Sexy lesbian agent got lucky on casting

Sexy lesbian agent got lucky on casting
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It was a late summers evening, I had been swimming in my pool for about 20 minutes when my sister came to join me. She is a 16 year old beauty, her soft brunette hair swang touching her shoulders, it curved perfectly around her beautiful face with not a detail out of place.

But her head was nothing compared to her amazing body, she had a lean body outline. Her smooth shoulders lead down to her awesome 32B breasts. On this perticular day she covered her firm breasts with a yellow dotted bikini top. Laying just below her lovely breasts was her flat toned stomach this lead perfectly onto her sexy hips. They were perfect not to wide not to thin.

With a seamless join was her beautiful long legs, standing long and thin connected onto her sexy hips. Between these long legs lay everyman's heaven, although at this point I had not actually seen it. My imagination had been running wild imagining what it was like.

But none was of this was what I was interested in, what I wanted lay just behind her pussy. Her ass, it was the most perfect ass I had ever seen or seen since. It was tight and firm and where her matching bikini went across her ass you could make out the crack running staright up the middle of my heaven.

If you met her and then me, you would not believe we were brother and sister, in fact no one in my family had a chance at being as beautiful as her.

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She slowly strolled over to the edge of the pool, with every step her bikini bottoms went into a camel toe and came out again. She sat down on the edge dangling her gorgeous legs into the cold water. She watched as I swam lengths trying to impress her, she kept watching and I pretended I didn't notice.

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After a period of time, I'm not sure how long, she said "you're very good at that" I pretended not to hear her but speeded slightly still trying to impress her. She kept watching for while before joining me in the water. Before this I had never been actually on the pool with her and had always wondered why she never got in.

She stood at the shallow end looking nervous, "how do you do that" she Suddenly said. I turned and looked at her confused "just swim?" I said slightly chuckling. "how?" she said looking down into the water, again I turned and looked at her this time even more confused, "you don't know how to swim?" I asked, "No" she admitted looking embarrased. For about ten minutes I tried demonstrating but it clearly wasn't working. When I was about to give up she said, "come help me properly please, it's so embarrasing when I go swimming with my friends and I have to stay in the shallow end" looking at me with puppy dog eyes I walked over to her.

"go on, hold me in the correct position and tell me how to kick and move" I looked at her, not knowing where would be appropriate to put my hands. Of course I knew excatly where I wanted put them.

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She must have noticed this and grabbed my hand and placed it on the inside of her thigh and jumped encouraging me to lift her to the surface. Her thigh was so smooth and soft I had a semi then. As she rised to the surface I had lifted my left to place it on her flat stomach, but instead it found her rounded breasts, this was it I had a full blown hard on which my speedos was not containing well. I paniced and quickly slid my hand down her body, over her beautiful smooth skin.

I told what she needed to do and when she was happy she was ready, I pushed her across the water. She began kicking and splashing everywhere. The process was repeated many times fortunenately with no more awkard moments and eventually she began to get the idea. After nearly a full day of me getting to hold the woman of my dreams like this, she said this was the last time before she would have to stop.

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We got into the position buy this time as I pushed her away my left hand which had been lying on her stomach got caught in her bikini bottoms. As she pushed herself away they came off revealing to me what I had many wet dreams about, my older sisters tight pussy. It was better than I had imagined lips looked so soft and the pink colour so beautiful.


As she realized what had happened she turned screaming trying to cover herself and to her surprise seeing her 14 year old brother staring right at her amazing pussy.

She instantly put back on her bikini bottoms and ran straight inside, and into her bedroom. I followed her inside but I went straight to my room and wanked over why I had just seen, the most beautiful thing i had ever laid my eyes on, it didn't take me long. Well I was harder than I have been. That had at around 4pm my sister did not come back out of her room until about 9pm.

I was sat in my room looking at incest stories when she appeared at my doorway, I was in such pleasure about what I was reading I didn't notice her until she lent over my shoulder and read out "me and my sister try anal" she startled me and I fell back knocking her onto my bed.

She waited for me to look at her then said "so you like incest?", I looked at her with an embarrassed face. "Do you think I'm hot?" I nodded slowly. "so that explains your huge boner in the pool and you staring at me when my bikini bottoms fell off." again I nodded but this time I added some words "but your pussy isn't what I'm most interested", she looked confused for awhile and then said, "you know boys aren't usually interested in me, actually I've never even kissed a boy." this shocked me, even I had kissed a girl.

"do you want to try it?" I asked cheekily. To my surpirse she said yes but admitted she had no idea what to do like swimming. I leant over towards her, at firstshe backed of slightly but then she lent in to me. It started with a peck on the lips and gradually turned into the most passionate kiss I had ever had, she was a definately a quick learner.

As we kissed I slowly came and sat next to her. I began running my hand up the inside her to where it had previously been earlier that day. I began massaging the very top of her thigh. She came in to my room wearing just a bra panties and a dressing gown.

