet"?

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He looked at her then jumped up to clear the dishes from the table; it was obvious he wanted to change the subject. Joann sat in her chair she gave her tits a giggle every once in a while, she knew Jim enjoyed that from the bulge in his pants she was affecting him. She was very pleased with her self, she was sure he would run to his room to tug out a load. Instead he sat back down making small talk for twenty minutes until his friends showed up at the front door with there stuff.

On wobbly legs she told Jim to have them put there stuff in his room. She went back in the kitchen and finished the second bottle of wine. She was standing in the kitchen as the boys came in on their way to the garage. She smiles seductively and asked "you guys playing cards again"? Juan looked at her "we sure are do you want to play"?

There was a moment's pause then she cooed "maybe what are the stakes"? At that moment all eyes in the room were on Juan.

"Anything you want to play for is fine with us". She thought about it for a few seconds and finally said "we'll see". The boys headed out to the garage and she opened another bottle and had yet another glass. Now her inhabitations were all but gone, why not go out and play a few hands. As she stepped out into the garage a cloud of blue smoke hit her, it had a sweet smell. All three boys just sat and laughed. "What are you guys laughing at"? "Nothing moms sit down and play a few hands".

As she sat in the empty she looked at Bill "is that a cigar your smoking"?


Bill looked the other two and then handed it to her, "yeah try it". She took the fat object and took a couple of hits on it. The boys just stared at her. Finally Jim spoke "moms were going to video our game ok"? "Sure honey it's your game", as she took yet another two hit on the pot stick she was already beginning to feel giddy. "Ok if were going to play cards my husband isn't or ever find out number one.

Second when were alone I'd like you to call me Jo or Joann ok". They agreed Juan dealt the cards, he looked at her, "Joann were playing five card stud ok"? She looked at him with glazed eyes, "that's five card poker right"?

He nodded yes. Joann looked around at the boys, "what are we playing for"? Bill looked at her well we don't have any money so now what"? She took another hit on the pot stick and passed it to Jim. She looked at the three of them "I tell you what we can play for doing chores, if I win you clean my kitchen floor or mow the backyard etc".

Juan got a big smile on his face "ok but what if we win"? She looked at him "what do you want"? After a brief moment of silence he spoke, "we'll make our bets on paper if we win you take off whatever piece of clothing the winner wants". She though about this for a minute and looked at Jim, "wow you guys are really perverts aren't you, Jim go in the house and bring out three pads and pens for everyone then we can get started. Jim returned and they were ready, "just one thing if I win I can give back your paper and put my clothes back on right"?

The three nodded in agreement the game started. Jim won the first hand and she lost a shoe, Juan won the second hand and she lost the other shoe. The next hand she was given two pair. She looked around "can we up the bet"? They all agreed she put a second slip of paper in. Juan won he took all the slips discarded them all except the two he wrote, he handed them to her, her eyes opened wide. "My blouse and shorts off"? Juan smiled and nodded.

"Well ok but pull down the door I don't want the neighbors seeing me sitting out here with you guys in my underwear". Jim jumped up and the door went down, she stood up and stripped out of her clothes in a very sexy manner. They boys all clapped and she bowed and sat back down. She won the next hand and had them agree to clean the garage and basement. The next hand Jim won, he wanted her bra off.

"You guys aren't really going to expect me to take off my bra are you"? Jim replied "mom you agreed to the stakes, besides we'd all really like to see them". "I really shouldn't be doing this, if any of you ever tell anyone I'll kill you all". Joann stood up, she unclasped her bra, held it up for a moment then let it drop, her two big tits came into sight. Standing in front of them she realized they all had hardons. Juan smiled at her, "Jo how about wiggling them for us and how big are they"?

"Their 42c and here's your wiggle". Her nipples were standing straight out which didn't escape their eyes. Jim exclaimed "mom you must not be too upset look at them", he pointed to her hard nipples. She giggled, and sat back down. The next hand she lost as well they wanted her panties to come off.

She stood up her big jugs bouncing, "look how about we play for something else"? Bill smiled at her, "Joann we all have hardons so how about we play for blow jobs"? She stared at him for a second, "you ok with that Jim"? "I sure am mom". Now she nodded "ok but I get to keep my panties on right"? All three boys shouted now fucken way, "listen Joann" said Juan "if you loose you are giving us all blow jobs". "Then if you want we'll play for pussy.

If you loose were all going to fuck you, you can keep you panties on until we get to your room where you will hand them to the winner who will fuck you first.

