Lascivious bitch gets screwed hard

Lascivious bitch gets screwed hard
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A friend of mine named Brian's family had a summer home in Wisconsin on a lake.


He was a friend of my best friend Glenn and when we were in college, Brian would have a few friends up to the house a few times a summer to swim, ski and party.

We'd take the speedboat out and just hang out on the lake for hours. It was always a great time.a cooler of beer, a bag of good weed and either cooking out or going to the local greasy spoon for some excellent grub. Brian had a girlfriend named Tracy and of course she'd be along on the weekends.

There were usually 3 or 4 guys and her. She and Brian would share a bedroom, the rest of us would crash in the others or on a couch. It worked out well, except for one thing.Tracy was a screamer.


Each night after they'd turn in, like clockwork, Tracy would get very vocal when they fucked. It was usually good for a laugh or two, but seeing her the next day was pretty torturous. Tracy was cute and had a nice little body. Her tits were nice C cups and very bouncy in her bikini tops she'd wear.

Her ass was also top-notch. We'd always tease her about the sex."So Tracy, how many times did you guys fuck last night?". Stuff like that.

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Her and Brian always laughed it off.they were getting laid and we weren't, so I guess the laugh was on us. One night, we built a big bonfire out in the fire pit. We were drinking and smoking, getting really high and drunk and enjoying ourselves. As the fire roared and got higher and higher, we started teasing her again. "Boy, it's almost time for Tracy to scream for an hour, huh?" "Gee Brian, shouldn't you be taking Tracy upstairs for her nightly cock injection?" "Are you gonna swallow tonight Tracy?" She was kind of a lightweight and was probably drunker than the rest of us.hell, I know she was.

She staggered to her feet and said that was enough teasing for one night. Brian told her to not get upset, that it was all in good fun and he was ready for bed. She said she was in no mood for teasing anymore and that if she wanted to scream when she was getting fucked, then that was up to her. "In fact, if you all want to have a crack at making me scream, you got it." she dared. Brian looked as shocked at what she said as we all did. She had told him during one fuck session that having an audience listening to them turned her on and that she wanted to fuck all of us.

Brian figured she was just dirty-and-drunk-talking and decided to throw down the gauntlet. "If you want to fuck all of us, that's cool, but I go first. Then you can fuck anyone you want any way you want." he told her. He looked at the rest of us and asked us what we thought. We all nodded and looked at Tracy, expecting her to back down, take Brian upstairs and let him fuck her silly for talking like a whore.

Instead, she stood up. "Let's go." she said. Brian nodded at us. We put out the fire as best we could and the 5 of us went upstairs. As we entered the bedroom, we all still expected her to chicken out. Brian closed the door behind her and asked her again if she was serious.

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She responded by taking off her top and shorts. She stood before us in just a pair of skimpy panties and socks. Her tits were certainly perky and her nipples were hard in anticipation. "Guys, I don't want this to be a free-for-all. Brian is first, then you all can go one at a time. But first, line up in front of me." The 4 of us lined up and she knelt in front of Brian and took out his cock.

She began sucking away at him with no reservations. The slurps we had heard thru the walls before sounded even better as we stood there and watched her. We quickly stripped and waited our turn. When Brian was good and hard, she moved to Glenn and repeated the process.

Brian started fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. When Glenn was ready to go, she moved to me. I was already like a rock, but she sucked me hard anyway. Her mouth was wet and warm and she really knew how to suck cock. She bobbed up and down on my knob and took me all the way down her throat.

It felt fucking incredible. "She deep throats awesome, doesn't she?" Brian asked. I said she sure did and grabbed her hair. Tracy reached over to Don, the last guy and started to jerk his cock.

She moved over to him soon enough and started on her 4th cock. Don had a good grip on her ears and really was treating her roughly. She whimpered a bit, but Brian told her that she asked for this. With that, he picked her up and threw her on the bed and ripped off her panties. She immediately opened her legs and let Brian slide inside her. We gathered around the bed. I started squeezing those titties, Glenn stuck his cock back in her mouth and Don just looked on, stroking away at the scene.

Tracy pushed Glenn out and told us to back off, there was enough for everyone. We just laughed as I took her mouth next. She looked to Brian again, but he was busy hammering her sopping cunt.

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I grabbed her head and started to fuck her face. She tried to scream, but was overcome with passion like normal and started those familiar moans. I let Don have a go in her mouth and she greedily accepted his cock.