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So access wasn't hard, I felt her hand slowly make it's way down to my crotch and begin massaging my semi. At the same time I moved my hand the rest of the way and on top of her gorgeous mound.

I could feel it becoming moist. All of a sudden she broke the kiss, and stood up. I was dissapointed whenbi saw her head for the door but to my surprise she shut it and locked us in. She slowly made her way back over and stood in front of me.


She began taking off her dressing gown, and playing with her bra straps. I couldn't not believe my 16 year old sister strip teasing right front of me. She was wearing matchIng underwear both made from blue lace. She lowered her shoulder straps then reaching behind undid her bra allowing her beautiful 32b to fall out.

I instantly had a huge hard on. She then turned bent over sticking her amazing ass right in my face. I reached forward and began stroking it. It was so firm. I reached up slightly and began pulling down her panties revealing to me what I had wanted for so long, the ass of all asses.

As if by instinct I leant forward, open her cheeks and began licking her asshole. It tasted so good, much better than I expected. I inserted my tongue inside her very tight asshole, in and out, in and out. "so you like abit of ass do you?" "yes" I muffled from between her sexy ass cheeks.

"Well maybe we can please that need later" she said in a cheeky voice. Slowly she stood removing me from her ass.

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She turned and bent over me and began undoing my trousers. Slowly she pulled them, boxer aswell allowing my 5 and half incher pop out. She dropped to hers knees and put her head close to my bell. She stuck out her tongue and flicked it, she must have liked it because seconds she had the whole thing stuffed down her throat.

It was the best feeling I had ever had, within minutes I was spilling my load straight down her neck. And she loved bit! She swallowed every little drop and none to spare, she looked up with her beautiful eyes like she wanted more. "I made you cum now I want you to make me" a little embarrased I said "how?" I had never been past kissing a girl.

"well I hear the girls in school talking about boys licking them out. Wana try it" I didn't need any more prompting. She fell flat on her back I began making my way up her legs.

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Kissing and licking all up her thighs, the closer I got the better smell became. Then I reached it. Her pussy was like the heaven, i slowly split her pussy lips with my tongue, opening up to me the pink insides. I began licking all around, sucking in all the juices slowly leaking from inside her. Then I found it, her clit!

I began messing around with it. I reached up with both hands and found those firm tits. I put my fingers around her nipples and began fondling them, instantly her nipples became. Meanwhile I was still tongueing her clit. She began moaning I knew she was getting near to what she wanted. I continued doing what I was doing until she came all over my face. I kept going for a while just because I liked the taste.

Then I started making my way up her tummy. Then onto her boobs, I began sucking on her nipples, left then right then left again. I continued kissing right up her neck to her ear. I whispered in her ear "you remember what you said. well maybe we can please that need later?. Well nows later." she didn't say anything but she rolled over onto her stomach and stuck her ass right in my face.

I continued licking her asshole lick I did before, slowly I moved a hand up and inserted my index finger straight into her anus. I began pumping I could her feel her ass loosing around my finger. It felt loose enough for 2 fingers, so I tried it, as I slid it in she screamed quietly, but did not stop me. Soon enough I was pumping faster than I knew I could.

I felt her ass was ready, so up I stood and I placed my once again hard dick at the entrance of her asshole. I pushed slightly and my bell popped inside. She yelped, but encouraged me to keep going. I pushed harder and my whole dick went in balls deep, I almost collapsed with pleasure. I began pumping in and out of her asshole, this definately is the best feeling ever. Before I was spilling my biggest ever load deep into her asshole. I rolled her and me over leaving and feel asleep dick still in her tight ass.

The next morning I woke up by myself, with morning glory, I climb out of my bed and stumbled into the bathroom. Right infront of me was my sister and now sexual partner pissing.

My morning glory turned instantly into a boner again.


I strolled straight over and placed my hand straight on her pissing pussy. The idea of my sister pissing had always turned me on. I began vibrating my hand spraying piss everywhere.

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I asked her if she would piss in my face, she thought about it then decided why not! I lay down on the bathroom and my sister came and squated over my face and continued pissing. Piss tasted better than I ever thought it could and seeing it coming fresh from my sister made it even better. She finished her piss and began pulling up her cute panties. I stopped her and lead her over to the shower.

"well you pissed on me you gotta help clean it". I began stripping her down, since leaving my room she changed her underwear and put on a tight top, that made her look more gorgeous. I began passionately kissing her as I slowly pulled up the top, straight over her head and on the floor.

I reached behind and instantly undid her bra, which also flopped on the floor. I began sucking her nipples, they tasted do sweet. Whilst I was making love to her nipples she began removing moving my boxers. I lifted her and swang her round into the shower, I continued getting off with her nipples, she began massaging my dick. It was still hard from a minute ago, she lifted my head and said in my ear "last night was the best night of my life, I want you back in my ass, ever since I took your limp dick out this morning I've been wanting it back in there" this was unreal my sister who I had being fantasizing about since I was 10, now wanted my dick in her ass.

I did not need asking twice.