She looked at Jim "you good with this babe"? In a second he responded with a "sure am". They played the next hand, she lost. "Bill asked Joann "do you like to suck cock"? "Yes I do and I'll tell you guys now I am a great cock sucker as you'll all soon find out". Last hand yelled Bill, as the cards came out Juan had two aces already, the game ended she lost.

Joann sat back in the chair and looked. All three boys stood up they dropped their short, in a flash she was staring at three very hard cocks. "Well you all have very nice cocks, which cock gets sucked first"? Jim stepped in front of her, "I won the blow job hand so I'm first".

She smiled at him got down on her knees and swallowed his cock down her throat. She sucked it slowly swirling her tongue around the head while slowly messaging his nut sack. He had his hands on her head; he increased the pace his cock was going down her throat, she knew he wasn't going to last long. She kept slurping and gagging until she felt him stiffen, the first blast of warm cum shot right down her throat.

She pulled back so only the head was in her mouth as the next four spurts flowed out of him. He had a glazed look in his eyes as she pulled back, showed him the mouthful of cum he had given her and the swallowed.

It took two swallows to get it all down. Joann was very proud of her self she had given her son his first blow job and loved doing it. "Did you enjoy that baby"? "Mom that was fantastic, you really know how to suck cock". "Thanks sweetie, I'm glad you approve". She turned to Bill, "bring that big boy over her mister". Bill pushed Jim out of the way and Joann swallowed her second cock. Bill's cock was bigger then Jim not longer but fatter, she worked it slowly at first but the feeling of another hard cock in her mouth and a bellyful of cum was taking control of her.

She increased he sucking and after about 5 minutes she was rewarded with a larger spray of cum. He came so much she swallowed twice while he was cumming and then twice more when his cock was out of her mouth. "Wow Bill you had a big load in there". He smiled "I haven't jerked off in three days". The thought went through her mind I wonder what a weeks worth would be. "Juan come here baby", Juan extended his hand to her. "Get up Joann my first load is going into your sweet pussy".

She was in a cock trance with the taste of cum on her tongue and in her throat. Her pussy hadn't been bathed in cum in a month, she stood up and they walked to her bedroom.

Standing at the foot of her bed he gently took both tits in his hands and kissed each nipple, she moaned softly. "Joann would you like to take your panties off"? Without a word she hooked her thumbs in the waistband, she very slowly and sexy slide the panties over her hips and down her legs. She stepped out of them. Juan smiled she had a small red bush trimmed as a heart. He started gently rubbing her clit with his thumb and forefinger. Her breathing was becoming rapid and she was wet.

Juan whispered in her ear, she wrapped her arms around his neck and put one leg on the bed to give him better access to her pussy. Again he whispered in her ear. She moaned "please baby fuck me now". Juan smiled "Joann take my cock out and lets get it in your pussy". It didn't take any time for her to get his cock out of his short. Juan's cock was bigger then her husbands, it was both a little longer but much thicker.

He rubbed his cock head on her slit using her wetness as lube, finally the put the head in. Joann closed her eyes and moaned. For the next several he kept the head moving gently in her but never going deep. Joann was beginning to make animal sounds she need it deep. She pulled him close; she dug her fingernails into his back with her month near his neck she moaned "fuck me baby deep and hard now please, I need it bad".

Juan drove his cock in her to the hilt, she gasped and continued fucking him like an animal. She was sucking on his neck fingers holding him tight to her, her pubic bone kept pushing up to get more cock in her. She felt a charge of lightning coming from deep in her pussy, a massive orgasm overtook her. She was creaming on his cock, the sensation was too much for him and he drove his cock to the hilt and held it there as he started to bath her pussy with cum.

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She was moaning and crying at the same time. It took several minutes for the climax to subside; she looked up in his face, "thank you darling that was the best fucking I ever had". Juan smiled and rolled off, as his cock plopped out cum came gushing out of her. She looked down and a they all laughed, "wow mom Juan has made quite a mess of your pussy". Juan handed Joann her panties, "put these on I don't want all that cum to go to waste I may feed it to you later".

Without hesitation she pulled her panties back on and sat on the edge of the bed. Before the evening ended Joann had been fucked by Bill, Jim and Juan once more and in between fucking had given several more blow jobs.

When Joann awoke it was 9:30 Saturday morning, most of her body was covered in cum. Her pussy was damn near glued together from all the cum it had gotten. She had a bit of a hangover but really felt wonderful. She went into the bathroom and grabbed a robe, he called for the guys but they were not in the house. As she entered the kitchen she saw a yellow pad, a note to her.

Mom last night was great, I gave Juan the video to take home and edit. We have baseball practice but should be home by 3. Please have something sexy on as Juan and Bill need to but a couple of nuts before they go home. It was signed Jimmy