She was really into it now and was jerking on Glenn and mine's cocks. As Brian hammered away on her pussy, she began to shake and twitch, leaving no doubt what was next. I guess it was too much for Don as he let out a yell and began to pump her mouth full of hot cum.

Tracy swallowed as best she could, but with her own orgasm rushing towards her, she began to cough the cum out. Don withdrew and Tracy started screaming, her face covered by cum and spit. "FUCK ME BRIAN OH GOD FUCK ME I'M COMING SO HARD" she screamed as her body quaked with her orgasm.

"Hey Brian, don't come inside her.I don't want to fuck her pussy all sloppy with your jizz" I laughed. He nodded his head and kept drilling his slutty whore. He was lasting a long time, making our wait almost unbearable.

Tracy's face was a mess and neither Glenn nor I wanted her sloppy mouth on us, so we had her stroke our cocks while she got fucked. Finally, Brian began his short strokes and his face told us he was ready to pop. Tracy looked at him and told him to wait for her to get off again, but he couldn't, withdrawing and splattering her tits and flat stomach with his huge load. Rope after rope of jizz bolted from his cock, making mess #2.

Since Tracy was right on the brink, I filled the void and jumped between her legs and rammed into her pussy. I am a gentleman, after all. Brian stood off to the side, his cock dripping with Tracy's juices and the last dribbles of his own cum and watched as she got serviced. He gave me a thumbs-up as I pounded away and brought her off with the orgasm she had coming. She shook and yelled and screamed while her pussy spasmed around my stiffness. Glenn decided her had to feel her as well.

"Why don't we turn her over? Tracy, get on your hands and knees." he said. I pulled out and got behind her, ramming back into her tight hole.

Glenn got in front of her and started fucking her throat. Her tight little asshole peeked up at me as I gave her nice long hard strokes into her quivering pussy.

Brian and Don were standing and watching, with Don stroking his hardening-again cock. Tracy was drooling and spitting all over the bed while getting her mouth plowed. "Can I get in on that, guys?" Don asked. I said sure and let him have her pussy for a while.

He slid in and started to fuck her hard. Tracy was going crazy with all this cock inside her and her body was trembling the entire time. I traded spots with Glenn and took his spot in her throat. The three of us swapped holes for a bit, each one getting our fill of her mouth and cunt. We suggested a nice triple penetration, with one of us up her ass, but Brian laughed and said he's been after her butthole for a year now and she kept saying no.

"You're not sticking those up my asshole, you fuckers." she panted. We had to be content with two holes.oh well. Finally, I was close to being ready and could tell the others were too. Tracy was almost limp by this time and told Brian she had had enough and her pussy was really sore.

It must have been as it was bright red from the continual abuse we were dishing out on it.

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She had a cock hammering her cunt for almost 45 continuous minutes by now and it was enough. "Okay, then, are you ready for us to cum?" Brian asked her. She nodded and looked at us. "Come all over me, guys. I want to feel your hot cum all over me." she said and flipped onto her back.


Don, Glenn and I circled her torso and began to stroke ourselves. Brian re-inserted himself into her pussy and started to fuck her while we prepared to coat Tracy with more cum.

Glenn popped first, blanketing her tits and belly with his load. She moaned with delight as that hot spurt hit her creamy white skin. She smeared it into her belly and tits. Don went next, coming on her face and neck, giving her a pearl necklace that rivaled a Peter North cumshot.

I could take no more and followed Don's lead and splattered her face and mouth as well. My first rope hit her right in her open mouth, and I dumped the rest all over her tits and face. She had taken 5 loads by now and was covered in sperm. She was blowing bubbles with our loads and lapping it up, swallowing what she could. She fucking loved it. Brian saw all this and couldn't hold back. He let loose his second load, this time inside her, filling her cunt with the 6th load she would get that night.

She looked great lying there, coated with sticky cum, shaking with ecstasy. As Brian withdrew from her slit, she pushed his cum out of her pussy and onto the bed.

We gave her some applause and asked her if she enjoyed it. She agreed it was incredible and was far better than she had hoped. "You need a shower, Trace. We're gonna go outside and smoke another couple bowls." Brian told her as we all dressed. He gathered up the bedding and threw it in the washer as we went outside. As we smoked and recounted the events previous, we shared some laughs and good times.

Tracy came outside after her shower, a lot more sober and walking a bit funny. She took a few hits and went back up to bed.

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Brian followed her, but we heard nothing from them that night. We fucked her into silence.